One Night in (redacted)

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Copyright © 2019 – This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.

Author’s Note: This is my entry in the “One Night in XXX Story Event”. Enjoy. It is a short one.


Report Begins…

On September xx, 1974, I was sent to xxxxxxxx to bring back to the States a young female named Kxxxx. Being the xxxxxxx xxxxx that she was, she needed to come home now that the xxxxxxx war was ending and everyone was going to be moved back to the States or the Philippines, but she was needed back in the states to be xxxxxxxxx so she would be able to function at home or placed where her innate skills could be utilized. What was so special about her. She couldn’t xxxxx any disease. She was able to carry them for a xxxxx, after that, she was no longer xxxxxxxxx.

~ xxxxxxxxx ~

They will probably redact a bunch of what I write but I felt I had to put it in this report. I was sitting in the back of a C-130 on my way home from Bangkok. Well, not home, home, my home base home. I was trying to write my report. This all happened back in 1974, there were no laptop computers, no iPads, no electronics of any kind, just typewriters and they were a little too heavy and bulky to be lugging them around on an Air Force transport. So I was using a pen and paper. Try writing legibly in a bouncing and shuddering C-130. It wasn’t that it was crowded or anything, it was empty, except for me and who I had been sent to get.

It all started so long ago. I have no information about why or how. I just knew I was ordered to get her, and yes, it was a she and I was to get her any way I could. Not that she was a bad person or wouldn’t come with me, it was just that her skills were needed elsewhere. And now it was my job to bring her back to the States so she could be reassigned. As I was writing, I could hear her tossing and turning. It would be a while until she settled down. The night had been exciting, to say the least.

~ xxxxxxxxx ~

After I identified myself and spoke the code word, her eyes became calm. She had been tight and ready for a fight when I said her name. Once I’d spoken the code word, her shoulders relaxed. She took my hand and led me to her hotel room. It was a sleazy little place just around the corner from the club where we met, in Hathai Rat 15 Alley. That was where she always did business. Once there, she started to pack. There wasn’t much. She was very quiet. Then she turned to me, looking at me with a sad look on her face and in her eyes.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked.

“Yes, very pretty,” I replied, surprised at her question and surprised I answered her.

“Would you like to have sex with me?”

I shook my head, she was fast. I just gazed at her. I didn’t know how to answer her. I’d just met her.

“I’m sorry?” I asked, stalling for time.

“So you don’t want to have sex with me?” she asked, her eyes even sadder.

I was still stunned by the first question. Now, she’d turned bahis şirketleri it around as if I didn’t want to have sex with her and, well, I did. She was so… beautiful. I couldn’t find any other word to express what was standing before me and what I was staring at intently. I shook my head once again.

“Of course, I do,” I replied, instantly regretting what I’d said.

It was almost like I couldn’t say no to this beautiful woman, I wasn’t here to have sex with her. I was here to bring her home or at least bring her back to the States and here she was wanting to know if I wanted to have sex with her. Of course, I did. Even a gay man would want to have sex with her, that’s how attractive she was and how sexy she looked. I shook my head again to clear it and I couldn’t believe what I was thinking.

“Do we have time? I really need to get off before we go for a long plane ride.”

Again I was taken aback. I just nodded not wanting to say anything. She started peeling her clothes off. I closed my eyes, my mind muddled by her. When I turned my back on her, my mind cleared. There was something about this sweet young thing that caused me to really want her. Turning back to tell her no, my mind found itself once more wanting her, my eyes were drawn to her as she eased her clothes off that flawless body. Moving away from her wasn’t an option now, I was frozen in place, gazing at her, gazing at that perfect body. Swallowing hard, there was one question I had to ask her. Only one.

“How long since you were with another?”

That stopped her. She looked up at the ceiling watching the fan spin. Her left index finger came up to her pursed lips, she was deep in thought.

“Yesterday,” she said slowly, still looking up at the fan. “Yes, yesterday. I’m clean, I showered and everything. You don’t know how many men want me dirty,” and she was shivering.

Suddenly, the spell was broken. My mind cleared even though I was staring right at her. Her eyes were still averted, she wasn’t looking at my eyes but the sadness had disappeared.

“Do you still…” she cut off her question as she just glanced at me for a second.

“We have time if you want,” I said. “Our transport doesn’t leave until morning… nine a.m. Do you still want too?”

“I do. You’re very handsome,” she almost whispered. “Most of the men I see… aren’t. But it’s my job here and they all seem to want me so much.”

“Well, they just can’t help themselves. You are after all very, very beautiful,” I said softly and it was the truth.

“Thank you… what did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t, but you can call me Sam.”

“Thank you, Sam. You may call me Ilsa, even though you know my real name isn’t Ilsa.” She giggled softly.

“Thank you, Ilsa.”

She was now standing right in front of me, so close I could count the pores she didn’t have on her nose. Even though we were looking into each other’s eyes, I was either in complete control of myself now or she was allowing me the illusion of having that control. She was a special woman and we were lucky to have found her and lucky bahis firmaları that she was willing to work for us. And yet I wondered why they’d sent me?

“I see,” she said for no reason at all. “I sense you are very special yourself.”

“How?” I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Yes, it’s there. I want you even more now. Let’s get you out of your clothes,” she said pulling my shirt out of my shorts.

As she did, I thought about where we were. It was hot and humid. The small section of the city we were in was surrounded by jungle. Any more information revealed than that and I’d be in breach of my contract. And Sam isn’t my real name either, of course. Sometimes I’m not even sure what my real name is now. She had me naked within a minute. I helped her of course. We both stood there looking into each other’s eyes. Leaning forward, she pressed her naked breasts to my chest. I gasped at how warm they felt, how firm they were as they pushed against me.

Ilsa gasped as her swollen nipples pressed into my hot, sweaty skin. Her arms came up around my neck. We were nose to nose. Quickly, she was kissing me, her hands running through my hair. I kissed her back, my arms going around her, my hand resting on her wonderful ass. She groaned as I squeezed her ass cheeks. Sighing, I squeezed them again. Ilsa’s tongue pushed its way into my mouth. Our tongues battled for dominance. I won or she let me win. I didn’t care which. I moved a hand up to her breast.

Sighing she moved her right arm and took my cock in her hand. I groaned as she stroked my hardness. Pulling her mouth from mine she moaned, dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I closed my eyes and threw my head back, groaning with pleasure. Her tongue swirled around my cockhead. Opening my eyes and looking down at her pretty face I watched as she sucked and licked me. It felt wonderful. Eyes cutting up at me she swallowed my length, her nose pressed into my pubic hair. Smiling, I moaned.

Sucking hard, she pulled her mouth from my hardness. There was a loud popping sound as she looked up at me as she stood up. Her eyes were twinkling, her beautiful lips curved in a smile.

“Eat me,” she said boldly.

Nodding I sank to my knees before her. She shifted her legs to let get my head between them. I sniffed. She smelled heavenly. My hard cock pulsed at her smell. Slowly, I stuck my tongue out to taste her flavor. After a taste, I smashed my mouth against her pussy. She tasted wonderful. Sweet and exotic. I heard her groan as I pushed my tongue through her soft fleshy flower of love. This was when I found she had silver rings piercing the wonderful flesh of her labia. I pulled back and looked at her entire pussy. These were the only adornments she had.

I pushed her back until she fell onto the bed. Legs splayed, she moaned as I pushed her legs apart. Almost slamming my mouth against her, I resumed licking and sucking on her sex. Ilsa bucked her hips under my mouth. Finally settling on her clit, I sucked hard, drawing it outwards with my lips. Ilsa slammed her hands down on the bed, grabbing kaçak bahis siteleri a handful of the sheet in each hand. Her back arched and her legs shot out straight into the air. She was having a powerful orgasm.

“Oh god, so good, so good. You are so…” she screamed as another orgasm washed through her body.

Crawling up through her legs, I pressed my hard cock to her slick opening.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried. “Fuck me. Fuck me good.”

Ilsa’s hand went to my ass to pull me into her body. She was wet and hot. Steaming. Groaning, I plunged my hard cock deep into her pretty pussy. Growling, she started to buck her hips. I pulled out a little and let her fuck herself on my cock. She was crying, tears rolled down her cheeks onto the sheets beneath her back.

“Oh my god, yes, yes. Fuck me, fuck me hard,” she moaned, looking up into my eyes.

Nodding, I slammed myself into her pussy. Ilsa screamed on the first slam. She screamed each time I slammed into her precious pussy. My cock felt wonderful as I pounded into her. I was almost there. Almost…

“Cum in me, please… cum in me,” she howled.

I was there. Pulse after pulse erupted from my hard cock, shooting rope after rope of my seed-heavy semen into this delicate flower under me.

“Oh fuck YEAH!” I shouted, pumping my cum into her hot pussy.

With the last pulse of my cock, I collapsed on top of Ilsa. Her arms and legs wrapped around me, holding me there.

“Thank you,” she whispered in my ear.

“Thank you,” I replied with a final shudder.

She released me and I rolled off her.

“So how often can you get it up?” she asked.

Groaning, I just shook my head. The rest of the night was spent in sexual bliss. After cleaning up, she rode my face, she fucked me. We rested a little, and then we started again. I got it up five times in all. She rode my face seven times. At seven in the morning, we showered and went out for breakfast at the U.S. Embassy. At nine in the morning, we were sitting in the C-130 assigned to me as it rolled down the runway out of Bangkok.

~ xxxxxxxxx ~

The plane hit a big downdraft. Down we went, then back up. I laughed as my pen skated across the page. Settling down, I continued to struggle with my report.

After our sexual liaison, Kxxxx came with me willing. After having breakfast at the XX Exxxxxx, we boarded the C-130 back to Hxxxxxxx A.F.B. Where Kxxxx would be xxxxxxxxx and prepared for her next xxxxxxxxxx. Where that would be is beyond my pay grade, even what I am doing is way above my pay grade, yet here I am, escorting a xxxxxxx xxxxx back to the States.

To conclude this report, while my actions were unorthodox, they accomplished the mission. Kxxxx is an amazing xxxxx and xxxxx. I do hope whoever reads this will know all about Kxxxx Alexxxxxxxxx’x amazing abilities. Apparently, from what she told me she was born with xxx ability to manipulate the minds of xxx and not xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx and have it only xxxxx it for xxxxxxx minutes. We will be landing in xxxxxxxxxxxxx in about xxx hours where Kxxxx will be transferred to the xxxxxxx facility there.

This is the end of my report. Kxxxx came willingly and without incident.

Signed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

IPO 19983xx FOB 13xxxxx

DOD 1934xxxx Top Secret – Eyes Only X-465xxxxx

The End

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