My Island in the Sun Ch.4

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I woke up with a crushing hangover. I was lying on the cold white floor surrounded by my four roommates, Matt, Jeff, Max and Benny. It seemed like we had gotten very drunk. I couldn’t remember very much, but several empty bottles of Greek brandy soon jogged my memory. As I staggered to the bathroom to throw up, I saw a piece of paper on the table. It was an official signed bet, for 100 pounds, that each of us could sleep with a different one of the five girls. I had chosen Alex, Max had decided on Claire, and Matt had chosen Fiona, although I couldn’t even remember him being there. Jeff had chosen Lucy, which had left Benny with Tanya (or Tintin as we sometimes called her). As I was about to enter the bathroom, a knock came on the door.

‘Hi guys, it’s Tanya, open up,’ called Tanya’s far-too-cheerful-for-this-early voice.

‘Shit shit shit,’ I thought. Quickly I folded the paper and placed it in the pocket of Jeff’s shorts, she would never look there. I opened the door. ‘Sorry Tintin, but I have to go puke now, bye.’ I rushed into the bathroom, leaving the others to deal with Tanya, semiconscious though they might be.

Bye the time I was showered and feeling better again it was time for my early morning run, but I really didn’t feel like it today. My head was pouning and 100 pounds was at stake in this bet, I felt like I should be doing something towards winning it. I was feeling like maybe I shouldn’t have picked Alex, she would certainly be the hardest of the group to seduce. I pulled on some beach clothes and decided to think about this more under the hot sun. While I was stretching I was still trying to come up with a plan, but I couldn’t think of anything.

As I was leaving the apartment I heard a familiar voice say ‘Hey!’ It was Jazz, one of the four girls I had met earlier in the week. She was wearing blue swim hotpants which showed a little of her ass at the bottom, and a blue bikini top, and she looked great. Her hair was more blonde than before, maybe it had been bleached by the sun.

‘Good morning,’ I called to her. She came running over, her small breasts bouncing in the bikini top. My cock gave a murmur.

‘Hi,’ she said, standing nervously in front of me, playing with her hair. ‘How are you?’

‘Oh fine, I was just off to the beach.’

‘Really, me too. Lets go. I want to try out my new swimsuit. What do you think?’ She gave a little twirl. My cock began to get harder

‘Very nice,’ I said. ‘Very, very nice.’

I could hardly stand now my cock was so hard, so I decided walking was the best solution. We set off for the beach together. As we rounded a corner near the beach, a car came screeching down the small street. Jazz jumped out of the way, inadvertently pressing her body full against me. She panted and turned red, then gave me what I thought was a seductive glance.

‘Fuck that was scary,’ she said. She was shaking, and she clung to my arms.

‘Is your name really Jazz?’ I asked after she had calmed down a little.

‘Jasmine,’ she replied, still panting a little. Was it my imagination, or had a look of lust replaced her panic?

We stood staring at each other for a few seconds, I realised my hand was now on her hip. I glanced around. We were right outside a large restaurant. I grabbed her hand.

‘This way.’

Jasmine let me pull her into the restaurant, where we made our way directly to the ladies bathroom. I pulled her into the cubicle and locked the door. We dropped our beach gear onto the floor.

‘I’ve always wanted to fuck in a cubicle,’ she giggled nervously.

I made no reply. Instead I pulled off her blue top, and tore down her hotpants. Her ass was soft and curvaceous, and her small breasts were truly beautiful to see in the flesh. I licked her nipples one after the other, and pushed her back hard against the wall of the cubicle.

‘Ouch, wait, wait,’ protested Jasmine. She wriggled out of my grip and pulled off my t-shirt and beach shorts. She took my rock hard dick in her small hands and wrapped her tongue around my shaft. pendik escort It was probably the best feeling I have ever experienced. She ran her tongue up and down the length of my dick. I pushed her off and held her hands above her head.

I could see her pussy, with its small trail of brown hair, swollen with her desire to fuck. Her juices were glistening at the tops of her thighs. My cock was slick with her saliva. I pushed her against the wall of the cubicle and slid my hard cock into her. She moaned and tensed her body. I picked her up and began fucking her hard into the wall. She panted and moaned and her juices ran down her thighs even more than before.

Jasmine protested again, and motioned for me to move towards the toilet. I did so, with her impaled on my dick. Once we got there, she pulled me towards her so that I was straddling the seat. She put her legs down on top of the toilet and began bouncing up and down on my dick, getting faster and faster. My dick was all the way inside her, I could feel the roof of her pussy rubbing on me. I threw my head back and tried to wait to cum in her, but it was too much.

‘Stop or I’ll cum in you,’ I panted.

‘Do it, fuck, do it right now,’ she panted back, and intensified her bouncing.

I groaned and let loose a long stream of cum into her. I could feel it dripping back from her pussy walls onto my dick. Jasmine stood up on the seat, allowing me to slide out of her. She jumped off the seat and began to suck the remaining cum off my dick. It had been beginning to go limp, but now it seemed like it might be revived. She picked up her towel and wiped the sweat off her stomach and breasts, then smiled.

Jasmine unwrapped her towel and a pair of red and white silky shorts fell out. She had obviously planned on changing into them after her swim She picked them up and began to rub them between her legs. At the same time she began to jack me off with her hand. She wiped the hand across her pussy, then used the juices to make my cock slick again. After a few minutes of this intense action her body tensed up, I could see she was about to cum. She moved her other hand to her pussy, sticking a couple of fingers into herself with a squishing sound. Not wanting to leave me out, she moved her mouth to my cock again, noisily sucking it and moving her head up and down like a piston. By now my cock was rock hard again, and ready for action. I even felt like I might cum again if she kept this sucking up. But before I could do that, Jasmine’s whole body shook with an orgasm that looked almost painful. She released my dick from her mouth and began breathing very hard, her face turning pink as she concentrated on intensifying her experience. She moaned and kept on rubbing her clit with the shorts, and pumping her fingers in and out of herself even faster. Her body tensed up and she came again, this time it must have been something really special. I could see her pussy contract and a stream of liquid gushed out over her fingers. She groaned like someone giving birth. Most of the liquid was caught by her shorts or had trickled down her thighs, but some had gushed onto the floor and made a small puddle between her legs.

Jasmine kept touching herself, but now she turned around and bent over the toilet seat again, with her ass up in the air. Her asshole was staring right at me. She was resting her hands against the cold hard walls of the cubicle.

‘Stick your finger in me,’ she gasped in between moans.

I needed no second bidding. I wiped my finger in some of the juice on her legs, and slowly screwed it into her asshole. It was so tight I thought maybe she had never done this before, but her asshole squeezed around my finger as if it was trying to pull me all the way in. I pushed my finger right into Jasmine’s anus, and she moaned a little in pain, then pushed her ass down onto my hand. All of my finger was now inside her tiny asshole, and her soft ass was pushing onto my hand. I pushed my finger back up against her, and she gave a deep panting moan.

‘Oh fuck that’s maltepe escort good, fuck me off the ground with your finger.’

I didn’t even know if that was possible, but Jasmine was very light… I put one arm around her waist, my hand resting on her sweaty stomach. I pushed my finger into her as hard as I could, lifting a little at the same time. Jasmine was so light that she came right off the floor, until to all intents and purposes I was holding her off the floor by her asshole. I began to fuck my finger in and out of her again. Her ass was so lubricated with her cum that she was sliding up and down my finger with each movement. Her anus was quivering and making slurping sounds as I pulled out of her each time, then tightening as I thrust back in again. I felt Jasmine’s soft ass go hard for a second.

‘Oh yeah, oh fuck baby I’m coming again…’

As promised, Jasmine came again, her anus squeezing my finger like a baby with a pacifier. I could just about feel her pussy muscles contracting and relaxing through the wall of her ass, which gave me an idea. I removed my finger, turned her around and semi-squatted underneath her. Then I began to give her the best pussy licking she would ever have. I started off by licking up the juices from her previous orgasms, then I caressed her outer lips with my tongue, occasionally biting down on them gently as well. I kept this up for several minutes, with Jasmine breathing heavily above me. Then I moved to her inner lips, circling them with my tongue very lightly and making sure her pussy was nice and moist. Suddenly I surprised her by sticking my tongue straight into her pussy. Jasmine gave a little scream. I looked up at her and began to taste her clit with my tongue. I started very slow, and pushed a finger inside her, crooked towards her G-spot. Jasmine started whispering little words of encouragement to me, very softly and erotically. After a couple of minutes I began to get faster, and I moved my finger back and forth inside her. Jasmine stopped whispering and began to breathe heavily again. I knew now was my moment. I quickly licked my finger and hovered it around Jasmine’s asshole. I resumed my licking, now getting faster and faster, and moving my finger over her G-spot, applying pressure. Then I thrust my finger straight into Jasmine’s open asshole. She gave a deep moan and I began to finger fuck her asshole once again. This time however I could feel my other finger inside her pussy, through her ass wall. I rubbed my fingers together, moving them down to the G-spot and then back up again. I had repeated this move only five or six times when Jasmine gave a tiny whimper, and came all over my hand. Juices from her pussy flowed all down my arm, and her cunt shuddered like a steam train. Her anus was squeezing my finger again, but Jasmine was quiet, simply shaking and whimpering above me. I removed my fingers and placed the finger from her ass in her mouth. She sucked it like a hungry child.

Now it was my turn for some real action. My cock had been straining for release for several minutes, and it had only one thing in mind.

‘Jasmine, I want to fuck your ass,’ I said into her ear. She didn’t even reply, she simply turned around and bent over the toilet again.

I decided to be gentle with her. First I licked one finger and inserted that. Her anus was already open enough to accommodate that easily. Then I licked another finger, and slowly slid it into her asshole to join the first one. Jasmine whimpered a little again, possibly in pain. Her anus clamped down on my two fingers. I could feel her pulse in it. I slowly slid my second finger all the way in, then began fucking her asshole again. Jasmine braced herself against my fingers, evidently this gave her a lot of pleasure because she started moaning and breathing heavily again.

It was time. I removed my fingers quickly and Jasmine gave a gasp. Maybe it had felt so good, or maybe she knew what was coming, I don’t know. I positioned my cock at her back entrance, placed my hands on her hips and pulled her onto kartal escort my shaft. Jasmine moaned again ass my cock slid about halfway into her asshole. I removed it completely, so I could see her gaping hole. Quickly I licked her asshole, sticking my tongue inside it briefly and tasting her tanginess. Then I repositioned my cock, and thrust it all into her in one go. She was so tight my cock could barely squeeze into her, even with the force I put behind it. Jasmine went very tense, and I slowly began fucking her ass, sliding my cock all the way in, and almost coming out at the other end. Jasmine soon relaxed, and my cock began to go into her eager asshole faster and harder. Then I began to feel that familiar feeling, my cum was preparing to fly. I gripped Jasmine’s hips tight and fucked her as hard as I could. Her tiny body was being flung back and forth, her head almost hitting the opposite cubicle wall. I pulled her into the air, impaled on my dick, and came into her hard. I felt three or four big loads of cum rocket out and spatter against her anus wall. Then several smaller spurts came, and finally the guns were silenced. Since she was suspended in the air, there was only one way for the cum to go, and some of it began to drool over my softening dick and drip onto the cubicle floor. I pulled my cock out of her super-tight asshole and a gush of cum followed it, all dripping onto the floor.

‘Eat it,’ I said, figuring Jasmine would do anything right now. She moved her stiff body down onto the floor and began licking all the cum off it. It was a hard job and a lot went around her mouth, but she kept at it. I semi-consciously started jacking off above her head, and while she was eating some of my cum, I came again and made a little more for her. It spurted onto her hair and down the back of her neck. I don’t know if she even notice the cum in her hair. She finished the job and licked the cum from around her mouth, wiped the small dollop from her neck and slumped down onto the floor.

‘I’m exhausted,’ she sighed. ‘All fucked out.’ She giggled at herself again. After several minutes of sitting there naked, I felt recovered enough to stand up.

‘Shall we go,’ I said, offering my hand.

‘Mmm, hmmm,’ replied Jasmine, stretching like a cat and drawing my attention once again to her beautiful tits.

She pulled her bikini top back on, then picked up her silk shorts. They were soaked through with her cum, and also had a little of mine on them. She blushed and looked around for her blue hotpants. They too were visibly wet, a stain from her pussy juice covered a large portion of them. I wondered if they would be see-through when wet.

Jasmine bit her lip, ‘I’ve got nothing to wear,’ she said.

‘Then wear nothing,’ I replied, handing her the towel. She wrapped it around her naked lower half and tied it at the waist. I wrapped her shorts and hotpants in my towel and opened the door. A surprised patron washing her hands simply stared as two semi-naked people emerged from one very messy cubicle and walked past her without a word.

When we got outside, Jasmine turned and kissed me.

‘Let’s do that again, maybe tomorrow?’ She put her head on one side in a very cute way. I smiled.

‘Sure,’ I said, ‘I’ll see what we can do.’ Jasmine giggled.

‘I have some things to play with back at my place. And some people who will want to see you again.’ I remembered Jenny, Vicky and Rachel, and smiled.

‘See you there,’ I said and turned to walk away. Jasmine held her towel very close to herself as she walked, and looked a little nervous. I could see two huge globules of my cum in her hair, sliding down like white jello.

I thought about my bet with the others, and suddenly a plan came to mind. I didn’t really think there was any way that I could fuck Alex. She was too uptight, plus she had told me she wanted to stay a virgin. But I could sabotage everyone else’s bets, and try and get something from Alex. She had already given me one blowjob. Perhaps if I returned the favour she would win my bet for me. Meanwhile I could distract the other girls so no-one else would win the bet.

As I walked happily down the dirt road towards our apartment, I felt inside the towel. I still had both of Jasmine’s pairs of underwear, and my head felt completely better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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