Nate and Syrina Visit the Spa

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“Oh my god yes, so perfect! This is awesome, I can’t wait!”

Nate loved to see Syrina so excited. He knew she would love the couple’s massage gift certificate he picked up from the new spa in town that had just opened. As nice as it looked from the outside, Nate knew it was even more impressive on the inside, and he couldn’t wait to share it with Syrina.

“Do you want me to call and see if we can get an appointment for this weekend? That way we can really celebrate your birthday in style!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Syrina said as she gave Nate a big hug and kiss. Nate couldn’t resist pulling her closer to feel her beautiful breasts press against him. He loved the fact she had a gorgeous set of D cups on her small frame topped with the sexiest dark brown nipples. Syrina knew she got Nate going and loved to teased him. Her smile grew devilish as she rubbed her breasts on him and ground her pelvis against his growing boner. “Naughty boy!” she said. Then she kissed him, letting her tongue flirt with his momentarily before breaking away, “Keep that thought sexy, and I’ll see you later – after work.”

“You can bet it will be the only thought on my mind.” Nate says with a smile before heading off to work himself.

“Wow, this place is bigger than I thought it would be!” Syrina says as she looks up at the top of the industrial looking building. Nate said it was a swanky spa, but Syrina was beginning to wonder if he had lost his mind. The building was at the edge of town, set off by itself. It looked like one of those giant steel buildings that usual house gyms or warehouses.

“I know it does not look like much from the outside, but just wait until you see the inside.” Nate says, almost seeming to read Syrina’s mind.

As they entered the lobby, Syrina thought things were beginning to look up. The lobby was nicely done in a tropical resort motif with lots of bamboo, soft colors, and lush foliage. The woman at the front desk greeted them with a smile, “Welcome to Serenity Spa!” she said with a slight sweep of her arm. “How can I help you?”

“Hi, my name is Nate and this is Syrina. We have an appointment for a couple’s massage.”

“Wonderful! I can get you all set up. Would you like to have your massages in the same room?” Both Nate and Syrina agreed that they would.

“I’m sorry to say we are a little short staffed today. Normally we offer a choice of male or female massage therapists, but I’m afraid only Ryan and Johnny are available. Will that be ok?” As she explained this, the two men emerged from the door to the side of the desk. They were both dressed in white slacks and tight black t-shirts, one blonde and one dark haired, both with trim athletic bodies and warm smiles.

Nate noticed Syrina perk up as she looked the men over, “That will definitely be ok!” she said with a smile.

Nate grumbled, “I guess it will be fine.” He was hoping for a female therapist and couldn’t help thinking it would be less relaxing with a guy rubbing him, but was not going to cause any trouble on Syrina’s special day.

“To make up for the inconvenience we would like to double your massage time so you can both enjoy a 4-handed massage, as well as complimentary aromatherapy sessions for both of you.”

Syrina had a puzzled look, “What is a 4-hands massage?”

“Oh, you’ll love it,” the hostess explained. “It’s where two therapists massage you simultaneously.”

“Sounds heavenly!” Syrina agreed with a smile.

The two men led them through the door out of the lobby and into another world. Nate had seen the facility before so was prepared, but was satisfied to see the look of incredulousness on Syrina’s face. He knew that look since he had the same one the first time he saw it as well. The spa was set up like a tropical island. The entire floor was flooded with crystal blue water that shimmered in the lights like the sea. There were what looked like grass huts separate from each other, but linked by a series of floating paths.

“This is so beautiful!” Syrina said, looking around wide eyed at the tropical paradise she had walked into.

Johnny and Ryan led them to a hut toward the back and instructed them to undress and lie down on the massage tables that were set up parallel to each other in the middle of the hut. The hut was lit by candles, with batik fabrics hung from the walls. Off to one side was a shower stall, and next to that was a hot tub. “Who will be having their massage first?” asked Johnny, the dark haired therapist.

“I volunteer!” Syrina answered, playfully raising her hand.

“Wonderful!” Johnny replied. “So Syrina you will remove your clothes, lie face down on the table and cover yourself with this towel.” He said as he handed a fluffy white towel to Syrina. “And Nate, you will remove your clothes and put on this robe for your aromatherapy session in our special heated chair.”

The two therapists left the hut, shutting the door behind them and saying they would be back in a few minutes to begin.

Nate and Syrina stripped off their clothes and hung them in the small closet built into the wall with sliding doors. Nate donned his robe as Syrina laid down on the massage table. “Oooooo, this table is heated! So nice!” she silivri escort said as she got comfortable. Nate draped the towel over her as suggested and bent over to give her a kiss.

“Happy Birthday, my Love! I hope you enjoy your pampering.”

“I already am!” Syrina said with a sweet sigh.

There was a quiet knock on the door, “Are you both ready?” Nate and Syrina answered they were and the two men entered the hut. Ryan, the blonde therapist, went about getting some scented oils ready, “Nate has told us you like lavender, is that correct Syrina?”

“Oh yes!” Syrina replied.

“Excellent, we will be using the lavender scented oils for your massage as well as lavender and bergamot for the aromatherapy session.” Ryan explained.

As Ryan readied everything for Syrina, Johnny settled Nate into the aromatherapy chair and explained that the chair was heated as he showed Nate the controls. He gave Nate a blindfold to wear, telling him that it was specially cooled to provide relief for tired eyes. Nate agreed he could certainly use that and settled back into his chair to relax. Once Nate was comfortable Ryan joined Johnny at the massage table. “Ok, we are ready to begin. Please let us know if the pressure is too hard or too soft so we can give you the best massage possible.”

“Oh I like it hard, definitely hard!” Syrina answered.

The two therapist agreed they could definitely accommodate her wishes and began her massage, Johnny starting near her head and Ryan beginning with her feet. Syrina enjoyed the feeling of two fit men massaging her and loved the warm lavender oil they were using. As Ryan expertly massaged her feet, working out all the tension, Johnny worked on her shoulders, skillfully relaxing the tightest of muscles. Nate tried to figure out what was going on for a time, then just settled back into the wonderfully soft, heated chair and enjoyed the wonderful scents surrounding him.

As Ryan moved up her legs and Johnny moved down her back, Syrina began to softly moan, which she usually did when she was really enjoying a massage. Hearing her instantly brought Nate back to attention. He loved all the pleasure sounds she made. He quietly slid the eye mask up a bit so he could watch the men massaging Syrina. He saw Ryan was up to her thighs, rubbing around the area behind her knee and Johnny was working on the knots in her lower back. As Ryan’s hands slid up Syrina thighs, her moans became a bit louder. Watching her get rubbed and the sounds she was making were making Nate very horny. His cock began to grow hard under the robe he was wearing. Ryan’s hand continued up Syrina’s thighs until they were just below her crotch, his thumbs pointed down right next to her pussy lips. As he kneaded her thighs just below her ass Nate could hear the wetness in her pussy. It was obvious through their thin, tight pants that Ryan and Johnny must have been aware of the effect they were having on her as well and were enjoying it very much. By this time Nate was hard as a rock and very interested to see what would happen next. The two men were now both working on Syrina’s ass, Ryan rubbing from the bottom and Johnny from the top. Syrina was moaning louder than ever and Nate could see her pushing her ass into the air, offering her dripping wet pussy. The two men teased her but kept the massage as professional as possible, despite the fact that they were obviously very turned on.

“Ok Syrina. We’re going to have you turn over now so we can work on your front.” Ryan said. “We’ll both stand on this side and I’ll hold your towel up while you turn over.” Nate quickly pulled his eye mask down so the two men wouldn’t see he had been spying on them. Syrina rolled over behind the towel curtain, then Ryan laid the towel over her, covering her from just above the tops of her breasts to just below her pussy. Johnny retrieved an eye mask like the one Nate had and asked if she would like to wear it while they finished her massage. She said yes, and Johnny helped her put it on, smoothing her hair off her face as he did. As before, Ryan started down low at the feet and Johnny began by Syrina’s head. Nate pushed his eye mask up again and continued to watch his gorgeous wife get a rubdown, his cock still engorged. He could see Syrina blissing out as Ryan rubbed her feet and shins, while Ryan massaged her head and neck.

“Excuse me?” Syrina said in a small voice.

“Yes, Syrina? Is there something we can do to make you more comfortable?” Johnny asked softly as he bent close to her ear. “Well, this table is wonderfully heated and I’m loving it, but with the towel on me I’m a little too hot.”

“We can certainly fix that. Would you like us to turn down the table for you?” Johnny asked.

“I would prefer if you took the towel off.” Syrina replied. The two men exchanged looks and smiled.

“We would be happy to. Anything to make your experience more enjoyable.” With that, Ryan removed the towel from Syrina and set it to the side. Nate noticed Syrina’s nipples were rock hard, pointing straight at the ceiling. He also noticed her freshly shaved pussy. She must have done that this morning when she was showering before heading off to şirinevler escort the spa. The two men resumed massaging Syrina, their eyes drawn to her gorgeous D cups, with her brown aureoles and dark nipples begging for attention. Ryan moved from her feet to her side and began to rub Syrina’s thighs. Johnny remained over Syrina’s head, rubbing her shoulders and letting his hands dip down to her upper chest, just above where the swelling of her breasts began. Nate watched as Ryan’s hands moved higher up Syrina’s inner thigh. As his hands passed the midpoint of her thigh Syrina parted her legs. Her wet pussy was clearly audible as he kneaded her upper thighs. She began to moan and spread her legs further. Johnny’s hands continued their circular massage route on Syrina’s chest, but began to dip lower to include Syrina’s upper breasts. Her hand moved from her side at the massage table and went to the bulge in Ryan’s pants, stroking his hard-on softly through the fabric. Syrina stroking his cock seemed to set Ryan free, his hands moved up her thigh to her groin. As he began to massage her wet pussy, Syrina spread her legs to give him complete access. Johnny’s hands slid down to rub Syrina’s breasts, alternately stroking, squeezing and pinching her nipples. Syrina arched her back in pleasure as the two men worked her body.

Nate pushed the eye mask fully off to get as good a view of the action as possible as he began to stroke himself. Ryan slipped two fingers into Syrina’s sopping wet cunt and began to slide them in and out as Johnny played with her tits. Syrina hooked her finger into the elastic waistband on Ryan’s pants and pulled it down to reveal his raging boner. She began to jerk him off as he finger-fucked her. Seeing Syrina’s hand pumping Ryan’s cock was making Johnny so horny. He pulled down his own pants and slid his hard cock into Syrina’s mouth. She opened up for him and allowed him deep into her throat, tonguing the sensitive underside of his dick as he slid it in and out of her mouth. Ryan bent over Syrina and began licking her pussy, lapping up her juices. His tongue gently circled her clit, teasing it before plunging in as deep as he could and fucking her with his tongue. Syrina let out a cry, muffled by Johnny’s cock as Ryan worked her with his mouth, her hand still pumping his cock. With her other hand she reached up and tore off her eye mask, wanting to see the two men pleasuring her. She looked nervously over to Nate. He gave her a reassuring smile as he stroked his cock, the robe now flung aside. Syrina winked at him as she tongued Johnny’s rod. She could feel the orgasm building in her and knew it would come soon, and come hard. Ryan seemed to sense she was close and sucked her clit into his mouth. He worked her clit with his tongue as he slipped first two, then three fingers into her wet hole. He pistoned his fingers in and out as she sucked Johnny’s cock until her body shivered and convulsed with ecstasy as she came.

Johnny and Ryan had been so absorbed by Syrina they had forgotten about Nate. Her loud cries of pleasure seemed to bring them momentarily back as they both looked over to him, sheepishly expecting the worst. Nate smiled back at them with obvious approval as he continued to stroke his cock. Both therapists looked visibly relieved as they turned their attention back to Syrina, who was panting quietly on the massage table. Ryan took her by the waist and slid her up the table a bit until her head hung off the end. He then got up on the table and positioned himself between her spread legs, rubbing the head of his cock on her wet, swollen pussy. “Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want my hard cock inside you, Syrina?” he asked.

“Oh yes. Yes, please. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” Syrina moaned.

He began to work his cock in slowly, with shallow strokes as her pussy stretched to accommodate him.

“Tell me you want to suck me.” Johnny said.

“Yes.” Syrina replied.

“Yes, what? Say it. Say you want to suck my cock. Tell me you want me to fuck your face.”

“Yes, yes. I want to suck you cock! I want you to fuck my face!” Syrina pleaded.

Johnny brought the head of his cock to her mouth, teasing her, rubbing it on her lips as her tongue licked him. He began to knead her breasts as he slid his cock into her mouth. Deeper and deeper he penetrated her mouth as he squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. Soon he was sliding his entire shaft into her, his cock deep in her throat. As Johnny penetrated Syrina’s throat, Ryan dived balls deep into her pussy. She let out a gasp as he slid all the way in. She was filled on both ends with cock as they slid in and out of her holes and she was loving it. The sight of Syrina getting fucked hard by the two men was driving Nate crazy. He pumped his cock furiously, keeping time with the pounding Ryan was giving her pussy. Nate urged the three on, “Yes, so gorgeous. I love the way you look with those cocks so deep inside you. Keep fucking her. Make her cum. I want to see her juices running down your cock.” Hearing Nate talking dirty and knowing how much he was enjoying seeing her get fucked, drove Syrina wild. She started bucking against Ryan’s cock as she reached şişli escort back and grabbed Johnny’s ass pulling him toward her and deep down her throat.

“Fuck yeah, swallow his cock. All the way, baby. All the way down to his balls.” Syrina did as Nate instructed and swallowed Johnny’s entire length, taking him deep into her throat as her tongue continued to work his cock. “Keep it in there, Syrina. Keep deep throating him as long as you can.” Nate said, his voice hoarse with desire. Syrina worked Johnny’s cock as long as she could before she freed it from her mouth with a gasp, precum and saliva dripping from her lips and chin. She brought her hands to her face, wiping the slick fluid from her lips onto her hand before spreading it onto her tits. She massaged the cum onto her hard nipples pinching them as Ryan fucked her pussy.

“God, your pussy feels so good, so tight, so wet, so hot. I can’t hold out much longer. I’m going to cum!” Ryan moaned.

“Yes, I want you to cum for me. I want you to shoot your load deep inside me.” Syrina moaned in answer. Hearing her say that and seeing her pinching her nipples drove Ryan over the edge and he began to pump into her furiously, his balls slapping on her ass with each hard thrust. “Fuck yes. Yes, yes, yes!” He said as he came inside her, filling her with his seed.

Syrina cried out as she came with him, clutching his ass to hold his cock deep inside her, milking every last drop. They stayed still for a moment, Johnny and Nate watching intently both stroking their stiff dicks. Ryan gently got off of the massage table, leaving Syrina panting softly, legs spread, fingers languidly teasing her nipples

“Now I want to see you fuck her.” Nate said, pointing at Johnny. “I want you to fuck her from behind so I can see her face.”

Johnny reached over and flipped Syrina over to face Nate, her front now on the massage table and her feet just touching the ground. A wicked smile played on Syrina’s face as she looked at Nate, Johnny positioning himself behind her. His cock slid into her soaking wet pussy with ease, Ryan’s cum providing plenty of lube. Syrina could feel her juices mixed with Ryan’s running down the thighs as Johnny began to fuck her. As he picked up his pace he grabbed Syrina’s hips to pull her back toward him with each thrust. His balls slapping against her clit each time he sank into her. Nate stared at her beautiful face as Johnny pounded her, a mix of animal lust and deep love on his features. “Do you want to suck my cock while he fucks you?”

“Yes.” Syrina says.

“You know the rules. Yes what?” Nate asks.

“Yes I want to suck your cock. I want you in my mouth, deep down my throat. I want you to fuck my face while Johnny fucks my pussy.” Syrina half moans, half pleads.

“Excellent. Good girl!” Nate says as he rises and parts her lips with the head of his erect penis. Syrina licks eagerly at his cock, lapping up his precum as Johnny fills her pussy. Soon the two men are fucking her hard from both sides, her moans muffled by the hard cock in her mouth. Syrina quickly builds to another orgasm, soaking Johnny’s cock with her cum.

“Mmmmm…very nice.” Nate purrs “I love it when you come for us. But I think our friend is feeling a bit left out.” Nate says as he gestures to Ryan “Let’s see if we can fix that. Johnny would you please lie down on the table face up?”

“Gladly!” Johnny replies. As Syrina stands he takes her place on the table.

“Syrina, I would like you to ride Johnny’s cock.” Syrina nods in agreement and climbs on top of him, reaching down between her legs to slide him into her. She settles back until every inch of him is inside her and then begins to grind her pelvis against his, stimulating her swollen clit. As she works Johnny’s member, Nate climbs up onto the table and positions himself behind her, slathering the lavender oil on his cock as he watches her ass gyrate. Nate gestures Ryan over. He is already sporting another erection, obviously turned on by all the fucking and sucking Syrina is doing. Ryan stands beside the table and guides Syrina’s mouth down to his swollen member, which she sucks hungrily.

“Mmmm…almost full.” Nate says as Syrina feels the head of his cock against her sphincter, rubbing gently, spreading the oil all over her asshole. “Oh!” She cries out, the sound muffled by the cock in her mouth.

“It’s ok, baby. You can take it, just relax. You know you want all your holes filled.” Nate says as the head of his cock slides into Syrina’s tight ass. She moans “yes!” around the dick in her mouth, her body stiff with a cock in her ass for the first time. Nate continues forward with slow but steady pressure, sliding inch by inch into her tight rear. Once his cock is buried up to the balls, he stops still to let her set the tempo. In a few moments she begins to rock back and forth gently on the dick in her pussy, grinding on Johnny’s hip bone. Ryan begins to slide his cock deeper into her mouth and she moans with pleasure. Syrina thinks to herself how delicious, yet dirty, it is to have all her holes filled like this. Nate feels her loosening up and begins to slowly pump in and out of her ass and she begins to ride the two cocks in her, meeting their thrusts with her own. Soon all three men are fucking her hard, Ryan sliding deep down her throat with every thrust, Johnny thrusting up from under her to pound into her sopping wet pussy and Nate hammering away at her virgin ass. The feeling drives Syrina over the edge as she crashes to another orgasm, her pussy spasming around Johnny’s cock.

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