My Wife’s Fucked Up Family

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Rachel and I have been married for about ten years and I love her to bits.

She’s a great wife, great mother and a great friend. She’s also a great fuck.

It wasn’t always like that. The first couple of years were rough. All that changed when having a beer with my father-in-law one night. My wife had sent me over to pick something up. He offered me a beer that turned into three.

At one point he asked “how’s that daughter of mine treating you?”

If I had stuck to one beer, I would have answered all good nothing to see here mate. Instead with three beer in me I answered “she’s a fucking pain in the ass that daughter of yours.”

I regretted saying it straight away but before I could say anything else, he laughed and said “just like her fucking mother.”

I was surprised and a little relieved that was his response. But I was even more surprised at what he did next.

“Grace love, can you bring us a couple more beers” he sung out to his wife.

Looking me in the eye he then said “mate I’m going to do you a huge favor and show you how to deal with O’Hara women.”

I had no idea what he was talking about and figured he’d had way more than the three beers I’d had. Its time to get out of here I thought to myself but before I could make a move Grace was standing in front of us holding two beers.

Roger starts with “Grace honey, I think we have a problem with Rachel.” She looked at him with concern but before she got a chance to speak Roger continued.

“She’s giving our boy here a hard time, just like you used to back when you were a stupid little cunt.”

Excuse me but what the fuck did he just say? Did he just call his wife a stupid little cunt?

I looked across at Roger who had a grin across his face that stretched from ear to ear.

“Grace, I think you need to apologies for your daughter’s behavior.”

I’m stunned, firstly at what he’s saying. But equally that Grace is now kneeling in front of me and apologizing.

I was too busy trying to process what the fuck was going on so I didn’t catch it word for word but it was definitely an apology. One part though stuck with me and i remember it clearly. It was hard not to with Grace kneeling no more than a foot in front of me. Looking up at me and in the sweetest tone says “it’s my fault, she a stupid cunt just like me.”

By this point my heads near enough about to explode trying to process what’s going on. Once again Rogers voice breaks my thought process.

“Grace, why don’t you tell him how I fixed you?”

She answered without hesitation and I’ve got to say with a noticeable amount of pride in her voice.

“By raping and beating my dumb ass till I pendik escort bayan learnt to behave, Sir.”

Ok, it’s official my head just exploded. My mother-in-law, while down on her knees in front of me has just told me that her husband raped and beat her so she’d behave. And what’s more she said it like it was a good fucking thing.

Wow is pretty much all I could think.

Roger didn’t fuck around because as weird as shit was up to this point it was about to get a whole lot more fucked up.

“Grace, I think we need to show him how the O’Hara women need to be treated, what do you think?”

Grace replies without hesitation “yes Sir, I think we do.”

With that she was up on her feet and walking across the kitchen toward the dinner table. Once there she positioned herself so she lightly pressed against its edge. Then she leans forward at the waist till her breast press firmly against the table. Reaching both her arms around behind her she grabbed the hem of her dress. In one quick action its lifted up and over her already naked ass and placed to rest neatly in the small of her back.

“I’m ready to take my beating Sir” she said not as you’d expect in a cowering scared voice. Instead, she said it in a strong authoritarian tone.

I caught Roger out of the corner of my eye start to walk towards her as he began to unbuckle his belt.As he walked past me he turned towards me and said “pay attention son because this is how you need to treat your whore.”

By the time he’d taken up a position about a meter behind Grace he’d removed his belt and looped it over itself.

He started belting her ass. A huge red welt appeared were the first strike landed. Grace didn’t even flinch. “I’m sorry Sir, I’ll behave” is the only sound that came out of her mouth.

Whack, blow number two lands and it sounds much harder than the first.

Again, Grace remains unmoved except for “I’m sorry Sir, I’ll behave.” This time though there is clearly a catch in her voice. An upwards affliction like when you’re trying to hold back tears.

Strikes three and four lashed her ass without a break. Once again, she doesn’t move but it takes her a moment to compose herself this time. Now clearly struggling to hold back tears she says “I’m sorry Sir, I’ll behave.”

He belts her ass ten times in total. Each one harder the previous. She never breaks her position, not even once. “I’m sorry Sir, I’ll behave” said after each of them.

Roger moves up so he’s now standing besides her, bends forward and whispers in to her ear. Whatever he said causes her to stand and turn towards me. Taking the still folded over belt from Roger she clasps it with both hands. maltepe escort

Now standing in front of me with the belt still clinched in both hands she symbolically offers it to me and says. “Please beat me Sir, my dumb ass deserves it.” Then she turns back towards the kitchen table and again take up her position bent over it.

Roger has moved back into his arm chair across the room to be a spectator.

I’m pretty sure by this stage I’m no longer thinking with the head that makes good decisions. My cocks throbbing and to be honest I kind of want to beat the shit out of her.

As I’m debating what to do the decision is taken out of my hands. My brain might be debating but my cocks already got me positioned behind her with belt poised and ready to strike.

I was delicate with my first strike. Well delicate that is in comparison to Roger. It was the first time I’d done anything like this. But I got the knack of it quickly. By the time I’d gotten to number five I was belting her about a hard as I could and I was getting off on it, big time.

I decided to do five through 10 without pause. I’m 6’4″, 100kg and twenty years younger that Roger. It turns out my hardest was harder than Rogers because blow eight caused her to writhe around in pain and for the first time to break her position.

Roger wasn’t amused and with a tone of disdain said “you know better than that whore, back into position.”

Before looking across at me and adding “once again from the start, please.”

So, I did. This time she got her ten in two lots of five with a small pause in between. She didn’t fucking move this time.

No sure what the hell was supposed to happen next I looked over at Roger.

He just smiled and said “all that’s left is to rape her, son” and settled back into his chair.

At that moment I’m thinking two things. One; thank god because my cock about to explode. Two I’m going to do this bitch in the ass.

Grace still hasn’t moved from her position bent over the end to the table. Her ass covered in welts had gone from a very raw looking red it was as the welts first appeared. To a deep, heavy purple as the bruises took hold.

Grace let out a small gasp as she felt my finger touch her asshole. I told you before that I’d picked up the knack quickly because when I slapped her hard on the ass and barked at her to keep her mouth shut Roger chuckled and nodded approvingly.

I didn’t waste any time. Spitting into the palm of my hand before rubbing it on my cock and with one thrust, I was berried ball deep in her asshole.

She wasn’t any ass fuck rookie either i can tell you. Her ass parted like the red sea met Moses. After kartal escort half a dozen times of pulling almost all the way out then plunging it back in her ass had started to gaped nicely. It was loose, sloppy and definitely broken. Yet still it managed to wrap around my cock like a warm hug.

I’m fucking her hard now. Hanging onto her hips for leverage and smashing into her. The force is moving the table and she’s not resisting at all. As I’m plunging it in, she’s throwing her hips back in unison making sure she takes every inch.

Roger, still in his arm chair but with his hard cock out and stroking away say’s “why don’t to show him your trick, baby?”

Grace, still bent over the table reaches around with her right hand and zooms straight for my cock buried in her ass. She starts working her finger in there as well. In seconds she pushed all four fingers into her ass to join my cock. Now she’s tucking her thumb up into her palm so she can shove her whole fist in.

Her ass is a different beast now. Gone is loose and sloppy and replaced by an asshole tight enough to be a virgin.

I’m smashing into her harder than at any point now and thinking math equations to try and slow myself from coming.

Grace wasn’t finished there. Her fist was on top with my cock sliding in underneath it. The way she’d pushed it in my cock was rubbing up against the back of her hand. She turned it over so now as I fucked her my cock was rubbing against the palm of her hand. Then she did the greatest single move ever performed in the history of sex.

She spread her fingers wide inside her ass. This time when I plunge my cock into her she’s ready and wraps her hand around my shaft. I can feel her hand grip it just like it would if she was giving me a hand job. A normal hand job outside her ass except she was doing it with her hand and my cock both deep in her asshole.

Then she started jerking it. Slowly at first and it was the best thing I’ve ever felt. Then she picked up the pace and it was even better. She felt I was close to coming and really picked up the tempo. She was jacking me off in her ass so hard the end of her fist was squeezing out of her ass on every stroke. I couldn’t hang on any longer and dumped my load deep inside her.

Out of breath and with my pants around my ankle I stumbled backwards, gathered myself and started tiding myself up. I hadn’t realized Grace had moved till she was standing in front of me almost nose to nose.

She gently put her palms on either side of my face, lent in and kissed me. Nothing heavy just a peck before leaning in further to whisper in my ear.

“Thank you Daddy, you should do that to your disobedient cunt of a wife.”

She then turned towards Roger and said “thank you Sir” to him before leaving the room.

That’s it, that’s the day that changed our lives. That night when I got home I fucked Rachel just how Roger and Grace had shown me and we’ve never been happier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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