Peeping Paul

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My name is Paul and I recently discovered that I’m a voyeur. I remarried about three years ago and my new wife came with two teenage daughters and a teenage son. I was very happy to have a family again.

I love Margaret, but she is very demanding and very judgmental of my previous friends. She doesn’t seem to like any of them. Especially my female friends, of whom there are several that I’m really close to.

Margaret can be cold sometimes when she doesn’t get her way and I have often in the past three years, ended up masturbating or gone to see a female friend that I played with from time to time before I remarried.

This friend gives great blowjobs and will do almost anything I want to do. But this story isn’t about her. It’s about my two new found daughters and me.

The problem I have now, three years later, is not with my wife, but with her daughters. They are the reason I’ve become a voyeur. I’ve wondered if their actions are intentional or if they are just so comfortable with their bodies that they don’t realize what they are doing to me.

The youngest daughter, Chelse, is a vixen. She has long dark hair and a body that belongs on a runway model. She is energetic and bouncy all of the time. She is just eighteen years old and she has blossomed into a fine young woman.

She loves to tease me. When she takes a shower, she leaves the bathroom door open just enough. She never closes the shower curtain any more than enough to keep the spray from hitting the floor.

Every time I head to the music room or my bedroom, when she is in the shower, I see that smooth, young skin. I can’t help but watch as she slowly moves her hands over her body and touches those places that please her.

My dick grows hard and I have to go relieve myself in the master bathroom.

I swear she does it on purpose. When she steps out of the spray, she doesn’t cover herself right away and sometimes she even masturbates, again; I’m convinced that she wants to torment me. I’m sure that she must want me to see.

I hang back, just enough to watch her as she pushes two fingers into her silky cunt and rubs her erect nub. She squeezes her full breasts and then hangs her head as low as possible to suckle her own nipples.

My dick gets so hard that I have to slip into the bedroom and jerk-off before I cream my jeans. Some times I do it more than once.

I’m so afraid that Margaret will choose those minutes to come looking for me. So far, I haven’t got caught.

Most of the time, it seems, that the girls wait until their mother is gone to take their showers. When she is home, they never leave the door open more than an inch.

Molly, the older one, is twenty-one. She is into the dark side of life. She wears that black lipstick and has raven hair. She even has a few tattoos in some private places. She wears rings in each of her full beasts and it is really exciting to see her nude.

She too leaves the door open while she showers. And blatantly masturbates while the water trickles down her white skin.

One day, when just she and I were at home, she left the door wide open and the curtain was all but open. She turned to the full size mirror next to the vanity and watched herself as she masturbated with a dong that was larger then me. I saw her watching as I stood there in the middle of the hallway and stroked my dick through the rough fabric of my jeans until a wet spot appeared.

I quickly ran to my bedroom as she laughed out loud at me.

I can’t seem to help myself. They lure me into the scene and I lose all morals that I thought I had.

The other day, I came home from work and Chelse had brought a lover home. They were on her bed, both nude and entangled in a love pose. She was sucking his generous dick and his tongue slide in and out of her luscious furry muff.

I hid there in the shadows watching as they pleasured one another. I listened as they grunted and sucked and had wonderful orgasms.

Without even touching my throbbing cock, my seed spilled into my shorts, as I stood motionless. This was better than any porn flick I had ever watched. I almost got caught because I was so enthralled with the beauty of her body being pleasured by his hungry mouth.

“I want you to fuck me,” Chelse cried softly. I want you to go all the way with me. Make me feel like a real woman!”

“I don’t have any condoms,” he told her. “You could get prego! I’m not ready to be a daddy!” he protested.

Chelse rolled off the bed and her tits bounced as she crossed the room to her bureau. She opened a drawer and pulled out a box of condoms.

“Now will you fuck me?” she smiled as she held the box up.

“Bring ’em here baby and I’ll make a real woman out of you!” the hormone struck boy cried.

She placed the curled up rubber over the head of his hard prick and slowly rolled it over the length of his member.

“Wow, girl, I thought I was the first!” He squealed then giggled.

“I learned how in sex-ed,” she smiled and licked her lips.

Chelse escort kartal fell back onto her pillow and spread her sculptured legs wide. Mr. hard dick crawled between them and licked her erect clit one more time. Her legs pulled up and wrapped around his thin waist.

My own cock blew up and I felt the seed run down my leg, but I couldn’t move. I had to watch this to fruition or until I got caught.

Watching, I wanted to touch myself, but I knew I would cry out and get caught or my sticky cum would run down my leg and soil the carpet. So I just watched. And tried not to moan as I watched her perfect body crawl on top of his erect, lambskin covered prick. Wishing it was me.

While she was placing the condom over his phallus, he licked her pussy. I saw his tongue jutting in and out of her already wet hole. I had to hold my breath to keep from crying out.

Once the protection was on his dick, Chelse climbed over the staff and he slowly guided her down over his manhood. I heard him let out an audible sigh as she bottomed out.

“That’s it baby, now show me how to make you a woman!” he whispered in a raspy guttural voice.

I was enthralled in their movements and my hand slipped into my jeans and tried to keep rhythm with their movements. But alas, being twice their combined ages, I blew my wad before he was even breathing heavy.

Chelse whined softly with each upward stroke of his Johnson and her pretty titties bounced up and down. Just before he exploded into her perfect slit, I slipped into the bathroom and listened as they cried out in glorious praise of the sex they had just shared. They professed their love for one another then rolled around on the bed naked for just a while longer. I heard the front door open and slipped into my bedroom, closing the door behind me. Shortly, Margaret came into the room. I had lain on the bed and feigned sleeping. She shook me and whispered, “Paul, did you know that Chelse has a boy in her bedroom?”

Pretending to be half asleep, I fluttered my eyelids and said, “What? She has a boy in the house?”

“Not only does she have a boy in here, but she is fucking him!” she cried in a soft voice. “Didn’t you hear them crying out? I heard it as soon as I walked in the door,” she drilled me.

“I’ve been asleep for a few hours, I was exhausted from last night’s shift.” I lied.

“Maybe you should go check on them, get him out of the house!” she demanded.

“What do you want me to say? Hey I know you’re fucking my daughter so get out of my house?” I asked her.

“Yeah, something like that. It is your duty to protect my girls,” she cried.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” I said sounding disgusted that I had to tromp in there and break up the happy couple while all the while I was revealing in the fact that I got to go in there and pull her lily white body off his trampy one.

Sighing, I rolled off the bed, fortunately my hard-on had swiveled so there was no trace of my voyeurism.

I grumpily rolled off the bed and once I was in the hall, I watched just a little longer before I approached the humping children.

Finally, I was hard again and I ran to take care of my urges in the bathroom before I broke up the promiscuous teen-agers.

Then, just for Margaret’s pleasure, I trotted into the room like Chelse’s knight in shining armour and loudly proclaimed, “This heathen had better leave this house before I break his little dick off!

Quickly, the couple fell apart and mister long dick rolled off the bed, his prick still at attention. I licked my lips when I saw his size. I envied his youth.

He found a pillow and covered his now shrinking jewel. Chelse pulled the covers over he delicate body. Then she cried, “You have no right to be in here! GET OUT!” You’re mother wants this piece of not good dung out of my house, and I’m doing what she wants. You, my dear are now officially punished for the next week!” I blurted out; again for Margaret’s pleasure.

I just knew she was in there masturbating and revealing in my manhood. Then I heard the door to our bedroom open and she came down the hallway.

“Who told you that you could bring home that type of scumbag that would do that to you?” she demanded once the boy was gone.

“I love him!” Chelse cried and slammed the door in her mother’s face.

“Well, he won’t be around anymore, so you can just forget about him!” Margaret screamed back.

Then she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She slip out of her clothes and commanded me to “Disrobe and take care of me! All this has me so horny that I am soaked and so hot I can’t stand it.

She spread her legs and opened her pussy with two fingers. I looked in her face; she was licking her lips. “Come honey, I need to be fucked really good!”

I quickly slipped out of my damp clothes from all the thick cum I’d spilled and climbed onto the bed beside her.

As I stroked my dick to get it hard once again and soon the clear drops of precum rose to the head. I breathed deeply then ran my finger maltepe escort over the silky fluid.

“Well, come on! I’m horny!” she cried and grabbed my hard dick and pulled me on top of her.

Her cunt was barely wet and I had to force my dong into her rough opening. She certainly didn’t have the appeal her daughter did.

With about five pumps, I spewed my seed into her cunt and she moaned slightly as it pumped into her orifice.

“Now, lick it out of me so I won’t have it running down my legs when I shower,” she demanded.

I crawled on top of her again, only this time in a sixty-nine position and I ate her out while she listlessly suckled my limp dick.

Within about six minutes, she was quivering and thrashing around with the only orgasm she would have. I thought that she must do that on purpose because we never had sex more than once a night. And I was lucky if we had it that often. A week later, Margaret told me that she had to go out of town for two weeks on a conference.

“You’re in charge of the kids now. I don’t want those boys coming over and trying to make babies with my babies. Do you understand?” She looked at me sternly, like I was one of her kids.

“Yes, I understand; no boys while you’re gone!”

“If I find out that you let them in, I’ll kick you out!”

“This is my house,” I argued, but she just took her luggage out to the car and blew me a kiss as she drove off.

That evening Molly, who is extremely rebellious, came in with two really raunchy guys who rode in on motorcycles.

“Hey, Paul, I’ve brought some friends home; don’t tell mom or she’ll have a fit.” This was a command, not a request.

She led them to her bedroom and slammed the door so that it would rebound once it hit. I just knew she wanted me to watch her with two guys at once.

She stood in the middle of the room, just within eye range and one guy pulled off her top and started suckling her titty. It was full and now had a phallus tattooed on it. His hand caressed the other.

The other guy was kneeling in front of her, his face under her mini skirt, he legs V-ed so that he could get to the good parts.

Sitting at the far end of the sofa, I could see right into her room without the guys seeing me; but I was sure she saw me and she put on a really good show for me.

I held the newspaper in front of my dick and stroked it while I watched those guys fuck, suck, and lick her lithe body.

Molly’s hands were on the top of each guy’s head, supporting her. She moaned loudly so as to attract my attention.

My heart was beating so hard I thought it would explode in my chest. I wanted to go join them..

“I wanna be fucked like mad!” Molly cried out loud enough for me to hear.

The three of them climbed onto the bed. The guys pulled off Molly’s clothes then stripped themselves. I snuck into the hallway, just out of their sight and found a straight shot into the room and the bed.

I loosened my belt and silently unzipped my jeans. I slipped my hand into my shorts as I watched. The first guy lay on the bed and pulled Molly on top of him. He shoved his hard prick into her liquid pussy. She moaned loudly, then licked his ear.

I was sure she did so to keep me interested in her antics with her two new toys.

The second guy undressed and stroked his dick until the precum rose to the head. Then he offered its head to Molly who quickly sucked it into her mouth.

He pumped his ass up and down stroking his dong in and out of her mouth. With each downward stroke, she moaned and with each upward stroke he moaned. And silently I moaned on each stroke.

My hand became covered in the sticky cum that just flowed out of my prick. I slipped into the bathroom and washed my hand. I pulled off my underwear and pants and stood in the doorway masturbating as I watched her.

The guy who had been fucking her mouth wanted a tighter orifice to get himself off, so he moved around to the foot of the bed and stuffed his dripping dick into Molly’s sweet ass.

I could tell it was tight, because he kept pushing his fingers in and out trying to make enough room for his thick phallus. Finally, I heard an audible pop as the heavy head broke though some barrier.

I spilled my seed down my legs. I had to catch my breath to keep from crying out.

It was so sexy; she was sucking one and being fucked by one. And I wanted to join in. But she was my wife’s daughter; I couldn’t do that.

But my dick ached for her. I wanted to feel her hot lips sucking my heavy cum out of me. All I could do was watch and get off. I was so glad that Margaret was out of town so that I could watch her being taken care of.

I had lost track of time and before I knew it I heard the front door open. I slipped back into the bathroom and closed the door.

I heard Chelse say that she was home. Then her door closed. I was sure that she had brought that boy home again. I slipped out of the bathroom and casually walked past her door.

It was pendik escort bayan slightly open and as I peeped through, she was sitting on the side of the bed with a dildo in her hands. She was pumping it in and out of her cunt and rubbing her clit at the same time.

I wanted to go in and help her. But I just couldn’t do that. I loved them too much to lose them because I couldn’t control my voyeurism. So I just watched.

And stroked my dick in rhythm with her strokes.

The doorbell rang and interrupted my pleasure. I answered it and it was the boy from the previous day.

“Hey man, Is Chelse home?” he asked.

For a moment, it thought I’d tell him no. Then I knew that I wanted to watch him help her with her dildo so I said, “Yeah, she’s in her bedroom; you know where that is, don’t you?”

“Yeah, man, thanks!” he said and walked right into the room, leaving the door open about four inches. I had a good view of the bed and the pink pussy that had the fake dick in its lips.

I sprayed cum all over my legs. Quickly, I ran into the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I left a slit open in the door and didn’t close the shower curtain all of the way so that I could watch the action.

The boy kneeled before her and took the dildo from her. He then licked the pink cunt with his long tongue then lingered on her little clit.

More cum spewed from me.

Then he laid her back on the bed. Her legs splayed over the side and he spread them wide and pressed his steel hard prick into her wetness.

A soft moan emitted from her lips as he thrust his hardness deep in her pussy.

With each thrust of his body colliding with hers, I stroked my own cock and imagined that it was me fucking that sweet body.

Her whimpers of pleasure only stirred my yearnings more. I stroked faster and faster and finally fell to the floor of the tub; withering in joy. My prick pumping my useless seed down the drain.

Chelse cried out, “Oh yes, you do that so good. Give me more!”

My body shook and I lay on the cold porcelain tub. “That’s it! Ride me baby!” The words filled the room. I had forgotten about Molly and her two punks in the other room.

I jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I peeked around the door and Molly was squatting over the first guy; fucking him fast. The other one was rubbing her clit as she moved.

The scene was so hot! I wished I had found a woman like her. He perky breast bounced up and down. The guy she was fucking kept her body going up and down on his long shaft.

The one rubbing her clit occasionally twisted the rings in her nipples causing her to cry out, “Oh, that’s so hot!” Do it to me… make me feel it good!”

Then he pinched her clit and twisted the rings once again.

All of the sudden her body stiffened and I knew she was about to cum. I had to see this I had to watch her as her pretty body shook with pleasure.

Both guys suckled a tit into their mouths and bit down as her body shook between them. Both placed a finger in her one in her cunt and the other in her ass.

He body withered between them and she moaned with pleasure that I knew I’d never be able to experience with their mother.

As she fell to the bed, he body swathed in sweat, the guys leaned over her and licked the sweat off her slick skin.

I turned my attentions to Chelse. He breast bouncing up and down as she sat atop of the boyfriend and he assisted her in his pleasure.

Without warning, his geyser erupted and his heavy seed spewed into her unprotected crotch.

I prayed she wasn’t in season, because Margaret would blame me if she were.

I closed the bathroom door and masturbated once more. I couldn’t believe how horny I was. I wanted to fuck my stepdaughters and I knew it was wrong. I just wanted to taste their sweet nectar.

I heard the front door close. I stepped out of the bathroom and saw that it was Molly who had left.

I went into her bedroom and closed the door. I sat on the bed and felt the wetness there. I lay on the spread and smelled the fluids. Then I ran my tongue across the sheet. She tasted so good. My hard-on came back. I took off my clothes and rolled around in the left over sex that smelled so sweet.

Using my nose as a probe, I sniffed out their scents and at each one I buried my face in it and tried to taste the couplings or just her juices. With each taste, my prick shot out a little more seed.

I thought I was going crazy. I felt possessed. I needed these young girls attentions. I wanted to fuck them too. But it was wrong! I’m supposed to protect them, not attack them.

I ran out of the room and back into the shower. But I didn’t get under the water. I stood back, with her smell on my hand. Smelling her while I masturbated was more erotic than I could have dreamed.

My body shook violently with more pleasure than I had ever experienced with Margaret. And there wasn’t even a woman close to me.

Then, the shower curtain pulled back.

Startled, I turned and there stood Molly. She was unclothed and she stepped into the shower with me.

I started to get out, but she blocked my way. She was so beautiful, standing there. Her nipples were erect and the rings sparkled in the light of the florescent lights.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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