Natasha Ch. 01

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Natasha’s Neighbourhood Watch Program goes full steam…

It had been sometime since she had last sunbaked in her backyard — probably a little over a year ago — and she wondered if the boy would come out this time too? Natasha smiled to herself, as she thought back to last summer when she had first discovered their new neighbour’s son perving on her through a small crack in the side fence.

Poor boy, she remembered thinking, after she had gotten over the initial shock of her discovery. Fancy being in those horrible teenage years, when your hormones are running rampant and your testosterone levels are peaking for the first time in your life — and not being able to do much about it, but masturbate!

And just to make matters worse; moments after you just move into a new house with your mum and dad, you discover your next door neighbour likes to sunbake topless!

Yes, at the time, Natasha was somehow able to sympathise with the lad and his voyeuristic tendencies. Mind you, she distinctly remembered that the ‘pleasure’ was not all his alone, as he perved on her surreptitiously — no, not at all!

She did feel a bit guilty about it at the time; but knowing that some young man (well, not much more than a boy of eighteen, really) was less than five metres away on the other side of a flimsy paling-fence, while she lay on a large beach towel with nothing on more than a tiny g-string and a liberal coating of coconut-scented tanning lotion — and also knowing that his big eyeball was just about popping through a twenty millimetre crack to perv on her — well, it had sort of rocked her boat a little — almost right from the start!

She didn’t let on to the boy that she knew he was there of course — no, not at all. Well, not for awhile, anyway! And she played up to it like it was all just a bit of harmless fun. She picked her moments well — mostly when her husband, Charles, was at work or golf or somewhere — and coincidently, it was often when she had heard the neighbour’s car back out the driveway too!

On sunny days, she would come out with her little black string-bikini on and a towel wrapped around her, and pull the washing off the line if it was dry (this became like a signal or something, she figured, as the clothesline would squeak horribly as she turned it around, and anyone within earshot would know she was in the yard). Then she would go to her favourite spot, and casually remove her towel with her back to the crack in the side fence, and bending over she would lay out the towel, while carefully straightening the corners of it neatly, and her bare bum, with the narrow strip of material running up her crack, would be pointing provocatively toward the fence. Of course, most often at that stage she didn’t really know if the boy was watching her or not — but the thought of it really got her juices flowing anyway…

She would then sit down, and still with her bikini top on, she would ooze the suntan lotion over as much of her body as was possible till it shone sensuously in the warm sunlight, and then lay down on her stomach to finally undo her top and pull it from beneath her…

Then as she relaxed, while wearing her best shades, she would sneak a peak over at the fence to see if she had company. And during the fifteen or so times that she’d performed the little ritual last year — the lad had his eye jammed against the fence for twelve of them! If only her Lotto numbers were as easy to predict, she had thought whimsically.

Of course, she would not make it too easy for the boy, and she would often lie on her stomach for sometime, before she would finally roll over to expose her boobs to his inquisitive eye. Then again, she wasn’t too sure for awhile if the youth was more interested in her bottom, or her breasts!

She was to find out one day though…

Yes, one day she had decided to place her towel almost right next to the fence — not more than a metre or so from the crack! She had performed pretty much the same ritual as other times of course — and she knew he was watching — but now she could actually hear him breathing hoarsely on the other side of the fence!

That particular day she had chosen to wear a new bikini — a pretty little thing made by Wicked Weasel. It was made of a material called ‘spider web’ or something, and it left very little to the imagination if you were close enough to see how open the ‘web’ material was, as it stretched over her skin. Natasha thought it would be even better for getting a tan almost all over her toned body, without being completely nude. And even though her husband, Charles, had bought it for her, not even he’d had the pleasure of seeing her wearing it!

The boy was undoubtedly the first…

Laying on her stomach, with her top off and lying crumpled next to her, she thought she could hear the boy moving about on the other side, but only just. And she had waited a bit longer than usual before she got up the nerve to roll onto her back…

But bağdat caddesi şişman escort when she did finally roll over — well, that was when she heard him murmur something, but almost inaudibly — some sort of expletive or something — and Natasha felt so naughty indeed to be so bold near someone so young!

It was only with great willpower that she had avoided looking at the crack in the fence — she certainly didn’t want him knowing that he had been discovered. After all, the whole sordid-little affair had become quite symbiotic she felt — he liked to look at her discreetly while she was near-naked — and she got all excited from the rather flattering knowledge of him doing it!

But at that time, she wondered if she had gone just a little too far — sitting up, she had applied copious amounts of lotion on her breasts, stomach and thighs. And although she knew her boobs were not overly large or anything (Charles often told her how beautifully shaped they still were, even after fifteen years of marriage), she closed her eyes and spent a little more time than was required to rub the oil in, and she was well aware that her dark, little nipples were as hard as berries!

And she had heard him unzip something… of that she was certain…

Natasha continued to rub in the lotion down her stomach, as she sat with her knees bent in almost a cross-legged fashion. And looking down, she could quite clearly see that the tiny triangle of webbed material did very little to secrete her smooth labia and the fine slit of her pussy — oh god, she’d felt bad!

She had lain back down, but had kept her knees bent and slightly raised, and then she had moved her feet apart on the towel, until they felt more comfortable — then she tried to relax…

Her ears strained to hear something — anything — and for a moment she had actually thought that she may have scared him off. But then she heard it — barely detectable, as the light breeze rustled the leaves on the trees nearby. But she heard it, and she tried really hard not to smile…

The boy was slowly masturbating as he perved on her — and the knowledge made her pussy tingle with excitement!

A week later, and the last time she had sunbaked for that season (as the weather had started to cool prematurely), Natasha had worn the same web bikini. And she had placed her towel quite close to the fence again — only, where she had lain parallel to the fence last time, as she would normally, she upped the ante this time and placed her towel at right angles to the crack in the fence!

There was something else that was of notable difference too, a couple of days earlier, she had noticed that the fence was ‘deteriorating’ even more, and the crack, once only about thirty centimetres long and at most, twenty millimetres in width, now appeared to have extended almost to the ground! And although not anywhere near as wide for most of it, there was a spot at about knee-height that was similar in width to the original crack!

Natasha could actually see through to the neighbour’s house without being too close herself!

She probably should have faced the fence — but her recently-discovered exhibitionist streak had her decide cheekily to lay down with her feet toward the neighbours. Then when she had sat up to apply the lovely scented suntan lotion, she had the utmost difficulty at not staring straight at the crack in the fence, where she knew the boy to be hiding.

Natasha knew now how terrible she was to do it — but she had lain on her back, and as she had the week earlier, she raised her legs and parted her feet, only this time she knew it would give the youth an unfettered view between her smooth, tanned-thighs –and of her pussy, that was more or less visible through the sparse webbing of her bikini!

She had lain like that just long enough to hear the boy begin to masturbate again — and again, her exhibitionism titillated her so much that she had trouble not masturbating too!

Funnily, it was as that moment that Natasha felt fairly certain that he knew that she knew — and it was quite obvious to her that she was letting the situation get out of hand! But she also knew that her lewd behaviour had become rather difficult for her to stop.

Yes, that had been a year ago, Natasha remembered wistfully…

Of course, she had met the boy out the front in the street more that a few times since last summer. The first time they had met face-to-face, he had been walking past her house as she was checking the letter box and he had blushed uncontrollably in front of her — and although Natasha had thought it sweet, she too had blushed like a teenager and had trouble not laughing!

He had been a gangly blonde youth at first, but lately, she noticed he had filled-out rather nicely. He drove now, and his noisy old bomb he was doing up was often parked out the front when Natasha went for her walks in the morning. And on the odd-occasion, bağdat caddesi ucuz escort he would be there tinkering under the bonnet, and she would stop and chat to him for a few moments.

It became plainly obvious to Natasha that the youth was still rather shy around her — and although she did catch him stealing glimpses of her cleavage a couple of times if she had left a few too many buttons undone on her top — he was always polite and friendly to her.

Natasha sighed deeply as she stepped outside into the sunshine with her new beach towel wrapped around her. She now knew for certain that she had more than a little exhibitionist-streak in her after a party she had attended with her husband a bit over a month earlier.

Now that had gotten out of hand, Natasha told herself, as she walked toward the clothesline. Of course she had blamed it on the Champagne that had been plied upon her in copious quantities throughout the evening — but she also knew (although her husband never talked about it, she knew that he knew too), that it had been one hell of night of discovery for both of them! And just thinking about it now — although there was still a tiny pang of guilt — she could feel herself getting wet at the memory.

Natasha brought in the washing in the warm noonday sun, and as she expected, the clothesline squeaked and groaned in protest as it was rotated…

Then she placed her towel in a familiar spot, and noticed then for the first time that the crack in the fence had been repaired!

She shrugged her shoulders, and sighed in disappointment at her discovery — she was rather looking forward to showing off her new bikini that Charles had bought her — a tiny little thing he had found on the internet called a peek-a-boo.

The bikini was really pretty disgusting, Natasha surmised. The tiniest of material, not much more than thin bands really. The top, although well-fitting, was missing most of an integral part of the garment — the part that filled the cups! Just a thin strip went down the middle of the each triangular cup, so that when worn, her boobs, including most of each nipple, were pretty much plainly on display! And that just about summed-up the bottoms too — merely cleverly sewn bands — but with the triangular patch of material that should have been in the middle completely missing too! The effect of the ‘garment’ was amazing; the straps actually framed her pudenda perfectly — so perfect in fact, that they greatly contributed in pursing her smooth labia outward quite provocatively so her lips actually looked to be pouting!

Of course, Charles had certainly not intended on her wearing it to the beach, or out in public — it was meant to be for his personal pleasure only. But as he had bought it before the night of the party, and Natasha’s ‘little’ indiscretion, he now seemed not to be so interested in it anymore!

So, of course, Natasha was going to share the unveiling with her lovely young neighbour who used to ever-so-discreetly enjoy her mischievous displays last summer!

Natasha sat down on the towel and applied her favourite tanning lotion to her trim body, and sighed again with a sense of disappointment. Oh well, she thought, the boy has probably grown out of perving on middle-aged women by now anyway, now he’s all-grown-up with a car!

She looked down at her boobs less than barely concealed in the little pink top, and smiled at her husband’s choice. He had often in the past encouraged her to wear scanty clothing around others — although nothing as bold as her new peek-a-boo bikini! She knew of course, he had liked to watch her flaunt herself at times in more tasteful, but still very sexy clothes, around others — but, again, since the party night, his taste had become far more subdued. She was actually surprised he had not gotten rid of some of her outfits — especially the lovely chiffon skirt and camisole she had worn on the night of her indiscretion! But he hadn’t.

Now feeling alone and secure in her backyard with the fence repaired, Natasha did away with her formalities of a year earlier, and reached behind to remove the silly little top. She then oiled her boobs up liberally, enjoying the feeling of the warm liquid against her skin and sensitive nipples.

Natasha was almost about to remove her bikini bottom too, for that all-over-tan she rarely obtained, but looking down at the thing made her laugh. She noticed that it not only framed her vulva, but it certainly was forcing her labia outward in a pouting fashion — she could actually see the thin edges of her inner lips protruding like little pink tongues! Shaking her head in mock horror, she admitted to herself that she certainly could see what her husband had seen in the lurid design…

So, she left the garment on, and applied more lotion on her legs and upper thighs, and even a dribble on her little, recently-waxed pussy! Then she laid down, gradually drifting off, bağdat caddesi yabancı escort while thinking about all sorts of things — but mostly she found herself thinking of the inexplicable urge at times to stir-up the handsome boy next door…


Eric heard the clothesline squeaking from out the front of the house as he checked his oil and water in his car — it was the first warm day of summer, and his loins stirred in wonder as to whether his pretty neighbour would be thinking of renewing her tan soon?

Quickly cleaning up and putting his tools away, he walked down his driveway as casually as he could to where the crack in the fence used to be. Funny really, the reason why the fence had been repaired, and ironically, it was not because of him either! No, his mother had made his father patch it up several weeks ago, when she had caught his ol’ dad perving on their pretty neighbour as she hung the washing out in a pale-blue baby-doll nightgown early one fine spring morning.

Eric had heard his mum go off at the ol’ boy too, as apparently she had caught him looking through the fence more than once! It seemed perving on neighbours was in the blood; Eric had chuckled to himself at the time.

But no one was at home to see him go to the spot he had prepared recently. Cripes, he’d had trouble not thinking about the pretty brunette these last few months — he’d only wished he’d had his new digital camera last year so he had something real to masturbate over, instead of just the memory of her and what he considered to be a fantastic body!

Of course the highlight of last years perving, was the day she had put her towel close to the fence, and had lain with her feet toward where he was hiding. He smiled at the erotic memory — Christ, she was that close he could have touched her — well, her pretty feet anyway. But when she opened her legs with that see-thru bikini on — he had not been able to resist any longer — and he had pulled his hard cock quickly at the sight of her slit!

And he knew he had probably been making too much noise too, as he wanked off, but he was so fucking excited, he didn’t care! And just before he shot his wad onto the grass, he had seen her smile — and he was sure that her legs had opened even wider for him — as if beckoning him between them! Well, that’s what he had thought, anyway.

But there was one thing Eric was pretty certain of still — and even though it had only been for a split second — he clearly remembered seeing her open her eyes, then she glanced quickly from under her sunglasses toward him as he looked at her through the crack in the fence! Of that he was almost certain, without a doubt!

Now Eric stood by the fence and looked around his yard — no one was home, but he checked anyway. Then he reached for the small imperfection in one of the palings, and twisted it gently…

It was a random knot in the wood that he had discovered recently. With a small penknife that he had been given as a boy-scout years ago, he had worked it loose to reveal an even better location for perving — if it were at all possible — and he had then carefully put a couple of small brads in the knot, so as when he replaced it in the hole, it wouldn’t fall through the other side.

It wasn’t the first time he had used the new spot — no — he had perved on Natasha a couple of times as the weather had warmed up, hoping to see her in her bikini again. He had been rather lucky the weekend before — not that she’d come out in her bikini — but she had brought the washing in wearing a really small pair of denim shorts that barely covered her butt, and a loose-fitting singlet that had arm holes so big that when she reached for the clothesline, her beautiful tits were plain to see! Fuck, he loved the look of her tits!

Tentatively, Eric removed the small piece of wood and looked in next door…

“Orr fuck!” he mouthed silently to himself, he was in luck.

Eric peered through the fence at Natasha as she lay not more than three metres from his new vantage point — she was on her back, oiled-up and although her complexion was noticeably paler from the long winter, he thought she was looking even better than he remembered!

He ogled her pretty tits for a few moments — her dark-coloured nipples standing out against her fair skin — then he let his gaze wander down her body to her hips, to see she was wearing pink bikini-bottoms. She looked to be snoozing — and while Eric perved on her, he undid his jeans and released his rapidly growing cock…

She looked fucking gorgeous, he thought, as he began to stroke himself.

A couple of minutes passed, and Eric was wanking a little harder, not too far off blowing his wad, when he noticed her stirring. The sun had gone behind some trees and she was now partly shaded. He watched as she sat up and looked around for what he correctly guessed was to find a new spot in the sun to lay her towel — then she turned toward the fence directly where he was standing, and gathered her things together, while carelessly letting her knees flop over to either side.

“Wow!” Eric mouthed to himself, as he looked down between her legs. He could not believe what he was looking at! Was that really a bikini? He could pretty much see her whole cunt! And there was now not a hair on it at all by the looks of things!

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