My son’s Girlfriend and the Refugees

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My son’s Girlfriend and the Refugees
I was so proud of my son for getting the girl of his dreams. Her name was Lucinda and she was 28, smart, sexy, intelligent and she was a practicing human rights lawyer. He brought her over to dinner and after meeting her I could not have been happier for him. That was until I suddenly realised it was the same girl I knew from the refugee centre where she volunteered and helped young asylum seekers assimilate and where I too volunteer from time to time. My heart stopped for a moment as I recollect spotting her a few months back on her knees sucking the cocks of 2 young Syrian refugees. I peered through the gap in the door and rubbed my stiff cock watching her take these young lads deep down her throat until they exploded in her mouth.

After she left I agonised over whether to break the news to my son but I kept quiet because I have never seen him so happy. Instead, I decided to follow her over the next few weeks to see if she had changed her ways. It was less than 48 hours before I saw her drive down and busy street around 6pm on a Tuesday evening and pull up outside a run-down house in a very rough area. She got out of the car and was wearing a tight navy top, a black mini skirt that barely covered her arse with sheer black tights and black high bursa escort heels. She approached the house and after a moment the door opened and she walked in.

My mind was racing so I decided to park the car and investigate. I walked up to the house but the curtains were drawn shut so I sneaked down the side of the house and hopped over the back gate. At the rear of the house the curtains were only partially drawn so I peered in and all I could see was a crown of men all of which seemed to be young Syrian men and I couldn’t spot Lucinda anywhere.

A minute later there was a large cheer from the room and the men parted to reveal Lucinda stood there in bridal lingerie including white holds ups and white heels. My cock instantly twitched at the site before I came to my senses, remembering this was my son’s girlfriend. I counted about 12 guys all of which must have been in their late teens or early twenties.

The guys were all rubbing their cocks and then Lucinda said something and dropped to her knees. The guys walked over and surrounded her, one by one dropping their trousers and pulling out their cocks. For 10 minutes, the guys took turns fucking her mouth whilst she used her hands to wank off 2 more cocks. She barely came up for air as they grabbed her head and aggressively buried their bursa escort bayan cocks down her throat one after another.

She then stood up and one guy pulled down her knickers whilst another unclipped her bra leaving her in her white stockings and heels. The guys grabbed her and positioned her on all 4’s before one of the Syrian’s thrust his cock deep inside her, she screamed but a few seconds later another Muslim cock filled her mouth and began to fuck it in a piston like motion.

I was mesmerized at the sight of my Son’s sweetheart as she took Muslim cock after Muslim cock like a pro. After 30 minutes or so the guys suddenly stopped and backed away leaving Lucinda in the middle of the floor covered in their cum. As the guys parted another man stepped forward, he looked a lot older than the young men and as he walked into the light I could see he was a huge bearded fat man who must have been in his 70’s and like the others, he too was a Syrian Muslim. He walked towards Lucinda and ordered her to turn around whilst remaining on all 4’s with her arse in the air. He took his hand and pushed the back of her head so her face was pressed against the floor.

He took off his clothes revealing his sweaty out of shape body and grabbed hold of his cock whilst he stood over her rubbing escort bursa himself. As his cock stiffened I could see it was huge, it must have been 10” long and very thick. From where I was watching, Lucinda’s arse was facing towards me and the old Syrian shifted up behind her as he grabbed his cock and rested it on the bud of her arsehole before slowly pushing every inch deep inside her. I could just about hear her moans of delight as the old man slid his cock in and out of her arsehole picking up as the pace as he went. The old Muslim fucked her for 10 minutes straight whilst the young guys watched on and cheered.

Before too long he shot his load inside of her and slowly pulled out his huge brown cock. As he did, his cum leaked from her well used arse which trickled down her pussy and her legs. She got to her feet and walked out of the room at which point I decided to make a dash for it. I got back to my car and pulled my cock out and masturbated for what seemed like 10 seconds before I climaxed. I cleaned up and could see Lucinda leaving the house.

I made my way home and spent the entire evening wanking myself into a frenzy. I have decided not to tell my son as she makes him happy and I have discovered how happy she makes me too as I get to watch her get used by Muslim men. Clearly her ways hadn’t changed despite being in a relationship with my son and I certainly got the feeling this was only the beginning.

Look out for chapter 2, where I will write about the next time I catch her in the act.

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