My Sister and her Cheerleader Friends Ch. 01

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Darren watched his glistening penis disappear between the saturated lips of her pussy. Her two, toned ass cheeks lifted and his shaft slowly slid back into view before she reversed her movement, sliding him back up inside her hot opening again.

He leaned back on the toilet seat they were sitting on, while she leaned forward slightly. She was sitting on top of him and bracing herself against his knees with her hands. Her long auburn pony-tail hung down the length of her back while her hands gripped his legs tightly. Her bottom rose and fell, eating up his cock as she pushed down and squeezing it out as she lifted, again and again. Her breathing became gradually quicker and her moans slowly louder as she increased her pace.

Darren felt his own pleasure growing. He leaned forward, pressing his chest against her back and lifted them both up into a standing position. Darren turned them both about to fact the seat and guided her to lift a leg up onto the seat so he could push into her more deeply. Darren had almost fallen out but he grabbed her hips and thrust himself all the way back inside her. She gasped and doubled over to hold the top of the toilet. He reached forward and under her sports bra to cup her small but firm breast beneath.

Darren heard movement in the cubicle next to them. He reached forward to put a finger to her lips as warning, but she missed his signal and started sucking his finger instead. He took his finger away to clasp her hips once again and began to thrust faster in and out of her, feeling her lips begin to squeeze upon his shaft as her own excitement grew. He watched her reach under herself and begin to touch her wetness, simultaneously sliding two fingers up over her lips and around his thrusting shaft. She then started to rub against her clitoris. The effect was immediate.

“Faster Darren! Harder!” she growled, thrusted back against him.

Darren paused for a moment to listen to gauge if anyone outside the cubicle had heard him but, hearing nothing, quickly resumed his thrusting at her urging.

“FASTER!” she commanded in an animalistic growl that he was sure was loud enough for everyone in the toilet block to hear.

He responded by grabbing both of shoulders and pounding into her. She dropped her leg down from the toilet and bent forward further, her head resting on the closed toilet lid. He thrust harder and faster, feeling himself on the verge.

“God yes!”she cried out and he groaned with pleasure.

He felt himself spurt and release inside her. “Fuck!” he groaned, thrusting forcefully three more times before he finally pushed himself all the way in and held himself pressed against her ass. He felt as the last of his cum leaked out deep inside her.

She continued in push back against him and grind her hips when she abruptly gasped and quivered.

“Fuck yes, fuck, fuck, YES!!”

He felt her whole body shake in pleasure as pressed back against him gradually slowing her movements. He pushed himself slowly back in and out of her as her orgasm faded.

Darren lifted her back into standing position and they stood together for a moment, lost in the aftermath of their own pleasure. Darren heard some applause from outside the cubicle door and then a couple of men sharing a laugh before the sounds faded and they were left in silence again. Darren stood upright holding her close and embracing her tightly. She leaned her head back against his chest, still breathing heavily.

Finally, they broke apart and she turned around and reached up to pull him down into a deep kiss.

“Thanks for another great Personal Training session Darren!” she smiled, flicking the hair that had come loose away from her face. He grinned back and she turned around and bent over to pull her yoga pants back up. Darren sat back down on top of the toilet to begin pulling up his own shorts and to admire the view.

“Always a pleasure to see you too Mrs Jones,” he said admiring her from behind. She looked around with a cheeky smile and wiggled her bottom for his benefit.

“I’m sure it is naughty boy!”

He admired the tone of her ass as she slowly stepped into her tiny yoga pants and slipped them up her long legs and over her taut cheeks. She then turned around to pull her sports top back down over her firm little breasts. The lines of her stomach moving tantalisingly with her efforts.

“You are looking great Mrs Jones!’ he commented with appreciation, as she turned to leave.

“Mr Jones thinks so too!” she winked as she opened the door to the cubicle, “The extra sessions we are doing are working wonders.” She then peeked out the door, quickly skipped out and darted out of the male toilet block.

Darren finished pulling up his board shorts and slipped out of the public toilet block himself and straight out onto the beach. He dropped his towel upon the white sand before running down to water’s edge and diving in. The water was cool against his skin and he felt reinvigorated immediately. He wandered back to his towel and relaxed a little, listening to sounds of the beach.

Darren sarıyer escort rested upon the white sand, his eyes closed, enjoying the quiet. He feeling the soft caress of the sea breeze upon his face and listened to the whisper of the waves as they washed upon the beach. He laid back into the warmth, dug his toes in the soft sand and let the early morning sun wash over him.

“Looking good Darren!”

Darren’s eyes flickered open as two pairs of shapely legs and two very toned bottoms, tightly clad in yoga pants, flashed by. He took note of the auburn pony-tail swinging aside to reveal a cheeky smile, as the two ladies ran by.

“I’m just telling Margaret about the extra sessions you run!” she said with a wink over her shoulder.

Darren laughed. “See you again next weekend ladies” he shouted after them, waving. He took a moment to enjoy the sight of their asses moving provocatively in their pants and the sight of their long firm legs running away from him down the beach.

‘God -Bless the creator of the yoga pants!’ he sighed to himself.

Eventually Darren slowly stood up, wiped sand from his legs and back, and stretching himself. He noticed some girls walking past, admiring him discreetly with sideways looks or when they felt his attention was elsewhere as he stood there. He smiled to himself, deliberately stretching his muscles a little more than was really necessary but liking the attention and effect on the ladies on the beach around him all the same. He was proud of his body and had worked hard to get himself looking the way he did. So why not show it off sometimes?! Coupled with his blond hair, pale blue eyes and cheeky smile he guessed he wasn’t too bad on the eye. Besides it was good advertising for his business as well.

Darren’s ran Personal Training on the weekends which not only helped his hip pocket but also to keep him in shape. Besides his morning runs along the beach and gym sessions after work, he also tried to sneak in a bit of exercise when he ran these sessions. Business was booming leading up to summer. So much so that he had contemplated giving up his marketing job and running the training full time, but he felt he needed to build up more savings before taking the risk. His cliental were predominantly middle aged women but sometimes bored housewives like the two who jogged past. Unfortunately, there were very few in his group as fit as those two.

Darren put on his T-Shirt, picked up his runners and walked back to his apartment to have a shower and get ready for work. It sucked having to work on a Saturday but today he volunteered just to create a plausible excuse for being absent from his apartment later that day. He made his way through the lobby waving to the receptionist, up the elevator and into his room before a message came through on his phone from his mum.

We have already organised a driver to pick the girls up from the airport. It would be nice if you could get home from work early to be there when they arrive (who works on the weekend really!) but I know you’re busy at work but see how you go. Oh, and don’t forget to buy extra food, toilet paper, sunscreen etc. for them! Love you Darling and thanks again for looking after Simone and her friends for a few days.

Shit. Now he had to feed the girls as well as let them take over his place! Maybe he should move out and say with a friend and leave his sister and his friends to themselves. His sister was a pain in the arse as a 15-year-old, and seemed to be proving to be an even bigger pain as a 21 year old.

Darren had moved up to the Gold Coast from Melbourne four years ago, and got a job in Marketing near Broadbeach. His parents had bought an apartment nearby for him to rent out for half the cost of typical local real estate, and he had lived there ever since. He had always dreamed of living near the beach with its beautiful Queensland weather, and while the reality didn’t quite live up to his fantasy, it was still a nice place to live.

A couple of months ago his mum had called in a favour, though. As luck would have it, the National Cheerleading competition was being held on the Gold Coast this year and his sisters were attending. His youngest sister would must be 18 or 19 (who keeps track of these things?!) was staying with friends. Simone though was keen to stay somewhere with her friends from her cheerleading group and, of course, she couldn’t afford to pay for an apartment for that length of time. So, despite all his efforts, he was playing host to five annoying, ditsy girls in his tiny apartment for a week. In his one-bedroom-apartment, there was not going to be anywhere to hide, either.

He folded out his couch, laid mattresses out on the lounge floor, even put sheets on the make shift beds but it was certainly going to be cosy. There was barely any room to negotiate around the bedding. Oh well, that wasn’t his problem. He planned on being out as much as possible. He double-checked that there was enough food on the bench, and left a welcome message propped up on the table explaining that silivri escort he would be home around 9pm after gym. He also wrote that they should make themselves at home. Darren then headed off to work and left a key with Reception.


It wasn’t until around 9.30pm that he reluctantly opened the door to his apartment. Music was blaring and the kitchen was a disaster! There were plates, wrappers, and empty bottles everywhere. Fuck! This was going to be worse than he thought, and he had some pretty low expectations to begin with.

“Hello?” He called out as he placed his work and gym bag down next to the bench. “Anyone here?” He looked around the lounge and table and the mess was worse than the kitchen bench. There were clothes, bags, and more bottles everywhere. The coffee table was blanketed his empty wine and pre-mix bottles and trashy magazines.

Darren turned toward where the music was coming from and walked cautiously through to the bathroom, and slowly opened the door.

“Anyone home?”

There, standing in front of the mirror, were two absolutely beautiful girls singing and laughing to each other as they removed their makeup. One was wearing red pyjamas that looked more like underwear than sleepwear. The top left her lower back was exposed, and her long brown hair cascaded down her back in a thick braid. The other girl wore a short shoestring strap nightie that left her long, toned legs bare to the world. She was currently standing on her tippy toes to get closer to the mirror, which meant the hem of the little dress exposed the lower half-curves of an extremely shapely bottom.

My God. He felt his whole-body tingle, stiffen, and he became lightheaded all in a millisecond. The girls continued to laugh at their attempts to sing in-tune before noticing his presence. The honey-haired girl turned, put her drink down and flashed him a gorgeous smile.

“You muss’ be Darren! I’m Libby. Thanks for puttin’ us up for the week,” she said with an obvious slur, and reached up on her tippy toes to give him a kiss straight on the lips.

Darren blushed like a schoolgirl before he regained his composure and took a slight step back.

“Sorry about that, but you are cute…and I’ve had a little too mush to drink,” Libby said, smiling.

“That’s ok,” he replied, smiling back and taking in her incredible, almond-shaped brown eyes and fully red lips. She held his gaze and her smiled faded. Libby took a small step forward, placed a hand upon his arm and went to lean in again.

“Hi, I’m Lucy,” the other girl chirped in turning off the music abruptly and breaking the moment. She gave Libby a purposeful stare before stepping in front of her to give Darren a kiss on the cheek. While Libby was athletic, with a well-toned stomach and smaller breasts, Lucy had curves that were hard to ignore. While her nightie did little to hide her legs and bottom earlier, it did even less to disguise her ample cleavage. A thousand ideas speed through his mind about what he could do with her soft, round breasts.

After a few seconds, Darren realised he was staring, and lifted his gaze up to her bemused face. Lucy’s long blond hair framed her face and a lock weaved its way down her shoulder to rest upon her chest. She had a perfect little nose, with dark blue eyes and high cheek bones.

“Nice to meet you”, he stammered a little, “I’ll have my shower after you finish up,” he said starting withdrawing through the door.

“You don’t have to!” Libby blurted out.

“Sorry?” he answered.

“Leave I mean. You can have a shower while we’re in here.” Libby clarified sheepishly.

Darren smiled again and moved out of the room but stayed to listen at the door for a moment and hearing Lucy quietly scold Libby, “You little slut. We only just met him!”

“Don’t play or innocent with me. I saw you poking your tits up at him too!”

Darren chuckled to himself and thought that this week may not be as bad as it might have seemed. He went to his room down the corridor which was next door to the bathroom and waited until he heard the girls leave. He then made sure the corridor door to the lounge was closed before moving into the bathroom and taking his shower.

The Welcome Visitor

Once he was finished, he wrapped his waist in a towel and sneaked over to the corridor door to listen. Not a sound. ‘They must have passed out’ he thought as he entered his room, shut his door and began to drop his towel to get into bed.

“Sorry!” someone said quietly. Darren quickly rewrapped himself and span to where the voice came from.

“With all the bags, mattresses and madness when we can in I just put my stuff in this room.”

Lucy stood in the corner of his room. She was still clad in her tiny little nightie. Lucy leaned forward to gather some of her clothes from the edge of his bed and the silk fabric of her nightie fell away from her chest. His eyes widened as she looked down at Lucy’s large breasts hanging forward, giving him a tantalising view of her cleavage and the shadow of her nipples şirinevler escort beneath.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you” Lucy softly apologised as she stood again, but her eyes certainly didn’t reveal even a hint of remorse.

She turned her back to him and slowly bent over to reach into her bag on the floor. As she did this her nightie fully lifted revealing her completely naked bottom and labia lips to his gaze. Darren felt his member grow and noticeably lift the towel that covered it. Lucy shifted from foot to foot, allowing him to see the muscles in her long shapely legs and ass move erotically.

“Now where it that thing?” she questioned playfully, “I just can’t seem to find it!”

Lucy turned to look over her shoulder while still remaining bent over. She caught his eye and smiled back at him cheekily as he turned away and made a terrible attempt to pretend he hadn’t been looking.

“Did you like what you saw?” she whispered as she straightened, and sauntered over as she fixed to eyes on his obvious erection. “I can see that you did!”

“I wasn’t, I mean I was…” he began as she closed.

“Shhh” she said trapping him with her smouldering eyes and leaning over him to firmly lock her full lips onto his. Darren felt Lucy’s hot mouth almost burning him with its passion and he reached over to grasp the back of her head and pull her deeper into the kiss. Her tongue meet his in a lustful and heated dance, each trying to push deeper into the others mouth to savour the feeling. Darren tasted the sweet alcohol Lucy had been drinking and ran his hands through her hair as he felt her breasts breast up against his bare chest.

Darren reached down to explore her body, feeling the softness of her skin and firmness of her back. He reached lower as he broke off the kiss to kiss her neck. He felt her pushing down upon his rock-hard penis which was begging to break out of the flimsy towel which still covered it.

Darren watched Lucy lift her head back in pleasure, her eyes closed. Darren leaned forward to kiss her breasts before moving up to her neck. He continued to kiss her neck and then suck her earlobe, enjoying seeing her caught in his touch. Darren ran a hand down her back to lift up her nightie and reveal her beautiful bottom that he had lusted over earlier. He slipped his hands over and around the firm curves of her before cupping and squeezing.

Darren felt Lucy’s small hand reach down under his towel and gasped when she clutched his shaft in a firm grip while she stared into his eyes to drink in his reaction. He felt her begin to move her hand slowly up and down his penis. Darren groaned and Lucy smiled again leaning forward to kiss his deeply. He lifted her nightie to pull it over her head and she let go of him for a moment to slip her arms free.

He roughly lifted her up and pushed her incredible breasts into his mouth, sucking and kissing, savouring the touch of them against his face as she moved them from side to side.

“You boys just can’t get enough of my breasts can you!?” she giggled. Darren couldn’t disagree either way because he was too caught up in her magnificence in that moment. She reached down and began to slowly stroke his penis once again.

Darren reached up and began fondle one of her large breasts with one hand while using his mouth on the other. He stopped sucking for long enough to catch Lucy’s eyes, lick the fingers of his other hand and reached down. His fingers slowly traced the outside of her labia, feeling their heat and softness, feeling her eagerness for him to push deeper. Darren then slid his fingers easily between the lips and deeply into her. She groaned in pleasure as he began to slide his fingers in and out of her soft opening.

Lucy began to increase her speed on Darren’s shaft with her hand to match the speed he was thrusting in and out of her. Darren moved his well-oiled fingers again along her lubricated lips until her found her clit and began to softly swirl his finger. Lucy pushed back off him innovalitarily, savouring his touch before diving back down onto him, kissing him with wild abandon. He increased his pace on her clit as he wrapped her in his free arm to prolong his touch as she began to buck and pant.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, “it feels amazing”. She was sweating now and her skin and breasts glistened with moisture.

“Yes, shit, fuck!!” she cried out, her eyes wild with animal pleasure. Darren had both hands working on her now, with one hand thrusting his fingers deeply into her while the other worked on her clit.

She threw herself forward wrapping her arms around his neck, bucking and grinding before grabbing at his hands while crying out in pleasure and collapsing on his chest.

“Fuck, you are good.” she panted with a grin, running her hand across Darren’s chest and stomach before again drawing him in to kiss him deeply.

Darren’s Reward

Once she caught her breath she whispered in Darren’s ear, “Now it’s your turn!” and looked at Darren with a naughty glitter in her eyes. She moved out of his embrace and slid down his body, her breasts softly brushing down his chest and stomach. She dropped to her knees and took up his penis once again in her hand while looking up at Darren with her beautiful blue eyes. Her hair was now dishevelled and it didn’t take him long to become completely rock hard once again.

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