Nature’s Call – First Time

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All characters in this fictional work are represented as being of the majority age of eighteen years (18), or older and are treated as consenting adults. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to real persons, either living or deceased, is coincidental on the part of the author.


Rain poured down, soaking everything for the fourth straight day, and Erica slammed the phone down into its cradle in exasperation. That call had been their seventh cancellation and it was shaping up to look like another shitty weekend – without the additional staff for the stables, the lifeguards, or the kitchens, the camp was going to be a ghost town. Just the family and the three year round councilors that shared the older cabins on what had been the original grounds. Erica grabbed her day-pack and locked the door behind her. It was not going to stop raining anytime soon, and since it was just a light drizzle, Erica decided to chance it so she could deliver the bad news in person. She had already left all the cancellation notices on her father’s desk and did not much feel like being around when he read them. Hence, the rather hasty retreat on her part.

The Old Trail deposited Erica into the clearing in which squatted the three oldest cabins on the grounds, though from the fresh coats of paint and the neat, outdoor, furnishings which were placed outside of them, you might not have guessed that. Erica walked up to the first cabin. The ‘girl’s cabin’ as her mother termed it since it was home to Heather, the only full-time, female, councilor. She was one of Erica’s few friends and since they ‘lived’ under the same roof it was only natural that they had bonded and become fast friends. When there was no answer, Erica opted to try one of the other two cabins. Cabin Number Two belonged to Travis. Whenever he was not holed up here he was in charge of horse stables and giving basic riding instruction to the weekend visitors. Again, no answer, so that left Erica with only one remaining door to knock on. Cabin Number Three was home and hearth to John. Just the thought of knocking on his door made things inside of her tighten up and caused her to hesitate. At the last moment though she mustered her courage and, mounting the low step, knocked on the frame of the screen door.

The inner door came open and Erica’s breath caught in her throat. John was on the other side of the screen, enjoying the cool air from the late season storm. His bare chest had filled out in the last year since he had started working at the camp, and his bronzed muscles made her take pause. He smiled at Erica and banged open the screen door with his shoulder.

“Hey Erica” he said, nonchalantly. C’mon inside, we’re all waiting out the storm in here.

He waved her inside and as she passed he eased her through the door by placing his large hand at the small of her back. Just that touch sent shocks up her spine and she stifled an involuntary gasp as his warm skin met her wet t-shirt. Inside the cabin the other two councilors were relaxing and passing around a bottle. They were not twenty-one yet, but Erica’s dad had always told his full-time councilors that whatever they did in the privacy of their own quarters was their business. So long as it did not impair their ability to work for him, and keep the paying customers happy.

It did not take but a few sentences for Erica to break the bad news to the ‘staff’ but a rare weekend off during the busy season was not something that they were going to bitch about. Since the office was already closed up Erica did not have to hurry back and these were the only other people that were near to her in age. She sat down at the other end of John’s futon – as far away from him as she could manage without being rude – and accepted the half-empty bottle when it came around to her. The whiskey warmed her up enough but did not stop her from taking a drag off a joint that Heather had rolled and then started passing as well. The blend of good booze, and passable weed, was loosening her up and it was not long before Erica was pulled into their conversation.

“This is some good shit” offered Erica as she took a drag and then passed the joint back to Heather.

The conversation carried on for a little longer, and the bottle came around a few more times. Being shared between four people meant that none of them was getting completely hammered, but Erica would have been full of shit if she had denied not feeling a lot better than when she had arrived. As things among people her age so often did, the conversation eventually turned to work and – of course – sex.

“… is all that I am saying” finished Heather.

Her discourse on the advantages of oral sex over straight intercourse had been booze and weed fueled, but Erica got the feeling that she had been speaking from experience. John and Travis just nodded their heads in agreement, having already agreed that they did not mind the occasional ‘hummer’ from one of the campers. Provided that she was cute and came onto them first. That had been the trigger that had sent Heather into a long-winded story that had ended up with her getting eaten out casino şirketleri in the hay loft of the horse barn.

“Wait” started Travis, “that was you?” He laughed deep in his chest and slapped his thigh in amusement. “I thought that bare, freckled, ass looked familiar.”

His revelation about Heather’s freckled butt carried them on for another ten minutes and left the two of them – Heather and Travis – making eyes at one another. Erica might not have a wealth of sexual experience, none at all to be exact, but she could smell the pheromones and was pretty certain that she knew where things were going to end up between those two. Erica smiled at their retreating backs as they risked the rain in order to find some privacy.

“Nice to see that those two are going to be… um… busy, for a while” offered John. His eyes wandering down Erica’s body as though her were ready to pounce at the first provocation.

Erica had not missed the obvious tenting in his uniform pants as the direction of the conversation had gotten progressively more adult the more that the four of them drank and smoked. She was no longer sure if it had been just the one joint that they had shared, but she was nowhere near drunk so Erica was certain that there had only been one bottle of whiskey.

“I… I mean we, the three of us, were planning on a little nature hike tomorrow since we are not going to have anything else to do. If you are not busy, did you maybe want to come along” John managed to ask her as Erica was rising and turning toward the door.

She did not miss his eyes moving from her face to her breasts and then dipping lower to her own uniform shorts and naked thighs. His attentions, although inappropriate, were not unwelcome so Erica did not call him on them and smiled sweetly at him. Making damn sure that he saw her returning his inspection. The swelling in his pants, although smaller now, was still impressive to her and she was flattered that he thought of her as being pretty enough to look at like that.

“I would love to go on a hike” Erica said. Fighting off the urge to blush as she did so.

The particulars were quickly exchanged and there was a new bounce in her step as she headed back toward the house and the inevitable explosion awaiting from her father and mother about losing another weekend’s revenue because of Mother Nature. So far as Erica was concerned, that old lady was taking her in the right direction tomorrow – at last.

The shower had felt great on her chilled skin and Erica took extra time in washing and grooming herself this morning. She had gotten an early start because she needed everything to be perfect today. She had confided in her older sister about the ‘hike’ with John and the other two councilors and her sister’s only advice? She had given Erica a knowing wink and then pressed the foil square of a condom into her open palm with a smile. With that item safely stuffed down inside of her backpack she had shaved her legs and trimmed everywhere else. And she meant everywhere. Lathered and lotion until her tanned skin glowed and decided against any make-up today. She was going for a hike, not working on a street corner for crying out loud.

Erica had chosen clean uniform shorts for the day – in order to ease any suspicions from her father – and the only thing she was not wearing were panties underneath them. She knew that she should plan on using the condom that Meg had slipped her, but it was her first time. It might be worth it just to go commando and see how it really felt. She started at the sound of footsteps outside and then the knock on the front door. Before anyone could stir to answer it she was heading out with her pack over her shoulder and the very best intentions of not returning home a virgin this evening.

The forest swallowed them all up once they were over the fence encircling the campground and into the surrounding National Forest. Birds sang overhead and the four of them made small talk for the first couple of hours. Again, Heather rolled a joint and passed it up and down the line and Travis started to hand around his flask. It contained the same good whiskey from the day before and in short order the four of them were laughing and being raunchy as a bunch of weekenders with their comments about sex and how much they enjoyed it.

“I want to know about enjoying it” piped up Erica. Just a little higher than she might have liked but knowing where she had planned for the day to go anyway, she was tired of playing along and talking big when, in fact, she did not know much about sex beyond getting herself off whenever she felt the need.

Heather came to screeching halt – which almost caused Travis to fly half-way up her ass – and did an immediate double take at her friend. Travis, once he was recovered, got the biggest shit-eating grin on his face that Erica thought she had ever seen. Lastly, John turned, once his brain had processed what it was that she had said. A shy smile gracing his lips and Erica was pretty sure that he had figured out why she had jumped at his invitation to come out here today. The three councilors immediately veered casino firmaları off of the marked trail until they found a clearing with a light carpeting of nettles and freshly fallen leaves. The wet weather meant that everything smelled of decaying vegetation, but they were far enough away that even if someone had wandered through here there was little likelihood of them being discovered.

“Well” offered Heather, putting out the butt of the joint on the sole of her hiking boot. “We are going to have to get your ass educated.”

Those words seemed to act as a catalyst for Travis and John as a couple of large blankets appeared, as well as a couple of tarps for ground cover. A few small pillows, a bottle of personal lubricant, and an open box of condoms as well. In under five minutes the two of them had turned a forest clearing into a love nest for four and Erica was left smiling and excited by their efforts.

Erica looked up through the forest canopy and drank in the late morning sunlight. Heather was giggling somewhere off to her right and she already knew that Travis had gone and stripped down to his skin. She had seen his well-muscled ass bouncing by as he had scooped up Heather and spread her out on the far side of the blanket. That left her alone with John and her own nervousness. His touch was light but he seemed hesitant when it came to helping her out of her clothes. That left her with taking the initiative by reaching to his waist and unsnapping his jeans and dragging down his zipper. He was still restrained by the cotton of his briefs but she was willing to consider this progress toward the ultimate goal. She, for her own part, had already pulled off her polo shirt and peeled away her bra. Where that had gone she had no idea and was not really worried about. What she was acutely aware of though was the growing warmth between her legs and a moistness in the crotch of her shorts. Now she was beginning to regret not having worn those panties, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time. Erica took her hand away from John’s chest and released the button on her own shorts. In a moment they were down her long legs and pooled around her ankles, above her boots. How the hell they had gotten this far with her boots still on was a mystery. Just then, she was reminded that they were not alone as Heather groaned in pleasure. Erica turned her head to look at her friend.

Heather had Travis flat on his back, both her small hands were splayed open across his chest, and she sank into a squat over his pulsing cock! It was the most erotic thing Erica had ever seen in her life, but she found she could not look away as Heather sank further, nestling the swollen head of that monster against herself, and then taking the final plunge! Heather’s eyes shot open, her nails raked bloody furrows across Travis’ chest, and she grunted as his balls came to rest against her.

“Oh” she groaned!

Travis grabbed her hips and helped her to start moving. Slowly and only a little at a time until Heather became accustom to his size and the angle at which he was snaking inside of her. Erica could only begin to imagine what it must feel like to have something that big buried inside of her! She watched, captivated, as the two of them found the right timing together at last and Heather began to pant and groan with each thrust into her grasping pussy. In short order she was in control and was making his outward strokes longer – almost coming off of him completely – and then coming back down – driving him deep inside of her, almost as though she were trying to impale herself. Each of these carried the sound of their sweaty flesh smacking together as well. At last, Travis stiffened, pulled Heather down and buried himself inside of her to his balls! He did not say anything but Erica suspected enough to know that he was filling her willing snatch with his cum! Heather’s eyes were also closed and her breathing was shallow, but she managed – somehow – to grind against his pubic mound and tease forth her own orgasm. The two of them locked together and presenting such a show was all the encouragement that Erica seemed to need.

Erica wrestled with her footwear until she managed to kick off the damned boots without knocking John off of her. She was so fucking turned on by watching Heather and Travis fucking, that her heat was pouring from between her slightly parted legs and she felt wetter than she ever had before – even the one time that she was rubbed one off while watching her sister and her boyfriend having a go in the backyard! Her breasts were heaving and she could barely contain her excitement. Without the boots in the way it was nothing at all to kick off her shorts and offer herself to John. She was happiest when she felt his hard cock brushing against her flat stomach. She did not want to look down between the two of them to see how big he was though. She was still just a little skittish about fitting that thing inside of her… What if it would not fit?… What if it got stuck?… Still, she was pretty sure that she was wet enough to at least attempt this.

“On your back” she said. Reaching between them to güvenilir casino give him a playful squeeze.

John complied and then helped to balance her as she climbed over his pelvis and managed – or so she hoped – to find the right position for this. Erica eased down. Doing just what she had seen Heather do with Travis. Until something spongy but unyielding pressed against her untried slit and she yelped. Reaching down she found his hard shaft and guided the head back until she felt it sink into the mouth of her pussy – just at the entrance to her. Releasing him for a second she made tight circles with her hips, smearing her wetness over his head, she did not stop until she felt some of herself running down his twitching shaft. Steadying herself and taking a deep breath, Erica eased down a few more inches…

“Oh shit!” The initial pain was not as bad as she had feared. “Uh” she breathed, continuing to work against John’s eager cock. Trying to make room for him.

The head had gotten lodged inside of her and Erica could feel it stretching her hymen. It hurt but she was determined. Opening her eyes she could feel those tears of pain running down her cheeks. She could also see that Heather had moved over to her. Erica almost jumped when she felt another hand between her legs. Guiding her. Helping her to move in the right way so that she and John could get where they both wanted to be. Heather had in hand the bottle of lubricant that had made the trip and she was alternating between squirting it between Erica and John and then working it into his shaft and against Erica’s parted vaginal lips. Every so often Heather’s fingers touched off on Erica’s swollen and sore clitoris and she would twitch or jump from the sudden sensation.

“Mmm” Erica breathed out. Feeling John slip another fraction of an inch inside of her. Her inner muscles were now trying to grab him and pull John’s cock deeper inside of her. With one final twitch of her hips Erica felt him pass inside of her and gave a wordless cry as her hymen was broken and her virginity was gone at last!

Erica’s head was resting on John’s chest, and she was still taking shallow breaths. Trying to become accustomed to the feeling of having something stuffed inside of her. The pain of being broken the first time had not lingered for very long. No. Now it was just the time that it was going to take until it stopped hurting altogether and started feeling good. At least that is what a few of Erica’s other girlfriends had described the act to her like. The angle of her body meant that she was exposed. Looking over the curve of her ass anyone could watch as the tight circle she was making with her hips was slowly working John deeper inside of her. Heather’s hand was there as well. Rubbing at John’s shaft and teasing along Erica’s parted labia. Her added attentions were helping with the lingering discomfort though, so Erica only groaned at her friend’s light touch and did not ask her to stop.

“Ah” gasped John, as his balls finally rested in the space between Erica’s open slit and the untouched pucker of her, still-virginal, asshole! “Mmm! Yeah…!” he said, breathing heavily.

He was holding perfectly still, allowing Erica to do all the moving. Still, the stimulation was maddening and he only wanted to roll her onto her hands and knees so that her first fuck was done properly! His balls were tightening up and despite having no great love for having a woman astride him, he knew he was not going to last much longer. He twitched his hips a little. Getting some badly needed friction. Erica groaned at that but since she did not tell him to stop he waited until she moved atop him again and then repeated that little motion. John felt rewarded then when Erica brought herself flush against him and his cock was dragged inside of her and gripped as though it were in a fist! Her eyes were squeezed shut and her breathing was shallow and rapid! It would have taken a world-class asshole not to realize that she was having her first real orgasm at that point…

Sweet Christ, was all she could manage to think as every other thought was blasted out of her by the sudden, coalescing, waves of intense pleasure that erupted from between her legs and carried all the way into her brain! Her muscles were locked up and the last thing that Erica was aware of was just how deep John was buried inside of her! Heather’s finger had snaked in between the two of them and when she had found Erica’s clit, she had rubbed against it gently… That, paired with the depth to which John had sunk inside of her had been all Erica needed to set herself off!

She felt very much like someone had packed a cannon between her legs but was so lost in the pleasure of her release that any pain had long since been forgotten. She rode the orgasm until her muscles loosened up and she collapsed against John’s chest again! This time she was too spent to even move. Thankfully, for him as well as her, he was only another five minutes before he too tensed and Erica became aware of his penis as it twitched and jumped inside of her! Several jets of warm fluid splashed into her open canal and she knew that her young pussy was accepting its very first load of cum… Erica was even beyond caring that neither of them had thought to use the damn condoms. Nature had called and the two of them had managed to get it right the first time out!

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