Once Upon a Redhead

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Redheads…. All of them a bit crazy, definitely sexy as hell and unlike any other woman that a man will encounter in his sex life.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little or maybe it’s just that I’ve been more fortunate than some other guys. And with no offense or slight intended for other hair colors……. there is just something about redheads that get me going.

Perhaps I should back up a bit and explain.

My first encounter with a raven haired beauty was in college. Her hair was long, luxurious and the color of dark orange autumn leaves. Her skin was pale unless of course you considered her darker freckles that were everywhere on her body, and I do mean everywhere.

She wasn’t tiny or even average in height or weight. She was wonderfully big, nicely proportioned, and again, I do mean everywhere.

Her sexual appetites were large too, and varied, and she was good at it… at least as far as I knew at the age of 19. We tried everything either one of us could think of and more often then not, ended up changing sheets on the bed so we wouldn’t be sleeping in puddles of cum.

Oh to be young once more.

She was the nice one.

The not so nice one was later on in my life and where my first was all about fun, my second was all about herself, her friends, her career… and so it went. The sex was good but when it turned to be nastier and nastier…. I took my leave…. or tried to at least.

Changing phone numbers and email addresses didn’t slow her down and it wasn’t until I finally moved out of state that her attention finally moved elsewhere from making me miserable.

Finally we come to my current status of once again dating a red headed woman…. and with no regrets I might add.

How did we meet, you ask?

We just did, in the middle of the street, walking around at an Arts festival on a warm early spring day. I can’t even tell you what specifically caused me to stop and say hello to her.

Yes, she is cute in her own way.

Yes, she is in good shape.

Yes, her hair is a smoky dark red.

And yes, I’m lucky that after my one word greeting that she saved me from embarrassment by pulling me along into what loosely resembled a conversation. Until that is we had walked about 30 yards and sat together drinking glasses of iced tea.

By that point I had recovered enough of my wits to actually be able to participate by using mostly complete sentences. I think it was her eyes that saved me…… they smiled once her sunglasses were on top of her head and not hiding them.

Our first meeting lasted probably 30 min and ended with us exchanging business cards (and cell numbers). Six days later it was a first date and forget what I said earlier.

She looked gorgeous, she looked hot and when she wants to get all dolled up, boy can she ever!

She, more than me, made the decision that night of having sex and I was all too willing to see just how much of her really was freckled…. along with the parts I hadn’t already seen from the weekend before (great bikini top) or the ample amount of legs displayed from under the short skirt tonight.

The sun was coming up before we finally got any sleep that next morning and the “sexploration” that we both spent time doing was a bit frantic a few times but for the most part was quite kaçak iddaa relaxed and…… comfortable?

I suppose you could describe it as that.

Maybe it was just that at our relative “advanced” ages that we were no longer in an urgent rush having learned that sensuality can be far more stimulating even that very first time together.

Have I mentioned that she’s a redhead?

I’ll share with you a recent evening so you get an idea of why I think they are so special….

My back was against the corner of the couch and her head and all that red hair was lying comfortably on my thigh. The movie we had been watching was just finishing and for the last 30 minutes or so I had been toying with hair and stroking her head.

As what was beginning to be usual, she had on very brief panties, not quite a g-string and I had an old pair of boxers on. Neither of us choosing or needing to wear a t-shirt or top. I loved watching her begin to stretch, slowly reaching over her head which caused her breasts to appear to swell.

She has rather large nipples that although not particularly sensitive, are really sexy looking especially since even after children the refuse to sag much at all and hence are always visible to some degree. She rarely puts on a bra so even clothed; they are a constant reminder and tease to me.

At the same time she is doing this sensual little twist back and forth that draws my attention to the fact that she is in wonderful shape (fitness and form) and is moving her head deliberately around, rubbing and awakening my cock in the process.

“Time for bed,” I ask?

“Nope,” she replies, “time to play,” and that said, she turns over and gets onto her hands and knees.

“It’s all about you,” she continues.

“The rest of the evening?” I ask back, wondering exactly where she is heading with this.

“Well, for a while at least,” she answers.

“These have to go however,” she says as she reached down to grab the waistband of my boxers and I raise my hips to help her remove them from me.

“Mmmmm, yummy looking,” are the last words she speaks as she rocks forward and with just the tip of her tongue starts tracing patterns on my stomach and then chest, wetting and then blowing on my nipples one at a time till they’ve hardened.

By the time she’s made her way up my neck and to my lips we’re both feeling the excitement that a proper teasing can cause and our kiss is anything but innocent. Her mouth captured my tongue and she sucks on it gently, letting me know that I have a similar thing in store for other parts of me.

She takes her time working her way back down my stomach and by now, I’m hard enough that once she gets past my navel that her tongue finds its way to my head and shaft.

The next 15 minutes or so is a marvelously wet and sloppy bit of oral combined with her using her hands and breasts to stimulate and torment me, bringing me close to the edge a number of times but never past it.

It’s easier tonight for me to hold back some because of this afternoon’s activity so I really don’t have to do anything but lay back and enjoy how she is pleasing me.

She pauses every so often to look into my eyes and then kiss me powerfully before returning to her mouth to my cock and each time she does, I moan a bit louder.

In kaçak bahis the earlier part of our dating we spent a lot of time asking each other what we liked, what felt good. So by now she had a damned good idea of what felt best for me and she was using all of that knowledge to my benefit.

At one point in this glorious torture she reaches back and when I hear that distinctive sound of a plastic cap being popped open, I look down and see that she is sitting with her feet underneath her, pouring some massage oil into her hands.

She knows how much I love when she plays with me like that and after a few slow and sensual strokes up and down my shaft she says, “I want to watch you do it.”

“Do what?”

I know of course what it is that she wants but I like hearing her break out of her quieter shell and get vocal.

“Play with yourself, masturbate, stroke your cock for me” she says all the while looking me in the eyes and then licking her lips to emphasize the point.

And so I do, reaching for the bottle of oil, dribbling a bit more down the shaft and then into my hand, using my fingertips to start at my balls, tickling them a little.

She waits for me to wrap my hand around the shaft and start sliding it up and down, over and around the head, before she reaches with her own hand and starts running her fingers up from the bottom of her lips, over and around her clit.

The pace of my stroking, the amount of time I spend rubbing just the under ridge of the head she mimics with her own hand and clit, and we settle into a rhythm of sorts, one that she’s happy to let me direct the tempo for.

I could have cum at any time but didn’t, choosing instead to get her wound up, watching for the signs that would let me know that with her first climax out of the way, that she was at that plateau that she got to so that she could go up and down from climax to plateau in a short time…. mere seconds some times.

The flush on her chest and neck was almost there, her nipples stiffer and erect, her pussy clenching slightly so that I could see it visibly pulsing, pulling in on itself…. and finally, she turned her head and closed her eyes.

It’s not that she doesn’t want me to see her face when she cums. It’s more that she’s so focused on her pleasure that she turns inward as opposed to away.

It’s beautiful to watch, her neck and shoulders straining, her stomach and legs flexing… and finally, the words start coming…. “oh fuck…… yesssss…..fuck…”

I wanted to cum with her…….. and didn’t, and it was damned difficult because what was kneeling in front of me was a woman lost in the ecstasy of the moment, fingers moving rapidly in and out of herself while her other hand was moving across her clit, till she couldn’t take the sensations any longer.

Her eyes were slow to open and I know when she looked in my eyes once more that she could see the desire and hunger in them.

I reached out, not to hold her but to help her stand, and led her to the bedroom. When we reached the bed she lay back but still managed to find my cock, still very hard, and moved her hand to it to slowly stroke it once again.

“I’ll be back in a sec,” I told her and though I wanted her to continue, decided that something else was needed.

I returned with a very large glass illegal bahis of ice water which she drank almost half of before setting on the nightstand. I was almost onto the bed when she rolled towards me and took my cock into her mouth.

“Da…..” was all I got out before her fingers were in my mouth and I could instantly taste and smell her cum still on them.

I got the other leg up and was kneeling beside her as she continued her assault on my cock and after removing her fingers from my mouth, wet my own and started teasing her pussy.

I love watching in this position, even better than when she is on her knees in front of me and because I can caress and tease her at the same time and I get to see arousal grow so that her flush starts to overtake her freckles…….. Ah redheads….

“Get on your knees,” I told her and as she moved to comply, I was treated once more to a fantastic picture…… the beautiful curves of her hips and ass as she faces away from me.

I knew she didn’t want any gentleness when she reached between her legs and pulled me in between her lips and I had no trouble sliding in completely because she was still so wet from earlier.

And so it began, our private dance, more instinct and appetitive than passion as we both fought for who would control the tempo. When I slowed at all she would thrust hard back at me.

When she wanted full strokes I would pull her hips in tightly and with short strokes go as fast as I could. When I reached down to play with her clit she brushed my hand away and replaced it with her own telling me “just fuck me.”

And so I did for a few minutes more, not near cumming and knowing that the best was yet to happen.

I reached for the water and was able to pull a couple of ice cubes from the glass and then held them, dripping, over her back.

“Fuck…… fuck…” was all she said and stopped moving.

“Feel nice,” I asked as the steady drip continued onto her back and across her ribs?

“Yessss…….damnit…..it feels amazing,” she said.

She may have guessed what was coming next because she slowly moved forward, exposing almost all of my shaft, and with the just the head still inside of her, I felt her squeeze down hard when the dripping water hit her lower back and trickled down between her lovely ass all the way to my cock.

I wasn’t done.

I moved almost all the way back inside of her when I took what was left of the ice cubes and slid them down and into her ass.

She lost it……. figuratively, literally, you name it, she lost it.

I knew from the past that I didn’t need to be moving, I could just hold on and stay buried inside of her and she would keep cumming like she was, moaning, throwing her head back, clenching and un-clenching her hands in the bed sheets……

Who says you have to cum to enjoy sex?

At this point in time I most certainly was enjoying it and many minutes later when she had relaxed enough to let me slip out of her, we ended up laying in the bed with her head on my chest and one leg draped over me.

“With all of that you didn’t cum,” she said.

“Well I know you said earlier it was all about me so maybe you can make it up to me later,” I said back.

“There was this daydream I had about you laying back and having a smoke while I was busy with my head between your legs,” I continued.

She looked up at me, smiled and said “you sure it wasn’t the other way around?”….

….Have I told you that redheads are special?

DB 7/2007

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