Picture This Ch. 03

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Big Tits

We slept through again, and I smiled a little sadly at Beth as she stirred, turned to look at me. “No more nights for a while…?”

She chuckled softly. “We’ll see. Anyway, I know Bill and your Mum are back later, but that just means we can try and watch them, same as before, and make up more stories when I come in at bedtime, right?”

“Mmhm, definitely. So – shower first?”


Again we managed not to let ourselves go completely in the shower, but I did move my soapy fingers over one particular part of Beth more than perhaps it strictly needed, until a shudder of pleasure ran through her body. “Mmm, that’s a nice start to the day,” she grinned.

Breakfast was just cereal today – “But we got a chicken for lunch when we shopped, right?”

“Right. What shall we do while it’s in the oven?”

“Bet I can beat you to the next level on the console,” Beth teased.

“You’re on.”

We sat down in front of the screen, but I hadn’t counted on Beth distracting me, touching herself, dipping a finger between her thighs then putting it between her lips. “Don’t you want to taste?” she asked, her eyes dancing.

“Not fair,” I mock-protested. “And yes, of course I do.”

Beth slipped fingers inside herself – “Ohh, feels good” – then let me suck them. “Does that get you hard?” she murmured.

“You know damn well it does,” I chuckled. “So what do you want to do about it?”

“How about… I put the game in single-player, and see if I can still beat my high score while you do whatever you can think of.”


Beth lay on her front, controller in her hands, and she was soon guiding her character through the challenges on the screen. I knelt behind her, stroking her bottom, my fingers drifting nearer and nearer to her cleft, then down until I found warm wetness. Beth offered no resistance as I moved her feet a little further apart, making it easier for me to touch her. I thought I heard a quiet sound of pleasure, but when I glanced up she was still deep in concentration. As she became wetter, more slippery, I felt myself hardening, and after a few minutes I moved closer, pressed my tip to her entrance. She didn’t stop playing or look round, but I felt her shift her hips slightly to make it easier for me to enter her. I pressed slowly inwards until I met her bottom, then started to move slowly, sensually. Beth’s eyes were still on the screen, but her gameplay seemed less focused, a little uncoordinated. I moved more insistently, alternating between stroking her back gently and holding her hips as I thrust. I tried to stay silent, but every so often I couldn’t help a quiet moan, and I thought I heard Beth echoing almost inaudibly. As I neared my climax I felt her tensing around me a little, and finally I groaned, thrusting hard into her, trying but failing to hold back my first spurt. As she felt me come, Beth’s body shivered deliciously, her hips flexing back against mine, and I heard a long sigh of satisfaction. “Mmm…”

I glanced at the screen, now showing “Game Over”, and Beth turned to look at me, a distracted smile on her face. “Definitely nowhere near my high score.”

I slid from her, and she sat up to hug me. “I liked that.”

“Me too.”

I suddenly remembered the dinner. “Oops – I’d better check on the oven.”

The chicken was ready, and I busied myself with vegetables, gravy. “OK, we can eat,” I called.

Beth came in, sat down. “Thanks, Tim.”

When we’d finished eating Beth glanced round the kitchen. “Still a few things to tidy up?”

“No problem.”

Washing up, folding laundry, emptying bins – “Hmm, look at all these sticky tissues,” teased Beth. Finally everything was shipshape, and we sat in the lounge with coffee. “I know Bill and your Mum will have had a pretty hot time away,” Beth ventured. “But I bet they do it tonight as well.”

I pretended to roll my eyes. “And you said you want to watch for a while, right?”

“Oh yes.”

I settled more comfortably on the sofa. “What do you think they’ll do? I don’t see Mum as a gamer, somehow.”

Beth smirked. “Well, maybe Dad could fuck her while she’s playing Mario Kart. Then the crane would have to keep pulling her out.”

There was the sound of a key in the front door, and I felt a moment of apprehension. “You don’t think they’ll be able to tell what we did?”

Beth shook her head, grinning. “Anyway, all we have to do is keep up the pretence of ‘can just about stand each other’.”

Bill and Mum came into the room. “Hi, you two. Everything OK? The place looks really tidy.”

Beth pretended a grimace. “Captain Sensible here said we should do the chores.”

“Well, thank you, seriously. Want pizza tonight? I think you earned it.”

“Mm, please,” Beth nodded. “Just make sure mine doesn’t get any of his nasty chillies on it.”

Mum picked up the phone, ordered. “Anything else happen?”

Beth glanced at me, then over to her father. “Oh, I was going to tell you. I decided on what I want to do at uni.”

“That’s great, darling. ataşehir escort Where have you applied?”

Beth chose her words carefully. “Actually the same place as Tim – he was showing me the prospectus and the psychology course sounds really good.”

I could see Bill and Mum thinking it through. “Well, I think that’s good,” Bill said. “Tim being in the same town, you’ve got someone close by if anything happens.”

Beth feigned slight annoyance. “I can look after myself, Dad.”

There was a knock on the door, and conversation stalled as we concentrated on eating. Finally Mum yawned, stretched. “Think it’s time we turned in.”

They went upstairs, and I grinned at Beth. “Think we did a pretty good job there.”

She nodded. “Yep. Now, come on, we need to get ready before we try and catch them.”

I changed quickly, and a couple of minutes later Beth slipped into my room as usual. “OK?”

We crossed the landing on bare feet, and Beth nudged the door of the master bedroom open a little wider. As she’d predicted, the bedside light was still on, two naked figures kneeling on the bed. Bill was behind Mum, at first cupping her breasts, then sliding one hand down between her thighs while the other moved to explore her from behind. “Mm, we should definitely try that,” murmured Beth. “She looks like she’s really enjoying it.”

It was obvious when Bill entered her, Mum’s face displaying her satisfaction, and he carried on using his fingers on her as he thrust rhythmically. We could hear Mum’s panting breaths, the pace increasing, and finally her mouth formed an O of pleasure as her body shuddered in climax.

“Wow,” whispered Beth, “that’s really got me going. Come on.”

She led me back to her room, knelt on the bed facing away from me. “Mm, do what he did.”

I moved behind her, my hands exploring from front and behind, fingers sliding into her, and Beth leaned back against me, her own hands on her breasts. “Oh, yes…”

She breathed in deeply. “Go inside me?”

I hesitated. “Beth – I really want to, but can we keep that for when we’re on our own in the house?”

There was only a tiny bit of disappointment in her voice. “I know, you’re right.”

I could tell she was smiling. “But if you keep doing that, I’ll definitely come anyway.”

My fingertips brushed her hard nub as I moved my fingers inside her, and I felt the familiar tension building in her muscles. She squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples, and I heard her breath catch in her throat. “Oh – so close -“

I chose that moment to press my thumb gently against her other opening as my fingers penetrated her deeply, and it was as though she’d had an electric shock, her body shuddering, her hand over her mouth to muffle the cry of pleasure she couldn’t help making. “Ohhh…”

I wrapped my arms around her, held her close. “Noisy girl,” I teased, my mouth close to her ear. “One of these days they’ll come across the landing to see what’s up.”

Beth chuckled. “That’ll take some explaining.”

Reluctantly I released her. “I’d better get back to my room, so we’re both where we’re supposed to be.”

She tilted her face up for a final kiss. “I’ll see you for breakfast.”


“Got a surprise for you,” Bill dropped into the conversation the next morning. “We’ve booked for all of us to go away for a few days, sort of a last family thing before you two are off to uni.”

“Brilliant,” grinned Beth. “Where are we going?”

“The Lake District – we have a self-catering lodge all to ourselves.”


Beth glanced at me, the anticipation in her face for my eyes only. “I’d better start packing, then.”

I went upstairs a few minutes later, leaning casually on her doorframe. “We might not get much privacy at this place?”

Beth flashed her eyebrows at me. “I have a good feeling about this.”

We set off in the early evening, Beth and I in the back seat – “I hope you two can manage not to squabble,” teased Mum. Beth had brought a blanket – “In case I get chilly” – and she casually spread it out so that it reached my lap. I took the hint, putting my hand out of sight under the blanket and finding her knee. “Further up,” she mouthed silently, and I slid my fingers up, my eyes widening as I felt the top of her hold-ups then only warm bare skin. I dared to explore a little further, expecting to find damp material, but – oh – my fingers touched only her already-wet entrance, and she gave me a knowing smile, flexing her hips. “I might try and sleep a bit,” she announced to Bill and Mum, closing her eyes. I continued to explore her gently, her lips curving in a smile, and I was certain she was imagining how I might satisfy her growing desire when we got to our destination.

Finally we pulled off the road and parked in front of the modern-looking lodge. I withdrew my fingers, getting a wink from Beth, and we carried our bags inside. “Wow,” said Mum. “I like the way they’ve laid it out.”

The front door led straight into a large open area, kadıköy escort bayan sofas and easy chairs in the middle section. To the right was the kitchen area, with a big dining table and a breakfast bar, while on the left a doorway led through to what was obviously the master bedroom, with an en-suite. “So where are we?” I wondered aloud to Beth.

“This place sleeps six,” said Bill. He indicated a door at the far side of the room. “The stairs lead up to two more bedrooms and a shower.”

Mum looked at us uncertainly. “Are you two going to be all right, being so close, having to share a bathroom.”

“Think I can cope,” shrugged Beth. “As long as Tim doesn’t hog the shower in the morning.”

She threw me a look. “Come on – let’s take our stuff up. And I get first pick of the bedrooms.”

I pretended a look of resignation, and followed her through the doorway, up the stairs. When we reached the landing, she turned, wrapping her arms around me, grinning. “This is perfect – we can close the bottom door, we’re miles away from them, we can do whatever we want.”

I kissed her hard on the lips. “You bet.”

We walked from the landing, and Beth tilted her head. “You can have the first room.”

As we passed the bathroom, she stopped. “Oops, just a min.”

She tugged down her jeans, then her panties, and sat on the toilet seat, starting to pee. I blinked as I heard her stream hitting the water, and she grinned. “What? It’s not as if we have any secrets from one another.”

I nodded. “I guess.” I dared to watch more closely as her stream slowed, stopped, and she patted herself with a neat square of toilet paper. “Actually it turns me on a little,” I confessed.

“See, you’re starting to think like me,” she grinned.

She adjusted her clothes, washed her hands. “Come on, let’s see what our room’s like.”

Another blink from me. “What?” she teased. “We can make your bed look like it’s been slept in, but would you really go back there after…?”

I shook my head. “Beth, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to wake up next to you.”

The other room was light, airy, a fantastic view of the countryside, and Beth bounced experimentally on the bed. “Perfect.”

She glanced at her watch. “I think it’s late enough that we can go back and say goodnight.”


Mum was in the kitchen putting tins away, and she smiled when she saw us. “Everything OK up there?”

“Fine, Mum,” I nodded. “I think we’re both just going to crash out now.”

“See you in the morning, then.”

We went back up, carefully closing the door at the bottom of the stairs. “Wonder what this door’s for?” Beth mused when we reached the landing.

The low door below the angle of the roof had a simple knob, and I pulled it open. “Oh, I see.”

Behind the door was the roof space – joists, wiring, pipes. “Not all that interesting.”

Beth smirked. “Are you kidding? I bet that goes all the way over the top of the downstairs bedroom.”

“Ohh…” I said slowly. “OK.”

I looked more closely into the space. “There are boards across, so it’ll be safe to walk on – we’ll just have to mind our heads.”

I turned back to Beth. “You want to take a look now?”

“You bet. You go first, though.”

I bent to get through the opening, then picked my way carefully along the rough boards, counting under my breath. “OK – that should get us to the partition wall.”

Beth bumped up behind me as I stopped, and leaned over to look. “Is that a ventilation grille or something?”

She laid flat on the boards to get closer, and turned to me with a broad grin. “You look.”

I joined her, looking down, and my eyes widened. Through the slats of the grille, we had a clear view almost straight down into the master bedroom, the bed in the centre, the doorway to the en suite off to one side. “Whoah.”

“Absolutely,” agreed Beth.

As we watched, Bill emerged from the en suite, and Mum came through the doorway from the lounge. She wrapped her arms around him, and her words carried clearly up to us. “Can’t believe I’ve got you all to myself again.”

He nodded. “Last weekend – mm, we had fun, didn’t we.”

She kissed him. “I’m sure you have some creative ideas for now, too.”

I put my mouth near Beth’s ear. “So you get your imagination from your Dad, huh?”

“Maybe,” she chuckled.

We watched as they undressed, hands exploring, and Mum gasped as Bill slid his fingers into her while she was still standing. “Mm – yes – like that.”

He grinned, bending to use his mouth on her breasts. “Tell me when you can’t wait any longer.”

After only a couple of minutes Mum put her fingers under his chin, lifted his head to look into his face. “Now…”

She turned, put her hands against the wall, and looked over her shoulder invitingly. Bill moved behind her, and Mum flexed her back, pushing her bottom out. He used his fingers to put his tip against her entrance, then slid inside. “Ohh,” we heard, “yes, just fuck me, Bill, now…”

I escort maltepe blinked. “Now there’s a word I don’t think I’ve ever heard my Mum use.”

Bill held her hips as he thrust into her hard, and we saw her fingers clench against the wall. “Mm – yes – you’ll make me come -“

Bill was obviously close to his own climax, and suddenly he pulled out, his stuff making a trail of white blobs all over Mum’s back, her bottom. “Oh – not quite -” she gasped, and he did as he’d done the previous night, thrusting fingers into her from behind while he reached between her thighs to give her the final push she needed. “Ohh…” she moaned, pushing back against his hands, “mm, yes…”

Beth turned, getting to her feet, brushing at her jeans. “Wow… After that, I’m feeling pretty ‘right now’ too – let’s get back.”

I followed her to the landing, making sure the door was secure behind us, and watched as she shed her clothes heedlessly here and there towards the bedroom. I tried not to fall as I followed suit, my jeans somehow fighting with me, but finally we were there, Beth in my arms, mouth on mine, fingers wrapped round my shaft. “Just put it in me now,” she breathed, “and come all over me like he did, I don’t care if I get there straight away or not.”

I took her at her word, tumbling her onto the bed, her thighs parting for me, and I was in her, thrusting urgently to get to my climax. Beth watched entranced as my face betrayed the pleasure that was overtaking me, and I gasped, pulling out just in time for sticky fluid to splash onto her mound, her stomach, the valley between her breasts, pooling in her navel. “You’ve made such a mess of me,” her voice held only satisfaction, and she dabbled her fingers in the white blobs before sucking them. “Mmm.”

She got to her knees. “Can I be on top now?”

I let her slide over me, her wet opening within reach of my mouth, my tongue. “Fast or slow?” I queried.

“What do you think?” she grinned, running her fingers through her hair, tousling it into a wild look.

I started to use my tongue on her, and she flexed her hips in response, touching her breasts. “Mm – oh, yes – next time I definitely want you pushing me up against the wall,” she moaned. “And if I come first, I’ll turn, drop to my knees, use my mouth to help you finish, maybe let your stuff splash all over my face, get in my hair…”

Her body tensed, shuddered, and I thrilled as clear liquid spurted onto my lips, running down my chin. Finally Beth relaxed, slid down to pillow her head on my chest. “Mm, nice…”


Unsurprisingly, everyone seemed very relaxed at breakfast, and Mum stretched luxuriantly. “We picked this place because of the walks, but just now all I feel like doing is lazing around, maybe reading a bit.”

Bill nodded. “Think I’ll go out for a bit of fresh air, though. I’ll definitely be back in plenty of time to help with lunch.”

He pulled on his boots, waterproof coat, and was gone. Mum glanced at us. “Will you two be OK? We can play a game or something if you like.”

“We’re fine,” Beth assured her. “You do whatever you feel like.”

Mum got up from her seat. “I might have a bit of a nap, then. Shout me if you need anything.”

She disappeared into the bedroom, and Beth grinned at me. “Come on – if she’s really having a nap I’ll eat my hat.”

We made our way to our vantage point, looking down, and I blinked at what I saw. “Er, Beth, you were right.”

Mum had shed her clothes, lying back on the bed, and next to her open suitcase were a couple of items it had definitely not occurred to me that she’d be packing. Something long, very realistic-looking, and next to it a – well, I think I’d seen them called ‘massagers’.

“Definitely gives me an idea of what we might want to buy,” Beth murmured thoughtfully.

My eyes widened as Mum closed her eyes, eased the first toy slowly into her opening, brought her thighs together a little. We could clearly hear the buzz from the second item when Mum turned the switch, and Beth gasped quietly as if feeling the sensation herself, when Mum pressed the tip between her thighs, arching up towards it a little. Mum’s fingers squeezed her breasts, then her nipples, and I saw Beth follow suit, touching herself through her t-shirt.

Mum’s pleasure was obviously increasing, and Beth suddenly sat up, pulling her t-shirt off, shedding her jeans. “Help me,” she requested breathily, parting her thighs as she knelt on the rough boards. I wet my fingers, started to touch her while still watching through the grille. “Is she close?” queried Beth.

“I think so,” I judged, as Mum moved the buzzing toy more urgently over and around her most sensitive spot. “Bet I can come when she does,” gasped Beth. “You have to tell me.”

“Soon… oh, nearly there, but she took it away,” I reported. “Now she’s started again… I think she’s, what do you call it, edging?”

Beth took a deep breath. “I can do that too.”

I looked down again. “I think she’s decided that’s enough teasing,” I ventured. “She’s pressing it hard now, I can hear her gasping, oh, now -“

Beth rocked against my fingers, her hands squeezing her breasts and nipples urgently, and – mm – simultaneously with the cry of pleasure from below I heard Beth’s moan of release. “Ohh…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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