Pam’s Parents

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Pam was first introduced in the 2018 Summer Lovin’ Story Contest entry, Over One Hundred Degrees. This story takes Pam back to her education in sex at the hands of her parents.


Nudity was common around the house as Pam was growing up. Her parents, Frank and Susan, were open and natural, teaching Pam to enjoy and respect her body. They were sort of hippy-ish, not into the drugs or heavy into rock-and-roll, but more into the early 1970’s nature lovers ideals.

Growing into adolescence and becoming sexually aware, Pam also suspected her parents were open about their sexuality. They would hustle her and her older brother, Phil, off to their parents for weekends occasionally, at least until Phil turned eighteen when he was allowed to stay home with them. As Pam matured into high school, she got to stay with her friend Maureen whose parents were away those weekends. A situation they relished but found unusually odd considering not all their other friend’s parents allowed such unrestricted freedom.

“Your brother Phil is coming home on Friday to help celebrate your eighteenth birthday,” her mother informed her. Pam was turning eighteen on Wednesday. There was an air of enthusiasm with her parents that week and she anticipated she was about to find out something about them, something about their sexual activities, she suspected but couldn’t confirm.

“I can’t wait to see him again,” Pam said thrilled that her older brother would be there for the anticipated, but as of yet unknown, weekend celebrations.

“I am sure he will be happy to see you as well, now a fully grown woman,” Susan hinted to her daughter.

Thursday morning, Pam met up with Maureen in the school cafeteria. These two best friends have done a lot together, enjoyed playing with the boys and each other. They dabbled in sexual exploration together.

“Pam,” Maureen practically screeched. “I am coming to the party at your house Saturday,” she said to her friend excitedly. Maureen had turned eighteen two months earlier.

“My mom said I could go with them now that I was old enough to see what they’re up to,” Maureen explained.

“Well, from what I gather, it’s a sex party,” Pam confided.

“Should be interesting but they are all so much older than us,” Maureen contemplated.

“Except for my brother,” Pam smiled. “And you know, with all the nudity in our house, I can assure you will be pleasantly surprised by his wiener,” she laughed.

“So, what do you suppose our parents intended by including us?” Maureen asked seriously.

“I know my parents were never hung up on traditional values about sex,” Pam went on. “I think they want us to know and see there’s nothing shameful or wrong about people enjoying themselves.”

“I guess so. But my parents never paraded around the house naked like you do in your house,” Maureen explained. “It might be a little weird for me.”

“Don’t worry,” Pam consoled her. “We’ll hang tight and take it all in together.”

Friday afternoon, Susan texted her daughter to hurry up and get home from school because the two of them needed to get to the airport and pick up Phil. Pam was so excited to see her brother she didn’t hesitate. It was unusual for Phil to be coming home when it wasn’t a holiday. He had chosen to go an Ivy League school in the East. He was not only smart with good grades, he also managed a football scholarship. Phil was incredibly fast and was the star wide receiver.

“Wow,” Phil exclaimed as he first saw his little sister in the terminal. “You’re looking really hot,” he complimented Pam and then leaned over to whisper in her ear. “And you have tits as nice as mom’s.”

That last comment took Pam a little by surprise but she figured that now that everyone in the family saw her as an adult woman, they could open up around her.

“You’re really hot yourself,” Pam responded.

The three of them made small talk on the ride from the airport back home. “I sure do miss the Arizona heat,” Phil commented.

“You’re lucky you’re not here in the summer when it gets over a hundred degrees,”

Susan told her son.

They pulled in the driveway and Phil grabbed his suitcase from the back of the SUV.

“Put your things in Pam’s room,” Susan directed her son. “Yours is already set up for tomorrow night and I still have a lot to do to get ready.”

Pam was perplexed for a minute. Did that mean Phil was going to be sleeping with her that night? Suddenly she felt wetness between her legs as the idea sunk in.

Susan was preparing dinner when Frank came home from work. As he walked into the living room, Phil got up and gave his father a huge hug. There’s was also a strong display of affection in the family for each other.

“Let me get out of this suit,” Frank said to his children, “and then we can all have a glass of wine, including you young lady.”

Frank was about to enter the hall when he turned around and spoke to Pam and Phil. “You know how we like to get comfortable in this house,” he told them. “I hope you’ll join me.”

Phil and Pam knew exactly tuzla eve gelen escort what he meant; it meant that they were going to go naked for the evening. Phil accompanied Pam to her room where they both stripped. They were already comfortable about seeing each other naked, which they had hundreds of times before growing up. But now there seemed a little tension in the air.

“God, you’ve filled out so beautifully,” Phil said as he cupped Pam’s tit. “You have all the great curves mom has,” he went on as his other hand squeezed her butt cheek. They had been naked before but never did he touch her that way.

Pam melted. She let out a sigh as Phil lightly caressed her breasts and buttocks. Then he landed a soft kiss on her lips.

“We better get out there,” Phil told his sister. “They will think something is going on here,” he said.

“There is,” Pam said sheepishly not able to handle the emotions now taking control of her body.

Frank sat down and had a glass of wine with his son and daughter while Susan finished up dinner. Susan came out to the living room to inform her family that the food was ready. Noticing their lack of attire, she told them to start while she excused herself to undress.

During dinner the conversation centered on catching up with Phil’s life in Philadelphia. He told them about his decision to change majors from business to law and about how lucrative a career in corporate could be. Phil asked Pam about her final year in high school and asked about her plans after graduation. Pam told him she planned to attend the university to pursue a career in nursing. When they finished dinner and cleared the table the family of four sat down again in the living room with a glass of wine.

The scene was now something Pam was very not prepared for. Phil sat next to his mother with on the large sectional sofa with Pam sitting catty-corner on the short L-shape section. Frank sat in his favorite easy chair. Phil was fondling his mother’s breasts.

“Don’t you both think Pam has really grown into a curvaceous woman?” Phil asked directing the question towards his parents.

“I suppose we have noticed a gradual change. Not as dramatically as you have,” Frank explained to his son.

“Pam has certainly inherited the same sexy body her mother has,” Frank went on.

Pam was intrigued as she watched her mother gently stroking her brother’s hardening cock.

“Phil got a little more than you,” Susan chuckled as she held Phil’s erection.

Frank got out of his easy chair and sat down next to Pam, putting his arm around her in a comforting manner. He gently stoked her hair as he explained.

“Your mother and I have always been open about our sexuality,” he began. “We are not afraid to show our love and affection physically.”

“We would love to share ourselves with you now that you’re an adult,” Susan added.

“But this is entirely up to you. It has to come from your desires, not ours.”

Pam sat there silently listening to her parent’s revelations. Unconsciously she mimicked her mother and started stroking her father’s cock. It felt warm and wonderful in her hand. Not like the high school boys she jerked off in the back seat of the car on dates.

“The same goes for the party tomorrow,” Susan said to her daughter. “You can watch, participate or just hang out in your room and watch TV.”

“We just want you to understand the lifestyle we have chosen,” Frank added. “We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do but if it isn’t for you, we will always love you,” he said. Pam faced her father, his cock in her hand and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

“We should save our energy for tomorrow,” Susan piped up. “Let’s turn in early. Phil, you must be exhausted from the flight,” she continued.

“Good idea,” Frank said as he got up and made his way to the master bedroom with his wife.

Phil and Pam looked at each other for a moment. Pam was flustered and definitely aroused.

“Have you been doing this with mom and dad a long time?” she asked her brother.

“Yes. Since I was eighteen,” Phil explained. “I’ve slept with them a number of times. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed.”

“I could hear them,” Pam said. “But I didn’t know you were with them.”

“Mom’s the best fuck I ever had, so far,” Phil went on. “She taught me a lot. How to treat a woman and make her cum,” he explained.

“Pam,” Phil said coyly. “Can I show you what she taught me?”

“I would like that very much,” Pam responded.

“Then, let’s go to bed.”

Phil wrapped his arm around his sister as his erection swayed back and forth with each step toward Pam’s room. “I can’t imagine you are still a virgin,” Phil inquired.

“No. Two guys from school,” Pam responded. “They didn’t get me off though.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm?” he asked wanting to get an idea of her sexual experience.

“Lots of times,” Pam replied. “From myself and Maureen.”

That was all Phil needed to know as they laid down on the bed. A few soft kisses on the lips and tuzla otele gelen escort Phil worked his magic tongue on his sister’s erect nipples. Pam’s breasts were not as soft and pliable as his mother’s, still firm and nicely rounded. Phil sucked on them alternatively soliciting soft moans from his sister.

Still caressing Pam’s breasts, Phil’s mouth moved south to deliver soft kisses on Pam’s stomach and eventually her thighs. Her arousal was filling his nostrils with her womanly scent. His tongue licked her juice off her outer lips. Taking his fingers to part the puffy lips Phil exposed her swollen clit. Inserting a finger into her sopping pussy, Phil’s tongue excited her love knob.

“Ohhh,” Pam screamed out as she orgasmed, ejaculating her juice all over Phil’s face. The sounds emanating from her daughter woke Susan in the other room. She listened intently with the grateful feeling that Pam had not rejected her brother.

Phil pulled Pam’s legs back as he easily thrust his cock in her slippery vagina. Relentlessly he pounded away inside her. Their hearts began beating rapidly, the pace of their breath matching the increasing rhythm of Phil’s pummeling.

“Ahhh,” Pam screamed even more loudly than before as her pussy muscles tightened around her brother’s cock, causing him to pump more furiously until he shot his semen, stream after stream into her pussy.

This time Pam was so loud she woke her father. Frank and Susan looked at each other rejoicing in their children’s union.

“Did you take a peek in on them?” Frank asked his wife as he poured her a cup of coffee.

“Yes,” Susan replied. “They were cuddled together.”

“I hope Pam doesn’t have any morning after regrets,” Frank commented.

“The way it sounded last night I think she was really into it,” Susan added.

“Let’s hope today goes just as smooth,” Frank concluded.

The sunlight brightened Pam’s bedroom as she slowly opened her eyes from a deep restful sleep. She noticed her brother’s morning wood and thought about the night before. That was the most tremendous experience, her mind recalled. Wondering how to thank her brother, she wrapped her mouth around Phil’s erection.

Pam did not have a lot of experience giving head. Mostly she would just get a boy’s cock slippery with her saliva so she could jerk him off. Now she was enjoying the faint taste of herself and Phil’s cum that had dried on his cock from their fantastic fuck. For the first time she felt the desire to worship her brother’s cock with her mouth.

“Oh god,” Phil groaned as he woke to the sensation of his sister’s lips wrapped tightly around his shaft, bobbing up and down. Instinctively he thrust his groin up to force himself deeper in her throat. She gagged a little but didn’t stop as she reveled in the feeling of her brother’s hot throbbing cock in her mouth, pounding into her throat.

“Fuck,” Phil cried out as he ejaculated streams of cum, the first down Pam’s throat, the second in her mouth as she pulled away and the third and fourth on her face.

Pam savored for the first time the taste of a man’s seed.

“My you look sexy in the morning,” Phil laughed. “Your hair going wild and cum dripping down your chin,” he noticed.

“Who wouldn’t look sexy after a magnificent fuck and a wonderful morning mouthful of tasty cum,” Pam responded to her brother.

“Well, don’t you two look like a happy brother and sister,” Frank interrupted them. His cock had grown semi-hard from watching his children engage with each other.

Phil and Pam noticed his state of arousal so Phil offered up his sister to his dad. “Why don’t you see how dad tastes,” he said to her. Pam didn’t hesitate as she got on her knees in front of father and began ministering to his hardening cock. Frank was almost as long as his son’s and equally as thick, he filled her mouth nicely.

“Lick and suck on his balls,” Phil directed his sister. She followed his instructions and took one of her father’s testicles in her mouth, her tongue rolling it around in her mouth. Then the other one, all the while furiously stroking her father’s shaft.

Intuitively she sensed her father was about to cum so she took his cock back into her mouth. This time she was ready for the burst of semen. Her father did not ejaculate the volume her brother did and it was a bit saltier but she savored it nonetheless.

“OK everyone,” Susan commanded after she witnessed the morning sexual encounters of her husband, son and daughter. “We have a lot do this morning to get ready for tonight and I want to take a few hours to relax this afternoon. So get cleaned up and have some breakfast. Pam, will you change the sheets and get your bedroom and ours ready. Frank, get the bar set up and Phil you can help me in the kitchen with the food.”

The blazing desert sun warmed the day up quickly so Pam and her mother decided to sun bathe nude that Saturday afternoon before the party. It was a good time for a mother-daughter talk.

“We never really talked about your tuzla sınırsız escort sexual activities as you were growing up,” Susan told her daughter. “Your father and I wanted you to explore on your own without our influence. So you want to tell me now how things have been going?”

“Well, I went all the way with two guys,” Pam replied. “It was nothing like last night with Phil.”

“How about Maureen?” Susan inquired.

“Have you two been together sexually?”

“Oh yes,” Pam said. “Until last night I was about to give up on boys and stick strictly with women,” she joked. “Maureen and I always get each other off. I never orgasmed with a guy until Phil,” she added.

“I did teach him well,” Susan complimented herself. “I hope last night isn’t going to ruin your desire for other men,” she went on.

“When it comes to sex with men you have to be in charge and tell them what satisfies you. That’s how I trained your father and your brother to be great lovers.”

“Does dad want to have sex with me?” Pam asked her mother.

“Very much so. It will happen naturally like it did with you and your brother,” Susan explained. “Hopefully, it will happen naturally between you and me as well,” she added.

“Are Maureen’s parents like you and dad?”

Pam asked about her best friend.

“I don’t think so,” Susan answered. “They are very open sexually like we are but I’m not sure if they have shared a desire to be with Maureen. They know about us and our relationship with Phil. They have been at a few parties where I have fucked your brother.”

“It seems so natural now to be with you and dad and Phil this way,” Pam concluded. “I was hoping the same for Maureen. I love her a lot.”

“Random sex is fun,” Susan told her daughter. “But with family it has to come from the heart.”

Frank and Phil came out to the pool area where Susan and Pam were lounging and sun bathing. They sat down to join them.

“Clark called,” Frank told Susan. “He said he managed to get rid of his wife for the weekend so he will be coming tonight.”

“Clark, the next door neighbor?” Pam asked enthusiastically.

“Yes,” responded her father. “He told me he convinced his wife to stay with her aunt in Colorado for a week to help her out with their sick mother so he’ll be checking you and your mom out quite a bit this week when your sun bathing nude.”

“Clark’s wife is a prude,” Susan chimed in. “She yells at him if he goes to one of the upstairs rooms to look at us when we’re out here.”

“I think he’s pretty hot looking,” Pam exclaimed.

“I bet he thinks you’re hot looking as well,” Frank commented. “Don’t be surprised if he makes a move on you tonight. I told him you are eighteen now and can join the festivities.”

“I think I might like that,” Pam said.

“We should shower and get ready. Our guests will be arriving in an hour and a half or so,” Susan informed her family.

Pam and Phil were chatting in the living room as the first guests arrived. Robin was a work colleague of Frank’s. Through casual conversations at the office Frank had suspected that Robin and her husband Mark were into the swinger lifestyle so he invited them over to dinner innocently a few years ago. His suspicions turned out to be correct and they became good friends with Frank and Susan.

Frank and Susan met the next guests, George and Alice, in an online chat room for swingers. Playing it safe, their first encounter was at a hotel. Both Alice and George were well endowed. She with her voluptuous double D forty-four breasts and he with a thick ten inch cock. Susan wasn’t sure how well she could handle such a large cock but it turned out she enjoyed the feeling of being stretched by its girth and its length felt good on her cervix.

After Clark came over from next door, Bob, Julie and Maureen arrived. Bob and Julie had been friends of Frank and Susan for years. Their daughters had come to know each other in grade school and became best of friends as well. This was Maureen’s first party and she was a bit nervous so she sat down on the large sectional sofa with her best friend, Pam.

“How are you doing?” Pam asked her friend.

“A little nervous,” Maureen replied. “I’ve never done anything in front of other people,” she said softly to her friend.

Everyone began the evening enjoying the sandwiches Susan had prepared. Casually getting reacquainted with each other over light conversation and drinks. Susan allowed Pam and Maureen to have a glass of wine but admonished them not to drink too much. “You can’t really enjoy sex if you can’t feel it,” she admonished them.

As expected, Clark started hitting on Pam and she was enjoying the attention. Frank came over and put his arm around Maureen, welcoming her to the party and complimenting her on fit hard body. Unlike her friend Pam, Maureen had a slim tight butt and perky A-cup breasts.

“Do you work out a lot,” Frank asked Maureen coming on to her.

“Not really. Just run track at school,” Maureen answered.

The real intent of the party was beginning to get underway as the guests began shedding their clothes. Frank confidently helped Maureen out of her sundress and began rubbing her breasts. Clark had stripped Pam of her tank top and sucked her right tit into his mouth. The four of them were making out on the sofa and Pam noticed her father licking Maureen’s nipples.

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