My Wife’s Sister

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About a week ago my wife informed me that her younger sister would be staying with us for a couple of weeks. She had just recently divorced and wanted to get away to relax from all the stress. My wife suggested that she visit us and since we had a pool she could sunbathe and swim while we were at work. My wife and her sister are similar both size and height wise, but my sister in law has larger breast and slightly bigger ass. My wife is more reserved in public, but my sister in law can be somewhat annoying as she says what she wants without thinking. She is also a little on the wild side. When she arrived I answered the door and greeted her. As my wife has distanced herself from her family most of our married life, I haven’t been in much contact with her family. I was somewhat surprised when she responded by kissing me and thanking me for allowing her to stay for a couple of weeks. We discussed plans while we ate and she then wanted to take a shower and retire a she was exhausted from the trip. When she came out of the bathroom she was only wearing a flimsy towel not covering much and walked to her bedroom we set up for her. It was then that my wife told me to çatalca escort be careful around her because she likes to tease, I think I just detected a little jealously I said, to which my wife responded just be careful.

The next couple of days were routine. I’d get up to go to work then return nothing out of the norm. On the third day when I came home my wife was cooking and I looked into the back yard and saw my sister in law on a pool float sunbathing topless. Needless to say, I stared as any normal guy would. She had large breast with perky pink nipples, apparently my wife noticed my staring came up behind me to see what I was looking at. She was shocked that I was staring at her sister saying just what do you think you’re doing. I replied I staring at your sister tits and comparing them to yours which I find yours to be better. To which she reply while grabbing my now erect cock, then what does this mean, to which I replied, I like tits, you know that. Needless to say my wife stormed out the back door telling her sister to cover up that I was home and I didn’t need to be looking at her tits. When my sister in law came esenyurt escort in for diner she smiled and asked if I liked the show, to which my reserved wife replied, he must have he had an erection. I blushed as my wife and her sister laughed at how red I got.

The next morning was a little out of the ordinary, when I woke my wife was not in the bed. As I went to the bathroom I could hear the shower running. I entered the bathroom and was talking to my wife asking why she was up so earlier on her day off. She told me that she something to do and asked if I’d like to shower with her before I left for work. Never one to pass up an opportunity to be naked with my wife I said yes and started stripping. I had a semi erection as I pulled back the curtain, but got the shock of my life. There in the shower before me was my wife and sister in law. Needless to say my semi erection went full hard on. First let me describe my wife, 5’4″ with some curves, nice size breast with light brown nipples with a trimmed bush. My sister in law is about 5’6″, a little larger than my wife, larger breast with pink nipples and a shaved pussy. They etiler escort separated allowing me to step in between them as I entered the shower.

I faced my wife and grabbed her hips pulling her close to me giving her a kiss and probing her mouth with my tongue as my erection pushed against her. As we parted, she told me to be nice and not ignore her sister. I tuned and was greeted with a big smile, I grabbed my sister in law by the hips and began kissing her, while her tongue was probing me as my erection was just above the top of her pussy. Our kiss stopped and she told my wife I was a good kisser, to which my wife replied, that’s not all he’s good at. My wife then told her sister to wash my front while she had my back and to remember that I had to get to work. My wife scrubbed my back and was rubbing her soapy breast on my back while her sister was rubbing her soapy breast on my chest. It was then that my wife turned me sideways and instructed her sister to give me a quick hand job so I wouldn’t be late. My sister in law wrapped her soapy hand around my harden shaft and begin to stroke me. I was feeling my wife’s breast when she stated again to not ignore her sister, who was steadily stroking my cock. I reached out and started fondling my sister in laws tits, until I exploded and shot my load . We exited the shower and dried off. I then got ready for work and left. Not a bad start to the morning. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for when I get home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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