Real Sexual Encounter with Cousin Sister Pt. 01

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The very first time:

This is a real incident which happened between my second cousin and me. I will cut through the boring introductions and come straight to the point…

She was smoking hot, a modernized girl but from rural background. Nice long well kept hair, a tight figure, fair skinned and a body to die for. We were somehow always attracted to each other, we used to exchange glances and long shake hands with extended smiles. There was some kind of energy building between us every time we met.

I was 22 and my cousin was 20. It all started rather playfully, in presence of family members we used to give harmless oil head massages to each other. With her long skilled fingers she was great at it. Oh how much I still miss that feeling. Mostly she used to give them to me, but I volunteered and said I will give you a head massage in return. She agreed, after my massage I sat behind her and oiled my palms and fingers well with warm hair oil. I was just applying to her scalp area.

Slowly but gradually, I applied more pressure behind her ears, and on the lower part of her neckline. She was getting warmer and I could feel her skin glow with the extra rush of blood to the massaged area.

After a while, I massaged bursa escort her back (all wearing clothes). By this time I had pre-cum oozing in my night pants. As I boldly fondled her back very close to where her tight breasts begin, she dropped her head, as if she was in Nirvana, (an exhilarating experience) she was NOT resisting. I then fondled her outer thighs and feet. Immediately, after this she got up and rushed to the washroom. I understood that she was turned on just as much as I was.

Nothing happened for quite some time. One find day she came to study on my computer to my house, I lived alone then. She put on some music; I came in and grabbed this opportunity. I pulled the shades to avoid the sunlight, and asked her for a dance. She resisted in the beginning, and then gave in. I held her left-hand and put my left hand behind her back for the dance, I was burning horny and hot. I had the biggest hard-on of my life when she came closer.

Now, I was breathing on her neck, her raw natural body aura had intoxicated me, after a few minutes I tried to kiss her lips, she denied, then I kissed her neckline on the sides and nibbled on her ear lobes, by this time she was panting heavily and let out a soft moan. I held her bursa escort bayan closer and slowly laid her down onto my single bed. She didn’t protest, it was the first time I was all alone with her with no one to be aware of or fear of being interrupted. I felt her left tit first, we were all clothed and she had a rock hard nipple. I tweaked at it through her dress, she squirmed. I put a bit of my weight on her and went for her lips, this time she responded.

To my surprise, she opened her moth wide enough for me to play with her inner deep mouth with my tongue. I commanded her to let her tongue out, and I sucked on it. It was a breathless moment that we both enjoyed. As I danced my tongue in her open wide moist mouth, I inserted my hand below her dress all the way up to her tits. Oh my goodness… she was HOT, with the tightest tits I had felt in my entire life. I pulled her dress on top of her head, leaving her bottom on. I unhooked her bra, there I saw one of the most perfectly crafted, not very small or large heavenly tits. The areola around was light brown with jutting pointing nipples. I took each of them in my mouth one after another and bathed them in my saliva along with soft warm kisses. She had an orgasm by this escort bursa time.

I could not resist anymore, I had to relieve myself as I had an aching hard dick by now, I am average sized but know how to work it for longer time. I grabbed her hand and put it on my zipper she resisted to feel me. I understood and unzipped myself, she was shy in the beginning to feel me. I forced her hand on to my manhood, again and again until she gave in. The moment she confidently grabbed my dick in her sweaty warm fair hands, I felt the pressure build. Holding her hand I motioned her to stroke me. I saw that she was enjoying it now, as my dick grew harder in her palm.

Initially her unbalanced and uneven strokes sent me over the verge of climax. I forced her hand away before I cum. After few seconds I grabbed her hand back and she now knew what I liked, she grabbed my meat and stroked me to one of my best Orgasms till date. I shot my load over her hands and sprinkled in force all the way onto the wall. At this she was startled and surprised at my capacity to shoot my load. To my astonishment she played with my cum in her hands and layered it onto my body playfully. (Indian girls are not very open-minded with cum, I did not expect this level of sexual maturity and playfulness at her first encounter).

I was in 7th heaven, I tried to lick her fingers, to her shock she drew her hand away and again resisted my next kiss…

Second, real episode coming soon…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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