On This Particular Weekend…

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Thank You, for having some interesting in my story. This is the first story I’ve tried to write so feedback is more than welcome, good and bad. You can e-mail me at the link below and again Thanks!

Jack had always been very normal he thought. He had always just wondered what normal in fact was. Jack was a 20-year-old film student, he had never been athletic by any means and used to be overweight, something he had recently remedied by working out and dieting feverishly. Jack visited his family every weekend since they only lived about forty-five minutes away. Occasionally he would also visit his cousins, Aunt, and Uncle, while he was there.

His cousins who had been more like siblings rather than cousins, had always enjoyed his visits. He had three cousins two girls and one boy. Two of his cousins, Jessica and Bobby, were both two years younger than Jack and were twins that looked nothing alike. His other cousin, Donna, was two years younger than her siblings. This story however is about Jessica. Jessica, much to Jack’s dismay, had been occupying his thoughts more and more as she got older. Jack had always forced these thoughts from his mind, as he was a “good and devout” Christian. Much like any other “normal” Christian however he had his faults. He was an avid user of marijuana and enjoyed nothing more than watching a movie while being blazed out of his mind.

On one of his visits to his parents’ house he had planned on going to his Aunt and Uncle’s house to watch a movie in their home theatre, while being stoned of course making this a very particular weekend. This caused him to have to find a way to have access to his Aunt and Uncle’s theatre alone while no one else was there. This would be a difficult accomplishment normally, however, on this particular weekend Jack’s uncle was out of town, his cousin Donna was staying at a friends’ house, and his Aunt and Bobby were going to be in town at the mall for most of the day. This left only Jessica at home, a problem that Jack felt he could rectify with little stress involved.

So, on this particular weekend Jack headed over to his cousins’ house to enjoy two of his favorite pastimes, little did he know he would also enjoy another. As Jack pulled up to their house his cousin Jessica greeted him. Jessica had just recently turned eighteen and this was evident by her style and body. She had always been thin and athletic even though she never had to lift a finger to be able to look so well. She had a gorgeous face with beautiful blonde hair that was cut to her shoulders. She had ample breasts that were in Jack’s opinion to be the perfect size, which was a nice handful. As Jack took all of this in, he also pushed it out as he realized that she was in fact his cousin.

Jessica “Hey, how are you?”

Jessica hugged matadorbet Jack and pulled him close, She had always enjoyed his visits even though they were few and far between.

Jack “Fine, how have you been, you look older every time I see you.”

Jessica “So nice of you to notice. What movie are you going to watch?”

Jack was slightly taken back by this as she had assumed what he was going to do. She had assumed correctly, however she had still assumed.

Jack “Something scary, you probably wouldn’t like it.”

As the list of transgressions grew he added this lie, mainly to dispose of his gorgeous cousin so he could enjoy his herbal refreshments while watching the stoner comedy he had brought over.

Jessica “Actually I’m in the mood for something different.”

Jack was beginning to think this might be more difficult than he had originally planned. The two of them got comfortable after Jack put in the movie. Jessica laughed as the opening credits scrolled across the screen.

Jessica “This is a scary movie?”

Jack shrugged it off as though he had been joking earlier. The two of them watched the movie intently until the first of many pot-smoking scenes began. Jack squirmed in his seat, as he wanted to partake in his herbal refreshments now more than ever. At the same time however Jessica squirmed much in the same way Jack had just done.

Jessica “What I wouldn’t give to smoke right now.”

Jack gawked wide-mouthed and flabbergasted at the statement he had just heard from his even more than he devout Christian cousin, who was by the way becoming more attractive by the second. “Carpe Diem” being one of Jack’s more favorite phrases made him decide to do just that and seize the day. Jack reached into his front pocket and pulled out a perfectly rolled joint and a lighter. Jessica’s eyes lit up as if she had just won the lottery and she squealed with delight.

Jessica “Oh my goodness, you are the greatest cousin ever!”

As the two of them smoked and talked Jessica decided to get more comfortable by putting up some of the arm rests and putting her feet dangerously near his lap. Jack in all his normality also had a foot fetish. Jack began the arduous work of blocking the flood of extremely naughty thoughts he began to have about his cousin. After taking a moment he began to relax again and finished the joint he had started with his cousin.

Jessica “Whew, I am totally out of it, that was pretty good stuff man.”

Jack “Yeah, no problem I love smoking with other people”

Jessica “Hmmn, that feels good, thanks”

Jack had what he imagined to be the most confused look ever conceived by man on his face. He looked down and noticed he had begun rubbing his cousin’s feet. Becoming even more matadorbet giriş confused he didn’t stop as his hands seemed to have minds of their own, or perhaps they were using his as he had shut down mentally a good half hour ago. He looked over at his gorgeous cousin squirming in her seat at his touch. Jessica began to use Jack’s jeans as sort of a scratching post for her feet, rubbing them back and forth across one of his thighs. Not being of completely sound mind he was unable to stop the new flood of naughty thoughts that suddenly took residence in Jack’s empty mind. These new residents also caused the blood from Jack’s brain to migrate south to his eight-inch cock, making instantly bulge against his restrictive jeans. Jack tilted his head back in his current state of relaxation and extreme horniness.

Jessica “Well, it seems like I’m no the only one that enjoyed that foot rub, hmm?”

Jack jolted back from the happy place he had briefly retreated too, only to say the most profoundly stupid thing he had ever said.

Jack “Uhh, what?”

Jessica “HaHa, you seem to be a little aroused sir.”

Jack was unable to move at this point mainly from fear.

Jessica “Uhh, Can I see it?”

Blowing his previous look out of the water Jack now looked more confused than a criminal in a raid featured on TV. Again, Jack would say the most profoundly stupid thing in his life.

Jack “Uhh, what?”

Jessica “HaHa, c’mon let me see it”

Jack “Why”

Apparently only questions and transgressions could currently occupy Jack’s brain.

Jessica “I don’t know, I haven’t seen many before and I’ve always wondered what yours might look like.”

Jack “Really?”

Without another word Jessica leaned forward while her feet were still positioned right above Jack’s straining penis, unzipped and unbuckled Jack’s pants, she was obviously very flexible. Jessica moaned as she could feel heat from Jack’s penis on her feet. Jack was lost in the moment.

Jessica “Ooh, Jack it feels so hot. Do you want me to stop?”

Jack slowly regained a few basic motor skills and rebutted with a shaking of his head to indicate “No”. Jessica was flexible with her feet and managed to pry Jack’s now rock-hard penis from it’s home and started moving her feet up and down his penis giving Jack his first footjob, and it was as amazing as he had thought it would be. Jessica pulled off her shirt and took off her bra, as well as loosened her jeans and moved aside her pretty white cotton underwear to uncover her beautiful young cunt in all its majesty. Jack was mesmerized and brought his hand over to it and began messaging it sensually and with care. The two locked themselves in this sensuous embrace and began working each other to orgasm.

Jack “Ughhhn, Oh God! Oh Jessica, I’m gonna cum.”

Jessica “Hughhn, me toooo… Oh! Ohhh…”

Jack arched back as he exploded onto his cousins feet and even on the legs of her jeans.

Jessica “Ohh, OHH, Ughhn!!!”

Jessica exploded and flooded her juices onto Jack’s moving hand. The two lay back in the remnants of two of the most intense orgasms known to the human race to date.

Jessica “Oh my God, that was absolutely amazing!”

Jack “Your telling me”

Jack and Jessica looked at each other and much like a starved tiger seeing a large plate of filet mignon for the first time, jumped at each other, kissing and licking each other. Standing simultaneously they ripped off the remnants of their clothes and embraced each other in the deepest kiss they could possibly endure.

Jack “Wait… We can’t continue…”

Jessica “Why?”

Jack “I… I’ve never done this before…”

While Jack’s list of transgressions was long it did not include having sex before marriage.

Jessica “I haven’t either”

Jack “But, you still want to go on?”

Jessica “More than anything”

The two regained their ferocious lust and embraced each other again. While standing in front of her, Jack maneuvered his penis to the entrance of his gorgeous cousin’s cunt.

Jessica “Ughhn….”

Jack paused for a moment as he and Jessica locked eyes, as she looked at him she gave him a knowing nod. Jack took a deep breath and plunged his cock into Jessica’s vagina.

Jack “UGHHHNNN…..!”

Jessica “UGHHHNNN…..!”

Jack began to rhythmically pump his cousin’s vagina as they leaned against each other. Jack then lifted her off the ground and continued to pump her.

Jessica “Ooooh… Ohhh… I think I’m gonna cum… UGHHNN…”

Jack continued to pump her through her orgasm getting even closer to his.

Jessica “Oh god… Oh YES, YES, YESSS!”

The two cousins continued to groan and hump as they had the most sensual experience of their lives. The cum from Jessica’s pussy acted as lubricant and caused them both to rock towards each other faster and harder until they were both at their limits.

Jack “Ughhn, I’m getting close…

Jessica “I feel like I’m gonna have another one….. OOOHH…”

Jack “Oh god, YEAH….”

Jessica “Ooooh…… Ughhnnnn…. Ahhhh….”

Jack “Ahhh, I can’t hold it any longer….UGHHNNN….!!!!”


Jack kept pumping his cousin as he unleashed his orgasm into her cum hungry pussy. Jessica became limp after having her third orgasm and collapsed into Jack completely, who in turn collapsed onto one of the comfortable chairs of the theatre. The two steadied their breathing and relaxed. Jessica began running her hands through Jack’s hair.

Jessica “Oh God Jack, that was amazing…”

Jack “I know…”

The two wouldn’t be able to relax long on this particular weekend however, as the door to the theater slowly began to creak open…….

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