My Motherly Duties Ch. 02 – Cass

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All individuals involved in sexual activity are consenting adults 18 years old or older. All events and people within this story are fictional and created solely as a work of erotic entertainment.

The dream started as it always did.

I was at the doorstep of my parents’ bedroom, watching them do what they do best: have sex. I had an unobstructed view of their lovemaking due to the door to their room being left wide open. It was a perk of the open door policy that we’ve lived with for as long as I can remember. Until recently I used to resort to porn whenever I was horny. Then a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday, I discovered that my very own parents were far better than any porn I had ever found on the internet.

This was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen; Mom was on her knees before dad, bobbing on his long, slender cock, going from balls deep to just the tip barely remaining in her mouth, and bobbing back down again in record speed. As she sucked, her gigantic titties bounced in a frenzy while her long, wavy blonde hair seemed to blow in the wind despite the fact that we were in a house. From my angle, it seemed that she had a pink handprint on her ass.

As she bobbed, dad huffed and puffed with his eyes closed, trying to keep up with this insatiable madwoman – she sucked cock like she was possessed, alternating between cocksucking strategies that I had rarely seen in the most exotic porn: I recognized the whirl and twirl, the wild washing machine, but there were several others that I couldn’t put my finger on – but my Mom sure could! Her lips, tongue, and hands were all over his long, 9-inch sausage, balls, hips, and ass cheeks, Dad moaning and groaning occasionally.

Dad’s expression during all of this was the ultimate turn-on: his face was red and he had a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead even though he was just standing still. His breathing was growing ragged and I could tell he was oh so close.

Mom maintained her Olympic performance with me watching, the two of them so immersed in their oral sex that they didn’t notice me at all. My breathing, slowly speeding up as I used both my hands to rub quick circles around my clit and then to finger myself four fingers knuckle deep, tickling my g-spot.

Suddenly, Dad bucked and then yanked his cock from her lips causing a loud POP. His cock danced, slapping into his belly in tune with his heartbeat, it’s head an angry purple, balls tight to the shaft. He stood there for some time, just trying to catch his breath, his head back, eyes closed. Throughout all of this, Mom sat at his feet, on her knees, studying his cock, waiting patiently.

Many minutes later, Dad’s meat’s dance grew less violent and his breathing was only a little ragged.

“Fuck, Heather,” he panted, finally opening his eyes. “I’ve trained you too well, haven’t I?”

She held up her giant breasts and spat on them. “Hey,” she said, massaging the concocktion of spit and precum into her beautiful boobs. She started pinching her nipples, “you can never have too much training,” she winked.

Dad smiled, shaking his head side to side. “I can’t believe you were a virgin when we first met. You were so innocent… and now you…” with nothing but pure adoration in his eyes, he looked down at his wife, on her knees after a blowjob, rubbing his precum into her tits.

She looked back up at him. “…Now I’m your slut? Your whore? Your double-ended fleshlight?” Mom suggested, smiling coyly, grabbing onto his paper-towel-roll-sized cock, stroking it playfully.

Dad’s smile widened, exposing his perfect teeth. “Don’t forget my cum-bucket, cum-bucket,” he added, pushing a strand of Mom’d blonde hair behind her ear.

He kneeled and leaned in close to my giggling mom and whispered something I couldn’t hear, then easily picked her up with his hands under her armpits before tossing her onto the queen-sized bed like she weighed nothing.

Mom positioned herself on her back, her firm ass hanging over the edge of the bed, pussy pink, moist and parted. A small stream of pink fluid flowed from it in between her soft buttcheeks before it got absorbed by her puckering asshole. While I almost couldn’t keep my eyes off of her sex, Dad kept his eyes glued to Mom’s. While only a few seconds ago, their faces showed love, they now told a completely different story; a story of want; a story of need.

A story of lust.

As Dad expertly lined up his long, pulsing cock to Mom’s dripping pussy without even looking down; it was clear that they had sex in this exact position thousands of times before.

As Dad thrust forward, plunging all nine of his inches into Mom’s depths all at once, splitting her lips, the looks on their faces made it look like it as their first time: his eyes roll back then scrunch closed, he threw his head back, his lips parting as a guttural moan escaped them. Her eyes widened as her jaw dropped before she too threw her head back.

After the initial penetration, şişli elit escort Dad did not wait long before he started rocking his body back in forth, his cock going in and out of Mom in perfect stroke. At every stroke, his body slapped into hers causing her boobs to fly into her neck. Mom’s chest soon started rising and falling as she breathed out words so fast that I could only make up some of them:

“Fuck”, “Yesyesyes”, and “Jasonpleeease” – Dad’s name.

Listening to my mother whisper these words of bliss for Dad completely turned me on like I never thought possible. I watched completely absorbed as he lifted her ass off the edge of the bed by grabbing her ankles and pulling them up and over his shoulders as easily as if he was grabbing one of my stuffed animal toys. He yanked her violently back toward him to meet his thrusts. Mom was twisting and pulling on her nipples as he repeatedly buried himself into her.

Her toes curled, I could hear her suck her breath in and saw her tits bounce with every thrust as he slammed into her over and over. Her breathing grew ragged as her chest heaved, and finally her eyes rolled back into her head as she spasmed and finally came with her thighs locked around Dad’s waist as she diddled her clit with her left hand and clutched his arm with her right.

Dad’s left hand went to Mom’s pussy, quickly swatted away her hand and replaced it with his own and started rubbing it as he probably did for the past two decades I saw his butt repeatedly clench and unclench meaning that his cock was bouncing around in her pussy. His other hand relentlessly slapped her ass leaving the previously pink hand-print now to glow bright red. With every slap, Mom let out a small scream of pleasure.

“OhmigodOhmigod,” she squealed between slaps. “OhmigodOhmig-“

“Good girl,” I heard a voice whisper.

Suddenly, a warm, wet surface drags across my pussy lips before flicking against my clit; waking me up. My eyes flutter open and glance downwards to see my mom, Heather, kneeling between my legs looking up at me with her bright blue eyes shrouded in her wavy blonde hair slightly glazed with thick white fluid with the same white fluid dripping from her face, neck, and tits.

I lean forward and, with my fingers, scoop up some of this fluid and bring it to my nose. “Cum. Wait no! Brad’s cum,” I smile.

My mother smiles back. “That’s right, Cassandra, dear. Now be a good girl and put that in your mouth for me,” she said seductively.

I look Mom in the eye and sticking out my tongue, I slowly bring my fingers deep into my mouth and start sucking. I closed my eyes and started my analysis: Saltier than normal … but a little bitter too. Not that sweet today, so he definitely had no fruits, that’s for sure.

“This morning he had eggs with peppers, cheese and a lot of bacon!” I declared opening my eyes and trying to read Mom’s face. It remained unchanged.

This was sort of a fun little game me and Mom played when she woke me up doused in Brad’s jizz; she’d make me guess what he had for breakfast by the taste of his cum. It was super challenging and super naughty; I loved it.

“He had,” my mom started. “An omelet with peppers and bacon,” she paused. I waited, hoping the list would end there. “And several croissant rounds,” she smiled.

“Oh my goodne- how could I have known that?” I toss out.

She shrugs, still smiling.

“Oh, fuck me,” I say in frustration. However, Mom’s eyes light up when I say that as she looks down at my pussy. “Wait! I didn’t mean-“

My resistance was futile.

Before I knew it, Mom’s skilled lips had started sucking and licking my already sensitive clit. My eyes shut and my lips part as a small gasp escapes me. I instinctively buck my ass up hard off my bed and grunt as I grind it back onto that beautiful face. The fantastic electrical sensations generated by the suction centered on my love button starts to gradually drag me back into unconsciousness. She then starts to caress my outer lips with a couple of petite fingers before penetrating my slippery, hot sex. They swivel inside me and then hook upwards to expertly pressuring my hidden, inner trigger: my g-spot.

My eyes fly open and my jaw drops in sexual ecstasy as I fall back on my bed. “Oh fuck, Mommy,” I moan. “Make me cum … please … don’t stop … eating … your daughter’s … pussy … yes Mommy, fuuck…” I was losing my ability to talk; only my mom could put me in this state.

Her lips momentarily left my clitoris. “How many times have I told you to call me Heather?” she chided before returning to pleasing my sex.

“Because,” I breathed, my hands unconsciously flying to cup the back of Mom’s head, desperate to keep her locked in place between my sweat-soaked thighs for the next several minutes. “Calling you Mommy is just sooo much dirtier,” I say, tilting my head to look down in between my breasts to see her lips on my clit, sucking, cheeks hollowed şişli escort as her blue eyes lock with mine, her fingers pistoning in out of my pussy, my g-spot getting the treatment of a lifetime.

My lips tremble.

After who knows how many minutes of her sucking and fingering, her mouth leaves my erect, inflamed nub to feverishly lap at my labia as she brings her free hand up to my clit and starts to roll it between her thumb and forefinger. I have to reach out to clutch at my sheets as my whole body tenses and my back arches as I hit the edge of a huge orgasm.

Without a thought, I use my thighs as a vise to try and keep my beautiful lover still as an orgasm rolls over me like a thunderbolt. The spasms force me to thrash my head side to side causing all the air is to be sucked out of my lungs as some kind of primal scream that I have never made before escapes my mouth.

Mom, despite my legs still being locked around her head, she refuses to slow her assault on my poor overstimulated pussy. Showing no mercy she pulses her fingers in and out of me at a rapid-fire pace, making sure to drag them over my now engorged g-spot as she simultaneously pinches and rolls my clit.

In quick succession, I once more clench at the back of her head as I cut loose with a wail that would doubtless be heard throughout the neighborhood if not for Mom and Dad investing heavily in high-quality sound-proofing for the house. Once more my whole body seizes up in yet another massive climax that fires throughout my body before the first one has completely faded.

I black out.


I wake up from my orgasmic coma collapsed on my bed, my whole body tingling with pleasure as the morning light pours in over me through my bay window. So early in the morning and I’ve already had two fantastic orgasms and was still horny. I was still breathing raggedly – I was still recovering from my climaxes.

Mom slides up to cuddle with me and we share a loving, tongue-filled kiss. I taste my zesty sweetness on her lips along with the aftertaste of Brad’s cum. As we cuddle, our nipples met; hers felt smooth with sperm compared to mine, some of this sperm transferring to my boobs.

I smile.

After a couple minutes, my breathing finally returns to normal and I can stretch my arms and legs without risk of a cramp. A huge yawn takes me by surprise as Mom rolls over on her side to sneak another hug in. I look her in the eyes and feel love for this amazing woman well up within me threatening to completely overwhelm everything else.

“Morning, mother.”

She laughs back. “Morning, sweetums,” she returns before asking “You sleep okay?” she gave me a concerned look.

“Amazing, but I think that’s mainly because of the way I woke up,” I responded as I giggled once again, rolling over to face her, throwing arm over her I put my hand on one of her breasts and began playfully massaging it while tugging and pinching at her already hard, rubbery nipple. “That was just such a mindblowing way to begin the day!”

Mom giggled at my recently acquired enthusiasm for morning sex.

“Considering how you woke me up,” I bring my finger to her neck, scooping some of my brother’s cum off of my mother’s neck, “I assume Brad has left for his exam?” I ask bringing the cum to my lips: still warm, still tasty.

Mom breaks eye contact momentarily before answering, “Yes, just a few minutes ago,” trying to hide her sadness from me.

She smiles again, but I can tell it’s a facade.

“But hey,” she starts, hefting up a mason jar full of a thick white fluid: more of Brad’s cum. “He might have left,” she the fluid in the jar around to show me just how fresh it is, “but he just so happened to leave behind some of the best natural lubricant nature can produce,” she finished, sliding off the bed with the jar.

I just have to laugh at her warped sense of humor, but I still sit up, lean back, spread my legs and thrust out my hips; I know where that is going.

I watch with anticipation as Mom made her way to the foot of the bed and tossed the sheets and bedspread on the floor. She crawls up between my legs with a grin. She slips two fingers inside me and pulls them out covered with my own “natural lubricant” and licks them clean with a pervy smirk plastered on her face.

“Gawd, seeing you like this turns me on soooooo much,” I moan, leaning my head back as she continued to plunge her fingers into my depths, stretching my tight, tight pussy lips apart.

She suddenly stops. “Really?” I hear her ask.

I look down at her and see her feign innocence in an almost laughable way; her kids combined juices on her face and fingers as she lay naked in between my legs, fingers deep in my pussy.

I smile. “Yeah, Mom-”


“Yeah, Heather,” I look to the wall-sized mirror to the side of my bed. “I mean look at yourself,” I tell her.

It really was quite the sight: my mom, the petite 4’11” şişli eve gelen escort blonde bombshell on her hands and knees at my pussy, her entire front side marked with me and Brad’s combined cum.

I was looking quite promiscuous too – oh who was I kidding; I looked like a slut: my black hair, perky tits, swollen nipples, and flat tummy were streaked with some of Brad’s cum as well. I was a lot leaner than mom because of my weekly hours at the gym, but I was also a lot taller at 5’6”. My gym hours meant that while I was skinnier, my tits were also a little smaller while my ass was a bit bigger. This entire scene was accentuated by my expansive sex-toy collection in the background.

As I scanned her body again, I could see that her ass was a lot firmer today.

I cocked an eyebrow as I made eye contact with my mom’s reflection. “Jump squats this morning?” I knew the answer was yes, but I wanted to know how she’d deliver it.

Her pervy smirk had returned as she arched her back and repeatedly flexed her ass muscles… she was twerking.

Even though her fingers had left my pussy and she wasn’t even touching it, I could feel my pussy tighten: that was so hot!

“Oh fuck, Heather,” I lightly moaned again. “You… you have a special gift to reach down inside my psyche to pull out all the dark and nasty things that excites me in ways I never thought possible,” I said in admiration.

She smiled as she buried four fingers deep and began pulling my trigger.

“As your mother,” she said as she brought her other hand to my clit that was so engorged, it was almost like a mini-penis at this point. “I take it upon myself to help you find every sexual kink you have inside of you, no matter how dark, or how naughty,” her eyes gleamed and she scratched my clit when she said that.

At this point, I was barely listening; I was just trying my best not to pass out; I was not going to give her that satisfaction again.

“Speaking of your psyche,” she brought her fingering hand to her mouth and licked my juice off of it. “When I found you today, your pussy was already wet! You were dreaming of cock, weren’t you?” she asked teasingly. “Who was it? Did you find a boy in college?”

Right when she asked about the dream, my mood dropped.

I muttered three words: “It was Dad,” I shut my eyes; I try to hold back my tears.

Dad had left on a business trip several months ago. We never heard from him since he had left, and so, Mom, Brad and I suspected the worst.

With my eyes still closed, I heard and felt Mom get up off of my bed and start rummaging through my dildo drawer.

Last week, we got a call from one of his agents confirming our suspicions.

I had my eyes closed for a few minutes before I reopened them to see my mother holding an ejaculating dildo belt – but not just any dildo belt. The dildo was 9 inches long. The dildo was paper-towel-roll-sized.

The dildo was a perfect replica of Dad’s cock.

“Do you want me to do it, or do you..?” she cautiously asked, holding eye contact.

Dad was my first lover and my first cock. A sad part is that we had only fucked once.

“You do it,” I told Mom as I leaned back and spread my legs while watching her ready the strap-on.

As I watch her I have to start twisting and pulling at my nipples. I’ve found it helps to keep me focused and turned on as Mom takes her time fucking me. Her eyes never leave mine as she snaps it into place around her hips and struts back to the foot of the bed cupping and stroking her boobs as she gets into position. She slowly unscrewed the lid of the mason jar and dipped the dildo in it, coating it in cum before carefully pouring Brad’s baby batter into the belt’s special reservoir.

She then started sawing my pussy with the dildo attached to her waist – just like Dad all those months ago when we had sex that one time.

She pulled her hips back and aligned Dad’s cock with my pussy lips, now glazed with my brother’s warm cum. She looked up at me.

“Whenever you’re ready,” she offered.

I took a deep breath, giving a firm pinch to each of my nipples. I nodded.

She thrust forward, bottoming out in my pussy.

I gasped, instantly closing my eyes and being transported eight months back to my eighteenth birthday: the day my dad gave me the best gift ever: his cock.

I remember the day like it was yesterday:

It was a Sunday, and Dad had surprised me in the morning singing happy birthday, dancing, and being himself and silly. I was so happy to see him because he was on a business trip for the entire month before and I thought that he would be there for my special day.

We had sex in this very bed, in this very position: missionary.

He thrust into me and held himself there for me to adjust just like Mom was doing right now. It was my first cock, and Dad was really big, so I was breathing hard, telling trying to tell him that I couldn’t do it; but he believed in me. Jason rubbed my clit and breathed words of encouragement:

“Come on, baby girl, you can do it. It’s just like any of the other things I’ve taught you: long division, Spanish, riding a bike, or-“

“Well your cock is a lot bigger than anything I’ve ever ridden before,” I half-heartedly joke, smiling.

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