My New Boss Pt. 05

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A few weeks later, unexpectedly, there was a big shake-up at work. My company hired a new Vice-President of Marketing, which the last time I looked at my business cards, was my job title. He was very well known within our industry, having last worked at NASCAR. He had been profiled in our industry magazine, as he had pulled off the unimaginable. He had increased the advertising revenue of the auto racing company, during a time when tobacco and alcohol advertising were being prohibited.

Tim Andrews was revered within our tight-knit circle, but his hiring posed some very real questions about where I fit in, under the new organizational structure. The details of his employment package were public record, and his salary was phenomenal. More importantly, he was given total autonomy with regard to hiring and firing employees. I was sick with worry as he began to decimate the ranks of upper management within our company.

Every day at work was a total fucking nightmare, trying to figure out who the latest casualties of Tim’s ruthless efficiency measures were. Some of these guys had worked for my company for longer than I had, and were being unceremoniously dispatched, with their belongings in a cardboard box, and one month’s severance pay.

I was having difficulty sleeping, and dreaded coming to work as I anticipated my fate. Being unemployed wasn’t an option for me. If I had to endure an immediate cessation of my considerable paycheck, I would be forced to liquidate my possessions within a couple of months. The problem was there was just about zero equity in anything that I owned. As luck would have it, I seemed to slide under Tim’s radar. He changed my job title to Director of Marketing, but didn’t fuck with my pay, or reduce the size of my office, which in the corporate world is an indicator of status.

He completely restructured the company, replacing many of the upper managers and executives with his own guys. Some of the remaining upper level guys got demoted or had their pay slashed, or both. A couple of my co-workers benefited from the restructuring, and got promoted. However, there seemed to be a correlation between these changes, and their love of golf.

Tim loved golf, and I couldn’t help but notice that several of his regular golf partners got promoted, or had their salaries increased. I hated golf, and kept my job the old fashioned way, because I was very good at it. However, I needed to find some common ground with Tim, and quickly. I am blessed with an active mind, and continuously came up with ideas that were adopted. I think Tim appreciated my work contribution, and valued me as an employee, however because he was an Alpha Male, it was in his genetic make-up to fuck with me.

At our first executive meeting, upon learning that my name was also Tim, he decreed that from now on, to minimize confusion, I would be referred to as Timmy. I hadn’t been called Timmy since I was six years old, and I hated it. However, as he had total autonomy over hiring and firing, everyone just got with his program and suddenly, I was Timmy.

One night, after a particularly long brainstorming session, I came up with a brilliant advertising slogan for a toothpaste commercial. Tim was very happy with my contribution and we hung out together long after the meeting ended. We ended up going for a drink at a local piano bar, and Tim decided he wanted to get laid.

As we bonded over a few beers, it turns out that he had been stationed all over the world, during his tenure as an advertising executive. He had been too immersed in work to ever get married, or to even have a girlfriend, so he used prostitutes and escorts to take care of his needs. He had mongered everywhere, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila to name just a few places. However, he was brand new to Southern California and asked me if I knew any local places to get laid.

I was hell bent on impressing my new boss, and with my inhibitions lowered by the alcohol, suggested that we stop by my favorite massage parlor, and enjoy a session with one of Joy’s young girls. Tim was impressed with my local knowledge and ordered us a cab. When we arrived at Joy’s place it was late, but the Mamasan was very accommodating.

Once Joy learned that Tim had mongered all over the world, she wanted to prove that the sexual delights of Asia were available in our back yard. Tim had no sense of shame or embarrassment, and was quite happy to answer all of Joy’s questions, in front of me.

In the same way that Joy had got to the bottom of my sexual proclivities, during my first massage session with her, she peppered Tim with questions about his preferred kinks. Turns out, Tim had quite the sexual appetite and was blessed with a very short refractory period. He like to dominate women, enjoyed anal sex, and his favorite sexual activity was to fuck the wives and girlfriends of other men. Once Tim confessed his love of threesomes, he was shown to a nice large room, and Rosebud and Rim were dispatched to take care of him. kartal çıtır escort I asked Joy who else was available, but she pulled me into her office and shut me down.

“Don’t ask me who is available, Tim,” she said firmly. “You are on sexual restriction.”

“Excuse me Joy?” I asked, knowing full well what she meant, but wondering how the fuck she knew.

“All the girls know you are off-limits,” she said calmly. “Sucky has made it very clear that you are not allowed any release outside of your Saturday morning session.”

Joy poured me a large cup of coffee, and we chatted as my boss allowed the girls to show him why they had been assigned their respective monikers. Tim ended up fucking Rosebud in the ass, as Rim gave him one of her patented rimjobs.

Tim was giddy with excitement as we shared a cab home.

“Dude, that place was amazing,” he gushed. “I have enjoyed countless rimjobs all over the world, but I have never had a better experience than I just got from Rim. That girl is aptly named!”

“I know,” I replied, “the first time she rimmed me, I blew my load all over the shower wall. Then that dirty bitch asked me if I wanted to watch her eat my ejaculate. When I said yes, she slurped it up from the wall and floor of the shower.”

“A bit late to start telling me this now, Timmy,” my boss scolded. “If I would have known this an hour ago, I would have showered with that bitch. Anything else you want to share with me?”

“No boss,” I said dejectedly, disappointed that I had let him down. “How was Rosebud?” I continued, trying to change the conversation.

“Wow!” Tim responded, “Rosebud has such a fuckable ass. I have no idea how she is able to have such a tight little sphincter, with the amount of anal sex she must have.”

“I know, right?” I agreed, “unbelievable how tight her anal passage is.”

“So who is your overall favorite, Timmy?” my boss asked. “Your go-to girl when you need to bust a nut?”

I knew I should have told him about Suky, but the truth was that he was a controlling prick. He would have taken her for himself, and rubbed my face in it. So, in an attempt to keep the cutest one to myself, I lied.

“Rim,” I said, trying to throw him off the scent of the delectable Suky. “That girl is the perfect combo of beautiful and incredibly nasty.”

“She is pretty special,” my boss agreed. “Not that I would ever just enjoy one of those bitches. I always take at least two women at a place like that.”

I laughed at that suggestion, and Tim and I continued to act like college buddies, bonding over our shared love of massage parlors.

“I came three times,” he told me proudly. “The first time I unloaded in Rosebud’s asshole, fucking her doggy-style, while Rim licked my ass from behind. After I came, Rim remained on her back under me and managed to get me hard again, relatively quickly. I know I have a short refractory period, but that bitch has some great moves.”

“Agreed,” I said cordially, “that is why she is my favorite.”

“Once I was hard again, Rosebud blew me, as Rim stuck her tongue deep inside my ass. That felt incredible to have the two of them work in unison to get me off. Just don’t kiss your girl Rim, until you see her gargle mouthwash,” he joked.

“And the third time?” I asked, as if his pleasure was of the utmost importance to me.

“The two of them blew me in the shower,” he said with a chuckle, “although with your latest revelation, it looks like I got shorted on that deal. Tomorrow night I want to come back here and watch Rim eat my jizz from the shower wall,” he said assertively. “I want everything you get, Timmy,” he said ominously, “and then some!”

In retrospect, I should have fessed up right there and then about Suky. Even though I was madly in love with the young Malaysian girl, it was obvious that Tim would one day meet her, and make her his bitch. I was just delaying the inevitable by hiding her away from him. They were bound to meet one day, as much time as they both spent at Joy’s massage parlor. Joy had already informed me that Suky responded favorably to a dominant man, which I was not. I pondered telling him but something held me back and I lied to him instead.

“What’s mine is yours boss,” I said with a palpable deference.

“I would expect nothing less, Timmy,” he responded condescendingly. “Either way, what an incredible night. Thanks man!”

“I am glad you enjoyed it boss,” I said sincerely.

“I had the best time, bro,” he responded enthusiastically. “I had no idea a place like that existed in Southern California. I look forward to many nights of mongering together.”

While I was genuinely happy that my boss had experienced a fantastic session, I had a really bad case of blue balls. Joy had cock-blocked me, based on instructions from her niece, and I had been extremely aroused as I sat in Joy’s office sipping tea, as my boss got his rocks off. It was also hard to hear Tim rehash kadıköy yabancı escort the intimate details of his session, especially as I had not experienced any release tonight. Tim wanted to keep on partying, but I had an early morning commitment, so I declined the invite.

Suky was going on vacation the following day, to Malaysia, to make her decisions about the direction of her life, and I had agreed to run her to the airport. For this reason, I went straight home, even though Tim wanted to keep on partying.

I slept well, and was up early to take Suky to Los Angeles International Airport, thankful that I had not stayed out late partying with Tim. The evening had been very kind to my boss and I imagined that he was probably still sleeping, having had his nutsack completely drained. I had endured a night of sexual torment, having first had my sexual restriction enforced by Joy, and then, to make matters worse, having to hear Tim rehash the delights of his encounter with the two Asian women. I had an erection and my nuts were throbbing as I drove to pick up Suky.

Suky was still staying with her Auntie Joy, so I headed there to pick up the young girl. When I got to Joy’s house, Suky invited me in. She was wearing a silk camisole that was an exquisite shade of mint green, and some matching stretch-satin boy-shorts. The shorts were very form-fitting, leaving no doubt that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She looked and smelled fantastic, having just spritzed herself with her perfume.

As I marveled at her beauty and irresistible sexual allure, I made the decision to keep her hidden from my boss. I knew I was treading on thin ice by doing so, but Suky was so cute, and I was so smitten with her, that the last thing I wanted was for that dominant prick to take control of her. Suky would have responded very favorably to his aggression too, as she loved take-charge guys. Tim would have made her his instant fuck-toy, and I would have lost the love of my life. Suky snapped me out of it, as she spoke.

“Make yourself comfortable,” she offered. “We have plenty of time. Joy has already left for work and I am just about packed.”

There were two suitcases on the living room floor overflowing with clothes. It was obvious that Suky needed to remove some of the contents of her cases before they could be closed. I was surprised to see how many new clothes she had accumulated since her fiancé trashed her entire wardrobe. She told me she had packed so much because the weather can be very changeable in the mountains of Malaysia this time of year.

Suky agreed that she needed to take less clothes with her and told me that she needed help choosing what to take. This seemed like an innocent enough request but I knew better. Everything she did when we were together was designed to tease me and keep me hot for her. She emptied the contents of the suitcases onto the floor and started to hold up items of clothing for my opinion.

As she held her clothes up for me to help her decide what to pack, I must confess I was distracted. Her taut stomach was exposed as the silk camisole slid up her body, the soft material conspiring to make her nipples erect as it slid over them. I felt my cock stiffen in my shorts, and I know Suky noticed.

Her form-fitting satin boy-shorts acted like a second skin over her genitalia, highlighting her labia and appearing moist in the crotch, as she started to self-lubricate at my overt display of desire for her. It had been about a week since my last orgasm, and I was having a tough time focusing on Suky’s clothing selection.

There were a lot of coats and sweaters for the mountains and we managed to get rid of many items fairly quickly. Next up were jeans and t-shirts which again only took a couple of minutes. This was going to be easy I thought to myself. Then she started sorting out her bathing suits. She had packed way too many and they all looked great to me so I wasn’t offering too many opinions.

“You can’t really tell how cute a bathing suit is when it is laying on the carpet,” Suky said cheerfully. “You really need to see them on me to make a decision.”

She smiled knowingly at me, and carried an armful of her bathing suits into her bathroom.

A couple of minutes later she came out wearing a really sexy white two-piece that fit her perfectly and showcased her tight little body. I felt my cock twitch in my shorts and she noticed immediately.

“Strip and kneel on the floor by the suitcases,” she said without hesitation. “That way I can get an honest opinion of how I look in each one.”

I got naked and knelt exactly where she had instructed me to. I was already aroused when I knocked on her front door earlier, but the impromptu fashion show was going to really get me excited!

Suky posed seductively in the white two-piece as I knelt in front of her naked. My cock danced around between my legs and she decided this bathing suit was going to Malaysia! kadıköy genç escort Next up a black thong bathing suit that was just as sexy as the white one. Again my cock throbbed visibly and declared my approval of the black two-piece. The bathing suit selection went very well. Time after time she would come out of the bathroom in a really sexy bikini and pose for me. She kept her gaze on my cock and made a very quick decision based on my reaction.

I had been rock-hard for over an hour and was beside myself with desire for her. At one point some pre-cum was coming out of the tip of my cock and I went to wipe it away.

“Leave it there,” she told me assertively, “as evidence of your arousal and your desire for me.”

Suky went back into the bathroom. When she returned she had a towel, and a leather belt in her hands. I stiffened up, concerned that she was going to punish me for touching my cock without her permission.

“Relax,” she assured me, “I have no intention of using the belt on you for such a minor transgression of the rules. I will save that for when you really screw up! Put your hands behind your back.”

I followed her directive and Suky used the belt to tie them together. Then she placed the towel between my knees, so that I would not leak on her Auntie’s floor. Finally, she reached down to the tip of my glistening cock, and rubbed the pre-cum all over the tip of it.

It felt so good to have her soft little hand on my cock again, and the fluid felt just like lube. She gently massaged the pre-cum around the head of my swollen cock, and then wiped her hand across my lips, so she did not get any of it on her bathing suit.

“Thank you for helping me select my swimwear,” she said with a giggle. “Would you like to help me choose what lingerie and underwear to take?”

This was all a game for her, and she was loving it. For me, it was more of a test but I planned to pass it. Her system of control was based on denial and reward, and I was going to get rewarded today. And so her game continued. She subjected me to a dizzying array of sexy outfits. My cock throbbed and displayed my approval, and she made her selection. Every so often she would come over to me, and sensually wipe the pre-cum from my cock around my tip. I was so close to coming, it took everything in my power to stop myself from ejaculating all over the towel.

If my hands had not been tied behind my back, I probably would have jerked myself off, and dealt with her consequences later. I was that aroused. She knew this of course, and started to massage my cock-head with my leaking fluid, more often. Again, she wiped the remaining pre-cum across my lips. Once all of the lingerie and underwear had been chosen and packed, we finished up with a fashion show of skirts and dresses. This was undoubtedly my favorite. She looked amazing in a bathing suit, and even better in lingerie.

However, the sight of her in a summer dress, or a short skirt and heels, was bringing me to the edge. I was dripping quite freely now, and the pre-cum was pooling in a little wet spot on the towel. Fuck! This had gone on too long. I needed some relief. Finally, the suitcases were almost packed, and Suky had taken a mental note of my reaction to everything she had worn. Even though my cock had stayed rock-hard for over two hours, certain outfits had caused it to throb and dance for her. Some had even induced the flow of more pre-cum, and she knew she had seduced an honest opinion from me.

She went behind my back, and untied the belt that had kept me from touching myself. I excused myself to use the restroom, and was gone for a few minutes. When I returned my erection had subsided a little, and I was more in control of my breathing. She was wearing a flowing summer dress, that was loose around the waist, and no shoes. She motioned for me to lay on my back on the towel, and I noticed that she had me lie right in the wet spot.

When she toyed with me, it was like playing chess with someone who was several moves ahead. She knew she would eventually have me on my back on the towel, and the gradual creation of the wet spot, added to her enjoyment. It was not lost on me, as I lay naked on my back, in a pool of my own seminal fluid. Normally, she would have me lick, nibble, kiss and suck every square inch of her body on her massage table, before she took her pleasure. And we both knew that was about to happen. She always took her pleasure before mine.

Anyway, normally it would be a very slow sensual process for her to take her pleasure, but today she just wanted to get off! She waited for me to get settled in the wet spot, and then lifted her dress up, and straddled my face. She placed her knees either side of my head and slowly lowered herself on to me. She had removed her panties and had tossed them onto the chair. She was very wet.

My reaction to the fashion show had excited her. Watching me on my knees, with my arms bound behind my back, and my cock leaking pre-cum, had made her hot. She responded immediately to my tongue between her legs, and grabbed a handful of my hair, to take control of my movements. I licked her eagerly and within a few moments she had her first orgasm. She had taught me to lick her gently between orgasms, and I did this until I felt her next one building.

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