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I’d broken the golden rule again. It was becoming a tiresome habit. Chandler’s boy, Phillip Marlowe, may not be real, but he never broke it. He never did divorce work. The end of a romance is, frankly, the lowest human beings can get before they completely loose it. Even when it concerns basically good people; divorce can bring out the bad in anyone.

That’s why, as a rule, “Swede Havarti Investigations,” doesn’t do divorce. Not a hard rule to enforce when one of my fellow men walk in the office door. I can listen to the most heart-wrenching tale of betrayal and woe that some femme fatale dealt out to a member of the “stronger sex” and even with a tear in my eye still say “no”. But bring in an even lesser tale, packaged in a nice soft feminine form; I break like a dropped egg and it’s Humpty-Dumpty time. There’s no fixin’ it. Maybe it’s my little PI thinking for the big guy…either way, I typically break and always regret it. Most times anyway. That’s why I’ve got Suzi, my secretary. She takes care of the skirts when it comes to divorce work. She even enjoys it. But she’s not always there at her desk to save me from myself.

Divorce work is scary. It’s a part of that vague web of domestic ills that dictate that someone’s going to lose. That someone can easily be the poor schmuck who gets between the two warring parties. Luckily, this last case didn’t fall that way. The husband was almost relieved to be caught. He was getting it from both ends, the wife and the mistress. Yeah, you’re thinking: “Poor guy,” right? It wasn’t an abundance of sex that was the problem; it was that special grief that only a female can give. Even my sweet, little Suzi had it in her at times. Don’t get me wrong, some men can give it as good as the ladies too, at times. Wrapping it all up came down to a man in a black robe in a District family courtroom. The check was already deposited and my next case was waiting for my attention when my former client called. She asked if she could stop by after her court appointment to finalize her divorce. I said “sure,” it was too late to say no anymore.

* * * * *

Five P.M. and I was late for happy hour. My client’s call had been several hours ago and I knew from experience the Family Court under His Honor, Judge Winston Cavanaugh, III, promptly ended its day by four P.M. I didn’t mind too much, my secretary was busy polishing my knob as I waited…a thank you for the use of the corporate credit card during her lunch break that day. Some might call that sexual harassment, but since we lived together it was more or less like the first year of a good marriage. Only not being officially papered or penalized by the IRS, we were still happy. And no one suffered except my bank account.

I didn’t hear the front door open. So when the tap came on the pebbled glass of my inner office door it startled me and I thrust my cock deeper into Suzi’s throat. From the moan that escaped her throat, at least she enjoyed it. With my heart already pounding, the shot of adrenalin left a bad taste in my mouth. Suzi heard the knock, too. She returned my cock back to its home beneath a pair of silk boxers and the zippered fly of a pair of charcoal, worsted-wool slacks. Scooting further under the desk, she prepared to wait until she could finish her dictation. All the while, my visitor waited patiently for acknowledgement.

I told ’em to come in. While I tried to quell the violence rising within in me in response to the interruption that had prevented the fat lady from singing and Suzi swallowing my load. I hadn’t been too far off; I could feel the cooling pre-cum on my boxers. The door opened and my former client entered. The carpet of my waiting room had hidden the sounds of her shoes. Stepping onto the hardwood floor of my office, her stiletto heels clicked and echoed as she walked across the floor to my desk.

“Mr. Havarti?” Among the many assets my former client possessed was a voice that went down like good whiskey, smooth and hot. There was a question to the tone of her voice as she spoke my name and her eyebrows rose momentarily to punctuate it; the only hint she saw or thought something was amiss. “Sorry I’m late. Damned cross-town traffic held me up.”

“I had some reports to finish,” I lied. So are congratulations in order or condolences?”

“Congratulations and my gratitude. You’ve freed me from a very bad situation. Damned pre-nup would have left me waiting tables. The photos worked wonderfully. The judge especially liked the ones you provided of him and his clerk in chambers…sweet young man, his clerk. Anyway, I got the house, shares in the family business, and a healthy allowance.”

“Nothing less than you paid for, Mrs. Farnsworth…I’m just happy to have bahis şirketleri another satisfied customer. Word of mouth is the best marketing in my business; however, divorce work really isn’t… .”

“I am sure I will be recommending you,” she interrupted. “You’ve satisfied this customer…well, at least in what I paid for, but…”

She looked into my puzzled eyes and grinned, letting the fur coat she was wearing fall onto the floor. I think it might have been more than cross-town traffic that held her up between the court-room and here. Beneath the fur was a long day’s pay plus expenses in silk and lace. A white, lace bra held up her breasts while leaving her hard, dark nipples uncovered. From there, down to her belly button, her tanned flesh was exposed. Until you reached a lacy garter belt which hugged her hips and whose suspenders held up a pair of long, white silk stockings. She looked like a Fredrick’s of Hollywood bride freshly unwrapped for her honeymoon nuptials. The lack of panties revealed a well-groomed patch of curled blonde hair pointing down between her legs.

At this point, a lesser man would have gulped loudly and prayed for the Holy Sacrament. It wasn’t so much that I was a greater man than my cock had already been primed by one of the best cock suckers this side of the Mason-Dixon and her mouth was still only inches away. That didn’t leave enough blood in my brain for any conscious decisions one way or the other.

“I recall when I hired you your fee was $200 per day…plus expenses.”

“… and your check cleared. Thanks.”

“Of course,” she replied. “But having gone over the photographs and the video you collected of my ex and the intern he was banging made me realize just how ‘hard’ this line of work might get–for you. I thought I should come by and pay for those expenses too.”

“That’s not necessary,” I lied again.

“I think it is, Mr. Havarti.”

“Swede,” I corrected her. A naked woman should never have to call you by your last name.

“Swede, I think it’s the least I can do.”

I got up and walked around my desk to stand in front of her. Her nipples looked even bigger close up and she smelled nice, real nice. I couldn’t place the fragrance, but it was familiar to me. Something Suzi had tried once, maybe. She reached up and unbuttoned my shirt, her hands gently tugged until she pulled it out of slacks. Taking my shirt the rest of the way off, she laid it across the back of my guest chair. She went for my belt next and soon my slacks joined her fur on the floor, pooled around my feet. My cock, needing no further explanation, poked its way out through the fly of my boxers. Pre-cum glistened on the tip as well as a hint of Suzi’s lipstick smeared over it.

“It looks like someone’s a little anxious.” With that she knelt down and wrapped her fingers around me. Looking closer, she hesitated and looked back up at me. “I see your secretary was busy today.”

My balls worried about having their pleasure cut off, but she tentatively licked the tip again. She was soon pumping my shaft in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace. With her other hand she helped me out of my shoes and my pants so my feet were no longer trapped. Once free, I moved my feet apart to better balance myself and to give her more access. She got an idea and a finger was soon tickling my exposed derriere. What was it with clients and my ass?

One hand teased and massaged, tickling my ass and then holding my balls. The other wrapped around my cock and followed her lips up and down my shaft. My cock glistened from her spit and she made loud, sucking noises to spur me on. Her lips were a crimson red, but there wasn’t a smear or other trace upon me. As if she could read my thoughts she popped my cock loudly from between her lips… .

“It’s smear proof. I can leave the brand with you for your secretary if you’d like? They have her shade.”

Actually, I liked seeing the colorful smear on my cock throughout the day when I took a piss. Suzi was usually very thorough in her clean-up; but, occasionally time didn’t permit.

“Thanks, I’m sure she’d appreciate that,” I replied. I heard a thump come from beneath my desk or was it just my imagination? I don’t know. And at the moment, I didn’t care.

My client went back to work on my cock. She didn’t take me back into her mouth right away, but instead licked up and down my shaft. Dipping down at the base to lick my balls and continued to suck gently on each of them. With her mouth occupied below, her hand continued to stroke the length of my shaft to keep it primed. I noticed the hand that had been busy tickling my rear was now two fingers deep between her legs in her pussy. She was dripping wet from the bahis firmaları shine that came off her fingers when they came into the harsh, fluorescent light.

Her mouth was back to my cock. Her tongue poking at the tip when I felt a wet finger tickle my bottom once more and probe deeper now that it was slick from her pussy. I tried to relax and not clench my ass as she went deeper in and my cock went deeper down her throat. As her finger started to massage my prostate, or at least that’s what I assumed her goal was. Tingles started in my thighs and my balls began to tighten. She fucked her mouth with my cock, sucking hard as she bobbed back and forth. One hand now massaged my balls and the other…the other continued to bring me to an even higher level of arousal. I could feel it build and build like a sneeze until all the muscles in my body flexed with my pending orgasm. With my toes curling and my rectum gripping her probing finger, my cum-filled cock burst, filling her mouth.

She choked a bit and then relaxed and let it flow. Gobs of cum continued to spray the back of her throat as I came harder than I had in quite a while. The last time had been when Suzi had brought home a friend, but that was another case. I must have relaxed enough to release her trapped finger because I felt both her hands holding me, her nails digging into my ass checks as her mouth continued devouring me. She continued to suck what remained in my cock sending tremors down my legs from the intensity of feelings. Soon I’d have to pry her off before I passed out from the overload of sensation. She loudly popped my cock out from between her lips with an exaggerated slurp. As she looked up into my eyes; her tongue played with the tip a bit before she spoke once more in that whisky voice.

“Mr. Havar…Swede…there’s something I want you to do for me…to me and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I expect. My husband begged me for years to let him take my ass, but it scared me. I want you to…to have my virgin ass. Can you do that for me?”

“Well…” I tried to think of why I shouldn’t and nothing was coming to mind. Suzi was completely forgotten for the moment. Not that she would have objected either.

“Please.” Now she was begging.

Her tone made my little PI stand a bit taller as her request brought on a second wind. Taking that as a yes, she stood and went to my desk. She braced herself on the desk gripping the edge with her hands and bending over slightly. She then pushed her ass outward with her feet parted well to balance her weight. Her garter suspenders slid to the sides of her ass cheeks and framed her tanned and exposed flesh. I noticed a tube of KY inverted onto its cap standing on my desktop. Suzi was too damned efficient at times, but it was nice to see that she approved.

I looked up at the PI license framed and hanging on the wall behind my desk, not for inspiration, but to see if I could catch a glimpse of Suzi beneath the desk in the reflection on the glass. I could just see her pumping something in and out of her cooze. With any luck she’d exhaust herself and her need. Otherwise, I would be in for one hell of a workout once my client was through with me.

Speaking of my client, she wiggled against me. “Do you like my ass?”

“I love your ass,” I replied.

I leaned down and bit her on her well-rounded right cheek. She squealed and pushed back into me. I continued my descent until I kneeled behind her. I held her cheeks apart with one hand as I stuck my tongue as deep into her as I could. A moan escaped her lips as I licked around her rosebud. I slipped a finger into her pussy while my tongue continued to probe her behind. I added a finger or two to the one already inside her pussy as she heated up. She could thank Suzi later for teaching me right. With my fingers wet from her pussy I pushed one into her bottom. I gently worked her hole, stretching it open, getting her ready for my cock. I continued to lick and prod as my finger worked to open her bottom up more.

She was almost on her knees from the combination of sensations in her ass and pussy. From her rapid breathing, she was close to coming; I backed off a bit to make it last longer. I helped her back up so she was in better position for my cock to enter her. Then, I slipped my cock into her pussy to get it wet before putting it into her ass. After pulling out of her cunt I rubbed the tip against her puckered bottom. I hesitated for a moment, but she wasn’t stopping now. I felt like a teenager with his first slice of cooze. My cock was desperate to enter her and to spew within her bowels. I noticed the tube of KY again and squirted a healthy dollop on the tip of my cock. This being her first time, I was prepared kaçak bahis siteleri for her to change her mind. I hoped that she wouldn’t. In the end, my logical mind knew I would stop. Regardless of what my lust-filled thoughts said to the contrary.

I centered in on her hole and pushed a little harder than when I was teasing her bottom before and slowly began to enter her rectum. She squealed and stretched herself on tippy toes away from me for a moment. But I pushed harder not stopping until my cock was through the tight ring of muscle at her back door. She pushed back a little herself taking me deeper and then she groaned.

“Ah, fuck yeah.” I eased deeper into her bottom. A shiver went through her body and her rectum gripped my cock tightly. I reached around and found her soaked pussy, her clit was hard and straining outwards. She began to rock back and forth when I took her clit between my fingers. I began to move my cock in and out of her backdoor in rhythm with her still tentative movements.

She was tight, almost as tight as Suzi. We were soon rocking in unison and picking up speed. My fingers slipped from her pussy and clit once it became too awkward to finger her with the increased tempo of our movements. I grabbed her hips to keep her from coming off my cock too far. I continued to rock my hips slowly as she whimpered and rocked with me. I was glad she liked it. I flexed the muscles in my ass and thighs and pushed deeper into her. “Oh, fuck yeah.”

She shook beneath me. Her ass had swallowed most of my cock causing her body to quiver as she shifted her weight. I groaned and jerked, her ass was squeezing me so tightly. She then sank her fingers into her pussy and groaned, her pussy was soaking from the squishy sounds her fingers made as she pumped them in and out. I held myself still despite the need to fuck her ass harder building in my balls. She needed to catch up with me though. I could feel her starting to loosen up around my cock and her body slowly relaxed beneath me.

My weight pressed her into the desk as I straddled her legs. She lifted her butt to me, squeezing me with her inner muscles. Easing my cock out and then pushing it back deep in, I goaded her on.

“Tell me, baby. Tell me what you want.”

She moaned deep in throat, a sound as full of lust as I was. “Fuck my ass.”

I just groaned in response.

She wiggled her butt against me, enticing my prick with her tight little channel. “Fuck my ass, Swede. Fuck me hard. Make me cum, damn it!”

I braced myself and rode her ass. She kept talking. I must have hit upon something. She told me what it felt like and how much she loved it. Even though her voice broke a few times, and she moaned with the pleasure she felt, the words kept pouring out.

Her ass was like a tight hot, wet mouth trying to milk my cock with each stroke. She began to whimper as her orgasm began. I arched my back as I felt my balls contract. I wanted to savor every inch of her tight ass as it sucked the cum from my cock. She gyrated under me, her orgasm causing her to buck and twitch. She felt so good, so tight.

I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I shoved myself as far into her ass as I could, trying to force all of myself into her. My grunts mingled with hers as my cum poured through the end of my cock emptying my balls within her. My entire body tingled and all of my concentration centered on my cock and the squeeze of her ass. I moaned and jerked like a puppet; my cock held firmly in her bottom.

Eventually her ass pushed my cock out, my cum leaking down her leg. A towel conveniently appeared on the top of my desk, reminding me of Suzi who still patiently waited beneath my desk. I used the towel to sop up my cum as it dribbled out and drained from my client’s ass.

“Ms. Farnsworth,” I began, but I couldn’t think of anything else to say; and nothing escaped her lips except a soft moan.

* * * * *

Closing the door behind my former and now fully satisfied client, I paused a moment before I turned around to face my desk and my secretary. Turning around, I saw Suzi had extracted herself from beneath my desk and now stood in a pool of her own clothes; naked to the world and it was my guess, naked to reason. There was a light in her eyes that I recognized.

“That was so hot. I was tempted to join you, but I don’t think Ms. Farnsworth swings that way.” Suzi spoke softly, her voice deep and filled with sweet honey.

I recognized the tone in her voice. It went with the look in her eyes. She gingerly stepped over the silken pile of our profits she had been wearing and came over to stand before me. Her nipples stood out and I would’ve sworn there was a hint of moisture glistening on her thighs. After kissing me for a long, soft moment she quickly repeated Ms. Farnsworth’s earlier actions and undressed me from top to bottom. It looked like it was going to be another long, hard night for this private eye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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