New Neighbors

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When Cindy and Tom moved into their new neighborhood north of Pittsburgh, their next door neighbors were very friendly and helpful. Before they moved in the neighbors came over and introduced themselves. They explained a few details about the house, and even helped install some shelves.

Moving day was a Wednesday so the neighbors, Lindsay and Rich, were at work and didn’t show up until dinner time. When no dinner was planned, they got take-out from one of their favorite neighborhood places for four and spent a relaxing, friendly evening getting to know each other better. An invitation was also made for Cindy and Tom to come over Friday night for a real meal.

Tom felt so happy and lucky to have these people as neighbors and new friends. Rich was a nice guy and pretty handy with tools, knowledgeable and willing to help out with anything. And his wife Lindsay – Wow! She was a knockout. Tall, thin, shapely, with breasts that were larger than average, she looked like a model, except models were too skinny. Lindsay was all woman. Tom had never cheated on his wife, not in all of their eight years of marriage, and he had no intention of doing it now. Not with Lindsay, not with anyone. But he certainly liked to look, and even fantasized about her while he made love to Cindy. But that was as far as it would ever go.

Not that his wife was just a consolation prize. Cindy had the same blonde hair as Lindsay, but where Lindsay’s was shoulder length, Cindy’s was shorter. Cindy was also shorter, but she too was thin with a great shape, and possessed larger breasts than Lindsay did. Either woman would turn the heads of most men.

The Friday evening dinner went very well. Both couples were around 30 years of age with office jobs and many of the same interests. It seemed to be a great friendship in the making. They also all liked wine, and had gone through quite a bit by the time they took another bottle out on the deck to enjoy the mild evening.

Rich went over to their hot tub. “It’s too bad you guys don’t have one of these. It is wonderful to relax in. Soothes my muscles.”

“Do you use it a lot?” asked Cindy.

“Oh, yes,” he answered. “Most any evening that we’re home you can find us out here.”

“Yes,” his wife agreed. “But be careful if you come looking for us here. It often isn’t exactly G-rated when we’re out here.”

Everyone laughed at that. It wasn’t the first sexual reference of the evening.

“Oh, Lindsay,” Rich said, “they can come looking for us here any time. Maybe they’d even want to join in.”

“Well, we are joiners!” laughed Cindy. She was referring more to joining groups and causes than to joining another couple in a hot tub, but everyone laughed at the double meaning. Funny that Cindy was the one to say that, as she was the most timid of the group. She poured herself another glass of wine. Maybe that was why her mind was a bit naughty tonight.

Rich was quick to pick up on the idea. “We should have offered this earlier. You guys would love it after the week you’ve had, lifting and moving everything.”

“We do certainly have sore muscles. Even where there are no muscles!” said Cindy.

“Well, come on. It’s still early. You’d enjoy it,” Rich said. As he said this he flipped the cover off the tub.

“Probably not,” Tom said. He thought Cindy was getting herself into trouble. It sounded to him that the invitation might be for more than just a soak. “Maybe another time.”

“What better time than after the week you had?” asked Rich.

“I think that’s a great idea,” agreed Lindsay. “We can talk and drink and really relax.”

“No, we don’t have our swim suits unpacked yet.” Tom was still trying to beg off.

“Well, you know, we don’t really wear anything ourselves,” smiled Lindsay wickedly.

Tom was struck suddenly by what his mind was thinking. Why had he been reluctant? How he would love to see Lindsay strip down, but Cindy wouldn’t go for that at all.

To his surprise, Cindy laughed and sounded like she was considering it. “You mean all of us in there without clothes?”

“Sure,” Lindsay answered. “We are adults.”

“But I never did that before.”

“It’s okay. We won’t look.”

As Lindsay said this, she started unbuttoning her blouse. Tom felt a twitch in his pants as Lindsay removed her blouse and stood there in a lacy white bra that accentuated the shape of her tits. She paused to see if anyone was going to join her.

As Tom stood staring at Lindsay’s breasts, Rich pulled down his zipper. This got Cindy’s attention. She felt herself hoping that he wasn’t just teasing but would really take off his pants. She felt strange, as she seldom had thoughts like that about görükle escort men other than her husband. Especially when it could actually happen. Wait, she thought, had there ever been another time when it could have actually happened? Certainly not since their marriage.

To Cindy’s delight, Rich undid his belt and unfastened his pants. Her mouth was actually open, breathing through her mouth in anticipation of seeing Rich without his pants. Goodness knows he was an attractive man. At about six feet tall, he was slightly taller than her own husband. They were both well-muscled. Not overly so, but nice chests and flat abdomens. Neither showed more than a little concession to nature and their 30 years. No, her husband was just as manly as Rich was, but she was still interested in this new guy.

“And his penis,” Cindy thought to herself. Immediately she was in shock at her thoughts. That was so unlike her. But she couldn’t contemplate her personality change as she was concentrating on him losing his pants.

No one had objected yet, so Rich opened his pants, letting them drop to the deck then slowly stepping out of them. His boxers had a bulge in them caused by the blood just beginning to swell his dick.

Rich and Lindsay now stopped and looked expectantly at Tom and Cindy. Had they been too forward? Had they thought their new neighbors were more willing than they actually were?

Tom had the same thoughts as he turned his attention to Cindy. He never expected anything like this, and he expected it even less from his wife. Yet the evening had gradually and naturally led to this point, and Cindy had been as responsible as any of them for the electricity in the air. Until the neighbors started stripping, that is.

Cindy felt all eyes looking at her and realized the next move was up to her. For some reason she didn’t feel that she had a decision to make. She just felt like it was her turn, so her hands went to the buttons on her blouse and undid them, one by one. Tom’s dick began to harden as he saw his wife pull the material off her shoulders and let it drop. Yes, she was sexy, and her soft blue bra was cut low showing a lot of cleavage as well as her protruding nipples. But his excitement came from the situation more than her. They were stripping here, in front of this other couple. They might soon even be naked.

Tom was shocked back to reality when he realized they had all removed clothing except him. Oh, God, this was really going to happen! He rapidly attacked his pants and let them fall to the deck floor. He noticed the smiles in his direction, and wondered if it was because his dick was half erect or because he had seemed so anxious to get rid of his pants.

It didn’t matter, as Lindsay reached behind her and unfastened her bra, shrugging her shoulders to let the straps come off, and caught the bra in front of her just before her tits would have been revealed. Slowly she lowered her hand, letting her tits come into view. This lady knew how to strip!

Tom and Cindy both admired her full breasts as they hung nicely on her chest, and the hard, pointed nipples sitting a field of dark brown skin. Very sexy. When they noticed that Rich had removed his shirt they both realized they needed to join in the fun. Tom slid his shirt off while Cindy removed her slacks. She had worn actual panties. While not very big, at least they covered more than her thong would have.

Rich and Lindsay seemed pleased that Cindy had gone for the pants, and Lindsay removed hers. She did have a thong, and standing there wearing only them, nearly nude, made Tom’s dick reach full erection. He didn’t even notice his wife take off her bra. But he kept watching Lindsay as she removed her thong, revealing a shaved pussy, only a tiny patch of hair marking the spot. He couldn’t stare as she stepped into the hot tub and sank into the water.

Rich had also stripped, Tom and Cindy getting a short glimpse of his erection as he too slid into the tub. Cindy got enough of a look to know that Rich was at least as big as her husband, and she felt herself getting a little wet between her legs. She saw a naked Tom also get into the tub, and suddenly felt like the only naked one there. In truth she was the only one still wearing clothes, even if it was only her panties, but she was standing on the deck on display, while the other three were safely in the water.

Cindy made a quick lunge for the tub when Lindsay stopped her with her words. “You forgot your panties.”

“You said you wouldn’t look,” Cindy reminded her.

“But you have such a beautiful body,” Lindsay stated.

Cindy was excited to hear her pretty neighbor compliment her, and paradoxically bursa escort bayan stripped off her panties so she could cover herself up in the tub. She gave the best show so far as she got in the tub, the other three sitting low in the tub watching Cindy as she spread her legs getting into the tub. Her pussy wasn’t shaved, but her blonde pubic hair was sparse enough to allow a good view of her lower lips.

Cindy was more nervous now, in the hot tub with three other naked people, than when she was on the deck stripping. When Rich handed her another glass of wine, she drank it all. Tom was nervous as well, but relaxed in the warm water and let his mind drift to the naked tits beside him. He wondered if this was going to escalate. He was a happy man even if it stopped now.

But that wasn’t to be. As the conversation started up again, Tom felt Lindsay’s naked hip slide up against his. The tub was just big enough to accommodate four people, without touching, but Lindsay had shifted over to get skin to skin contact. This excited him so much that he didn’t notice Rich shifting over closer to Cindy.

Cindy’s nerve endings tingled as she felt Rich’s bare skin touch hers. She said nothing, enjoying the thrill of it, and shocking herself when she enjoyed even more the touch of his hand on her leg. Cindy didn’t understand this new feeling of hers. Her pussy tingled as his fingertips stroked back and forth on her leg. She liked Tom touching her, but this was not Tom’s fingers. She never really thought she would allow another man to get so familiar with her. She was more surprised when she realized that she was aching to have him go further!

When Rich reached up behind CIndy to put the wine bottle down, he left his arm there and let it gently touch her shoulder. Then it slid a bit further so that his hand actually held her shoulder in his palm. He was nearly snuggling up against her, and Tom had a thought that he should say something about taking such liberties with his wife. Tom didn’t even know that Rich’s other hand was stroking the inside of Cindy’s thigh.

But that thought was driven out of Tom’s mind when he felt Lindsay’s hand slide into his lap. If he didn’t have a hard-on her hand may have felt his dick, it was so high up on his leg. Her fingers stroked the inside of his thigh and actually brushed against his ball sack, sending a chill through his entire body. Her finger pushed his ball sack, bouncing his ball around, playing with it. Tom was wondering why he deserved such great treatment as Lindsay turned her body toward him, laid her hand and head on his shoulder, and smiled sexily as she looked into his eyes.

Cindy noticed none of what was happening to her husband. Her nerve endings were firing so much she couldn’t think. Rich’s hand held her shoulder and pulled her in close, his eyes looking deeply into hers. His other hand was still on her leg, now reaching the top of her leg where it joined her body. She could feel his fingers drift through her pubic hair as they moved over, starting to move down toward her slit. Her mind told her to make him stop, but it also said to hurry and find her slit. Then that’s all she could think of. Hurry, move those fingers lower, faster, she thought. Yes! His fingers found the top of her slit and she moaned as chills ran sharply from her pussy radiating all through her body. As his fingers ran lightly down her pussy lips her body involuntarily pushed her hips forward, wanting him to go deeper.

Tom heard his wife moan but didn’t wonder why. His mind was overwhelmed. As Lindsay’s fingers played lightly with his balls, his hand had found her thigh. As it did, her legs spread wider to allow his hand more access, and he took advantage. His hand ran up the inside of her leg and stopped only when he had her pussy in his hand. He squeezed it, then let his fingers work their way between her lips. She leaned in close to him as his hand explored her pussy.

Rich’s fingers also were busy, as he found Cindy’s hole and sunk a finger in. She couldn’t help but moan out loud, letting out a moan each time his finger wiggled inside her.

Tom, hearing his wife’s moans. was about to turn toward her to see what was making her so happy when Lindsay’s hand reached down between her legs. Holding his hand firmly onto her pussy, she stood up and sat herself down on the edge of the tub, now completely out of the water except for her lower legs. As his hand was firmly held in her pussy, Tom had raised up and was now face to face with Lindsay’s cunt. He finally looked over at his wife. She was looking at him as well, but her eyes were glazed. He recognized that look that she got when she was very excited. He didn’t even bursa escort wonder what she was doing. He only noted that she didn’t object to his having a hand in Lindsay’s pussy, or having his face so close to it. So he leaned in towards Lindsay and placed his lips around her cunt, causing a loud moan out of her.

Cindy watched but didn’t react. Her eyes were glazed, her mouth open trying to breathe, her eyes getting wide each time Rich’s fingers pushed against her pussy walls. He pulled his finger out of her cunt, placed his hands on her hips, and lifted her out of the water to sit on the edge like Lindsay. Cindy didn’t object. She didn’t care. She just wanted Rich to return to her cunt, which he did. He licked up her lips, and pushed his tongue between them, licking up and down her slit even deeper. When his tongue found her hole and pushed into it, she had to grip the side of the tub with her hands to keep from falling over. She groaned out at the intrusion and bucked her hips against his face.

Tom’s licking continued and he stuck two fingers into her hole. Reaching in as far as he could caused Lindsay to gasp out loud. When his mouth found her clit and began licking it, she began yelling for him to keep it up. “Yes, yes, that’s so good!”

Lindsay’s excitement worked on Cindy as well. As if Rich wasn’t doing enough. His tongue was driving into her, and his fingers had found her clit. He wiggled it, then pushed it hard, and Cindy came in a crashing orgasm, yelling out with her pleasure.

Lindsay wasn’t far behind as Tom’s fingers were fucking her hard and fast. He sucked on her clit as she came within a minute of Cindy’s.

Both girls fell back onto the deck, exhausted. The guys pulled themselves up beside them and helped them come down from their orgasmic highs. They kissed them, and their breasts, and stroked their heads and pussies, and their breasts. Their breasts. Neither of the guys had made much use of their breasts.

Lindsay’s hand reached out and gripped Tom’s dick as she lay there. He had not lost his erection, but the feel of her hand caused it to throb. She sat up and slid back into the water, never letting go of his dick. She traced her fingers up and down the shaft, rubbing her finger around the head, examining it carefully.

Cindy had watched all of this, again surprised by her reaction. But how could she be surprised at anything after what had already happened? She didn’t think of what Lindsay was doing to her husband, she thought this was her chance to get hold of Rich’s dick. She followed Lindsay’s lead and slid back into the water, then grabbed hold of the big rod sticking up from Rich’s groin. She grabbed it with both hands, her emotions out of control. She loved the feel of his cock in her hands. It wasn’t much bigger than her husband’s, but somehow it was different. Maybe just because it wasn’t her husband’s. In any case it felt great. She could feel the veins in his shaft and the blood pumping through it. She pumped it hard, watching the head strain under her grip.

Tom’s dick was now in Lindsay’s mouth. Her tongue pushed into his slit and swirled around the head. She lowered her head onto his shaft, fitting most of it in her mouth. She sucked hard, swirling her tongue, and squeezed the base hard. He could not help himself. He was so over-stimulated that he was surprised he had lasted this long, and his cum shot out of his cock into Lindsay’s mouth. She swallowed quickly, pulling most of his cock out to give herself some room, but leaving the spurting head inside.

Cindy placed her mouth on Rich’s cock as well. She placed her teeth just behind the sensitive head and bit down lightly, moving her teeth around it, sending shock-waves through his cock. She pumped vigorously on the shaft, keeping his head in her mouth. Since Lindsay was done with Tom, she reached over and grabbed Rich’s balls. She squeezed them and rolled them through her fingers while Cindy continued to pump his cock and blow him. His cock swelled as his cum started up his shaft. Cindy moved her mouth off his cock just before his cum shot out. His first spurt shot into the hot tub, the second one onto Cindy, and the rest fell onto the deck and himself. Lindsay leaned over and licked the cum off her husband’s cock while Cindy caught her breath and wondered what the hell had happened.

The party broke up with little talking, Tom and Cindy grabbing their clothes and going back home only partially dressed. As soon as they got into their house they grabbed each other in a passionate kiss and ripped their clothes off. They did manage to get to their bedroom before they began slamming into each other, both having screaming orgasms in a matter of minutes.

Rich and Lindsay wondered if they had scared off their new neighbors. They both hoped not. They seemed like a perfect fit. As they heard the sounds of screaming orgasms float through their open window, they knew that their new neighbors had discovered something that they liked.

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