Ragdoll Ch. 05

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Amanda Cerny

“mm, mhm, mmhh, nhhH, mhhH…” I sounded pitiful as the throes of another orgasm claimed me, wracking my body with tortured delight. The third guy on ass team was pounding into my butt-hole while number two from pussy team was jack-hammering into my cunt. Bull had started the party solo. The second sandwich fuck of the night coupled with the now constant buzz of the ring vibrator fastened to my clit hood had me jerking like a puppet on a string between the two men who were fucking me relentlessly. I needed respite yet a part of me wanted it to continue forever.

“Fuck, fucking FUCK! unhhHHH,” the guy in front of me grunted as he erupted inside me, jetting hot spurts of cum into my sloppy wet pussy.

I tried to wrap my legs around him, at least his calves, and succeeded briefly, but then the guy behind me started cumming, his hips and pelvis slapping and slamming against my backside so forcefully that my legs lost the slight grip I had managed to establish. I was a fucktoy, two holes for cocks to fill. I found myself wishing I could have a cock in my mouth too but my present position of suspended bondage did not allow for this.

I went limp as both of the men withdrew from me, leaving me dangling, dripping semen from my pussy and ass.

“Please, turn the… hhH vibrator off… Mistress,” I pleaded to Victoria. She was giving a handjob to the third member of pussy team, keeping him ready but she was watching me with a narrowed gaze, as if assessing me, my state – how much more I could take.

“If I turn it off, I’ll have to lash you instead. Is that what you want?” she asked.

The guy Victoria was jerking off spoke up, “Fuck, babe, I like dark haired girls better anyway. Just finish me off… Let me come in your mouth.”

I saw Victoria calculating, then she apparently decided it was more critical to please the client than to pursue her precise agenda with me, because she dropped her head into the guy’s lap and started sucking him, bobbing her head up and down on his penis. He slid back a little and put both his hands on the back of her head, then held her there while he thrust into her mouth. It didn’t take long until he started bucking uncontrollably, spewing into her mouth… She finished him properly, sensuously, but when she finally lifted her head from his lap she looked at me with her eyes ablaze.

She did not say it, but I knew. She was royally pissed that my plea had shifted the course of events such that it had become necessary for her to give this one guy a blowjob and take his cum in her mouth. She stalked over to her little spot and picked up the tawse and then strutted back to me. She was an image of controlled grace as she loomed directly in front of me with her lips tightly sealed. Then, once again, to my surprise, she kissed me. Once our lips were sealed together, she thrust her toungue into my mouth, and then I understood, as she spilled and spit all of the cum she had saved in her mouth into mine. She grasped my hair behind my head and tilted my head back so that the cum would stay in my mouth.

“Swallow it… all,” she commanded.

I did, then let my head droop forward until my chin nearly touched between my breasts. Still the vibrator buzzed mercilessly against my clit. I started to squirm again, writhing against the never ending stimulation.

“Damn, man, they just did xslot a cum swap,” I heard someone say. “That is so fucking hot.”

I heard another say, “Make her eat you out!”

I assumed they wanted me to do this to Victoria.


Victoria circled around behind me.


I cried out.

Victoria returned to stand in front of me, and then I saw her bend down. She stepped out of her black stilettos, and tossed one aside. She brought the other between my legs, and flipped it upside down, then teased the sharp hard point of the heel between my pussy lips.

“Nooo… please,” I whimpered.

“Yes,” she said.

She began to work the stiletto heel upward into my pussy. The intruding heel felt hard, sharp, painful as it finally found its depth. I squirmed and writhed with 5 inches of Victoria’s black stiletto heel buried in my girl parts. Victoria held the shoe in place firmly with one hand, and with the other she started to stroke my face softly.

“Come princess… cum for me,” she cooed.

It was all too much, everything, the pain, the residual heightened sexual craze from the gang fucking, the tormenting delight of the vibrator sending its wicked waves of sexual sensation into my clit and the nerves that drove my body’s reactions. I cried out and once again my body spasmed through another tortured climax. At the peak, Victoria started to pump the heel in and out. I lost control, my head spinning. I felt light-headed, like everything was happening far away and as if I wasn’t really me. The last thing I remember before darkness claimed me was the hot wet stream of my own urine being released, and running down my legs.


I woke to the shock of cool water spraying against my body. I scrambled against the marble floor as Victoria hosed me down with one of the flexible shower fixtures I had noticed earlier. I suddenly realized that I was no longer suspended from the halter and rope and that my arms were free.

“Stay still! It’s not cold. We need to clean you up,” Victoria scolded.

The men had left the chamber room but I could hear their voices nearby, so I understood that we were not done yet.

“They’re hitting the bar again,” Victoria said. “Get on your hands and knees so I can wash your slutty little cunt and ass. I’m not pleased that you proved so delicate. You are going to have to toughen up.”

I shifted until I was in the position she commanded and remained so while she sprayed warm water between my legs, washing away the accumulated semen as well as my own secretions and urine. My legs felt weak. I wondered what else I would face before this night was done.

“There,” Victoria stated.

She turned the water off.

“At least you’re presentable again – you won’t drip cum everywhere you go. It seems we will have to let your nether parts rest, but we can still get some good use from your mouth.”

Victoria folded her arms and tapped one bare foot against the wet marble, watching me.

“Thank you Mistress,” I said.

I think I saw the merest hint of a smile play across Victoria’s lips, and then she padded over to her little staging area and grabbed my leash and a good size handbag. It looked like a fancy designer make she had adapted to non-traditional use. She returned xslot Giriş to me and clipped the leash to my collar and then tugged lightly.

“Come along princess,” she said.

I was a bit wobbly but I managed to rise to my feet and follow along behind her. She lead me from the chamber room, back out into the main area of the suite. The men were all gathered at the bar talking noisily but when they saw us, me, they went quiet for a moment, and then one of them cheered, “There she is!”

The others all joined in the impromptu cheer in one way or another. I looked at each of them in turn, again reading their faces, their eyes, their natures. I saw naked lust, warmth, distanced objectivity, compassion, desire, guilt – no one thing alone in any of them, but a blend of different things in each. I offered a hesitant, tentative smile, then lowered my gaze toward the floor.

“Are you guys all *ready* for another round of fun?” Victoria teased seductively.

She turned and lead me to what was essentially the living room. Two fabulous sofas and a number of chairs were all arranged around a central open area. The floor was rich hardwood, polished to a brilliant shine. She drew me toward one of the chairs and fell into it gracefully. It was obvious that the floor was my place, so I lowered myself down and assumed the classic kneeling pose, yet reclined such that my backside rested upon my legs. Victoria fussed around in the handbag briefly and then drew out a set of double cuffs linked together with a short chain. These were similar to, or perhaps the very ones she had used on me in the warehouse that night to bind my wrists and ankles together behind my back. She twirled her index finger in an obvious gesture for me to turn away from her such that she could fasten the cuffs to me. I scooted a little until I was facing as she wished, then put my hands behind my back near my ankles, and lowered my head. I felt the familiar bliss of submission begin to well within me as she locked the restraints in place. Each click was a delicious stab into my psyche as control was taken from me and I became helpless. I wondered if there was something wrong with me – some broken part of my spirit that needed – this.

My brief reverie was interrupted as I saw Victoria reach her hands in front of my face, holding a black leather wrapped O-ring gag.

“Open up princess. Let’s fit this in nice and snug,” she said.

I felt a rush of heat between my legs thinking of myself with this gag in place, and what would likely happen to me through its portal. I opened my mouth and Victoria worked the ring in place, inside my lips, against my teeth, forcing me to keep my mouth open about as wide as was possible. I was already grateful that I would not need to strain to keep my mouth open – the gag would ensure it. Victoria deftly fastened the four thin gag straps(two from each side of the ring) tightly behind my head. At this point, she stood up and moved in front of me, smiled wickedly, and then fluttered her hand toward the guys at the bar.

“She’s ready for you all!” Victoria announced.

I watched the men leave the bar and assume various places around me. Bull dropped into a chair with a resounding thud. One guy vaulted over the back of one of the sofas and landed in his chosen spot. He leaned forward with his xslot Güncel Giriş hands on his knees, apparently quite anxious for the activities to begin. It was not long until they were all gathered around Victoria and me.

Victoria slipped her arms beneath my arms and more or less pulled me along the floor until I was center stage, and then she stood straight and began to stroke my cheek with one of her hands.

“Who’s up first?” she asked.

For the next two hours the men took turns fucking my mouth through the ring gag. For me, after a little while, everything became a blur of cocks and spurting cum. I struggled to breathe when I did not have a cock jammed down my throat. I swallowed load after load of hot semen. Some of the men ejaculated deep in my throat while others withdrew and finished themselves by jerking off and spraying hot sticky cum both through the gag into my mouth and onto my face.

Finally, they were sated, and I was sure that my appearance was now less than desirable with milky cum splattered all over my face and in my hair.

Victoria addressed the men, “I think she must be thirsty… don’t you agree?”

My shoulders slumped and I sighed softly. I knew where this would lead.

“Hell yeah,” said one of the guys. “Give her a cold beer – she deserves it.”

“That’s not quite what I had in mind, but you have the color right…” Victoria stated in her sexy “fuck me” voice. “I need two of you to come hold her.”

I felt strong male hands come against my shoulders, and one braced behind my head.

“Hold her steady. Don’t let her move. Grab her hair with your hand and tilt her head back,” Victoria directed.

Victoria moved over me and squatted, bringing her pussy to within an inch or two of my ring gag gaped mouth. As she had done before, but just a little differently, she spread her pussy lips with two black painted fingernails and then she released a forceful stream of hot urine into my mouth. She stopped.

“Swallow princess,” she commanded.

Tears welled in my eyes as I swallowed Victoria’s bitter piss. She released again, jetting more urine into my mouth, then stopped.

“Drink it all down.”

I gagged a little but swallowed.

“Good girl.”

She released again, this time filling my mouth to overflowing before she stopped.

I gagged, and choked, spewing the urine from my mouth.

*** SLAP!!! ***

She struck my face with her open hand.

“I’m not finished yet,” she said coldly. “This time don’t spill it. This isn’t some fantasy life… You put yourself in this position. Learn how to be what you are now. Do it right.”

She peed into my mouth again, but not quite as much as she had done just previously. I managed to swallow it all.

“OK, she’s had enough.”

I recognized Bull as the speaker.

“Let her go now,” he continued. “Joe, get the keys and unlock her cuffs and take the gag off, and get her a towel so she can clean herself up some.”

“It’s your turn now,” Bull said to Victoria. “I want YOUR ass and then we can say this party is over. We’ll give you two glowing praise and a solid tip.”


The next morning when I woke in my bed, in my room, stiff and sore and still smelling of sex, I lay there for a little while replaying the image in my mind of Victoria bent over the arm of one of the sofas being ass-fucked so hard by Bull that her body surged and shook with every thrust. She never said another word after that; not when the men departed nor as we both gathered ourselves and then slipped from the suite to return to our respective apartments.

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