My Wanton Cousins Ch. 05

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I’d become obsessed with fucking two of my female cousins, coupled with a growing sense of guilt because of the pleasure I felt. Much like an addict, the more I enjoyed their bodies, the more I wanted them. Incest went far deeper than a casual sexual preference; it was instead an appetite that had first been developed when I was much younger.

I’d been hooked early, when my first cousin Mimi had initially confessed her lust for me over twenty years before when she was 18. Leaping at the opportunity, I’d sown the seeds of our relationship by spending an entire month of afternoons and evenings fucking her in my apartment while I was a university student. Then, after a forced separation of over two decades in our separate marriages, we’d gotten together one month previously and re-started our forbidden affair. None of our earlier ardor had been lost over the years either. My early-forties libido – fueled by my divorce a couple of years before – easily matched hers in intensity, largely because it was taboo. She was still married, though her unfaithful husband had long ago destroyed any semblance of fidelity, and we’d renewed the passion that we’d both remembered as teenagers as if it had occurred yesterday. Like a loyal sex slave whose mistress had been away for a long while, I was now very grateful for her returned presence…and her lascivious attention.

It was Mimi that I looked forward to seeing later on this rainy Saturday morning. We hadn’t made love since the previous weekend during a reunion with our extended family, which had begun the past week of sexual excess. Today she was coming by my house, using as an excuse having some pictures taken by another gorgeous second cousin, Kelly, a luscious free-lance photographer. Kelly was 23, half my age and an in-the-closet bisexual. In fact, she had joined Mimi and me in a raucous sexual threesome at the reunion the weekend before. Then she’d unexpectedly dropped by my place this past Thursday night for a private fuck with me in my living room. This had happened just a day after I’d boned her divorced mother, Alma, in her office where she was a dental hygienist…which had brought on my growing obsessive feelings. This morning, then, I contemplated a host of lurid possibilities transpiring once my cousins arrived.

The coffee had just started percolating when the phone rang. It was Alma, sighing into the phone and sounding depressed. “I miss you, Derek. Can I see you this weekend?”

“I’m kinda busy, Alma. Weekend errands, y’ know, an’ I’ve got company coming over later.” I obviously didn’t tell her it was Mimi, since her daughter Kelly would be showing up as well. It was bad enough that she knew that Mimi and I were incestuous lovers, since she’d caught us fucking the previous weekend.

“Gawd, I feel down this morning! Kelly took off early this morning, since she’s taking pictures of Mimi today and I’m here all alone, thinkin’ about last Wednesday when you came to the office an’…”

“…and you’re feeling a little lonesome and forgotten. Tell you what. Bring by a picnic lunch tomorrow about noon and we’ll spend the afternoon together.” The doorbell started ringing before I was finished. “Okay, Alma? Gotta go now! Bye!” That ought to hold her, I thought. A planned lunch was as good as a veiled promise of a fuck to Alma, I figured, cynically. After all, a man can only do so much! Pushing the button on the intercom, I asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me!” yelled Mimi as the rain started to really come down. “Lemme in! I’m drowning out here!”

I ran to the door and there she stood, belted into a trench coat and carrying a canvas carryall and a garment bag stuffed with clothing on hangers. Even wet from the sudden rain squall, she looked radiant…and extremely sexy, wearing tight, knee-high, leather boots.

“Hi!” I said, surprised to see her so early. She hadn’t been due to arrive for a couple of hours. I took the garment bag from her and chuckled, “Didn’t know you were planning on moving in!”

“Watch your mouth!” she warned, good-naturedly. “The clothes are because Kelly wants to do a lotta pictures in different outfits. And I’m early ’cause I wanted to beat her here. Last week when she jumped your bones I realized that she’d do it again – without me – if given half-a-chance.”

Mimi was acting jealous. I wondered if it was genuine or just for show. Then Kelly didn’t tell you that she and I had fucked this past Thursday night, I thought to myself. Hmmm, I’ll have to watch what I say. Though Mimi was being nurtured into bisexuality by our younger second cousin, I was beginning to feel as if I’d somehow cheated on her with the stunning younger brunette two nights before. More guilt feelings!

I let Mimi’s remark slide. “Coffee?” I offered.

“Yeah, bahçelievler escort but let me take off my boots. My feet are cold and that big goatskin rug of yours will feel great.” She flopped down on the sofa, removed her boots, and squiggled her toes in the rug – a gift from an old friend made from several skins sewn together – as I went to the kitchen.

As I poured our coffee, I spoke to Mimi in the other room. “So, today’s all about pictures…passport photos and portraits and…whatever,” I said, calling to her in the other room.

“Yeah,” she responded, in a normal voice because she’d followed me into the kitchen soundlessly on her bare feet. Her trench coat was unbelted and unbuttoned. “But first, you’ve gotta warm me up. I haven’t seen you in a whole week!” Her green eyes flashed and she came to me, hugging me closely with her head on my chest. “Ohhh, you feel soooo good!” she exclaimed, as her hand untied the single knot of my bathrobe’s sash.

She was totally naked under her raincoat! Her body seethed with heat as I pressed against her cushy breasts and firm thighs. My prick instantly filled with blood and pushed hungrily against her flat, tanned, belly, as it first had decades before when we were barely adults. “Mimi,” I gasped, searching for words as my groin throbbed excitedly.

“What, baby?” she asked, her soft hand gently stroking my cock and balls as we stood glued together in my kitchen. “Don’tcha want me this morning? It’s been a whole week!” She stepped back a pace and I noticed that she’d trimmed her dark blonde pubes to a narrow strip, apparently having picked up a fashion tip from younger cousin Kelly. She looked at me in a forlorn way and my knee joints started to melt…though more slowly than hers. She quickly squatted in front of me and made a gentle mewling sound in her throat as her wide, satiny lips slipped wetly over the head of my cock.

I’d wanted to find out from her if what Kelly had told me was true…that she was interested, if not experienced, in bisexuality. But all rational thought left me as my swollen glans made contact with the velvety back of her throat. I gasped loudly and groaned, “Aaanngghh!” as she made an effort to take me past her epiglottis, then backed off for another try. Looking down, she was observing me with her gorgeous green eyes and – with a slight grin – pushed onto me again, this time vacuuming me to the point that I could see the ridge of my cock head pushing out her hollowed cheeks as she moved me to and from her gullet. For another moment she pulled completely off of me, jacking me with her fist, and flashed her trademarked grin again…with her lips turned up at the corners, as always. I groaned, “Jeezus, Mimi, you feel so goddam good!” and had to shake my head rapidly to forestall a quick orgasm.

“It’s ‘cuz I love you, baby!” she cooed. “Now, c’mon, let’s start the day off right.” She stood and shrugged out of her raincoat, which fell to the floor – backed up to my butcher block cooking island – and hoisted herself onto it while splaying her muscular legs and pussy open to me. “C’mon, darlin’, look at that great big hard-on. Gimme a load o’ that sweet juice before Kelly gets here!” she said, spreading her labia with two fingers of one hand as she braced herself with the other and sat back on her butt. Like some simple-minded Neanderthal I walked into the delta formed by her legs and began to stir my steely probe into her soft moist folds. “Mmmmnnggh, yeeaahh,” she uttered softly. “Give it to me, honey!” She’d just wrapped her arms around my neck, and was kissing me in gratitude for my first full thrust, when the doorbell rang. “Fuckkk!” she yelled. “I knew she’d get here early!”

“Huh?!” I grunted, my hips already flexing instinctively. My brain was fogged from testosterone as I returned to reality, asking, “Kelly? What time was she supposed to show?” as I scooped my bathrobe off the floor and put it on.

“Two hours from now…the little sneak!” snarled Mimi. “Well, go answer the door while I put on a robe!”

I was beginning to feel that I was a guest in my own house. Outside, Kelly had on a yellow rain slicker with a hood, yet was wearing high stiletto heels. “Will you give me a hand with my equipment?” she asked as the rain pelted down. Though I was only in robe and slippers, I helped her lug in two cases of what I guessed were cameras, some tripods, lighting reflectors and a lengthy roll of background paper. “Oh…hi,” she said, on seeing Mimi in the living room. “You’re here already. Thought I saw your car outside,” she muttered, as Mimi sat on my big sofa sectional, now wearing a silky robe that she’d retrieved from her garment bag, looking out of sorts as she puffed on a cigarette.

“You’re early!” she spat. “Derek and I were…were having some time alone!” I’d always been fought over bahçeşehir escort jealously by my girl cousins, since I – and my cousin Dirk, Alma’s husband – were the only boy cousins in the extended family.

Kelly regarded the way her cousin was dressed in her sexy robe, then looked at me dressed in my old terrycloth number and – immediately assessing the situation – removed her rain slicker and knelt down to open an equipment case. “Well, I’m sorry. Just pretend I’m not here. A photographer’s supposed to be unobtrusive, anyway.”

I watched the scrumptious young woman as she removed a few lights from the case. She was anything but unobtrusive, dressed in a tight black skirt that ended above the knee, a thin, gray wool boat-neck sweater which showed high cleavage at the chest and a naked shoulder, and black stiletto heels. Her thick, dark brown hair tumbled over her shoulders and her all-knowing brown eyes flashed with intelligence and simmered with sexual energy. Even though minutes before I’d felt the welcoming internal heat of Mimi’s body, merely looking at Kelly caused my groin to pulse anew and, had Mimi not been there, I would’ve fucked her right there on the floor, without question. As I continued to watch her muscular ass and thighs move under her thin skirt, two-day old memories of her muscular loins wringing a paralyzing orgasm from me started to make me hard. I quickly excused myself to get dressed. “Coffee and rolls are in the kitchen, Kelly. Help yourself!” I called out, and exited to the bedroom.

I was gone for no more than ten minutes…enough time to throw on a pair of cargo shorts, a tee shirt and boat shoes, and brush my teeth. When I returned the ladies had apparently reconciled their initial differences. I heard them talking, followed by titters, then – when I saw them – Mimi had put on a short sleeved, lavender, V-neck sweater, a necklace and drop earrings, and Kelly was touching up her cousin’s short, wavy hair and makeup. Mimi had also donned a pair of lacy, black bikini panties that stretched high over each hip, leading me to believe that at least the first pictures to be taken would be above-the-waist passport shots.

Kelly, herself, had removed her sweater and heels and was wearing a short, black tank top that was skin tight, obviously with no bra underneath. The bounty of her luscious D-cup breasts jiggled whenever she moved, reminding me of her busty mother, Alma. Her tits looked so delectable that they made my tongue hard. She saw where my eyes were focused when she looked up and her nipples hardened immediately. She returned my gaze with a shy smile of acknowledgment and applied the finishing touches to Mimi’s casual hairdo.

A while later they were ready to go. Lights, reflectors and the paper backdrop were set, and cameras were sitting on tripods at various distances. Even a video camera was to be used…for what I could only guess. Kelly said, “Okay, let’s start with straight pictures for your passport. Try and relax…smile slightly…we don’t want them to look like mug shots.”

She took a few, carrying a long cable release, which were disastrous. Mimi was extremely nervous and showed it in each picture. “I’ve always hated cameras,” she gasped, trembling as she groped for another cigarette.

“Let’s try again,” directed Kelly. “This time think about sex.” She snapped a few shots which were slightly better. “Now…think about sex with Derek,” she said, which actually improved the shots, but not to Kelly’s liking. As I sat watching them interact, I realized how shrewd a photographer must be to capture quality images of reluctant amateurs. “Let’s try something else. Did you bring your toys?” she asked.

“What?” gasped Mimi, slightly embarrassed.

“Your sex toys, Mimi. The ones you told me about. You know…dildos, plugs, vibrators…”.

“Oh…yeah…in my carryall bag.” Mimi looked at me, embarrassed at having me know she’d told Kelly about her marital aids.

“Well, get out the one you use when you want Derek the most,” said our young cousin.

Hesitatingly, Mimi pulled out a large, battery-powered dildo that I remembered seeing before, which had a suction-cup base that could be set on any flat surface. “This is my favorite,” she mumbled quietly, handing it to Kelly, who examined its veiny texture, length and thickness closely…even turning it on so that it vibrated. A tube of mint lube was also handed to her.

“Perfect!” she said to no one in particular. Then she enlisted my help in moving the heavy, narrow, wooden coffee table perpendicular to the sofa and fixed the dildo’s suction cup to it. The latex prong stood erect, lubed, and pointing to the heavens in all its glory. “Now, lose your panties and hop on.” Mimi looked at her in disbelief. “You heard me,” said Kelly, a bit harshly, I thought. “It’s not gonna be in your bakırköy escort passport picture, Mimi. Relax, and do yourself a favor!”

A mild sound emanated from Mimi’s throat like a disagreeable whine, yet she stood and peeled her panties off her shapely hips. Her newly-trimmed vulva, with just a “landing strip” of hair above her slit, looked as fashionable as that of a teenager as she straddled the coffee table and lowered herself onto the thick, helmet end of the probe. “Should I switch it on?” she asked, now clearly under her younger cousin’s control. Kelly shrugged and Mimi popped the dildo off the mahogany surface, turned it on, and – wetting the base with some saliva – resealed it to the tabletop.

I was seated some distance away in my leather wing-back chair with my chin on my linked hands, watching…fascinated. Mimi looked straight at me, as I watched the vibrating toy slowly disappear between her dark-pink labia. Halfway down, she withdrew once again to its tip, and lowered herself faster onto it, taking yet one more cycle to completely engulf it between her legs. Her eyes closed gently as she made contact with its base, then – as the vibrations began to resonate throughout her torso – she smiled beatifically. I heard Kelly murmur, “Yes!” as she clicked more snapshots using the cable release. Then, as Mimi’s plunges took on more resolve, she snapped several more, finally saying, “Perfect! That’s just what I was looking for!” Then she made a tripod adjustment to the camera she was using.

Cousin Mimi was lost in fantasy. She’d grabbed the edges of the coffee table by this time and was humping the buzzing dildo with a vengeance…so much so that she grunted each time her widespread thighs met the table top . As her plunges accelerated her taut stomach seemed to writhe in response to the deep invader and Kelly inched toward her on her hands and knees with the cable release in her hand, stopping at the table’s edge to softly stroke Mimi’s naked vulva. Mimi shuddered under her touch and looked at her in a pained way – as if begging her for help – and at that the younger girl leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips and pulled back to click the camera’s shutter.

The scene captivated me. My cock was stretching the front of my shorts as I watched and the plaintive expression on Mimi’s face – heavy-lidded and slack-jawed as she moaned – prompted me to stand up and pull off my tee shirt. Kelly looked up at me, smiling knowingly, and languidly licked two fingers of her right hand before placing them on Mimi’s labia as she began to stroke them back and forth on each side of the penetrating dildo. A moment later she brushed upward across Mimi’s clit, causing an electric-like spasm to wrack her body and forcing a loud, ecstatic exclamation. “Gawd, yesss…oooohhhh, that’s good!” Mimi blurted. “Riiight…there, sweetie! Oohh…yeah! Yeahhhh!”

I’d anticipated this would happen, and had looked forward to it since Thursday, while wondering about Mimi’s nascent bisexuality. I forgot all about the cameras and stood next to Kelly’s kneeling figure as I stripped Mimi’s sweater off of her. She whined in her throat as she groped at Kelly’s tank top, wordlessly urging its removal, which I accomplished, with the girl barely missing a stroke of our cousin’s clit. My breath caught in my throat at the sublime beauty of Kelly’s upper body as she knelt before me. Her braless breasts stood out from her chest, succulently ripe as she leaned over to stroke her elder cousin’s moist gash, inviting Mimi to suckle their tips noisily, which upped the room’s sexual temperature several notches. As her pink nipples grew slick with Mimi’s saliva, I momentarily broke their contact with Mimi’s lips by pulling Kelly up to a crouch, enabling me to unzip her skirt and ease it down over her hips and thighs.

To no one’s surprise she wasn’t wearing panties. And she’d obviously prepared for this day by shaving her pussy bald. I groaned as the perfect symmetry of her labia split slightly as she moved one knee atop the coffee table while still rubbing away at Mimi’s soggy quim with her right hand. She reached up with her left and dug her fingers into the top of my shorts, tugging at them to show me that she wanted me naked as well.

As my shorts slid down, my erection popped straight out at her, causing her to purr and Mimi to mewl as she continued to screw herself on the buzzing, table-mounted dildo. I inched forward and Kelly immediately opened her soft pink lips to suck my cock deeply into her mouth. “Mmmmnnn,” she moaned as her head moved forward to meet my slow, measured thrust. Then she whispered, “Do me from behind, Derek,” taking a break to fist my hardened flesh to a near-purple state of excitement. That’s when Mimi climaxed, groping at our young cousin’s shoulders as the faux cock and Kelly’s fingers brought her to an orgasm. It’s almost as if Mimi’s earlier carnal joy with me had merely been postponed until Kelly had arrived. Kelly’s attention to her elder cousin – chiefly kisses and incessant strokes of Mimi’s breasts and clit – ended with Mimi whimpering through her ecstatic throes then falling back on the sofa and watching her young cousin take me on.

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