Olivia’s Revenge Ch. 02

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My first story, Olivia’s Revenge, needed a sequel. People pointed out rightly, that the revenge hadn’t happened yet by the end. And I think the characters had other parts of their story that needed to be told. This is the sequel (some of the details are based on an old conversation with an old friend when I first had this fantasy so they aren’t easy to explain). Thanks for all the advice people gave on the first one.


In the middle of the night, Olivia woke up next to Tom. She remembered that she was in Sharon’s bed sleeping with Sharon’s husband. It started as a very petty way to get even with the woman who stole her job. But now she was confused. She liked Tom and she hated the way Sharon treated him as much as she hated the way Sharon treated her. But she felt bad because she was a hypocrite really. She was using Tom or at least it started that way.

She didn’t think there was any way to make it right but she felt bad. She rolled over and put her arm around Tom and went back to sleep.

Thank goodness for Saturday. She woke up refreshed. Tom was still asleep but she got up and went to take a shower. She didn’t have any spare clothes and she had gone to sleep after having pretty passionate sex with Tom. Something about waking up with the smell and the feel of sex still on her made her feel dirty but in a fun way. But a good cleaning before she went home was needed.

She finished her shower and found a bathrobe on the back of the door, Sharon’s bathrobe, and put it on. She smiled at Tom who was awake and smiling.

“I had a nice night, Tom. It’s nice to not have to leave you out in front of a restaurant.” She was curious how he’d feel in the morning after what just happened. But he seemed as fine as he had been the night before.

“You look beautiful when you’re all wet,” he said. “I’m sorry we didn’t plan ahead and bring you spare clothes but if you want you’d probably fit into some of…her clothes from before.”

“Before? What do you mean?”

“Oh, well my uh wife um Sharon, she used to look different. Right before we moved here she had breast implants, big ones, big enough that most of her clothes from before surgery don’t fit at least above the waist.”

Olivia was very surprised but not completely. Sharon had a huge chest and it was out of proportion and more than once she had actually thought “I bet they aren’t real.” Mostly when she was being mean but she had always wondered. It was a fun secret to know.

“Oh, that’s interesting, Tom. Do you mind me asking — we don’t have to mention her if it’s uncomfortable – why did she do that? I mean was it sort of for you?” She was curious but didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

“No, I don’t mind talking. I’m not sorry about what happened last night. It isn’t like she sleeps with me anymore or has for a long time. I know she’s sleeping with her boss or someone at work even though she thinks I’m stupid. The breasts were a surprise. She acted like it was for me but it wasn’t. There’s something else to it. They were fun for a couple weeks but it was for herself, almost a fetish. Anyway, she has all these old clothes and why should you have to put on dirty ones? This whole dresser over here is pre-surgery clothing. I’m sure everything will look better on you.” Then he went to take his own shower.

There was no question Sharon had good taste and similar to Olivia’s. She quickly picked out a pair of tan capri pants and a somewhat tight ribbed top in blue. The dresser also had plenty of bras which were close to the same size as Olivia’s but not quite. They were too tight and since it was Saturday, Olivia went without. There were no panties which made sense because the surgery was only up top. With Tom in the shower though, Olivia stole a pair of Sharon’s current panties — burgundy satin just for fun. There she stood waiting for Sharon’s husband in her own clothes, old clothes but hers. It made her laugh.

While he finished, Olivia slipped downstairs and found the kitchen. She decided to make Tom breakfast. He was so happy it was a good choice. Tom was an appreciative person and it helped that Sharon never cooked for him anymore. Olivia thought, “He’s so great, I want to move in with him!”

They had a nice morning and Olivia found Tom as easy to talk to at home as he was out. She considered dragging him back up to bed but decided to go slow.

Instead, Tom took Olivia to her car and promised to call later. On the drive home Olivia started to work out a plan.

She hated Sharon for stealing her job. She hated her for lying, sabotaging Olivia, and seducing their mutual boss to get ahead. But now even more she hated Sharon for treating a wonderful man like scum.

Olivia decided that she needed to get even but needed to be better than Sharon. She resolved to tell Tom everything. Sharon was still out of town bahis siteleri for one more night doing who knows what with their boss. So Olivia got everything ready at her apartment and called Tom.

Of course Tom came over. Olivia was all over him but she restrained herself. She sat him in her small living room and started talking. She explained that she actually knew his wife. She told him everything and that she initially went looking for Tom. She explained that it started as revenge but she liked Tom almost immediately and more every day. “I don’t expect you to believe me but I hate her more for how she treats you than for myself right now. I hope you will forgive me for lying to you but I want you to know the truth and know it now.” By the end Olivia was almost in tears.

For almost a minute, Tom didn’t speak and Olivia was scared but he looked at her and took her hands in his. “Thank you for telling me. I feel very strongly too. What she did to you hurts me and it makes me want to help you get her. Do you know what to do?

Olivia climbed onto him and started kissing him not talking. It was fifteen minutes of kissing and groping that almost continued into the bedroom except they finally stopped and decided to plot and eat before anything else.

Together they worked out a plan while they ate a light dinner and drank a bottle of wine. They had worked out a plan and Olivia had taken the glasses to the sink. Tom came up behind her and put his hands on her waist. She stopped and leaned back into him. Then she felt his lips and tongue on her neck. His hands explored from standing right behind her.

She didn’t turn but she lifted her skirt higher and was rewarded with his hand sliding between her thighs and finding her soft wet sex. His fingers massaged her by sliding along her panties and stroking her wetness until they found and massaged her clit. She then leaned forward to make it easier for his hands.

She was leaning against and over the kitchen sink enjoying his talented fingers. She didn’t want to rush him but she fought the urge to just let go and let him finger her to an orgasm. Soon though he moved the fingers and she felt him pulling her panties down to her knees.

It excited her to be there, leaning forward in the kitchen, skirt hiked to her waist, panties pulled down but not off. She felt slutty not even taking the time to remove her clothes. She heard him undoing his pants and then she felt his lovely firm manhood teasing her slowly and reached back to feel it.

She helped guide him into position and then stood still and let him every so slowly move inch by inch inside of her. He was very slow in moving inside and her slow moan matched his progress. Soon he was inside and thrusting. She pushed back as he pushed forward. It started romantic but soon she was bent over, reaching back and rubbing her own clit as he slowly and firmly slammed into her.

She liked the sensation of reaching orgasm as his thrusting became hurried and needy. She screamed loudly and raised her head and arched her back. It was enough to send Tom into orbit himself. He grunted and groaned and she knew he enjoyed it too when she felt a liquid warmth flooding her insides. She stood there bent over the sink still enjoying the feeling of being connected, filled with his passion. It was intimate and dirty at the same time.

After a minute or two she pulled off his now soft cock and turned and embraced him. “Please stay the night, Tom and sleep in my bed.” Of course Tom couldn’t say no. The two ended up spending all night in the bed and not getting to sleep before 3 a.m.

Olivia woke up in Tom’s arms and wanted to stay like that forever. But she knew they were too close to their goal. Tom left right after breakfast because Sharon was coming home. They knew they would not be able to see each other for a few days but would find a way to stay in contact.

At the office on Monday, Olivia started the day with Sharon. They talked over coffee about various projects. Olivia asked her, “So, how was the big business trip? Did you make the boss happy?”

Sharon stared at her for a second wondering from the words if Olivia knew just how happy she had made the boss. But she just said, “it was great to be at corporate and I like to think I was a big part of the success we had there. I’m sure the boss was happy.”

Just then he came into the office, they heard him saying hello to people and then he came into Sharon’s office. He was very disappointed when he saw Olivia and not very good at hiding it. They talked business or two minutes in front of Olivia, pretending it was all normal. The whole time the boss’s eyes raked over Sharon in a way that was obvious. When he finally left, Olivia decided to have a little fun.

“Sharon did you see that? He didn’t listen to a thing you said. He spent the whole time canlı bahis siteleri staring at you like your cleavage had a magnet for his eyes. I was like you were an object. Are you okay? I’m sure you noticed.”

Sharon had of course noticed. It’s why she was wearing a blouse with an extra button open. It’s why her bra was blue under a white blouse, to attract the eyes. Her surgically enhanced chest was on display. It was part of the way she controlled the boss but she wasn’t about to let Olivia understand.

“Olivia, I’m sure you’re imagining things. He’s a nice man and I didn’t notice.”

Olivia acted all innocent. “Well be careful. Some men will try anything. I’m surprised now that he didn’t try on your trip to get you into his bed. It’s always the quiet ones.” Then she leaned forward and said, “Sharon, if you need back up let me know. I believe in treating people just like they treat me.”

Sharon was laughing now. “Olivia, don’t be silly. You have a strong imagination. On our trip, for example, he never even invited me to his room. Never even hinted.” All of which was true Sharon told herself because he spent all his time in her room. She didn’t want to laugh at Olivia’s comment about treating people the same. If only Olivia knew just how badly she had been screwed over, she would be surprised Sharon thought.

When Olivia left, Sharon asked her to close the door. “A big project for corporate, I need to show progress.”

Olivia’s office bug didn’t show anything yet. Sharon really was working. Olivia took the chance later to distract the boss for an hour or so with a little project so she didn’t disturb Sharon. And so the boss didn’t disturb her either.

Back t her desk, Olivia finally heard a call go through. Sharon’s voice said to someone “you know if you leave for lunch, my office is right on the way out. Come in quickly and lock the door behind you and no one will know.”

Olivia listened as the door opened and closed soon after. It was their boss. “Sharon I wanted to talk to you about this weekend earlier but you weren’t alone. It was amazing. I can’t believe everything that has happened. Oh my, what are you doing? OH!”

Olivia had heard a chair move and then no noise for a few seconds then she heard Sharon whispering “I saw you staring at my big beautiful tits, sir. Do you think I am a whore for your pleasure, sir?” At this point their boss was stammering, not yet realizing it was a game.

“Hush, sir. Let me lift my titties out of their bra so you can see them. Is this what you want? Your assistants parading around in front of you with their big titties hanging out of their bras? You want to take your cock out and fuck your titties? I am yours to fuck, sir, and your cock anywhere is my pleasure.”

Olivia figured out that the boss responded to dirty talk. He wasn’t speaking anymore but Sharon was. “Oh sir this must be why you wanted me to have a couch so you can squat on me and plow my titties. Please sir, use me for your pleasure. Oh you look so close sir, please squirt your cock all over my titties. Ohhhh, yes.”

They were quiet for a while, Olivia had to guess what was happening until they started talking again. “Don’t apologize honey. I was trying to get you off extra fast. That’s what I wanted. Did you like my little game? What I really want is to fuck you at the office. I want you to take me right on my desk. I’ve always wanted that but we must wait until one night after everyone’s gone I think. Otherwise it’s too risky.”

Olivia felt confident in her plan and realized it would happen soon. After both Sharon and her boss left for the day, Olivia, invisible in her out of the way cubby, took her chance. She had new equipment and positioned the camera that she had bought off the internet. They said almost invisible and after three or four tries she got it to be almost invisible.

Over the next few days, Olivia got great audio about everything Sharon and the boss had done or wanted to do to each other. The boss turned out to be secretly very perverted and they had packed a lot into the two day business trip. It was very damning to them as executives and the way they abused the company’s trust and spending. But no video yet.

Three days later, Tom and Olivia got ready their chance. The whole office team had a diner at a restaurant off site. Olivia was amused to see that the boss and Sharon didn’t sit close and almost ignored each other. In fact, Sharon was buttoned up much more than normal.

When everyone left, Olivia waited and followed the Boss’s car. He stopped at a gas station and then switched to another car — Sharon’s. Then they drove back to the office together not realizing they were being followed. Olivia snuck around the office in the dark. She found the boss’s office and sent a quick email from his computer. Then she waited.

She hid canlı bahis while she listened on her phone to her listening app. Then she opened up a video window. The boss had a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He stood while Sharon did a little dance and stripped him then he sat naked on the edge of the desk. Sharon went to her knees, the sound cut out for a minute and when it clicked back on Olivia could hear very loud slurping sounds.

Sharon showed everything off her desk and onto the floor except the bottle of champagne. She disappeared for a second saying “relax while I get a surprise.”

Olivia looked at a silent text and wrote back “slowly.”

Then Sharon was back. She had changed and was dressed as the world’s sluttiest French maid. He breasts were barely contained in a cute little black silk top. The skirt covered almost nothing so anyone watching (like Olivia) could see dirty little fishnet stockings held up by garters. It was the vision of sexy a stripper has or a teenager and the boss was eating it up, laying there with his cock bouncing back and forth.

The camera was right by the door so Olivia’s view was the same as the doorway view, sideways of the desk to a lengthwise view of the activities.

Sharon adopted the kind of French accent a drunk has but it was working. “Oh la la, ma Cherie. Look at le cock bouncing in ze wind as you americans say. Madame Fifi wants to go on a ride, ooh la la.

She stood on the desk in her heels and then slowly lowered herself to her knees and then sat down and groaned as the boss’s cock penetrated her. He was half drunk and half crazy with lust. His grunting and her bouncing were in sync. Their energy was pent up and they fucked like rabbits hot for each other.

The sight of his drunken grin, an almost empty champagne bottle, and Sharon/Fifi bouncing up and down squealing with her breasts hanging out and bouncing was a beautiful sight. Two cheating adults on the verge of an orgasm.

But as the boss’s wife stood in the doorway, she didn’t see the beauty. She stood there shocked and watching. Sharon noticed her first and didn’t realize who it was and just kept bouncing as her boss grunted and filled her.

In a minute, the boss moved his head from watching his voluptuous lover share his orgasm and with a stupid found his gaze focused on another woman. Suddenly he realized it was his wife and he froze in horror. Apparently the look sobered up Sharon too who was now still and turned her head to look.

The boss’s wife spoke first. “Hello Harold. I guess your meeting really did go late. I’m curious though, is Fifi Faketits here your whore or is she bidding on the cleaning contract?” She was very calm. Beyond yelling. Olivia wondered if the boss was smart enough to realize what an ominous sign that was. It was over. The boss was too shocked to speak.

Sharon was about to say something. She was rarely at a loss for words but was struggling. And at that moment, Tom walked in.

He smiled, looked around, and said “Hi honey, nice office. I know you said your new boss liked you so I’m guessing that’s him you’re squirming on top of. No, no please don’t get up. I don’t want to disturb your hard work. Let me just leave you with these. They’re divorce papers. I’m sure it won’t be too complicated.”

With a smile, he turned his back on the stunned lovers. He found a spot inside a plant and pulled out something small and unnoticeable just where a friend said it would be. Then he extended his arm to the boss’s wife and asked “May I escort you to your Ma’am?”

Olivia didn’t make contact with anyone and snuck out on her own.

Three weeks later, Tom came home from the Court House. Sharon met him at the door. Her key didn’t work anymore. He let them both in. “All right, that’s it then. Thanks for the money and the settlement. Your last four boxes are right there in the living room.”

Sharon was quiet. She was annoyed but beaten. A couple of freak circumstances and things fell apart. She’d have to start over at a different company. She’d been fired, her boss had been fired but it had all been framed as buy out so she could start over. Unfortunately, she had to give Tom everything he wanted in the settlement. It was annoying how he knew so much but she didn’t say anything. She just gathered her things and got ready to go.

As she was about to leave for the last time, a woman came bouncing up the steps excited and happy. “Tom, it’s all over and we can be together,” the woman said as she pressed her body suggestively against Tom. “I didn’t get the job I always wanted. I got the one above that.”

When they turned around, still hanging on to each other, Olivia smiled at Sharon. “Hi Sharon, I haven’t seen you since you and Harold left the office together.” Sharon stared at her speechless.

Olivia kicked off one shoe and went to the steps, then another, then slipped out of her skirt leaving a trail for Tom to follow as she went up the stairs. “Tom, honey, lock the door behind that woman and follow the bread crumbs. I need you in our big bed right now.”

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