Nancy and Laura Ch. 01: The Seduction

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This story is based on something real that a friend of mine told me about once. I truly appreciate any comments people send me.


“Laura, you aren’t just my boyfriend’s mother, I hope that we’re friends.” Nancy smiled at Laura.

To be honest they were friendly but they weren’t exactly friends. They didn’t meet for coffee or go to the movies together. Nancy just saw a lot of Laura because she was dating her son. Nancy had met Steve during their time in college and Steve still lived at home. Nancy spent the night a few times and Laura was always friendly. Both women thought it was important to be friends with the other. Laura wanted to prove she wasn’t possessive about her son and was progressive minded about things. It wasn’t like Steve and Nancy weren’t both adults. They were well over 18 and both in college.

Nancy had liked Laura right away. She thought Laura was very understanding and friendly even if she was a little shy. Besides Nancy had never really liked other women her own age. Too many 19 and 20 year olds were immature. Laura was easy to talk to and informal. She had immediately told Nancy to call her Laura and never cared if she stayed over. She was pretty discreet about it when Nancy and Steve started making out on the couch and finished in Steve’s bedroom. Nancy discovered she wasn’t at all self-conscious with Laura around. It helped that Steve’s bedroom wasn’t that close to his mom’s although sometimes Nancy thought she didn’t care if anyone heard, especially not Laura.

Laura started being friendly just because it was in her mind the right thing to do. But she quickly found that she liked Nancy a lot. Nancy was goo to her son, she was friendly, she wasn’t full of herself, and Laura liked that Nancy regarded them as equals. It was like she just assumed they would be friends instead of parent and son’s friend. Laura didn’t know why she liked that but she did. Maybe it made her feel young instead of like some older person out of things. Nancy was helpful and she couldn’t help thinking she was a good catch for her son. Laura really wanted her son to be with a nice girl but she was also pleased that Nancy was so attractive. Nancy was actually pretty close to Laura’s height and figure although otherwise they didn’t look a lot alike. They were both close to 5-6 and Nancy probably weighed less than Laura’s 130 pounds but not a lot less. Nancy’s face was angelic but her eyes had a pleasant sort of fire burning in them. And Laura admired her taste in clothing, and of course her taste in men.

When they first got to know each other, they just crossed paths now and then or saw each other as Nancy was moving into the bedroom with Steve. But they became more comfortable and Nancy stayed for dinner more often. Steve liked the idea that his girlfriend and his mother could get along. He had had other girlfriends that his mom had hated. None of them were as series and all of them were just a few dates or a few months so it was different.

One night the three of them were all watching TV and Nancy was talking about needing to go shopping. When Steve rolled his eyes, Nancy said, “well maybe your Mom wants to go. How about it Laura? Why don’t you join me, just us girls and we can leave Steve behind? We could go tomorrow night after dinner.”

Laura agreed partly because she hadn’t been shopping in a while but mostly because she liked the idea that Nancy actually wanted to spend time with her.

Steve was just grateful for getting out of it. “Great, mom. You can do all the things I think are boring and everyone’s happy!”

Nancy slapped him but everyone was in a good mood and it was settled.

The next night, Laura met Nancy at a mall. It was Tuesday so it wasn’t very crowded which made it easier. They went to a couple shoe stores but didn’t really buy anything. Nancy was actually looking for a dress to wear some night when she and Steve were supposed to go to a fancy night out.

Laura was having fun helping her pick things out and soon they settled on three dresses while at a big department store. Nancy took them back to try on. The salesperson loaned them a pair of heels from the shoe section and then went back across the store. But she said to come get here if they needed anything else.

Laura waited for a few minutes until Nancy called and asked her to come into the changing area to help her. She went in to find Nancy with her back to her asking for help zipping up. After the zipping, Nancy turned and said, “this doesn’t fit quite right does it?”

They both agreed on that so Laura unzipped her and started to leave until Nancy called out, “wait, stay here,I’m going to need your help.”

So Laura stayed while Nancy went away from the mirror and back into her cubicle where she slipped out of the dress and handed it to Laura to put on a hanger. Then she turned with her hands on her hips and two dresses on the wall behind her. Laura turned and looked but not at the dresses.

She was distracted ataşehir ucuz escort by the way Nancy looked. She was standing there in black underwear, a very fancy silk and lace bra and panty set with black thigh highs. She looked stunning and completely unexpected. Laura was thinking how beautiful she was and didn’t know what to say.

Nancy realized Laura was staring and laughed. “Do you like my undies? I knew I was trying on dresses so I wore these. I’m planning on wearing them when I go out.”

Then she smiled and whispered in an exaggerated naughty way, “you see, my boyfriend likes pretty undies and I think they’ll turn him on, don’t you?”

Laura laughed a little and found herself a little nervous. Her son’s girlfriend was talking about turning on her son although the way she phrased it made it sound better but still a lot naughty. But she was surprised also at how stunning she found Nancy. So she just said, “I think they would turn anyone on. You look lovely, Nancy.”

Nancy smiled happily and then turned and grabbed the dresses. “I think this one. The one on the left also won’t fit right. But maybe you can try it when we’re done with me.”

With that she slipped into the dress and turned for Laura to zip her again. “I’m so glad I have you to serve me, Laura. It makes this easier.”

They examined the dress and decided it was just what Nancy was after. The Nancy took it off and stopped. Instead of dressing again she said “Now, we need to do something about you.”

Laura was surprised a little but Nancy grabbed the other dress and told Laura to undress so they could try it on.

When Laura hesitated, Nancy put her at ease and laughed. “Laura, don’t be shy. It’s just us girls and not even any salespeople anywhere nearby. Besides, I’m half naked so hurry up and strip.”

Laura took down her pants and slipped off her top and reached for the dress but Nancy pulled it away a little and frowned. “Laura, as a friend can I say: cotton is comfy and I’m sure your bra and panties have lived a nice long life but those aren’t doing anything for anyone. I don’t know about your last or next boyfriend but I can tell you I’m feeling nothing at all. Boring under a dress like this. We must fix you!”

Laura was embarrassed and said apologetically, I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t realize I would be trying on clothes today.”

Nancy told her to wait while she ran out and got a few things. Before Laura could protest Nancy had slipped a dress on and was gone.

When Nancy came back, she had an armful of clothes and said “okay let’s get started.”

First she held up a very tiny black thong. Laura looked very nervous and Nancy started laughing. “Don’t worry, silly. I just brought this to scare you! We’re going to make you look pretty not slutty and I think your cute little butt will look delicious covered in a pretty panty. So try these on.” She held up bright red silk panties with a hint of black lace trimmings.

Laura blushed a little but didn’t want to disappoint her friend so she took them and turned around to slip them on.

Nancy kept talking to keep Laura from getting uncomfortable. “I know the red is a little bold for you but I thought since I was wearing black you needed something else. That way when we go our together and wear our new dresses, we don’t have the same color. I know no one else will know but we’ll know. Now let me see!”

Laura turned around. The panties were very pretty and at Nancy’s urging she walked back and forth. She was supposed to feel like she was modeling them but she felt more than a little shy and nervous.

Nancy cheered on, saying, “Ooh, you’re so hot, woman, and I told you your ass would be on fire in silk. They’re awesome, do you like them?”

Laura was a little self-conscious but Nancy was so enthusiastic it made everything fun. So she nodded and Nancy gave her the matching bra.

At this point, Nancy was enjoying herself and also teasing Laura in a friendly way. “Now put that on and see if I can control myself or if I just pass out.”

Laura was having fun and put it on quickly. To be honest she felt a huge amount of self-confidence from Nancy. She was so encouraging it made her feel very sexy.

Nancy had by this time slipped off her own dress and was also just in her underwear, which was only fair. She was talking the whole time and telling Laura how hot it all made her look. Then, Nancy, with her arm on Laura’s back, moved them both out of the cubicle to the front of a mirror. With the two of them standing next to each other, Nancy said, “look how hot we are. Who could possibly resist us?”

Nancy then turned and looked at Laura. “You know you’re gorgeous don’t you?” And without any warning Nancy leaned in and kissed Laura. One soft kiss, no more than a second.

Then, after a very small pause, she moved her hands to Laura’s shoulders and kissed her more deeply, pressing her lips to Laura’s and opening her lips ever ataşehir yabancı escort so slightly and letting just the very tip of her tongue dart out and flicker between the two of them and gently touch Laura’s lips.

Laura had closed her eyes and didn’t know what was happening or why she was enjoying it so much. She felt the tongue flicker so sensually and Nancy’s fingertips cascaded down Laura’s back making the very lightest of contact and sending shivers throughout Laura’s body. The fingers gently caressed Laura’s shoulder and then the small of her back before tracing the round butt encased in her new panties.

When Nancy let go, Laura didn’t move and didn’t know what to say. Nancy quickly stepped away and started talking, filling the silence. “OK,” she said, “I think you can wear those home. Go ahead and get dressed and then come out. I’ll go ahead and pay. I have the tags and I’ll see you outside.” Having quickly thrown on her clothes while she was talking, Nancy was gone.

Nancy paid for a dress and the underwear across the store and then came back as Laura came out. Laura was moving in slow motion. Laura was a little dazed but Nancy didn’t give her time to even think. She just kept talking and moved Laura slowly through the store. They walked back into the mall, found their car and started driving home.

Nancy had noticed that Laura said almost nothing the whole time. She wasn’t sure if she had gone too fast but decided not to make a quick judgment. Instead she waited and kept up a chatter as Laura drove back to her house which was where Nancy had parked. They walked into the house and then into the kitchen where Laura turned and looked at Nancy.

“Nancy, about the store,” Laura said, “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I didn’t mean to, well, that is, I hope you don’t think I was. I’m not or at least we shouldn’t.” Any thought Laura had of sounding stern and dismissing Nancy’s advances went out the window when she started to speak and couldn’t find the right words. She ended up by just blushing.

Nancy wasn’t sure what to expect but decided that this response was good. She had flustered Laura and could see the older woman struggling with her feelings. It was a great start. She walked much closer and Laura didn’t move. So Nancy placed one finger on Laura’s lips and just said “shhhhhh.”

Nancy didn’t speak for a few seconds just to let the tension in the room grow. Then she said, “please Laura. Please don’t worry. It’s all right. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. We just went shopping and found a pretty outfit for you. I guess I got carried away with how pretty you looked and I kissed you. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten carried away but actually I liked it.”

Nancy stopped again and just looked at Laura. Her finger still on Laura’s lips slowly traced each one of them and the small amount of space in between. The silence was torture to Laura but she couldn’t break it. She just waited, almost frozen, but with her bottom lip trembling just a little under the light touch of the finger.

Nancy blew gently onto Laura’s lip and then said, boldly, “I think you would admit that you liked it too if you were honest with yourself.”

Then she leaned in, the distance between their bodies closing to nothing, her head next to Laura’s, her lips whispering softly into Laura’s ear so Laura could feel the breath on her ear of each word. Nancy whispered, “I think you liked it a little bit too. You liked being in the dressing room at Macy’s in your sexy underwear letting your son’s girlfriend kiss you even though anyone could have come in at anytime and seen us, two women in their underwear kissing each other.”

Laura’s body froze and her breath escaped out in something between a hiss and a moan. She was struggling with her emotions and the younger woman sensed it and let it play out slowly. Laura tried to speak, “But you’re his, um, I mean that I’m, well, we can’t.”

Nancy moved her back in front of Laura and said, “Laura, I love Steve very much and I would never ever cheat on him. You know that. I think you can feel it. But I’ve wanted to kiss you for a very long time. This isn’t wrong. This is you and me expressing our friendship intimately. This is like a hug.”

She stopped speaking with words and kissed Laura again softly. Little kisses with trembling lips pulling slightly and tiny darts of the tongue.

Nancy felt Laura’s lips trembling and it encouraged her. She kept kissing softly and soon she felt Laura responding a little bit. Laura’s lips parted to pull in the kiss and feel the tip of the teasing tongue. Soon Laura’s own tongue shyly came out and let its tip play with Nancy’s. Bit by bit their kiss went from soft and light to more passionate until they practically devouring each other there in the kitchen.

While they kissed Laura was in a daze unable to believe what was happening but enjoying it. Nancy was more in control because she had planned this, at least partly. ataşehir escort bayan She had hoped to have something happen but now she was also at least a little lost in the moment. Her lust for Laura was being realized and she was in the grip of her passion. She manipulated them so they moved together almost like a dance crossing through the doorway and into the living room before pulling them both down on a couch.

They were a mess of arms everywhere. Laura felt Nancy’s hands on her back and her side as she lay half on top of Nancy. All she could think of was kissing the younger woman and enjoying the passion that glued them together. Nancy jiggled so they were side by side. She let her kisses leave Laura’s lips and move to her neck, her tongue tasting every piece of her neck, gathering the older woman’s flesh between her lips, exploring her neck and the spot behind her ear with a combination of soft kisses and wet tongue. Nancy’s tongue traced every piece of Laura’s ear causing the older woman to moan in a very desperate way.

Moving her tongue back to Laura’s lips, Nancy pushed her hands between them to undo Laura’s pants. The older woman was beyond resisting and was no longer a passive lover but kissing Nancy with a frenzy, her own tongue now more aggressive than her partner’s. She felt Nancy’s hand opening her waist and lowering the trousers, exposing the new panties that she had just received. Nancy’s hand caressed the panties and Laura could feel one finger pressing against her panties and slowly pulling upward.

Laura was shaking by this time and trembling as she listened to Nancy whisper in her ear. Nancy whispered huskily, “your nice pretty new panties are so very wet Laura. I can feel my lover tremble under my hand.” As she whispered in Laura’s ear, she pressed her finger against Laura’s clit and brought her to the very edge of her orgasm.

All Laura could do at this point was shake and moan, twisting and crying out. Nancy bit her earlobe gently and then very softly commanded her, “that’s a good girl, now go ahead and cum for me, I want to feel my Laura’s thrill.”

Drunk with her own lust, Laura went over the edge and started shaking and crying out to the point of screaming. Her orgasm consumed her and crashed through her body as she shook and thrashed on the couch. Nancy discreetly withdrew her hand and held Laura tight as her body came back to reality and calmed down.

They lay like that for a long time, the younger woman holding her older friend close like she was comforting her. They lay close together on the couch, holding each other, for a long time. Neither of them spoke but they could only think about what had just happened. Laura had not been that excited in a long time but felt a little guilty about it. Nancy was thrilled. Her plans had worked better than she thought and intimacy with Laura was as amazing as she had dreamed.

But they both knew they couldn’t stay like that forever. Nancy whispered suddenly, “I think I just heard Steve’s car.”

Laura cried out, startled back to reality, and quickly jumped up, adjusted her clothes and ran quickly up the stairs.

When her boyfriend came in, Nancy was acting like she was napping on the couch until he woke her with a kiss. Steve said, “hey, sleepyhead, busy evening? You tired from shopping?”

Nancy got up just as Laura came downstairs. Steve asked them both if they had eaten while they were out because he was hungry and going to make burgers.

As they followed him into the kitchen Nancy said, “we were so busy shopping we didn’t get a chance for dinner. A few minutes ago I thought about eating something on the couch but I didn’t get a chance before you got home.”

Laura didn’t say anything at all. She just started coughing and turned away from the other two and got a drink of water.

Steve was pretty good with a burger so he got things together for all of them while Nancy set plates out and got some chips and various condiments. It wasn’t long before she sat down and waited for her boyfriend and his mom to join her. When they brought the burgers and sat down, Nancy could tell Laura was having a hard time meeting her eyes. Nancy liked it.

Laura had very little to say and Steve rarely started conversations anyway so Nancy decided to talk about their big night out she had been buying a dress for. “Are we all ready for Tuesday night?” Nancy asked.

Steve just groaned. He was not looking forward to it and didn’t try hiding his feelings.

Nancy took it upon herself to explain the situation to Laura. “Remember the dress I was buying today when we were shopping? Steve is supposed to take me out. we have a big night planned. a very sophisticated night. First, we go to the ballet. Which I know he will like a lot more then he thinks.” She glared at Steve who obviously disagreed.

She continued as Steve had nothing to say. “Then, a nice late dinner at Chez Pierre, very continental to eat late. I think it will be fun. Steve, however, thinks that going to the ballet might accidentally turn him into a girl.” Nancy was mocking her boyfriend.

Steve was a little annoyed but this was a disagreement they’d had before so he wasn’t heated. “Come on, Nancy. You know it isn’t like that but the ballet of all things. Anything else would be easier,” Steve pleaded.

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