My Secret Lover

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Big Tits

PRESENT DAY June 12th 2021; 7 AM

The stillness of the surroundings made her breathing more audible as she was lying beside me face to face on the soft bed. The calmness of her face and the suppleness of her voluminous breasts made for a mesmerizing combination as her laboured breathing caused her breasts to touch my chest and her warm exhaled air breezed over my face.

I gently caressed the hair near her ears and planted yet another kiss on her soft supple lips. She seemed to have woken up by my kiss after she fell asleep after an exhausting round of intense love making that culminated with her cumming vigorously and moaning in to my ears, ” ahh, ahh , S***h “. It was the first time ever we made love to each other even though we know each other since 2003. A lot had happened since then.

S***a is not a personification of beauty by any means, but her lazy laid back nature and big expressive eyes coupled with a cute smile attracted me towards her ever since I met her in 2003 as fellow student at the Dental school.

“I loved every bit of what we did today. You made it very special” I said to her caressing her hair and her cheeks. I grabbed her by her hips pulled her closer to me and instantly I could feel her warm pussy against my erect cock. “Happy Birthday dear”.

FEW MONTHS AGO, April 1st 2021

S**a called me in the morning to discuss regarding a case that she got the previous day.

She said the case is really challenging.

“Hey, you got this ok? Trust yourself. You will do justice to your patient” I assured her.

“Hopefully” she said and then disconnected the call.

PRESENT DAY June 12th 2021

“I really cannot believe that you are spending your birthday with me” I said to S**a.

“I promised you that I will, and I have kept up my promise” replied S**a.

All this while my erect cock was still rubbing against her warm pussy and my eyes were fixed on her big expressive and seductive eyes.

I kissed her again on her lips and began caressing her breasts. She grabbed by back in the excitement of the situation made indentation on my skin with her finger nails.

She then gradually parted her legs and sandwiched my penis in between her thighs. The shaft of my hard cock was rubbing the slit of her wet pussy and it was almost like heaven as before.

FEW MONTHS AGO, April 1st 2021

“Will you do scaling for today?” I asked her over phone call.

“Sure, for whom?” S**a replied.

“For me”

“Why all of a sudden?”

“Just thought of it suddenly. I have been postponing this for a long time. I thought, that since today is a holiday, I will get it done. I don’t trust anyone else right to it properly”.

“Don’t flatter me, ok?” she replied back. “I have not done it for the past 2 months.

“I am saying the truth” I replied back. In fact it’s only half the truth. I will jump at any opportunity just to see her.

“Ok. 5 PM today” S**a confirmed the timings.

PRESENT DAY, June 12th 2021

“Please stay with me tonight” I told S**a.

“You know it’s not possible”, she replied back.

“But you liked being with me right? It’s your birthday today. I want to make it more special for you” I insisted.

“S**h, you know that I should go back to my life. Please understand. If I am not there back by today evening, it will raise suspicions at my home.” she reasoned.

“Please dear” I pleaded.

“S**h, I am still figuring out the meaning of what has happened between us now and what it means to my life and our relationship” she put her point across.

“We are still friends who have feelings for each other and had our first intimate moment together now”.

“Not the first moment obviously” she shot back.

FEW MONTHS AGO, April 1st 2021

“Are the instruments sterile, S**a?”

“Of course they are. I sterilize them for everyone”, she said.

“Just asked, S**a. By the way you look nice today”

“What’s so different with me today?” she was curious.

“Not sure. I felt something different”

“Ok. Let’s get started. Lie down on the chair”

The moment she kept the instrument on my teeth and activated it, I felt the electric shock like sensation. It’s been more than 2 years since I got this treatment done, so I seemed to have forgot how it will feel like form the patient’s point of view.

“Slowly please, it’s too sensitive” I requested her.

“I am doing it gently only to you. Don’t worry and don’t give sudden reactions like this. Just raise your hand If you want me to stop” she assured me.

Even though I have done this treatment for many of my patients, getting it done for myself is whole new experience. Sometimes it felt like mild tingling sensation. Other times it felt like an electric shock. Today mostly it was the latter for me.

At few points of time, it was so severe that I literally grabbed her hand to stop her from proceedings further.

“I told you to raise your bonus veren siteler hand, in case you need me to stop, not grab mine” she reminded me.

“Sorry, S**a. I couldn’t control the sensation.” I replied back.

She continued with the procedure. When doing the procedure in some parts of the mouth which are hard to reach, she had to bend over near my chest, or near my face or go behind my head to do it effectively. At one such point something happened.

Something big and firm touched my shoulder. Then again. Then it happened again, this time it touched the side of my neck and face.

I raised my hand. She stopped the procedure and asked “What, still sensitive?” she asked.

I swallowed my saliva, unsure what to say.

“Hello, tell me what it is”, she asked me again.

“Nothing, I thought it was sensitivity, but it was not” was all I could muster.

“Stupid. Don’t interrupt again” she shot back and continued with the procedure.

There is concept called Gate theory in pain management. If a region has pain, if you stimulate other sensations in that region, it will mask the pain due to superimposition of the nerves and common pathway of nerves.

I got to experience first-hand of that concept today.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that it were her breasts rubbing on me all along. Even though I had severe sensitivity from my teeth due to the procedure, it was all masked by the euphoric feeling which was alongside. I literally went numb. She was saying something at times, but it reached only my ears and not my brain.

At times I felt like lifting my hand to signal her to stop, but something else on my body got lifted and sent a signal to my brain to keep silent and enjoy this as long as it lasts.

PRESENT DAY, June 12th 2021

“You mean our first kiss?” I enquired here innocently.

“Yes you idiot. What made you dare to do that? What if I had shouted and created a scene there? What if someone had walked in at that time?” she enquired back.

“It didn’t happened right. So no point in theorizing further”

My cock became hard again and rubbed against her pussy, which was still dripping wet.

FEW MONTHS AGO, April 1st 2021

The euphoria was coming down gradually and I could make out that the procedure was over and she was asking me something.

” **”&?**#?”

Nothing entered my brain as before.

“How do you feel? “. Now her words did enter my brain.

“Sorry, what?” I was still reeling.

“I asked you, how do you feel after the procedure?”

“I think your mask is muffling your voice”

She lowered her mask below her chin and repeated, “I asked you how you feel after the procedure?”

Her face was close to mine at this moment. I took the leap of courage and kissed her lips and grabbed her neck from behind to keep kissing against her resistance.

She couldn’t scream as her lips were sealed by mine. She tried to resist and move away from my grasp, but my hold was stronger. I was completely obsessed at that moment. I didn’t think whether it was right or wrong, or what will be the consequences, but I was living in the moment and nothing more.

I gathered more courage and with my other arm I grabbed her breasts. It was big to hold with a single palm and felt soft and under her outer clothing and her inner brassiere.

Now, I started coming back to my senses and began visualization all the possible scenarios of what will happen next. Images of her slapping me and screaming, images of people storming in and beating me up, images of people dragging me out and thrashing me on the road and so many possibilities.

But what happened was she simply lowered her resistance and opened up her lips. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and probed her tongue with mine. I was now squeezing her breasts with my left hand and grabbed her hips with my right hand after releasing my grasp on her neck.

She was passive for the whole my moment which seemed like an eternity. She was just there still while I did all the kissing and squeezing.

With no more signs of her resisting, I took the next bold step. I lowered my right hand which was on her hips further down and looked for the borders of her bottom pants. I located it and slipped my fingers at the centre and in an instant my middle finger was in her ass crack.

It was at this point, she shuddered and her whole body started to shiver. I sensed it and let go of her. She was still sitting on her treatment chair and staring at something else.

I didn’t know what to do next, after everything I did on a sudden burst of madness and what else.

I tiptoed away from her, opened the door of the operatory and walked away, in fact sped away not sure what is going to happen next.

PRESENT DAY, June 12th 2021

“Rascal, what gave you courage to kiss me on that day?”

“I don’t have any fear with you S**a.”

I kissed her lips again.

“What if … mmbbmmkk”, I didn’t allow bedava bahis her to complete and kissed her lips again. This time I grabbed and squeezed her breasts.

“Why didn’t you do anything on that day? Infact after a few moments, you didn’t resist at all and was just being still.” I asked her

“I told you not to ask me about that. Even I am not sure why I was like that “.

“Ok. At least tell me this. Do you love me? “

“Irrelevant question now” she shot back.

YESTERDAY, June 11th 2021, 9 AM

“Good morning dear, you look gorgeous” I greeted her as she got in my car after depositing her bag on the back seat.

“Just drive away, before anyone see us together”

“Learn to respect the compliments coming your way”

“Just shut up”

I started driving away, towards the Bangalore highway. I was feeling excited that I finally get to live my dream of spending time with S**a undisturbed, that too on her birthday.

She was silent, the whole way absorbed in her thoughts.

“Are you feeling nervous?” I asked her holding her right hand with my left.

She was silent.

“See S**a if you don’t want to do this, we can stop it right now”

“Just shut up and drive” she shot back.

The ride to the resort where we are going to stay together was around 3 hours from her place from where I picked her up.

She has informed her family that she going for a 2 day conference on our speciality and that she will come back tomorrow evening.

I have booked a room at the resort with a stunning sea view, but as it turned later, it was never needed as we never opened the window blinds.

After checking into the room at the resort by around 12 noon we went to have the lunch at the restaurant within the campus. She spoke at length of her family and her work and her post-graduation days. We both knew that we merely delaying the inevitable of speaking about what we were going to do tonight.

I just didn’t want to put any pressure on her and thus played along.

After the lunch we went for a stroll along the beach near the resort. The cool breeze and the calming waves of the ocean seemed to have brought out the child in her as she enjoyed wetting her legs in the water and splashing water on me and herself. She was holding my hands all along.

We lost track of the time as we were enjoying playing in the water. By the time we were done playing, we were completely wet. As the evening started to kick in, it became colder and the cool breeze blowing against our wet clothes made us shiver.

We went back to the room to get rid of our wet clothes. She went inside the bathroom first to take a bath and change into dry clothes.

YESTERDAY, June 11th

“S**a, are you done dear? Do you need help? “

“Oh, just shut up. I know what you mean”

“Good, then let me help you”


I had no option but to wait till she came out after changing into dry clothes. She wore a tight, figure hugging t shirt and pyjamas that accentuated her curves.

“I want to kiss you right now” I said.

“Just change your clothes S**h, I am not going anywhere”

I just raced into the bathroom, took a shower and changed into dry clothes.

When I came out, she was sitting on the bed, surfing through the TV channels.

I sat next to her and held her hand. She didn’t react and just keep her attention on the TV.

I grabbed her shoulders with my left hand. She turned towards me, have me a smile and then turned towards the TV again.

“Hey beauty, what’s in your mind?”

“S**h, I feel very nervous right now.”

“Do you love being with me dear?”


I gently kissed her cheeks, and then caressed her hair near her ear. She was smiling with a shy look on her face.

“I am yours tonight” she said.

I gently planted a kiss on her lips and hugged her tight. Her breasts pressed on my chest. I could feel the excitement in her breath. I slowly advanced my hand under her t shirt on her back. She shivered. I was able to locate her bra stap and slid my finger under them.

I proceeded to remove her t shirt and took some help from her as it was too tight. Now I could see her bra covering her chest mounds and her ample cleavage. I touched her cleavage and she shuddered.

I decided to take it slow.

I removed my shirt and vests and also my pyjamas. I proceeded to remove her pyjamas. We are now down to our bare essentials covering our private parts. Her plush thighs, smooth belly, prominent hips highlighted her curves. She was feeling shy and looked down.

I lifted her chin with my hands and looked into her eyes. They conveyed many feelings simultaneously. Excitement, fear, anxiety all rolled into one.

I hugged her gently. I could feel her bra covered breasts pressing against my bare chest and moving up and down due to her laboured breathing.

“S**a ” I said her name.

“Hmm” she replied back.

“Please relax dear.”

“I am trying to” she replied.

I deneme bonus looked her into her eyes again, and now I could sense a feeling of calmness returning.

I kissed in her cleavage and could feel her warmth instantly as the sides of her breasts near the cleavage touched by face.

We both knew this is the last point of making a U-turn from what we were going to do. We both knew in few moments everything that was between us will be very different except for the first moment when I kissed her on April 1st 2021.

We will cease to exist being just friends and take our relationship one step further all the way to sexual intimacy. May be friends with benefits? We cannot be sure of that also yet. The dynamics of our relationship changed very drastically in the past 2 months. We now both long for each other’s company. We started to long for the caring touch and intimate conversations and the lingering feelings of euphoria.

I gently laid her down on the bed and got over her grasping outstretched arms. My bare chest was now directly over bra covered breasts and my brief covered penis was over her panty covered vaginal region.

Only a thin sheet of our personal clothing remained between our private parts, but as far as our emotional barriers are concerned, they have been removed the moment she accepted to spend her birthday night with me. Now this all seemed like an inevitable, winding course of a river, our impending physical intimacy an extension of our emotional intimacy we had already started to share.

I gradually unhooked her bra and she helped me in removing it and covered them with her hands. I gently pulled her hands away and her beautiful breasts were in full display. Her eyes kept looking down. I made her reclined on the back rest of the bed and then kissed her left breast holding the right one with my hand. She was stiffening her belly and flexing her leg in response to my move.

We are now at the point of no return.

She lied down in the bed and I was over her with my chest now pressing her bare breasts. I began kissing her on her forehead, then her cheeks, then her lips, then her neck, then her cleavage, then her belly and then her thighs, her knees, her calf muscle area, her ankles and her toes. With each step she was stiffening and shuddering and kept moaning in pleasure.

I lied down on her again and now my cock started to stiffen and getting erect and was pressing against her pussy which was still covered by her panties. I could tell from expressive eyes that she had felt it too, waiting to burst out and touch her pussy.

Out of the blue she grabbed by cock along with my underwear. We realised that we are getting closer. She slid her hands under my underwear and grabbed my erect and hard penis. The touch of her hands on my foreskin brought out a gentle moan out of me and I sucked her breasts and bit her nipples. This made her moan more vigorously.

By now my erect cock was dangling out of my underwear and rubbing against her belly. I removed my underwear and was completely naked on her.

“Your turn” I said referring to the last piece of clothing on her.

She slid down her panties on her thighs and I helped her in removing it completely as her folded her knees to facilitate the process. I caught a glimpse of her labia in the midst of her pubic hair and also her ass hole.

She was now completely naked underneath me and for the first time my erect penis was directly in contact with her pubic hair and her labia.

I got down and moved my head towards her pubic region and was presented with a full view of her labia. I kissed her labia and licked her vaginal opening. She had a sudden jolt of sensation coursing through her body as she closed her thighs and trapped my head near her pubic region. The smell of her vaginal region was mesmerizing and I kissed labia and probed the vaginal opening with my tongue. She was moaning and shuddering with pleasure.

I decided to make the next step.

“You have to help me now dear” said gesturing her to spread her legs.

She raised her hips and spread out her legs so that now I had the full view of her parted labia and vaginal opening.

I started to tease my cock tip on her labia. She started to tense her body again. I rubbed her clitoris and gently teased my cock on her labia up and down. She paused anticipating my entry in to her.

Enter I did. With one firm stroke, I push my cock inside her juicy pussy. It was immediately greeted with a firm grasp of the muscles as though it won’t let go. I could feel the warmth and wetness if her vagina and it was pure bliss.

“Stay. Don’t move” she said. She wanted to pause the moment where my cock was I side inside her pussy. I pushed further in. She moaned. She was experiencing the pain of her pussy getting stretched. But it was pain of pleasure. I pushed further in and now I was all the way inside her. I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting all around my penis.

The perfect moment has arrived.

I partially slid my cock out gently and then pushed in. Slid out and pushed in. This definitely is the greatest of all pleasures known to man and women.

I am now making love to the women who till yesterday was only my friend. Now we are intertwined in the most intimate position possible.

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