My Son’s Girlfriend Ch. 01

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This is my first story ever. It’s about a young female and an elder mid aged man, both as horny as they ever could get. All sexually involved characters are eighteen years old or beyond!

Self experienced or not is not up to me to reveal. But all characters exists but their names have been changed to protect the involved, from any accuses or embarrassments, nothing illegal has ever occurred!

English ain’t my first language, so I apologize to any dictionary mistakes, spelling flaws or any sentence structure faults. Please give me feedback to how my work is done!

This story is written in first person.

Go ahead and enjoy my fiction, or true, story it’s all up to you to decide or chose to believe.


Prelude: Basic introduction.

I am a man in my mid forties and in this story I will refer myself as Bob, I’m average hight and built not skinny nor fat, I’m kind of muscular not like training on daily basis fit, but fit for my age so to say.

My son Dan is twenty years old and his stunning girlfriend have turned eighteen for a few months ago. I have to tell you about her, my son’s girlfriend Veronica, mostly called Via, I proudly can say is the best looking girl he ever dated.

Via spends a lot of time in our house, I don’t mind by the look of her she can stay here all the time if she wants. Her figure is slender, sexy curved like a goddess, a heavy top and a grate ass. Veronica looks kind of like Katherine Heigl like in 2010 as Jenifer in Killers, except Via’s figure is more of a hourglass shape then hers, with perky firm young teen breasts, and she got reddish blond and curly hair like Emma Stone.

Enough with them comparisons, she looks grate and that’s all you have to know.

Dan have dated Via for a few years so it probably ain’t dating nowadays, they are more like a freshly formed couple but still not knowing what or how they will go on from where they are.

Part one: A Blast pangaltı escort from the past.

This episode took place six weeks after Veronica had turned eighteen and is the first of several chapters I will wright about our naughty almost taboo sexual encounters.

My wife and I ain’t the same age, she is over nine years older then me and lately it have started to effect my sex-life. Nothing I never thought would be a fact to consider when marrying her almost twenty years ago. She is frigid in bed and whenever I try something she slaps my hand and turn herself over, to go to sleep at the evening or go back to sleep in the morning.

As you might have figured out I try my luck ever so often and lately my lusting boner has faded as soon as I feel her rejection, and now I don’t try to get inside her panties anymore, thank good for internet and all the porn that’s on it to get aroused and jerk off to.

I bought a lot of pornographic DVD’s over the past year in lack of sexual treat and in the late night, concealed by the darkness, I go downstairs to watch a young hot naughty star get herself banged in her puss and bum by a hard dick or two.

As I sat there in the shadows only the glow from the TV’s flexing, shifting light. My cock stiff and throbbing in my sliding oily hand, my balls aching from the need of pent up relief.

Out of nowhere a form appeared in the doorway and I froze in my movement to look at the figure entering the room. I didn’t know how to respond when I saw whom it was, if it had been my son it would have been a disaster. If it had been my wife I could have explained the situation in some kind of way.

What the hell do I tell my son’s girlfriend, as she slowly walks into the room looking at the muted TV and shifting her eyes between it and my, in hand wrapped around, stiff turgid cock and its bloated big plum shaped head.

I didn’t need to say anything as she pendik escort sat herself down on the other end of the couch I was seated.

“I don’t mind if you go on with what you just did.” she said, and nodded down at my crotch with a cute devious smirk on her face, like she had me on the hook, to impose on if she wanted.

I looked at her as I slowly slipped out of my fixed trance, Via parted her leg not for me to see but her hand slipped inside her cozy cotton pyjama shorts. I watched her as she begun masturbate to the playing images on the screen. Her ample breasts bounced slightly on her snugged tee clad chest, I noticed her perky swelling nipples visibly poke out thru her thin top. I looked back at the TV and the girl on set shifted her position and the guy got his ready to burst dick inside her mouth.

Licking and sucking I watched her take a huge load of cum in her wide open mouth and she looked like she enjoyed every creamy cum cascading blast of cum jet out from his dick for her to swallow. This was the best part and I used to blow my own load at this special scene, but now I wasn’t alone and my cum bursting balls ached severely.

I glanced over to where Via sat and saw her finger herself to a beautiful orgasm, her young body convulsing and spasm ever so slightly as she held her climax to a minimum when she did it beside me. I didn’t hear her utter a single sound while her quivering orgasm slowly subsided, I held my cock still in my hand waiting for her to go back to my son’s room to sleep. And for me to finish off by my own, without Via’s curious eyes ogling at my perverted performance.

It doesn’t go as you think most of the time, neither did this. She kept her eyes on my cock waiting for me to finish, to blow my load of cum as she knew I needed to do, sooner rather then later. I closed my eyes and focused on doing the job I had started, my hand slid fast along the length of my girthed rus escort member. I felt my cum build to boiling point as my own climax approached in a fiercely rush, my hand concentrated its rub and grind to my big swelled head.

I neared my peak for every split second passing, I looked down as the first powerful gush of creamy whitish cum left the tiny slit at the tip of my cock. I watched, almost in fear, Veronica sit right in front of me, on her knees facing my ejaculating cock as it geysered in her face, her pouty lips and inside her partly open mouth over and over again, blasting her with a numerous of warm gooey shots of old man sperm.

Holy shit! I coated her flawlessness with my sticky seed, she looked so perfect so hot and sexy taking plenty loads of cum on her pretty face. Her delighted smile to my climaxing finish looking as cute as ever, nevertheless, me being her own fathers age didn’t make her waste my cum. She lent forward and kissed the tip of my cock as the last weak spurt ended my ejaculation.

I watched her swallow the amount of cum she had caught in her mouth like the girl on the dirty move. She licked her lips and left the room without a word of what had happened, I heard her go into the bathroom and wash herself up before she went back to my son’s room.

Left in the silence my mind raced as I tried to deal with what I had experienced with Veronica only minutes ago, my fumbling fingers tried the best to recover the DVD Disc from the player. I hide the film in a case along with the other dirty movies it contained, and on wobbly legs, not even remembering if they ever felt like this after such a mindblowing climax, I went to bed.

When I saw her at the end of my spewing cock I felt myself build a stronger and more lasting orgasm then I used to have, my cum kept on coming almost drenching the sweet but yet so naughty girl. My drained balls felt totally spent, my limp cock pleased and my body blissfully satisfied, a feeling I hadn’t felt in years.

I wished it could happen again, hopefully some day in the near future. The only thing I could do was to cherish the unforgettable moment she had brought upon me, and trust me. I would surely do.

End of part one. To be continued.

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