Office Politics Ch. 01

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I knew Mr Jones was a tit man the day I arrived.

My name is Melisand and I am nineteen. Pierpoint Bank was my first office job and I was determined to do well, whatever it took. I had met Mr Jones at my interview. He ran the word processing section and would be my boss. He had asked me a few questions about what I had done at school and college, while trying to see through my blouse.

So I was well-prepared when I arrived for my first day in the office. The blouse I wore was smart enough for the office, thin enough to show the outline of my lacy, white platform bra. Mr Jones stared hard at my 36DD tits and showed me to a desk right in front of him – “so I can keep an eye on you” he said. I bet!

The job was not very interesting. The word processing section dealt with routine work that was not important or interesting enough for someone else to do it. Most of the other girls had no ambition and were obviously going nowhere. I decided to be the exception!

On my third day there, I met Daniel. He was the systems administrator, which meant that he looked after the computers and software. He was very shy, his clothes were rather old and not very smart and the other girls said he was a nerd. They all teased him – nothing malicious, but rather like a girls’ night out. I liked Daniel. He was slim and had a very cute bum. His hair and clothes were very clean and I guessed he lived with his Mum.

The office supervisor was Mrs Ellis. She was a jolly blond about 40 years old. We got on well from the start. I think she had a fairly racy past and saw me as a kindred spirit. She was also very pleased with my work. I picked up the mistakes the spell checker did not spot, for example ‘there’ for ‘their’ and ‘dependant’ for dependent’, which the other girls often missed.

Mr Jones was pleased as well. At least, at the end of the first week he walked over to my desk to compliment me. I was wearing a rather low cut blouse that day and he could not help but look down it while he was speaking to me. I leant forward a bit to give him a better view of my tits, while turning my face up and fluttering my eyelashes at him.

“Melisand,” he said, “Mrs Ellis and I are very pleased with your work. You are settling in very well.”

I thanked him and told him how much I was enjoying working there. I thought about saying how well he ran the section, but I decided that would sound as if I was being a creep. I did smile winningly at him, though, and was amused to see a definite stirring in his trousers. He quickly turned away and walked back to his desk.

The following week, I approached Daniel by the coffee machine. I had never joined in teasing him, but he smiled a bit nervously at me as I walked up. “Would you like to take me out?” I asked. “Nothing elaborate. Maybe a drink and something to eat?”

He looked as though I had hit him. He did not know what to do and I was more than ever certain that he lived with his Mum. After a few minutes he mumbled something I could not hear. “That is settled then.” I said. “Thursday, after work. One thing, though. I know some of the girls tease you, so it might be better if we kept this as our little secret.” He nodded. I still do not think he knew what was happening to him!

Thursday came. Daniel had had a haircut and looked much smarter than usual. He kept looking at me and I was worried this might give the game away. I think he was also worried in case I was just playing a nasty practical joke on him. I had not dressed up at all – that was not part of the plan.

So, first chance I got I cornered him by the coffee machine. “Are we still on for tonight?” he asked anxiously. “Of course.” I said. “Now stop staring at me before everyone realises what is happening. Just wait for me after work.”

He still kept looking at me when he didn’t think anyone would notice. I am sure Mrs Ellis noticed and she gave me a grin and threw a knowing look towards Daniel. The other girls were too interested in talking about their boyfriends and the latest celebrity gossip magazine.

Daniel usually left at 4:30. I had found him skulking – there is no other word for it – in the corridor shortly before 5:00 and I suggested he go to the server room until I was ready to leave. The server room is Daniel’s kingdom and the only people allowed in there are Daniel and Mr Jones.

I left the office at about 5:15. Most people leave dead on 5:00, with the rest staying on until at least 6:00, so I knew we would be able to avoid anyone noticing us. Daniel must have been waiting by the door, because he threw it open at my first knock. I think he was still afraid that I would stand him up.

We did not güvenilir bahis go to the pubs nearby, because they are always full of people from the office. I took him to a bar about ten minutes walk away. He bought me a drink.

“Where shall we go?” he asked. “There is quite a nice French restaurant in Alban Street.”

Daniel had obviously been asking the wrong people for advice. Tartuffe is very expensive and the sort of place that middle-ranking managers go to in order to seduce their secretaries.

“No, thank you,” I said, “I am taking you home and cooking for you”.

He tried to protest, but I was having none of it. I finished my drink and put my coat on, giving him no choice but to do the same. I live about fifteen minutes walk away from the pub, and after about five minutes I took him by the hand. His palms were sweaty and I knew he was not expecting this.

I am lucky. My mum and dad built a granny flat for my Nan. She was a fiercely independent lady and it had its own front door and even its own garden gate. There was one door connecting the flat to the house, but otherwise it was completely self-contained. My Nan died when I was seventeen and my parents let me move into the flat when I started work the following year. The first thing I did was to put a couple of bolts on the connecting door.

We got to my flat and I sat him on the sofa, got him a drink and put on some music. Then I changed and went into the kitchen to get dinner ready.

I had been giving the menu a lot of thought. It had to be something quick. If he was used to his mum’s cooking it could not be anything very unusual, but it needed to be a bit exotic. I decided that chicken satay was a good compromise. I wore my cheong sam for the occasion. The high neckline is very modest, but the sides of the skirt are slit most of the way up the thigh.

Daniel had never eaten satay before, but he nodded his approval. I noticed that he steered clear of the satay sauce though. We had wine with the meal and, after we had eaten, we took the wine to the sofa.

I have never found it difficult to get men to talk. Find something they are interested in and nod occasionally, and they are away. So Daniel was soon telling me everything about computers.

Which was all part of the plan. I would never get anywhere in the bank if I stayed in word processing. So I needed to learn new some skills and learning about computers was part of that. If Daniel also learned some new skills – and we both got some pleasure out of it – then that was all the better.

After a couple of hours, I noticed Daniel was starting to look nervously at the clock. Obviously it was time for him to go home. I did not want to come on too strong on the first date, so I asked him if he wanted to leave. He looked relieved, although he made a token protest before standing up and getting his coat. I took him to the door and turned my face up for a goodnight kiss.

I flatter myself that I judged the kiss just right. Warm and passionate but no tongues – I did not think he was ready for that yet.

The following day, Daniel came into the office in a very cheerful mood. All the girls noticed it, and they even stopped teasing him. Mrs Ellis gave me a broad grin. I have to admit that he was getting much better at keeping a secret and avoided staring at me.

Until the afternoon, that was. I was walking past the server room when the door suddenly opened and Daniel pulled me inside. He closed the door and gave me a lovely smile and a box of expensive chocolates. I backed him up against the wall and gave him a big thank you kiss. This time I did use my tongue and, once he had got used to the idea, Daniel joined in enthusiastically. I did not push things any further, however, apart from asking Daniel if he wanted to go out again the following day.

You might wonder why I was keen to keep my relationship with Daniel a secret. I was genuinely fond of him, but I did not want to get a reputation for being an easy lay. There were other, bigger fish to fry in that office!

Our second date started off in much the same way as the first. Daniel took much more care not to give the game away. This time he left at 4:30 and we met in the pub before going back to my flat. We ate beef fajita and I wore a rather sexy red mini-dress.

After dinner, it took rather longer to get Daniel on to the subject of computers. He kept trying to flirt with me, using a series of terrible chat-up lines I guessed he had got from a book or (more likely) the Internet. After a couple of hours he started to look at the clock again, but he did not seem as nervous this time. I asked if he wanted to use my telephone güvenilir bahis siteleri and he looked relieved and called his Mum to say he would be home late.

After he had hung up the telephone, he turned back to face me. As he did, I slipped off the shoulder straps of my desk and let it fall slowly to the floor. I was completely naked underneath.

As I have said before, I liked Daniel. I also thought his education had been a bit narrow up to now and I wanted to broaden it. And I wanted to move onto the next stage of the plan – I needed his active cooperation for that.

If I had had any doubts about Daniel being a virgin, his reaction would have convinced me. I have read about people’s jaws dropping in books, but I had never seen it happen before. Meanwhile his prick strained hard against the front of his trousers.

I kicked away my dress and walked over to him. I kissed him gently on the lips – no tongues this time. I knew he would reach orgasm very quickly and I did not want him to come off until I was ready. I took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom.

I unbuttoned his shirt. I took my time about it but I did not play with his nipples or try to get him any hornier than he already was. I undid the waistband and zip of his trousers and let his trousers fall to the floor. I peeled down his underpants. I was pleased to see that his prick was a decent size, although I have had bigger in my time.

I kissed him again. He seemed to be in a state of shock and was completely unresponsive. I pushed his unresisting body onto his back on the bed. Then I straddled him with my hips and thrust down. He came almost immediately with a great shudder.

I had been expecting that and I went and got a towel to clean him up. He started to come back to life and apologised for coming so quickly. I told him it was OK and lay down and took him in my arms. After a few minutes I started to stroke his prick and he started to get hard again. I took his hand and moved it down to my pussy. I moved his finger to touch my clit. He got the idea after a few seconds and started stroking.

We played with each other for about ten minutes and then he turned over and started to kiss my lips. Then he rolled over and put his prick inside me. He was better this time although he still came in a matter of minutes. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pretended to have an orgasm.

I helped him up and led him into the bathroom. We jumped into the shower together. He sucked on my tits and played with my pussy while I soaped him. He started to get semi-hard, but I knew he would not be ready for another fuck for at least a few hours. So I got out of the shower and handed him a towel. I dried myself but I did not bother to get dressed. We kissed passionately at the door and then he went home.

I think every girl must feel a bit special after helping a boy to get rid of his – usually unwanted – virginity. Especially if she has – how can I put this – a certain amount of experience she feels she can share. I certainly developed a real fondness for Daniel after this night.

The problem was, I was also feeling horny and frustrated. I knew it was not his fault, poor boy, but I needed to come off or I would have trouble sleeping. I went to the hidden cupboard in my bedroom and took out my raunchiest DVD and my vibrator. I took these through to the lounge, where I put the DVD on, skipping through the boring bit at the start, and stretched out on the sofa with my vibrator.

I ran my vibrator over my nipples until they stuck out firm and proud. I closed my eyes – the DVD soundtrack was enough to keep me in the mood – and slowly ran it down my body. I teased myself by running it onto the top of my thigh before moving it to my clit.

I was getting really excited now, and my back arched as my hips pushed forward. After some minutes attention to my clit I pushed the vibrator into my pussy – which was now slick with my juices – and brought my other hand down to my clit. I finger fucked myself to an explosive orgasm. I then ran a hot bath. As I lay soaking, I played gently with my tits and pussy and thought about the day.

The following day at the office, I started to make my next move. Most of the work we got was very boring, but there were some interesting jobs that the executives’ secretaries did not have the time to do. Mrs Ellis usually did these, but she shared them with some of the other girls when she was busy. She usually only gave this work to the senior girls, but I knew that she was pleased with how I had been doing.

She showed me the latest batch of work. There was quite a lot of word processing, but the iddaa siteleri work also needed a number of other computer programs. Thanks to Daniel, I knew which programs were needed for the different documents and I was able to convince Mrs Ellis that I would be able to handle work like this the next time it arrived.

I also knew I would need to get Mr Jones’s permission. I went up to him and asked if I could talk to him in one of the meeting rooms. I was wearing a silk shirt with no bra, and his eyes bulged as my tits moved under the silk. I smiled prettily and told him how much I had learned while working in his section. I asked if it would be OK if I could do some of the more difficult work, provided Mrs Ellis thought I was ready. His head was moving from side to side following the movement of my tits. He muttered “of course – if it is OK with Mrs Ellis”. I think he would have agreed to anything. I thanked him and went back to tell Mrs Ellis the news. He was standing close to the door so I had to brush past him as I went out. My nipples brushed against his chest as I went out and he ‘accidentally’ touched my thigh.

Now I needed Daniel’s help as never before. I looked all over the building for him before I went to the server room. He pulled me inside and clamped his lips to mine. His tongue pushed between my teeth and snaked down my throat. He grabbed my arse with both hands and pulled me towards him, rubbing my crotch against his erect prick.

I gently but firmly pushed him away, giving him a quick kiss to show I was not angry with him. “Later!” I said “You naughty boy. What are you doing over the weekend?”

“Nothing?” It was more a question than a statement.

“You are coming to stay with me for the weekend”. I said. I knew this could be tricky for him. “I need your help. You check that you are free and I will come down here about three o’clock so we can make the arrangements.”

Then I spoke with Mrs Ellis. She was expecting a new batch of work from Mr Edwards’s secretary the very next week. Mr Edwards was a manager in Marketing and his work always had a lot of graphs and charts. She promised that we could have a look through it when it came in and I could do some of it if I was certain that I knew what to do.

I was starting to have a problem with Mr Jones. He always seemed to be standing where he would be in my way, leaving just enough space for me to squeeze through. I took a good look at him while he was talking to one of the other girls. He was in his late 30s, with sandy hair and a small moustache. He was not bad looking, if I ignored his rather week chin. I knew he was married but having him once would be OK provided it would stop him from being a bothering me.

It was 3:00 and I went down to the server room. I took the precaution of calling in the ladies on the way and taking off my panties. Daniel opened the door as soon as he heard my knock on the door. He looked like a puppy with a new bone.

“Yes I can stay with you!” he said. “When shall I come? What will we be doing?”

“We will be shopping” I said “to buy a computer for me”.

He looked surprised but, having got his good news out of the way, his mind turned to other things. He walked slowly and deliberately towards me and pinned me against the wall. He started to kiss me.

I took his right hand and moved it down and under my short skirt until it was pressing against my bare pussy. His kiss became more passionate and he started to rub my slit. I kissed him hard and undid his trousers and zip. I pushed his trousers and underpants down and reached for his prick.

My skirt has a number of hidden pockets, one of which was occupied by my panties at the time. I reached into another one and took out a banana-flavoured condom. Then I pushed his hand away from my pussy and went down on my knees in front of him. I eased the condom onto his prick and started sucking.

This was another new experience for Daniel. The slight look of disappointment that had crossed his face when I moved his hand soon changed to a look of ecstasy as he discovered the pleasure that a good cock-sucker can offer. Within a couple of minutes he was gasping his way to orgasm.

I had not bothered to use a condom with Daniel when I fucked him. I knew he was a virgin, so I was not scared of catching anything. I used a condom on this occasion to make cleaning up easier. I did not want to have to clean his cum off my blouse before I went back to work!

I stood up when he had climaxed. I carefully removed the condom – taking care not to spill anything – and sealed it in a freezer bag for later disposal. I wiped Daniel and myself clean with a couple of towelettes taken from my so-useful pockets. I also took out my panties and put them back on. A quick spray of perfume completed repairs. “Eleven o’clock Saturday” I said, before going back to the office.

… to be continued …

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