Parents and Their Siblings

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Hi, I am Sahil from Ahmedabad, Western India. This is the story of how I found out about the secret sex lives of my parents and much more. I live at home as is customary for traditional Indian families along with my parents. We are a well off family living a more than comfortable lifestyle.

It was India’s biggest festival season of Diwali in November 2005. I had just turned 19, two months ago. The celebrations for the auspicious festival were awesome owing to the fact that my paternal aunt (dad’s sister) was visiting us. She lived with her husband, my uncle who is also my maternal uncle (mom’s brother) in Germany where he worked as a research scientist for a German firm. It isn’t so strange to find such marriages in India where one’s sister is married to your wife’s brother.

Obviously the situation was extra joyful for my mother as well who was meeting her sister after more than 2 years.

Now first let me describe my parents. My dad Arun is 46 years old. He is tall and well built at 5″11 and 190 pounds. He works out regularly and is a lot more fit than the average dad. My mom is no slop either. In fact she is a real looker. Around 5’6, fair complexion and a figure to kill for especially at her age of 42. She draws a lot of stares when she is casually dressed and goes out for routine chores like buying groceries. No wonder she gets more discounts on groceries than other women! From what I’ve heard from her she was a very popular girl in college and was compared to many leading film actresses of her time.

My aunt and uncle arrived on the day prior to Diwali. I went to pick them up at the airport along with my parents. Boy was I in for a surprise!

My aunt had changed beyond belief. She was looking like some hot model babe coming out of the airport. She was wearing a nice light green top, a pair of what looked like expensive denim and a pink scarf swirled around her neck. To top it off she was wearing light shades and a sensual fragrance that made her appear almost diva like. If I hadn’t known who she was I might have passed kartal escort her for a late 20s something. She was just 3 years younger to my mom. My uncle was looking cool as well with a nice suit on. They looked like some couple belonging to a rich aristocratic family. Everyone at the airport was staring at them. The guys were nearly drooling looking at my aunt.

Once we got the greetings and “Wow, you’ve changed so much” small talk we headed home. My dad suggested them to take some rest as they had been on a long flight but they were so energized to be home that they said they won’t be able to sleep due to their excitement.

We came home and caught some chow and settled in the living room. There was a lot of talking, laughing and gossiping – the old Indian way of socializing. Finally I saw the clock and saw it was well past my bed time. So I got up and said good night and left. From the looks of the mood my folks and my aunt and uncle were in it didn’t seem that they would sleep anytime soon.

So I just went to sleep at around midnight.

I usually get up in the middle of the night sometimes as I lose my sleep half way through the night many times. This was one of those days. So, I thought of catching some TV as I had nothing else to do.

I got out of my room and was walking past my parents’ bedroom when I saw the door slightly open and the light coming out. I saw the time and it was 4 AM. I wondered what they were up to so I thought of peeping and seeing what was going on

So, I opened the door a little more to try and have a better look. What I saw made my spine shiver with awe.

I saw my parents, aunt and uncle all naked on my parents’ king size bed.

My mom was stroking my uncle’s (his brother’s) dick while my aunt was sucking his brother’s (my dad’s) cock.

I rubbed my eyes to make sure what I was seeing was true. Hell, it was true alright.

My aunt was deep throating my dad’s cock all the way up to his balls. From the looks of it my dad’s cock must have been around 6-7 inches maltepe escort bayan in length when erect and aunt surprisingly had no problem taking it all in and enjoying every minute of it. She took it all in her mouth right up till the balls and then bobbed her head and up and down in a merry rhythm while licking the tip of my dad’s tick with her tongue. My dad appeared to be experiencing tremendous pleasure and was moaning my aunt’s name.

He kept on moaning “Arti, Arti, Arti”

On the other hand my mom was alternating between sucking my uncle’s dick like a porn pro and giving him textbook head. My uncle was so excited seeing his sister perform oral sex on him, he was shouting obscenities. He was out of control and like my dad was in great pleasure.

Seeing all this had the obvious effect on me. After getting past the initial shock I started getting turned on like a classic 19 year old would. I was seeing my mom, the woman who gave birth to me, had fed me her breast milk, raised me, slurping at her brother’s dick like a lusty wild tigress. My folks had forgotten to put the lights out so I could see everything clearly. I could see my mom’s curves which were well maintained thanks to her regular outings at the gym. I could see her erect nipples bouncing as she kept on moving her head up and down on my uncle’s erect cock. I could see her one hand rubbing her clit and thus exciting her even more. Words simply cannot describe how hot she appeared in that position.

My aunt was handling things very coolly as if she did this sort of thing every day. She was now munching and nibbling at the tip of my father’s dick making in wail in ecstasy.

Suddenly, my aunt stopped working on my dad’s dick and climbed over him in the 69 position. My dad and his sister were now stimulating each other’s genitals with their tongues. On seeing this, my mom immediately followed suit and set herself up in the 69 position with her brother. The moans of pleasure now surrounded the room.

I was getting overly excited seeing escort pendik this. For a second I thought to stop seeing this as they were after all my parents, aunt and uncle. But the flood of blood to my erect dick soon cancelled those feelings. Instead, I thought of doing something nasty. I silently edged away from the door and tiptoed back to my room.

I opened my closet and pulled out a digital camera. I was going to record my parents fucking their own siblings. It would be better than all the porn in the world!

I silently went back to the parents’ door and made my camera peep in. They were still in the 69 position and the moans had gotten even louder. They continued in that position for a while before the ladies disembarked their brothers. My father and uncle got up and the ladies lied down on the bed. Then both of them simultaneously entered their sisters.

Boy, was that a moment to film. They started fucking their sisters slowly, and then started pumping in faster and faster. My mom and aunt were moaning in pleasure like some nymphos in a porno.

I was watching this since at least half an hour but still couldn’t believe what I was seeing and now recording.

Then my aunt yelled that she was gonna cum. I had seen quite a few amateur sex films and from the looks on my mom’s face it seemed she was close to climax as well. My uncle suggested that all the four of them hold it and cum together.

They kept on ramming their sisters for another minute or so and then suddenly my dad yelled “I am cumming”. With that sentence all four of them came in unison. The moans of the women and the grunts of the men filled the room. I was careful to capture the facial expressions as well as their body twitches when they came. It was a fabulous sight. I nearly came in my pants seeing this.

After cumming, the guys collapsed on top of their sisters, everyone clamoring for air after a splendid fuck fest.

I slowly withdrew the camera from the small gap in the door and tiptoed back to my room. Needless to say I was super excited to see all this. My parents fucking their own siblings! Awesome!

I played the movie on the camera again and again for 3-4 times before finally jerking off and going to sleep. I didn’t realize at the time that I had come across a gold mine….!!!


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