My Hot Night with Kimmy

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She came over wearing these form-fitting, tight “Fuck Me” jeans and a midriff V-neck shirt showing off her cleavage and tummy, her glasses and a ponytail.

We had a couple drinks and made some small talk in the living room and finally I asked, “So… What’d you come over for again?”

She gave me a shy smile and said, “I just wanted to see you,” with a twinkle in her eye and a little half smile on her face, her voice oozing sensuality and lust.

I cocked a smile and gave her, “Well you know I wanna see you, too, right? Touch, too. Can’t forget about touching. Damn, you’re fine. Jesus Fucking Christ.”

She giggled, asked me if I thought I could handle it.

I played bashful and said, “Gee, Kimmy, I dunno, but I’ll try,” and she got up from where she was sitting and came over to sit on my lap.

After a couple minutes of some serious making out, she got up off my lap and I stood up to take her to my bedroom. We got inside the room (her first because the view is much better that way) and as soon as I closed the door, I reached out, grabbed her hand, turned her around, and said, “Now… where were we,” and we started kissing again.

I moved her to my bed, laid her down, and took off my shirt. She said up, took off her shirt (she wasn’t wearing a bra, so there was no need to waste time and take that off), threw it on the floor (it was a baby blue shirt, so it kind of matched the carpet), and I bent down to kiss her lips. As we were kissing, she unbuckled and unzipped my pants (without even needing to see what her hands were doing… the woman is a pro) and got my dick out.

We stopped kissing and I stood straight up. She looked down and back up at me as she started massaging my cock in her left hand and holding my left hip and butt cheek with her right.

I asked nervously, “That okay? You’re not a size queen, are you?”

She said it was perfect and asked what a size queen was. I told her to forget it as I stepped out of my pants.

I kicked my pants to the side and got back in front of her and she said, “Come here, Baby,” and tapped the mattress next to her.

Who was I to argue? I sat down on my bed and she stood up. She pushed me onto my back and got on her knees.

When she got on her knees, she put her hands on my thighs and looked up at me and gave a little “Mmm-hmm,” and a small chuckle. I looked down at her and did the same in return.

She started massaging my dick again, stroking and twisting it with her right hand, from the tip down the shaft to the balls, and I could feel myself getting harder and harder with every movement of her hand.

As my breathing got heavier, I started letting out soft moans of pleasure to let her know she was doing a great job. I said, “Oh, Goddamn, Baby, that feels great. You’re so good. Oh, fuck. Don’t stop.”

She said, “Relax, Baby. I’m not gonna stop. We’re just getting started, aren’t we?”

“Fuck, yeah,” I replied, “Oh, fuck, yes.”

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“Kimmy, I was born for you,” I replied, barely in control of myself and fighting off my every urge to simply take her without all the foreplay.

With that, she began licking and flicking the tip of my cock with her tongue while she worked the shaft with her hand. She kissed the tip gently… Almost like she was making out with it… and my entire body shuddered in response.

She pulled her mouth off my engorged penis and crawled onto the bed, placing the top of her beautiful body across my lap, face-first. “Feel how wet my pussy is,” she said to me. I could hear the arousal in her voice.

“Your command is my dream come true,” I said and I put my hand between her thighs as her ass was up in the air. “Oh, my God, Baby. It feels so gooooood.”

She giggled and shook her ass a little bit as I began to rub her pussy with the side of my index finger on my left hand.

“MMMMmmmmmm. It does,” she said and started stroking my throbbing cock again.

She started wirling her tongue around the tip of my cock and the bottom of the shaft as I put two fingers into her hot, wet, shaved, phat, pink snatch.

All of a sudden, my cock disappeared into her mouth and I heard a gurgling/gagging/swishing sound. I was in ecstacy.

As she pulled her mouth back from my throbbing member, I heard an audible “POP!” and she giggled.

“This is gonna be fun,” Kimmy said and giggled some more.

“Don’t tell me. Show me,” I shot back at her and grinned.

She let go of my pulsating member for a moment to pull the bangs of her hair our of her eyes and adjust her glasses and got right back to work giving me a deepthroat cock pendik escort massage as I fingered her perpetually lubricating pussy, rubbing each lip and spreading them to thrust my fingers in and out. Each thrust of my fingers in and out of her hot, wet, pink cunt corresponded to the rhythm with which she was sucking me off.

My pulse quickened its pace, my breathing became labored, and my eyes began to roll back in my head as I started to reach my first climax.

“I’m gonna cum, Kimmy. I’m gonna cum,” I told her and she only proceeded to speed up her pace and suck harder (though I didn’t know that was possbible).

“Oh, fuck, Baby. I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming,” I damn near wanted to scream as I shot my hot, thick, sticky load of semen into the back of her throat. It felt like gallons of my baby gravy had been drained.

As she pulled her face off my lap, I could see that she had some of my nut on her chin and the right side of her face from pulling my dick out of her mouth so fast. I’d really filled her up with my nut.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned softly. “Delicious.”

“Fuck that. We ain’t even done yet. C’mere, Girl,” I said as I shot to my feet. I reached for her left arm and turned her toward me so that I could take her right arm, too. Once she was directly in front of me on her knees and on my bed, I pushed her gently onto her back and scooted her to the edge of the bed.

I got down on my knees in front of her, spread her legs, and looking up at her face (between her 36C breasts with silver dollar sized areola), I smiled. My mouth began to salivate and I knew just what I’d do with that.

I started rubbing her inner thighs, allowing my saliva to build up enough to lubricate her already glistening wet pussy.

I’d worked up enough spit and just sort of let it begin to drip from my tongue right over her hairless snatch.

I watched as the strand of my spit landed just above her clit and rolled down the left side of her body onto and into the crack of her beautiful ass.

“Ooooooooh,” that feels so good. “Eat my pussy, Baby. I want you to put your tongue in me. Eat it. Eat it,” she said.

“Did you shower for me?” I asked, wanting to be sure she was clean.

“Just before I came over. Mmmm. Please. I’m begging you. Tongue fuck me,” she replied.

I took the plunge into her sweet, wet flesh, first softly and playing shy with her and being basic, like I was new to eating pussy. After a couple minutes of that game with no reaction (which is what I expected), I switched it up a bit and went from kissing and tenderly licking, to sucking on her thick, pink, hot lips and very gently tugging at them with my teeth so I wouldn’t hurt her. With both of her hands on my head, tussling my hair and pushing my face into her, I took my index finger and right finger and held her lips apart while I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her humid snatch. After about a minute of that, I started using my hands to keep her legs apart (mostly because I knew that within the next couple of minutes, she was gonna slam her thighs together) involuntarily.

“Mmmmm. Oh, shit. Lick my fucking pussy. Eat my fucking cunt, Baby! Do it it. That’s it. That’s it. Oh, fuck. Oh, yeah. Yes! Yes! Fuck me with your tongue, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fucking cum!!! I’m cumming. Oh, God, I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming,” she screamed as she simultaneously arched her back and pushed my face into her pelvis. She was damn near sitting up now and I was still licking and sucking and tonguing and nibbling. Her breathing labored and heavy, her body shook with delight and she collapsed back onto the bed.

I stood up and looked down at her with a smile on my face. I knew I’d just made her mine and that I could have her any time I wanted to, but I wasn’t done yet.

“Stand up. C’mere.”

She smiled but was a bit hesitant.

“It’s okay. Trust me.”

I took her by the hand to help her off my bed and turned her around so she was facing away from me. I had to get a proper look at her naked ass. Mmmm-mmm-mm. So fine.

As she was facing away from me, I pulled her body toward mine and softly held her face with my left hand, turning it so that her lips could meet mine. I took my hand from her face and began tracing the curves of her beautiful body as I kissed her. Hands on her shoulders, slowly working down her sides first, tracing the contours, feeling her warm, creamy, soft skin. I worked back up and to her front, finally taking hold of her perfect breasts… Her magnificent, soft, firm, full, and round breasts. My still erect cock kept poking her in the ass. I couldn’t help it. maltepe escort My penis had a mind of it’s own by then, my hand just helped keep it steady. I bent her over the chair in my room and I let the shaft of my fat, throbbing cock rub up and down the crack of her perfect ass. I was tempted to put the tip in, but thought better of it.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned yet again as I was . “You like those? Do you like my titties? Do you wanna squeeze my tits, too? Play with my nipples, Baby. Do it. Tweak me right!”

With that I grabbed both of her soccer ball sized breasts and squeezed them. I started massaging them in my hands, treating her chest as though it were clay to be molded and I was a sculptor working on his latest masterpiece. I loosened my grip and my palms could feel how hard her nipples were. Hard, but tender.

I turned her around to face me and I kissed her lips again; our teeth clashed we came together so strongly. We kissed so hard it almost seemed like we were trying to swallow each other. I pulled away from her lips and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Hurry, please,” she nearly begged. “Fuck me. I want you. Fuck me. I need to feel you inside of me. Fuck me, Baby. Do me hot and hard.”

I grabbed her hips and picked her up, placing her on my dresser (which I always keep clean for occasions such as these and is just about three inches lower than my waist) and began licking, tweaking, and sucking her still stiffening nipples.

Getting back down on my knees, I spread her legs to both get one more taste and to lube her glistening slit up even more to fit my engorged three and a half inch thick six and three quarter inch long flesh rod into her with as little pain as possible.

I stood up to look her in the eyes. She was still looking down at where my tongue had just been and seemingly noticing just how thick I was for the first time when she realized I was going to fuck her with my fat pole.

I asked, “Are you ready? It might hurt for a minute, but I’m not your first, so you know how it can go. It’ll feel good in a couple minutes. Do you trust me?”

“Do it! Stick your dick in me. Do it now! Fuck me, Goddamnit!”

With those words of encouragement, I guided the tip of my swollen member into her and started pushing in deeper with my hips and lower back. Her entire body tightened as I got in and she shook again.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to pull out,” I asked her as though there was any chance in hell of being able to stop now.

“Don’t. Just go slow. Oh, God, this feels good. Fuck,” she let out in her sweet, sultry voice.

I kissed her lips again and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I begain to thrust. The dresser started shaking. I didn’t give a fuck. It could break right then and there and as long as she was on my cock, it would’ve been just fine by me. I’d have held her up.

The dresser held, though, and I began pumping into her with a bit more speed and force. “Goddamn, Kimmy,” I started saying, “You’re so fucking hot,” took a breath, “and your pussy’s so tight,” took a breat, “Oh, God, Baby, your’e so fucking wet. I’ve wanted this for so long,” and kissed her again.

“Fuck! Oh, shit! Do it, Baby, Do it! Fuck me, Baby! Harder! Faster! Deeper. Go deeper. Ohhhhhh, fuck me fuck me FUCK MEEEE,” she screamed as she came for the third time. I couldn’t tell whether she was squirting or not, but I felt hot juices running down the base of my cock at my balls and down my inner thighs.

I pulled out and laughed, a bit out of breath, but ready for more. I took her by the hand and led her back to my bed. I tried sitting her down to lay her down, but she went mouth-first straight for my massive, dripping cock, and without any encouragement deepthroated me for about thirty seconds, actually slurping up her sweet nectar.

“Oh, fuck, Baby,” I said, “that feels so fucking good, but let me get some more of that snapper.”

“You want more of my pussy, Baby” she asked me playfully and scooted back a bit on the bed. She turned to her left and kept turning until she was on her hands and knees, and wagging her ass in the air, teasing me with her forbidden canal. Again, I was tempted as hell to put the tip in, but that pussy was still so wet and I could always use my thumb to plug and fuck her ass. “Come and get it,” she giggled devilishly.

I spanked her with my right hand; not hard, but enough to let her know that play time was over. It was time to get it on like pornstars. “Come here, Bitch. Give me that pussy. I’m gonna fuck your brains out.”

I guided the tip back in gently, but once I was in, I went full speed ahead. Ramming my cock as deep kartal escort as I could get it while we were doggystyle; Her ass and hamstrings smacking against pelvis and thighs was music to my ears and she put in a chorus of, “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, Jesus fucking Christ! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Her glasses finally fell off. Fuck ’em. I undid her ponytail and started running my fingers through her long, dark hair, teasing it as I was pusing into and pulling out of her shaved cunt.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming again,” she yelled out. “I’m fucking cumming!” Her voice sounded like it had an echo with every word she tried to get out. Her every syllable reverberating as she spoke.

“I think I’m gonna cum, Baby,” I told her while plowing into her with everything I had. “I”m gonna fucking cum, Kimmy. Where do you want me to cum? Can I cum in your cunt?”

“NO,” she had the presence of mind to yell instantly causing me to pull out and take a step back.

“Cum on my tits. Give me the pearls,” she said as she turned back over and edged her way to the bed to give me the best shot at her breasts.

I stepped forward again, stroking my cock as hard and as fast as I’ve ever done in the past. It was like trying to slay a dragon. She grabbed the tip in her left hand, palm covering it, and moved my hand from my penis. Holding me firmly she started jacking me off and spitting on my cock to lubricate it and make the strokes more smooth.

“Oh, fuck, this feels so fucking good,” I said, reaching my second orgasm in an hour. I was even sure I was gonna be able to cum anything but dust having felt completely drained from her blowjob earlier, but I erupted in an orgasm so intense my legs almost gave out. Not only did I blast her neck and breasts with my cum, but I got her face, too, and maybe even a little bit over her shoulder, but I didn’t know for certain because I didn’t see the effect until I re-opened my eyes. They had closed against my will.

We started moaning. Her with what I could only assume was the pleasure some people take in eating and myself with exhaustion. My cock still throbbing and oozing cum, I turned and collapsed onto my bed next to her.

“That,” I began to say, but was cut off by Kimmy, “was awesome. Wow.”

“Why didn’t we think to do this before you had a boyfriend,” I asked.

“I… I don’t know,” she replied. “I really don’t know. I’m so sorry. Oh, my God. I’m sorry.”

“What’ve you got to be sorry about?”

“What we just did!”

“Are you kidding me? That was amazing. I don’t thnk I’ve ever felt so alive. You’re incredible.”

She blushed and got shy, letting a meek and timid, “Thank you,” escape her lips as she was trying to wipe the cum from her upper body and licking it from her fingers.

“I’m not sorry for a Goddamned thing and you shouldn’t be either. It’s obvious you’re not happy with him. Why else would you be here iwth me right now?”

“I…. I don’t… It’s complcated, okay,” she replied.


“Do you think I’m a bad person now? Do you think I’m a whore,” she asked defensivlely.

“No, Baby. I don’t think you’re either of those things. I think you’re just a woman that needed some attention and something new. It blows my fucking mind that we’ve waited all these years, but… Whatever. If anything, it should be you mad at me.

“Now way,” she said. “I just came harder than I’ve ever have before. I can’t be mad at you for that. Uh uh,” she said shaking her head like she was astounding that I could even think something like that.

My pens starting to soften, she looked down at lovingly and took it in her hands. The cool breeze mixed with the still hot juices lubricating it made it feel oddly numb and cool against the heat of her hand. “Huhmmmmm,” she sighed.

“I… We should talk. Call me after New Year’s Eve, okay?”

“Okay,” she said. “I’ve got to get going. My son’s at his dad’s mom’s house and my boyfriend was on afternoons today so he should be home soon. My mom knows where I am so she’s watching Jay, but my boyfriend doesn’t. I have to be home when he gets there. I have get out of here. I have to take a shower before I get Jay and go back home. Fuck. Shit. I’m sorry I can’t stay. Really, I’m sorry.”

“What? Are you fucking kidding me,” I demanded, “You know what? Fine. Get dressed and get the fuck out. Shit! I should’ve known!”

“Don’t be that way. I’ll call you tommorrow. What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”

Oh, shit. That’s when it dawned on me that I’ve got a date. “I… I’ve got plans. Me and some of the boys are gonna get fucked up at a party.” There was no way in hell I was gonna tell her I had a date.

“Okay, well,” she said, “I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon.”.

And she did. We talked for about twenty minutes, neither of us really mentioning last night, but I think I know where it’s leading. It was the things neither of us said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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