My Vacation with Daddy Ch. 01

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* DISCLAIMER: This story contains incestuous content between father and daughter, rough sex scenes, anal sex and anal fisting, lesbianism, some sadomasochism, deepthroating, face-fucking and cum swallowing. If any or all of this offends you, please read no more. Also, this story is told both from the father’s point of view as well as the daughter’s. All characters and scenarios are completely fictional, all characters involved are of legal age, and any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


She was an absolute dream when she ran up to me in the kitchen in her G-string and tight crop top. Standing on her tippy toes, she threw her arms around my head and pulled my lips closer to hers, pressing them against each other and allowing her delicious wetness to enter my mouth. Her tongue slithered inside and found my own, massaging it playfully. Her long brown hair flowed down to the small of her back, past the bottom of her top. Breaking the kiss, she looked up at me with those beautiful emerald green eyes.

“Good morning Daddy”, my little girl said. The lust in her voice was already starting to have an effect. She looked down at the growing bulge in my pants and, with only her eyes, looked back into mine and licked her lips seductively.

“Getting breakfast ready for me, I see,” she said, winking at me and showing the most promiscuous smile. I could have cum in my pants right then and there! We had only been fucking for a few weeks but it already seemed so natural to see my daughter in her underwear and lust after her body, especially her tight wet teen pussy.

I spread her legs a little, pulled her G-string to the side and played with her yummy oasis. She was so wet already, a few drops were already dripping down her inner thigh. I was so tempted to get on my knees and eat her out til she collapsed. I resisted, though; today was a special day and we had work to do.

“Are you ready for our trip?” I asked. My daughter, Jenny, and I had been planning this trip for what seemed like ages. A week in another state where we could pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend and escape our father-daughter relationship for a while. While Jenny definitely looked her age of 18 with her flawless pale skin, B-cup tits and perfect ass, I, whilst being in my mid-40s, could pass for a man in his early 30s. I had no wrinkles, nigh-perfect vision, everything you would expect from a healthy and virile young male.

“I cannot wait to kiss you in public, hold your hand while we walk down the street, and do everything that couples do!” she exclaimed. Her smile lit up the room, making her eyes go squinty and her even more beautiful, if that was even possible.

I leaned in and kissed her again, this time sliding my hand up her top and massaging her perky nipple between my fingers. She let out a moan that barely escaped our embrace. I pulled away from her lips and lifted her top, leaning down to take her now hard nipple into my mouth. With my hand on her ass, I pulled her petite body closer. I wanted to bend her over the countertop, rip off all her clothes and fuck her hard, I wanted to so badly. I wanted to feel her tight pussy envelop my hard 8-inch cock and to shoot my full load deep inside my little girl.

She ran her fingers through my hair as I licked and nibbled her nipple. She was moaning like a pornstar by this point. If she had even touched my cock, that would have been enough to tip me over the edge.

It was so hard to stop but we had to. Reluctantly I pulled her top back down and brushed her hair behind her ear. “You are so beautiful, my gorgeous girl,” I said, looking deep into her eyes and imagining being her boyfriend, even for a while. I couldn’t wait but I had to; Jenny had school and I had to get to work.

“As much as I want to be your boyfriend now, until we leave for our trip after school I’m still your father, so go upstairs and get ready for school, okay? We’ll be leaving in about… 30 minutes.”

Jenny frowned, turned towards the stairs and walked so sexily it was a huge tease. The way she swayed her ass would make any guy or girl crumble. I had to wipe away the little bit of drool that inadvertently escaped the corner of my mouth. I turned to the stove. Well, that pancake is burned. Into the bin you go. I still have enough mixture to make a few more.

A few minutes later, Jenny came downstairs in her uniform. If there ever was a sexy school uniform that actually looked like a uniform and not something Jenna Haze would wear, her school’s uniform was it. She was wearing a tight button shirt, a dark green tie, a tight skirt that stopped halfway up her thigh, high white socks and black flats. Her hair was pulled to the side and she wore her satchel over her shoulder. The green of her tie and skirt really made her eyes stand out. She was so hot, it’s no wonder she’s so popular at school.

I just stared at her. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t believe this hottie ataşehir escort was my daughter, let alone my daughter who lets me fuck her anyway and anytime I want. I smelled something, simultaneously good and bad. What was it? I was in such a daze, I had to concentrate on the smell. I breathed in. Ah, the good smell was Jenny’s perfume. The bad smell… was…

Ah! Another burned pancake! Damn it! As I threw out yet another failed attempt at breakfast, Jenny came up behind me, put her arms around my chest and kissed the lobe of my ear. Resting her head of my upper back, she whispered, “I love you so much Daddy.” She gave me a squeeze and stayed there for a while.

When I finished the pancakes, we moved to the table and tried to scoff them all down before we had to leave. There was maple syrup, lemon juice with sugar, a variety of jams and marmalades, and of course, chocolate spread. Jenny was a typical teenager, preferring the sweet options: maple syrup and chocolate spread, not together. I, on the other hand, was weird, mixing the maple syrup, strawberry jam and lemon juice together to make a concoction Dr Frankenstein would be proud of.

“Ew! Dad, that’s gross!” said Jenny, looking at me with a look of disgust and faux-contempt. She always said that. I used to conform to the proper social etiquette of pancake toppings, but ever since Jenny’s mom left – with another woman, mind you – I wanted to be as far away from that guy as possible. We moved house, I changed career from PE teacher to personal trainer, and I ate my pancakes with all the toppings my ex hates, or at least hated when she left.

When we finished, we quickly did the dishes and made our way to the car. We were a few minutes late but oh well, I’m sure we could get to our prospective locales before we needed to. Taking the side streets and speeding just a touch, I managed to get Jenny to school just as the bell rang. I had half an hour to get to work.

“I’ll see you after school sweetie.”

Jenny blew me a kiss, turned and ran towards her group of friends. As I stared at her my boner grew. Everyone else would think, without seeing my growing erection, I was just a proud father looking at his little girl as she approached her final year of high school, which I was, but what I was really staring at was that sweet ass.

Jenny looked back at me and pointed as something. I frowned, unable to decipher what she was trying to say. She sighed and signed a sign indicating the seat next to me. Looking down, there was a note on the seat.

‘Daddy, I can’t wait to be your girlfriend when we go away together. I love you so much and I’m yours and only yours forever. Love, your darling daughter, Jenny. PS, I’m not wearing panties.’

I looked up at her slowly. From her nose down she was acting completely normal and inconspicuous; her eyes, though, could make steel melt. Her look was so sexy and seductive, I contemplated taking her out of school for today and calling in sick at work. I couldn’t do that. Could I? No, I couldn’t. ‘Forget about it, you have the whole next week to be with your girl,’ I thought to myself. I looked at Jenny, blew her a kiss and drove off. I had a big day of training ahead of me and then, a beautiful vacation with the most beautiful girl.

As I saw Dad drive away, I missed him already. The way we were behaving this morning made me so wet, I almost regret not wearing any panties. Almost. I turned to Faye and Lexi, my two best friends, and we started walking towards our first class. Math with Mr Newmore. It was rare to have such a boring class with such a cute teacher.

“What boring piece of shit are we learning today?” Faye asked sarcastically. “I think we’re starting matrices.” Lexi replied. Lexi was always the smartest of the three of us, Faye was the brute force and I was the sexy siren of our trio. That’s not to say that Faye and I weren’t smart; the three of us were in the top five of the whole school. We were always helping each other. If one of us didn’t understand something, chances are another one of us did and spent a lot of time explaining the problem. Our dream was to attend college together.

The day went by very slowly. I often found myself daydreaming of being with Dad and being able to call him Dave instead of Daddy, being able to go out to dinner with him and be romantic rather than teeny, and being able to express my love for him in public. I can’t wait!

“What are you thinking so hard about?” asked Lexi, waving her hand in front of my daydreaming eyes.

“My trip with Dad. I can’t wait! It’s our last chance at having a family vacation before I go away to college with you two sluts.” I gave both of them a nipple flick, which was our thing.

“You bitch!” yelled Faye, slapping my ass hard enough to leave a mark even through my skirt. We laughed and walked to our last class. I loved going to art but Faye and Lexi hated it; they sucked at avcılar escort art. After art, school was over for the week but I still had to wait for Dad to finish work before we could go away together.

“You bitches want to come to mine?” asked Faye. Her house was only a couple of streets away from the school and we often went over there until dinnertime because we could be alone and do whatever.

“Jenny!” yelled Scott from across the hall. ‘Omigod’, I muttered under my breath. Was this guy ever going to get the hint? I’m not interested!

“Hey Jen. How’s it going?” Scott was this annoying senior who has persistently been trying to ask me out for the whole year, probably just so he could try and fuck me and brag to his buddies. A rumour had been circulating the school for years that I slept with Mr Jones, our principle, when I was a freshman. The rumour was true but only he and I knew that, and Faye and Lexi, of course.

“I’m okay.” I replied. I would ask him how he was, as a matter of courtesy, but that would imply I gave a fuck, which I didn’t.

“Want to come to my place and watch the game?”

“What makes you think I’m interesting in spending any of my valuable time watching that shit with a dick like you?” I’m not normally cruel like that but, as I mentioned, this had been going on all year, and I was getting fed up with his vain attempts at wooing me.

Embarrassed and pissed, he turned and angrily walked away. Hopefully he now knew that I’d never say yes to him and he’d stop asking. “Let’s go to your place Faye.”

When we got there, we were alone as usual. Faye’s parents were never there; her dad was a lawyer and her mom was an interior designer, two occupations that require a lot of time away from home. It was hot so we took off our shirts and ties and walked around in our bras. Faye had similar-sized tits to me and Lexi’s were a little bigger, beautiful C-cup titties. Faye and Lexi also pulled down their skirts to reveal a sexy red G-string and a sexy pair of pink hipster briefs respectively. When I kept my skirt on, they both looked confused.

“What, are you suddenly shy in front of us?” asked Lexi, trying to pull my skirt down. Grabbing my skirt, I told them that I wasn’t shy and that I was naked under my skirt.

The two of them looked at each other mischievously, looked back at me and pounced on me. Faye held me down while I kicked and screamed and Lexi pulled at my skirt until it came off. She looked at my wet shaved pussy and leaned in to breathe in my scent. I won’t deny that her being that close to my clit, feeling her hot breath between my legs, was turning me on something chronic.

“You have a gorgeous pussy”, Lexi said, admiring my special area. We all were noticeably breathing heavier now, getting caught up in the moment. We had been close since kindergarten and even occasionally being naughty with each other. We had kissed each other on numerous occasions, groped one another’s asses and even played with each other’s boobs while licking each other’s nipples. But our pussies and assholes were always off-limits; until now, it seems.

Faye was looking at Lexi this whole time. When she turned to look at me, the lust in the air was palpable. She reached behind me and undid my bra. She pulled it off and threw it on the couch. I was laying there completely naked, except for my high socks and flats, with Faye looking at my tits and Lexi drooling over my pussy.

“Would you mind, Jen, if I take a closer lick?”

“You mean, a closer look, don’t you Lex?” asked Faye. Lexi didn’t even acknowledge Faye’s question; her eyes were glued to mine waiting impatiently for my answer. My tits were heaving with each deep breath. I silently kept her gaze and slowly nodded. I can’t believe I just gave my best friend permission to stick her tongue between my legs. The only person who has ever tasted my sweet juices is my dad. I was ambivalently scared and excited.

Lexi came closer and closer until her mouth was millimetres away from my wet pussy. Each breath made me shiver. She extended her tongue out and just touched my clit. I took in a sharp inhale. Faye was sitting next to me looking both aroused and confused. We were crossing a line we could never come back from.

I leaned up onto my elbows and brushed my hair aside. Looking at Lexi, I asked, “Lex, if you do this, our whole group dynamic will change forever. Are you sure you want to do this?” I was hoping she would say yes and continue, but I didn’t want to force her into anything.

Lexi didn’t say anything. All she did was crawl over my naked body, kiss me lovingly and passionately, gently push me down back onto the floor, spread my legs and kissed my other pair of lips.

The feeling was incredible. Her tongue was so much softer than Dad’s. While Dad’s tongue slid over my clit with an intoxicating roughness, Lexi’s tongue was more like silk, weaving and darting everywhere avrupa yakası escort like a hungry animal. She had her arms wrapped around my legs, pulling me closer onto her insatiable mouth. I was breathing so heavy by now, looking up at Faye. She was staring at me, waiting patiently for me to give her permission to join in. I nodded at her too and she hopped onto me straddling my body and holding onto my boobs.

She started to grind into my body while pinching and flicking my hard nipples. My breathing became moaning as I was getting pleased by both of my besties. A tongue in my pussy and hands on my tits, no wonder I was moaning. I grabbed Faye’s legs and pulled her upwards. I wanted her to sit on my face so I could do to her what Lexi was doing to me.

Faye stood up, pulled down her G-string, threw it near my bra, and stood over my face. A small drop of her pussy juice dripped down onto my cheek. I nodded at her again and she crouched down so I could drink up her yumminess. I had my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her down onto my tongue. She tasted so incredibly good, all I could think of was why we hadn’t done this sooner.

Lexi was still going at it like a thirsty camel, lapping up every last drop of my delicious pussy cream. All of us were moaning as loudly as possible; for an outsider walking past, we were just watching porn. That’s what it was like, a hot lesbian orgy between three sexy teen schoolgirls.

I grabbed Faye’s nipples hard and pulled her onto her hands and knees. Reaching down, I gave Lexi a tap on her head. She looked up with my juices dripping off her wet chin. Licking her lips, she saw what I wanted her to: Faye’s asshole ready to be eaten. I was eating her pussy and wanted Lexi to eat her ass with me. Lexi crawled over my body and stuck her tongue into Faye’s sweet and nasty shithole. Faye wasn’t expecting it so she let out a loud moan, her auburn hair falling down between her tits. I wrapped my arms around her and undid her bra like she did to me.

The only one with clothes on now was Lexi. She reluctantly stopped what she was doing and stood to undress herself. When we were all naked, Lexi intertwined her legs with mine before going back to Faye’s asshole for seconds. She and I were now scissoring our pussies together, combining my juices, her juices and her saliva together in a beautiful mixture of slurpy goodness.

After a minute or two, I was getting closer and closer to cumming, and I’m pretty sure Faye was too. I didn’t want our trio of orgasmic ecstasy to end so I pushed Faye off my face and slid up to escape Lexi’s thirsty tongue. They were so confused until I explained why I moved so abruptly. Faye and I were so caught up in getting pleased ourselves, we left out Lexi. The poor girl, although thoroughly aroused and delighted with my pussy juices dripping down her chin, hasn’t been pleased or played with yet.

I leaned forward and kissed Lexi roughly, tasting myself on her mouth. I had tasted myself before when I fingered myself, but this was something different. I grabbed Faye and brought her into us. The three of us had our tongues in the middle and kissing and tonguing each other at the same time. I then pushed Lexi onto her back and lifted her pussy up into the air so she was almost vertical. Faye went around and sat on Lexi’s face whilst simultaneously burying her face in Lexi’s pussy; a vertical 69, if you will. I leaned down and stuck my tongue into Lexi’s ass, just as we had done to Faye.

I lifted my fingers to my mouth, made them wet and found Faye’s ass again. Sliding my index finger into her ass made us all moan, although I think Lexi’s moan was purely coincidental at that exact moment.

Seconds later and we were all cumming, loud moans and sweet pussy juices going everywhere. Panting like we had just run a marathon, we collapsed on each other, a heaving mass of exhausted naked teens in the middle of the lounge. Faye licked any stray drips off Lexi’s pussy, as she did the same to me and I to Faye.

We were laying there for what seemed like a long time, intertwined in a huge lesbian knot, trying to catch our breath. I leaned up first. Nope, a bit dizzy, going back down. “Stay with us, Jen.” Faye grabbed me by my hair and pulled me in for a kiss. Not a wild, lustful kiss; a passionate yet romantic kiss. Her tongue found its way inside my mouth and eagerly searched for mine. When it found mine, they played and fondled one another while we played with each other’s hair. Lexi leaned up, pulled us apart and kiss me the same way, then Faye.

“We should have been doing this ages ago!” Lexi was right. It just felt right being with them. My first thought, though, was that I hope Dad isn’t angry or upset that I fucked someone else. I don’t know how he’ll react, but I can’t go on this trip without telling him.

For the rest of the day, we just hung out naked, occasionally feeling each other up. Okay, more than occasionally. We went on the internet, found some lesbian porn and watched it while we fingered ourselves. I sat up on the recliner while Faye and Lexi sat on the floor. I felt like a queen with my fuck servants at my feet. Every once in a while, one of them would lean in and lick me but mostly, we played with ourselves; it was just easier that way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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