No condom leads to first time anal

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No condom leads to first time anal sex

A male and female medic experiment in Iraq


By August 2005, almost all U.S. soldiers had been pulled out of Camp Lima, the last remaining U.S. military base in Karbala Iraq. All that was left now was a small contingent of approximately one hundred soldiers who were providing security for the camp as teams of civilian contractors dissembled equipment and shipped it north to Baghdad. As the camp slowly emptied out it took on a gloomy foreboding feeling.

Of my original medical detachment of twenty soldiers, now only three of us remained; myself, another enlisted soldier and an officer. Since the rest of our detachment had left a week earlier, we hadn’t been any major medical issues for us to attend to other than a few cases of dehydration and a swollen ankle.

Most days, myself and, another medic, Private First-class Mandy Aaronson, sat around and read magazines to bide the time in the medical trailer while our commander, Lieutenant Sharon Kent, spent most of her time reading in her own trailer or hanging out in the base tactical operations center. That left Mandy and I alone for most of the time which was fine with me.

Mandy was an attractive twenty-four-year-old brunette from Bloomington, Indiana. I was a year younger than her and we shared many similarities. Like, me, she had joined the Army Reserves after 9/11 and like me, she had also been cross-leveled into our current medical detachment for deployment to Iraq, which meant neither us knew any of the other soldiers in the detachment prior to the deployment. In fact, prior to this past week I had not really spoken much with Mandy as she tended to keep to herself and mainly associate with the other female medics. However, over the course of the week sitting alone, hour after hour, together in the medical trailer and reading maxim and cosmopolitan magazine, she opened up to me and our conversations gradually started to turn sexual.

We now openly talked about our sex lives with our significant others and even what positions we each preferred. Had more people been around us, the conversation would definitely not have gone this far, but it did. Day after day, stuck in the oppressive heat and boredom of a remote base in Central Iraq, our minds wondered into forbidden territory. Furthering the intensity, both Mandy and I were forced to sleep in the medical trailer since our living trailers had already been shipped to Baghdad.

We now slept on green canvas army cots in the far corner of the medical trailer and there was minimal privacy. Every night, before going to sleep we would each turn our backs towards one another and change into our Army PT uniforms which we slept in. Mandy would also undo her bun and let her long brown hair down. As an added bonus, Mandy didn’t sleep with a bra on and I often saw the hard nipples of her perky C cup breasts poking through her PT shirt. A few times she caught me staring and smirked at me which caused me to blush and quickly turn away. Most tuzla escort nights, after we’d turn the lights off in the trailer, both Mandy and I would lay in our respective cots and talk for a bit until we dozed off.

On this particular night, however, Mandy was more talkative than usual. She admitted having vivid dreams the past couple of nights about her boyfriend going down on her and talked about how much she missed having sex. As we lay there in the dark, my erection began to grow the more Mandy talked about sex. At the same time, the monotony of the day and the repressive heat caught up with me and I began to doze off and think about my college girlfriend and the last time we had sex. Although Mandy was still talking, I didn’t respond and I could feel myself drifting off to sleep when suddenly Mandy called out to me.

“Do you think you could?” she asked.

“Could what?” I mumbled back.

“Could have no strings attached sex,” she replied.

“I’m sure I could,” I replied.

After a few moments, Mandy replied.

“Well, I’m game if you are,” she said.

“For us to have sex?” I asked.

“Yes!” Mandy giggled.

I instantly felt more awake and very aroused.

“Ok,” I replied still unsure if she was just joking around.

I then heard Mandy sit up in her cot, slowly stand up and walk over to my cot. Due to a large window on the far side of the medical trailer, enough moonlight illuminated the trailer for me to see her.

“Move over,” she whispered as she gently climbed into the cot next to me. Standard Army green canvas cots barely had enough room for one person let alone two and, right away, we were nearly on top of each other. Immediately, I could smell the scent of Mandy’s sweat combined with that of her deodorant. Although neither of us had had much more than a wet-wipe bath for the past few days, I was still raring to go and evidently so was she.

For the next ten seconds we both quickly got undressed without saying a word. I then maneuvered myself on top of her and began kissing her lips which were warm and soft. I then kissed her neck and breasts; gradually making my down to her thighs. Soon my face was inches from her sex and I could smell the scent of her arousal.

As I contemplated my next course of action, I felt Mandy’s hands on the top of my head as she gently pulled my face into her hairy pussy. At the same time, I gently inserted a finger inside of her, and moved my face forward while parting her lips with my fingers. I then gently began to lick the inside of her folds, while rubbing her clit with my thumb. After a short while her juices began to flow but they had a bit of an acidic taste; which I tried to ignore. Mandy also began to moan and gently rock her hips back and forth. For the next few minutes, I teased and licked her wetness with my tongue and caressed her breasts with my free hands, until she was on the verge of an orgasm. When she finally orgasmed, her whole body spasmed and writhed under my mouth.

After she tuzla escort bayan was done, she stopped moving and lay there catching her breath. I wiped her juices off my mouth with my wrist and scooted up to lay next to her. Her hands quickly made their way to my erection and she began stroking my cock.

“Do you have a condom?” she whispered.

For a second, I was frozen. How could I have not thought of that earlier?

“No,” I replied with a sense of disappointment in my voice.

“Grrr, I really wanted to ride you!” Mandy groaned.

“I’m sorry,” I replied.

For the next few moments, we both lay there in awkward silence, until Mandy spoke.

“I’m not on the pill, otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue,” Mandy sighed.

I nodded in understanding and was about to suggest she give me a blowjob, when she spoke.

“Have you ever had anal?” she asked me.

“No, I haven’t,” I replied.

“My boyfriend has always wanted to try it but I’ve been too scared,” she giggled.

“I’ve always wanted to try it too!” I said.

“Your girlfriend won’t do it?” she asked.

“Nope,” I replied.

“Hmmm, well maybe we can be each other’s first?” Mandy said, still sounding a bit unsure.

“Yeah!” I replied a bit to enthusiastically.

“I don’t know,” Mandy said.

“We can always try it and if we don’t like it, we’ll stop,” I suggested.

Many didn’t respond right away.

“I guess we can try it,” she said.

“Ok,” I said.

“I’ve never had anything up my ass, so please be gentle,” she said.

“I promise,” I replied.

“But first, we need something,” Mandy said as she slowly sat up on the cot. She then stood up and went over the medical cabinet in the far corner of the trailer. She opened the door and I could hear her rummaging for something. When she returned to the cot, she had two small packets of sterile surgical lube in her hand. She gave one to me and opened one herself.

I carefully opened the packet of lube and lathered up the tip and shaft of my penis while Mandy stood up and rubbed some on the outside of her butthole. After a minute, we were both ready and Mandy assumed the doggystyle position and crouched in front of me. In the glare of the moonlight, her ass looked very inviting.

“Please be gentle,” she reminded me.

I then got on my knees, kneeled right behind Mandy and, with my finger, slowly guided the tip of my penis into her butthole. Right away I met resistance. Her hole was tight and I struggled to push the head of my penis inside of her. When I did finally get the head of my penis was inside of her, she let out an audible groan.

“Are you ok?” I asked as I gently massaged her lower back with my hands.

“I’m fine. Just go slow,” she replied.

As I pushed further into her, she began to take deep audible breaths.

“Fuck!,” she screamed.

I immediately stopped pushing and pulled out of her ass.

“Are you ok? I asked.

“Your cock feels huge!” she groaned.

I escort tuzla briefly chuckled upon hearing her say that.

“We don’t have to do this” I said.

“It’s fine, just go slowly. Let me get use to it,” she replied.

Starting over, I again struggled to push the head of my penis inside of her. When I did finally get the head inside of her ass again, I paused to let her adjust to the feeling.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“It’s ok, just go slow,” she reiterated.

I then slowly resumed thrusting into her and pushing my cock deeper into her ass.

“I don’t know how the other girls do this,” Mandy groaned.

“Huh?” I replied.

“Harris and Mendoza are always talking about how they love having anal sex with their husbands,” she said.

“Really?” I replied as I smirked and mentally tucked that information away for later use.

“My ass is throbbing!” Mandy said.

“Well, you’re doing great,” I said, trying to offer words of encouragement.

“Thanks!” she replied as we both broke out laughing.

After we both regained our composure, I resumed thrusting into her ass. At the same time, she reached her right hand back between her legs and began rubbing her clit.

As I began to pick up the pace, each thrust in and out of her ass elicited an intense series of primal moans and groans from her and it began to feel really good. Before long, I was almost balls deep inside of her ass and could feel her fingers touch my balls as she feverishly rubbed her clit.

I must have pushed a little too deep in her ass because Mandy suddenly let out a scream and her head flung back.


“Are you ok?” I asked as I stopped moving and gently caressed her butt cheeks with my hands.

After a few seconds Mandy composed herself.

“I promise I won’t be upset if you cum soon. I think I’ve had enough,” Mandy replied.

“Ok,” I replied as I slowly resumed thrusting.

Her ass felt really nice and tight and I could have cum then and there, but I wanted to savor the moment.

By now, Mandy had stopped rubbing her clit and by the sounds she was making, I could tell she was just grinning and bearing it until I came. I was suddenly overcome with a strange urge. Instead of wanting to cum quickly, I felt the desire to prolong my pleasure despite her pain which had strangely become a turn-on.

“Cum already!” she groaned.

“I’m close,” I replied as I deliberately slowed the pace of my thrusts in order to delay my orgasm.

All of a sudden, I thought I heard something in the distance, possibly a mortar round landing outside the camp. Oh no, not now, I thought to myself. Fuckin Shiite Militias!

Realizing I had stopped thrusting, Mandy perked up.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I thought I heard a mortar attack,” I said.

Mandy picked her head up and, with me still deep inside her ass, we both stayed still for a few seconds listening for the telltale signs of incoming mortar rounds. Finally, Mandy broke the silence.

“You’re killing me! Can I just finish you off with a hand job?” she groaned.

“I’m close. I promise,” I said as I gently resumed thrusting.

To be continued………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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