My Little Megan

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This story is entirely fictional. The characters in this story are over the age of 18, are not real, nor are they in any way related to any real living individual. The intent is strictly for the enjoyment of all readers, and it is not an endorsement of any theme and/or lifestyle.


Now you may call me a freak or even a sicko but really I couldn’t give a shit, if your sister was as hot as mine you’d want to fuck her too. I mean she is a stunner, well to me a least. She’s reasonably tall, well is as tall as I am anyway. She has full, long, blonde wavy hair, fair, freckled skin, and is a little overweight. There are some that would say large or fat, but I’m not that kind of guy, how I see it is that she has amazing curves. She has a sweet smile, come hither eyes, and dark long lashes that she bats all the time in that sexual way. She is a minx; she was a massive flirt with a few lucky individuals and lucky for me I was one of them. She didn’t do it in the obvious way, well at least with anyone who wasn’t me of course. I think she did it mainly to play with my head. We would always talk dirty to each other, it’s just the way we were. Apart from her naughty streak she has a great disposition too, just wants to be loved, and what can I say, I love her. Sure, she can be a little mean just like any other girl but I don’t ever feel the brunt of it. It’s probably because we are twins, she’s the younger one. But I digress; I guess you want to know where I’m going with all this, so I best start from the beginning.

Ever since she turned eighteen I took notice of her. She started to fill out, and became the object of my affection. I’m only five minutes her senior, but she looked up to me. We spent quite a bit of time together but I never really let on I was into her. Being her brother and all she might not take it well. So I just played it cool and savoured every little thing I could get from her. The occasional brush of skin, touching when we gestured, peek up and down her skirt when she gave me the opportunity, you know the high school stuff you do. As time went on though I began to spy on her a little and even sneak into her room from time to time. I’d peek on her in the shower, accidentally walk in on her changing in her room, and even a few times I nicked a pair of her used panties and snorted in her aroma. All I can say is, deliciously intoxicating. I know now what you must be thinking, than I’m one of those sick creeps, but I couldn’t help it, I wanted her so bad and I never thought it possible that she would ever let me. But it wouldn’t be much of a story if I stopped there, now would it. It was around this time she started dating. I was furious of course and watched all of her boyfriends like a hawk. She dated this one guy I couldn’t stand, his name was Richard and boy was he a dick. I knew he was only after one thing from my little sister and I was determined to stop him from taking it, apparently she had similar feelings. We always talked and she came to me one day with a few questions.

It was after school, when I say school I mean college. We both still lived at home as we were going local and it saved our parents money. Anyway I was holed up in my room as I was most days when I heard a knock at the door.

“Can I come in?” Megan asked sweetly.

“For a buck,” I said stirring her.

“Did you say a fuck?” She said poking her head in my room and smirking.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I said,” I said sarcastically. “Well go on then, strip,” I said motioning her into the room from my bed. She came into the room and started making really bad stripping music with her voice. She took off her jumper in a comical mood and threw it at me.

“How’s that?” She said laughing.

“Now the dress,” I said smirking back at her.

“Maybe later,” she said planting herself down on the bed next to me. I couldn’t help but take a quick glance down her to admire her bare legs.

“So what do I owe this meeting to?” I said looking back up to her face. She had a quizzical scrunched up look about her. I knew something was on the tip of her tongue but she didn’t want to spit it out. “I’ve got all night, take your time.”

“It’s Richard,” she said reluctantly. She knew I was none too fond of this subject.

“What’s Dick done now?” I said before she poked me in the gut. “Hey, do you want to start that?” I said readying my fingers for a tickle fest. She placed her hands underneath her arms in response.

“I’ll be good,” she replied meekly before returning to her confused exterior.

“So, what did you want to ask me?”

“Well, you know how you were with Steph last semester?” I knew exactly what she was referring to, we were about to have a sex conversation.

“Dick is laying the moves on you isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” she replied slowly and shying away from my eyes.

“And, there’s something else?” I said waiting for her to respond.

“He’s pressuring me and I don’t know if I’m ready or if I want him.”

“You don’t have to do anything… wait you don’t bostancı escort want him?” I said surprised.

“I don’t know. It’s just that I’d like my first time to be with someone I really like, maybe even love.”

“Yeah I get that, and Dick just isn’t that guy.”

“Nope,” she replied shaking her head slightly.

“So…” I said looking for the right words. “Do you have a guy in mind?”

“Maybe, I don’t know. I mean I just don’t know if he’d go for a girl like me.”

“What! Don’t be silly, you are gorgeous, any guy would be so lucky,” I said stroking her under the chin.

“Thanks, but I know the reality. Not much call for girls like me.”

“Their loss, my gain,” I said reaching out and tickling her side. She squealed as I pounced on her, tickling her all around her waist which in turn kicked off a full fledged tickle fight.

We wrestled around the bed tickling and laughing like crazy. Truth was it was getting me so hot, I was hard as a rock. I just had to make sure Megan didn’t notice. I grabbed the exposed flesh on her legs when I could pretending it was to tickle her just so I could lay hands on her naked skin. She was strong and had a weight advantage on me so the wrestling was pretty even. She knew I was tickling on the back on my legs, feet, neck and under my arms. Upper body was her main target. She pushed me back against the bed and sat on my stomach pinning me down. Truth was I kind of let her because it meant I had a way to touch her inner thigh. Only problem was that if she moved back at all she would sit on my boner. Then it could get real awkward.

“Give up?” she said leaning down and pushing down on my arms splaying me out.

“As if,” I said squirming underneath her releasing one of my arms from her grasp. She moved her free hand right up to my neck and began to torture me. She knew it was my super sensitive spot.

“Two can play at that game,” I said wiggling my hand down and under the lip of her dress. Because her knees were either side of my waist there was no way she could clench her thighs together. I slipped my hand slowly up her chunky thigh, savouring every touch of her soft skin.

“Not fair,” she said biting her lip.

“All’s fair in love and war,” I said spidering my fingers further up her thigh. Her upper thigh was warm and lightly coated with sweat. I circled my fingers in the clammy moisture closing in on where the heat was emanating from. They ran across the small cellulite grooves burgeoning ever closer to her sweet spot. Her wiggles became gasps and pleasurable squeaks. It didn’t take a genius to know that she loved it. She barely ever fought me off. Her tickling felt more like a show now, a charade she had to keep up to receive my ‘punishment’. I edged my fingers forward slightly and brushed the edge of her panties. A shock of excitement rushed into me as I felt a familiar warmth through the thin cloth. Unfortunately it had a similar effect to Megan and she bounced back on my body.

Now came the awkward part that I was trying to avoid. She plomped down against my crotch, it wedged firmly against her butt crack. She stopped for a second and looked at me smiling.

“Is that what I think it is?” She asked coyly.

“Ummm, ahhhh,” I said lost for words.

“Did I turn you on?” She said wiggling her butt against me. All I could manage to say was a weird groaning “Ughyeah,” whilst trying not to pop a load in my pants. She cackled at how she was playing with me.

“Well it’s nice to know I can turn at least one guy on.”

“What can I say, you’re hot,” I said laughing awkwardly at the situation.

“Pfft,” she huffed, lifting herself off me and sitting back next to me. I looked down towards my crotch and felt like I needed to hide it. I reached down adjusting myself before rolling sideways to face her. As I turned I noticed her eyes dart back to mine, had she been getting an eyeful I wondered.

“So…” I said not knowing what to say next. She just looked at me with her baby brown eyes and fluttered hey lashes. “Um yeah… I um… Hope that wasn’t ummm,” I said stumbling.

“It’s ok really, I am flattered. It’s nice to know I can excite older guys, even my own brother,” she said with a sharp cackle. “I mean that’s even more of a compliment in a way. It’s gotta be a lot harder to do than just some guy that’s into you.”

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had guys into me,” I said lightening the mood.

“Oh ha ha, you dork,” she said pushing me back.

“I get you though,” I said not thinking about my words. “I mean I understand you… I don’t get you, get you… I just, just meant figuratively,” I continued, stumbling like a boy after his first girl. She just giggled at how flustered I’d gotten.

“Really it’s alright. It’s better than alright,” she said smirking. I wondered what she meant. In fact, that sentence was going to keep me up nights not knowing if it was a quip or not. Hours awake, playing it through my head over and over.

“Anyway, çeliktepe escort thanks for the talk,” she said hopping off my bed.

“We barely talked,” I said bewildered.

“It still helped,” she said smiling back at me.

“I hope whatever you choose to do you make the right decision.”

“I think I will,” she said opening my door before blowing me a kiss. I mimed catching the kiss in mid air, put it in my pocket and winked at her. She left laughing as usual. She really did love my sense of humour, but it was because she truly understood me. We always knew how to make one another laugh. See how hard it was for me with a hot girl in the house? She lives next to my room, she likes spending time with me and allows me to get my hands on her naked flesh. What else could you ask for? Well apart from more, but again I digress, as soon as she’d left the room I got myself off. That little encounter provided me with a least a week’s worth of fantasies.

I didn’t hear anything about it until after the weekend. Every time I saw her in the house my mind went back to that tickle fight and how hot she made me, let alone what she said. I knew she was going to this party on Saturday night and he was her date. But when I saw her on Sunday morning she didn’t seem super chipper. She was leaning against the bench in the kitchen drinking a coffee in her pj’s when I came in. She barely even noticed me.

“How was the party?” I asked opening up the fridge.

“Meh,” she said hardly looking up from her cup.

“Meh?” I asked curiously. “How was Dick?”

“Pushy,” she said unimpressed.

“Oh he thought he’d try his luck last night, I had a feeling he might.”

“I told him to take a walk,” she said turning towards me.

“So you guys broke up?” I asked surprised at her move.

“Yeah, like I said to you he just doesn’t feel like the right guy, even if he thinks he is.”

“It’s for the best then,” I replied, making myself a bowl of cereal. “Don’t worry, a girl like you won’t find it hard to find the right guy.”

“You’re sweet but look at me, I’m a whale,” she said motioning to herself.

“Don’t say that. You are gorgeous.”

“Why do you always say stuff like that?” She questioned. “Are you just trying to make me feel better?”

“Not at all,” I said defensively. “I’m serious, you are fuckin’ hot,” she laughed a little before smiling. She took a sip of her cup and looked contented.

“Now if I could only convince other guys of that.”

“I bet there’s a lot of guys out there that think you are sex on legs but you just don’t know it, or they are too chicken shit to say so.”

“Well I’m glad you aren’t too chicken shit.”

“Hey if you weren’t my sister I’d find it hard as all hell,” I said standing and heading over to the sink.

“So if you weren’t my brother you wouldn’t say anything?” She asked curiously.

“I’d be too intimidated,” I said placing my bowl on the rack.

“Really? Am I that scary?” she said with a chuckle.

“Not scary, just pretty.”

“Awwww,” she said blushing a little. “You’d totally have a crush on me,” I laughed awkwardly trying not to let on too much.

“Probably,” I said walking out of the kitchen.

I heard her place her cup on the bench and run up behind me. She threw her arms around my waist and gave me a tight squeeze.

“How did you get to be so cute?”

“Probably the same way that you did,” I replied putting my arms on hers. She rested her head on my shoulder and gave me a peck on the cheek. Her warmth felt great pressing against my back, only two thin pieces of material separating us. Her heavy breasts squishing against my shoulder blades, I so badly wanted to turn around and hold her. Just the touch of her skin was turning me on.

“So what are you doing today?” She asked squeezing me tighter.

“Didn’t really have any plans.”

“Well you can hang out with me today then,” she said pushing me across the lounge still holding on.

“What did you want to do?”

“I was thinking maybe we could go out. Do something fun like laser tag or something.”

“Yeah I’d be up for that.”

“Alright well let’s go get ready,” she said, pushing me towards the stairs before letting go. I walked up the stairs and went to turn towards my rooms when suddenly she slapped me on the butt from behind. I turned and she ran giggling all the way to her room. I chased after her only to have her door shut in my face. I grabbed onto the door handle and tried to push on it but she was leaning against it.

“I’ll get you back,” I yelled through the door.

“Good luck getting in,” she said laughing and panting. I pushed hard on the door moving it an inch. She held firm and I could just see into her room. She was pushing hard against the door, leaning her weight on it forbidding me entrance.

“Fine, well I’ll go get changed then,” I said deciding I wasn’t going to be able to make it into her room. I had another plan though and cihangir escort crept off to the bathroom. I knew she’d have to go the shower in a minute anyway, so I hid behind the door.

Right on cue I heard her run across to the bathroom, thinking I’d gone into my room. The door flung open and she ran inside, then realised I was waiting for her and screamed. I lunged towards her as she was side on. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and spun her around further into the room. With my left hand I took a handful of her lush ass, her yipping loudly as I squeezed it. I turned around to open the door and she grabbed onto my t-shirt. The door flung open but she turned and pounced on me in turn, wrestling me from behind. Tripping over my own feet I careened to the floor, Megan stumbling over me and tripping into the hall. We both laughed like crazy as I scrambled to get to my feet, Megan laughed so hard that she began to snort. I reached out to her leg and grabbed onto her pyjama pants, using them as leverage to pull myself up. But as pyjama pants usually are, they weren’t overly secured. With one swift pull they dropped to the ground tripping Megan in the process. With a great shriek she plonked down on her butt, facing me. I just lay there for a moment as she sat in front of me naked from the waist down. It was the first time I’d seen her without pants this close up. Her mound was completely bare, obviously waxed and as smooth as the skin on her legs. It was bright pink and puffy, her lips just poking out the bottom of her opening. My mouth began to water with desire as I stared uncontrollably. My shorts were instantly tented, from my push up like position it almost touched the ground. I was lost for words and so was she.

“Are… you ok?” I stammered. She quickly pulled up her pants, more embarrassed than hurt.

“Yeah, oh my god,” she said scrambling up.

“I’m so sorry for that, I didn’t mean to stare… I mean see, I mean I didn’t mean to trip you,” I said trying to cover up my words.

“It’s ok really, I’m sorry you had to see that,” she said deflated.

“Don’t be silly, it wasn’t your fault, really it was all me.”

“But I mean seeing me naked, yuk,” she said putting herself down.

“Hey don’t apologise for that, remember what I said earlier, you are sexy and what I just saw then was no exception,” I couldn’t believe what I’d just said. She giggled at my comment before speaking again.

“Seriously where can I find a guy that thinks the way you do?”

“Well, here,” I said pointing to myself and chuckling.

“If you weren’t my brother I might take you up on that,” she said continuing to laugh.

“And I’d totally let you,” I said winking.

“You’re silly, you totally wouldn’t want me.”

“I totally would.”

“Go on prove it then,” she said confusing the shit out of me.

“Um… I’m not sure how I can do that exactly, but if I could I would.”

“If you think I’m so hot why don’t you kiss me?” Her words made my whole body flutter.

“Are… are you serious?”

“If you can kiss me I might believe you,” she said grinning cheekily. A second later I heard a creek on the stairs below.

“Ok… but we have to get out of the hall if we are going to do this,”

“Ok,” she said giggling and running to her room.

I ran close behind her and slipped around the door behind her. I was nervous but felt like I had to take control of the situation. I thought I’d catch her unawares as soon as we got into her room.

“Where do…” she started and began turning towards me. I dragged her body into mine, wrapping my arms around her. She was stunned but it was if she was entranced as our faces came closer together. I could smell her breath and I wanted to taste it, smelling like my own but sweeter, a more feminine bouquet, an embracing aroma. We stood still our lips only inches from contact, our warm bodies pressing against one another. Our breaths became slow and shallow, staring into each other’s eyes nervous for what was to come.

“Do…” she whispered gulping before continuing. “Do you want me?” I leant in closer until our noses were touching.

“Yes,” I whispered in reply before closing the gap between our lips.

My lips landed softly on hers, slowly brushing and coating hers with a light glaze. My hands caressed her back gently, fingers pressing into her malleable skin. Our kisses became fiery as my hands moved lower down her body. Her tongue flicked against mine, sampling my unique flavour. Mine in turn entwining around hers, supping her saliva. Now fully aroused, my hands wondered to her ample behind, sinking my fingers into the doughy rear. She moaned into my mouth as I pulled her into me, thrusting my erection in between her legs. We kissed for about a whole minute before slowing to a stop. As we broke off she just stared dazed in the moment.

“So did that prove it?” I said taking a step back, leaning against the door.

“Ummm… yeah,” she said still stunned.

“You are a pretty good kisser,” I said now full of confidence.

“Yeah… you too,” she said licking her lips.

“So if you don’t need any more proof I’m going to go get ready, go get that sweet butt of yours in the shower and I’ll see you in about thirty minutes.”

“Sure,” she said as I walked out the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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