My Sister/My Idol

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I didn’t get my first girlfriend until I was eighteen and almost out of high school. Her name was Penny and she was pretty and sweet. She had long red hair and freckles on her cheeks and shoulders and she was kind of shy. She wanted to have sex before I did. I put it off for a long time, I guess I was trying to wait until we were both really comfortable with each other. So we still hadn’t done it on Friday, when this all happened.

My sister’s name is Eva, and she’s a year older than me. She was really popular in high school. Now she goes to UC Berkeley, but she was home for the holidays and she had her friend Josh over. Josh is a total asshole jock who plays rugby and has a huge ego. When we were younger and he and my sister went to my school he was always punching me in the stomach when we passed each other in the hall and telling me that my sister had a nice ass that he wanted to fuck.

Everyone was always telling me that she was really hot, which I guess is true. She had really big breasts. I saw her coming out of the shower once accidentally because I was passing in the hallway and the door was cracked a little. She has bright pink nipples and a small waist and her ass is really round and her skin is smooth and pale.

Anyway, Eva had invited Josh over and they were in her old room which was connected to my room by a door we barely ever used. And Penny and I were in my bed in our underwear watching a movie. My parents were out at work I guess, it was the middle of the day. We heard all this banging and it sounded like stuff falling on the ground in the other room and then Eva came into my room through our door just wrapped in a towel and with her cheeks all flushed and her hair messed up. Josh came through after he just wearing boxers.

“Hey bro,” said Eva. “Can we watch with you?”

“No,” I said. “What?”

“Don’t be a bummer,” she said, sitting between me and Penny.

“Hey Penny,” said Josh. “Scoot over why don’t you.”

“Okay Josh,” said Penny and she moved over to let him sit between her and Eva.

So then we were on opposite sides of my bed with Eva and Josh in between us. Josh was really ripped and I put a shirt on because I felt embarrassed. And he had his hand on Eva’s thigh, really high up, pushing her towel up so high that his hand was almost on her privates and I looked over and saw Penny looking down at his hand with a weird look on her face. I looked back at the movie and tried to just not think about it. But then I saw that he had put his other hand on Penny’s thigh, not quite so high up, and was just şişli rus escort keeping it there with his eyes on the screen.

My sister wrapped her arm around my shoulder but it didn’t make me feel any better. I kept looking over but Penny wouldn’t look at me. And I could have sworn that her panties had a wet spot on them, which made me even more uneasy. But Josh wasn’t moving his hand or anything so nothing was going on and I tried to just suppress everything.

“This is boring,” said Eva. “I don’t like this movie.”

“What do you think Penny?” said Josh.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It’s okay I guess.”

“What do you want to do instead?” said Josh.

“I wanna go back in that room,” said Eva. “And finish what we started.”

“Do you want to come too?” said Josh.

“Who me?” said Penny.

“What?” I said, and stood up. “What are you trying to pull?”

“What, I just asked a question,” said Josh. “Don’t get all prissy.”

“You’re trying to seduce my girlfriend,” I said, kind of more pitifully than I meant to.

“Hey,” he said, and stood up. He put his arm around my shoulder. “Step into my office.” He pulled me out into the hallway. As I left I saw Penny looking at me imploringly and my sister looking at the screen with a bored expression.

“Look buddy,” said Josh. “You gotta lighten up or none of us are gonna have any fun.”

“I didn’t invite you in,” I said. “What are you trying to pull? It’s bad enough you’re with my sister.”

He laughed. “Okay, I didn’t want to be the mean guy, but here’s the sitch little buddy. Your sister and I couldn’t find a condom so we stopped fucking. Either I can go back in there and impregnate your sister and then I’ll be your fucking brother-in-law or something. Or you can just let me have a good time with Penny just this once. You can stay, if you want. I don’t even care. Just sit in a chair in the corner. You can whack off your little dick while I fuck your girlfriend.”

“Fuck you,” I said. But I felt confused. I wasn’t sure any more what I wanted.

Josh laughed. “Look, that’s how it’s gonna go down. You can go down the street and buy yourself a coke and come back in two hours if you prefer that.”

“No,” I said. He opened the door and pulled a chair over facing the bed.

Eva and Penny sat up straight. My sister’s towel had slipped down and you could see the top of her nipples. Penny was blushing. I sat on the chair.

“Hey Penny you want to see something crazy?” said Josh.

She looked at me but şişli türbanlı escort I didn’t say anything.

“Um, okay,” she said. He pulled off his boxers and then he was naked and his cock was out. It was a lot bigger than mine, and it swelled up really fast.

“Oh my god,” she said.

“Do you want to touch it?” said Josh.

She reached out and put her hands around it. She had those French painted nails, where just the ends are white. And her fingers were so small, they didn’t even touch her palm wrapped around it. She didn’t look at me any more. My sister smiled and leaned forward to take the tip of his cock in her mouth while Penny held it out. She let the towel fall and showed her huge tits. She let him fall out of her mouth and wrapped her tits around his cock and Penny’s hand. I didn’t notice at first, but Josh had reached down and moved Penny’s soaked panties and had his finger up inside her. She was breathing really heavily.

Then he slipped his finger out and pulled Penny’s panties off. And he moved my sister so that she was lying down on the bed and he moved Penny so she was bent over on top of my sister with her ass high in the air. And he took his cock in his hands and pushed the tip of it into my girlfriend and she made an involuntary sort of moan. It looked like he was just pushing half his cock into her, like he was teasing her, because he would stop with several inches outside of her cunt. But she was groaning so intensely, and shuddering every time he made it halfway in, that I realized that it was the limit of what she could take. He was filling her cunt to capacity. Looking at the length of his thick cock hanging out of her cunt, my own dick began to swell and stick out the hole in my boxers.

Penny gasped as Josh fucked her over and over. Her little tits bounced in my sister’s laughing face. Eva turned her head to look at me, with my swollen prick and look of disbelief. She smiled and watched me while Josh made Penny cum, I could tell. Her moans became totally unselfconscious and then she collapsed on top of my sister. I could see the insides of her thighs glistening where her own juices had run down her legs. Josh extracted the first six inches of his cock from her plump pink pussy lips.

“My brother’s used to me doing weird shit in front of him,” said Eva. “I used to let him look at me, and he could make me do anything he wanted, or get in any position, he just couldn’t touch me. Look at the poor guy, he’s dying.”

Josh glanced at me. He put his hands around şişli ucuz escort Penny’s waist and pulled her off of Eva. He directed her onto the floor so she was crawling towards me, and as she went he smacked her, hard, on the ass, and she whimpered a little in delight. She collapsed on the floor in front of me.

“Will you get down here and fuck me?” she said.

I needed no second invitation. As Josh slipped his cock into my sister on the bed, I got into a plank position behind Penny and slid my prick all the way into her. She was warm and soft, and I was in ecstasy. I buried myself inside her, all the way up to my balls.

“Are you in yet?” she said.

“Yes,” I said, “Oh god yes.”

I pumped her cunt, rolling my pubic bone against her firm little ass, searching with the tip of my prick, ready to explode.

“Just remember not to cum,” she said. “I’m not on birth control.”

Suddenly I remembered, all the consequences of having sex, babies, marriage, abortion, regret. Quickly I pulled out. Josh’s cock fit all the way in my sister, I noticed. And her ass was bouncy and accommodating. Her tits flew all over the place when he fucked her, they didn’t just tweak up and down. And her moans were voluptuous, she was dancing on his cock, dancing. I started to cry. I wanted to cum so badly.

Suddenly Josh began to moan a little, and the bed rocked as he fucked Eva more vigorously. He knocked and knocked and knocked her against the headboard, and then his ass clenched and I could see between their legs, some of his cum leak from my sister’s cunt. He pulled out and stood up.

“I’mma go get a beer and have a cigarette,” he said.

He went out the door.

Penny was passed out uselessly on the floor. I almost wanted to just cum on her cheek out of frustration.

Eva sat up in bed. She looked so beautiful, with her breasts big and rosy and her slightly puffy nipples, with cum leaking slowly out of her cunt.

“Oh, poor baby,” she said. “Can’t get no satisfaction. Come over here, straddle me.”

I got up onto the bed and put my knees on either side of her ass. My prick was right in front of her face. She took the tip in her mouth. The warmth and wetness of her tongue was heaven. All I could think was we’re touching, we’re touching, we’re touching. She sucked another inch down her throat, slowly, then more, until it felt that she was going to swallow my whole body. I felt the semen rising in me. She let me pull out of her mouth, and then, in a half dozen overpowering convulsions, spray her breasts with my cum.

“There you go baby, there you go,” she said. “That feels better now doesn’t it? It’s okay, it’s okay now.”

I sat back on her knees looking at her, covered in cum, full of cum. Her hair disheveled, her cunt swollen, her tits engorged. She was the picture of a sex goddess. She was so beautiful. She was my idol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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