My Golf Partner’s Wife

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***Writer’s note: I got a lot of positive feedback about my story (My Husband’s Golf Partner) about Carlie and Adam, so I thought I’d reverse it and show basically the same story from Adam’s perspective. What goes on in a man’s mind is often very different than a woman’s.


I always look forward to Wednesdays. I go out golfing with my friend Grayson every Wednesday. It’s not the golf or even Grayson’s company that I look forward to. It’s Carlie. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. She’s smart, funny, kind, and fuck is she the hottest girl I’ve ever seen. Her hair always seems to be perfect, even when pulled back into a messy bun. Her tanned skin is flawless and I’m always trying to stop myself from touching it. Her laugh sounds like angels playing the harp. I’d do anything to hear that laugh. She’s Grayson’s girl. He saw her first. When he introduced me I felt the earth drop below me. I should have found her first. Then he married her. I’ve dated a lot of women and slept with twice as many, but never has there been a woman like her. I’m solid to the bro-code though. I keep my flirting easy and hands-off. I flirt with her like I flirt with the bank teller – enough to flatter, but not enough to give the wrong idea.

I ring the doorbell and hold my breath. She always smells like a combination of lavender and strawberries. I brace myself. She always answers the door in her after work clothes, old yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt, and somehow she makes that look like an evening gown. Today my heart thuds when she opens the door wearing cut-offs and a low-cut blouse. I try to keep from staring at her boobs, but the tanned skin that dips into her blouse is revealing enough cleavage to make my dick notice. I realize she’s going somewhere tonight, and for a second I’m hopeful

“Hey Carlie, are you golfing with us tonight?” I cross my fingers behind my back. Maybe I’ll get to help her with her form, my hands around her, my pelvis pushed up against her ass. This isn’t helping my erection situation.

“No, Grayson won’t let me golf with him.” She frowned. He’s an idiot, I’d take her everywhere if she were my girl.

“That’s a shame.” I said. “You could pick up the balls for us. I’d like to see that.” I meant to think that last part, but it came out of my mouth anyway. I’m such an idiot.

“Maybe I could hold your club.” She said in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard and then brushed past me to the kitchen. The sensation of her hot skin on my arm and the smell of her hair made it hard to breathe. I think she’s flirting with me. She hands me a beer. This will help. I’ll drink this beer and think about things that aren’t Carlie. Baseball. Car engines. Nascar. Spiders. My grandma. By the time I’ve convinced Little Adam to stand down I’ve chugged the whole beer. I set the beer down and notice Carlie. Her eyes are focused on my crotch, which thankfully was not as hard as it was a few minutes ago, but she was biting her lip in concentration and all I wanted to do is bend her over this counter and make her mine. I cleared my throat and she looked up embarrassed. Her face instantly flushed in the sexiest way possible. I decided I wanted to make her blush some more.

“Are you still thinking about holding my club?” I said. “I’m not sure you would know how to grip the shaft.” I leaned forward close to her ear. I could feel the hotness of her skin and smell her strawberry shampoo. “I’d be happy to teach you.”

She stood there in silence. Face still flushed. Breathing shallow. Eyes locked on mine. I definitely threw her for a loop. She was flustered and didn’t know how to respond, but her eyes told me a different story. She knew how she wanted to respond.

Just then we’re interrupted by Grayson on the stairs asking me to load up his clubs and meet him in the truck. Damn.

I just had to ataşehir escort bayan touch her. Even for a second. I reach over to tuck a stray hair that had fallen behind her ear. I couldn’t seem to break the touch. My fingers instinctively trailed down her neck and her shoulder and begged to keep going, but I pulled away before I couldn’t stop.

“You’ve got my number. I’d love to give you a golf lesson sometime.” I said loud enough for Grayson to hear. I leaned down right next to her ear and whispered “call me” and walked out the door. I had to collect myself at the door before I got anywhere near her husband. That flirtation almost got out of control. I wanted to kiss her so badly.

At the truck I glanced up and saw Carlie standing at the bedroom window staring at me. I imagined if she was as turned on as I was right now, she was going to masturbate as soon as we left. In the truck I pulled out my phone and sent a text to her “I bet you’re going to practice your golf skills after we leave :)”

Shit, that was a stupid thing to say.

Grayson hopped in the truck. “Sorry if Carlie was talking your ear off. Was she asking you about golf lessons?”

So, my idea was working! He heard that (and hopefully just that).

“Yea, she said she’d love to learn how to play so I offered to teach her. Sounds like maybe she’d like to learn so the two of you could have something fun to do together. I know husbands sometimes aren’t the best teachers so maybe it’d be best if I did it.” I sounded so fake, but he was engrossed in something on his phone so I don’t think he noticed, or even heard me.

He grunted. “Yea, whatever. She’s going to suck at it anyway, but you can give it your best shot.”

I snorted. She’s going to suck at it alright.

When we got to the course I checked my phone and there was finally a response from Carlie. “That’s the plan ;)”

Well, if we’re on the same innuendo page, she’s probably currently spread eagle on the bed moaning and sweating, her left hand running up and down her body while her right hand brings her body to a shuddering climax, all while thinking of me. I have to take a few deep breaths before I go out on that course.

“Oh hot damn” Grayson says as we step onto the course. “Sexy Sadie is driving the drink cart today.”

I rolled my eyes. Sadie was okay, but she was not even close to Carlie’s level. Whenever Sadie was working Grayson’s golf game was shit because he drank too much to keep her coming back.

On the 4th hole Grayson was 5 beers and 3 shots into it, leaning up against the cart talking to Sadie. Even with his shit game he was beating me by 3 strokes. I couldn’t stop thinking about Carlie, especially with Grayson making an ass of himself with Sadie. It made me feel a little protective of her. I’m waiting for Grayson to get his head in the game and off Sadie so I pull out my phone. I think for a second about texting a picture of Grayson flirting with Sadie to Carlie, but change my mind at the last minute. I send her a text to tell her my golf game sucks tonight thanks to her.

My phone isn’t even back in my pocket before it vibrates. “I got a hole in one.” She responds. I moan.

Finally we’re back on the game. In the end I ended up beating him by one stroke. He was so drunk he could barely walk. Good thing I drove. When I dropped him off I noticed Carlie’s light was off. I was hoping to catch another glimpse. Before Grayson got out of the truck he said “Oh by the way, I’m going to be out of town next week, so no golf on Wednesday.” He starts to shut the door but I stop him.

“Hey, would it be okay if I take Carlie out for her first lesson that day?” I asked, thinking I didn’t really care what he thought, I was going to see Carlie next week one way or another.

He laughed. “Yea, whatever escort kadıöy dude. Have fun with that.” He stumbled up the driveway.

I took another glance at her window. Oh I plan to.

I avoided texting Carlie that week. In fact, I deleted her number so I wouldn’t be tempted.

Wednesday rolled around. I hesitated before knocking trying to decide if this was a good idea or not. I brought my golf clubs just in case I misread this whole situation and she really did want to golf.

She answered the door in a ratty t-shirt with a stain on the front and some old yoga pants. She looked mortified to see me. She wasn’t wearing a bra, which I was very very aware of. “Uh…didn’t Grayson tell you that he’s out of town?”

“He did. I asked him if I could take you golfing instead, told him you seemed to show a real interest in the sport. He said I could give you lessons.”

She bit her lip and tugged on her shirt. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me.

“Ummm…you know Adam, I didn’t really mean that I wanted to play golf out on the golf course.”

Thank god.

I shut the door with my foot and closed the distance between us.

“Neither did I.”

I crushed my mouth on hers. Her lips were soft and tasted like mint and cherry. My tongue parted her lips and our tongues danced. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire. I cupped her face in my hands while I kissed her, savoring every moment. I pulled her shirt off. Her tits were the perfect size C, just enough to fit in my hands. Her nipples were erect and pointing at me, begging my mouth to come and taste them.

“I’ve wanted to get my hands on you for so long.” I said breathlessly between moments when my mouth was devouring every part of her. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles behind my back, a confinement I wish would never end. I carried her up the stairs and placed her on the bed. I pulled off her pants. Her pussy was newly waxed. Somehow I knew she was a waxer. I wanted to feel her come the way she did last week while thinking of me. I brought my hand down and began stroking her silky folds. She was so wet. My fingers slowly glided around, discovering every sensation, watching her face in pleasure. My fingers slid in her warm hole. The feel of her wet velvety skin tight around my fingers was destroying me. She seemed to be in her own world with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly parted as she let out moans of pleasure. My fingers found her clit and I rubbed slowly at first and then faster. My eyes never left her face. Watching her come was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever witnessed. Her eyes opened and locked on mine. I needed to taste her. I brought my soaked hand up and licked it clean. I needed more.

“I’m going to need you to do that for me again. This time I’m going to need to get a closer look at your technique.” My mouth made a slow road down south. Once I find my destination I run my nose up her slit taking in her beautiful scent. I took it slow. I wanted to enjoy this feast and I had all night. I gently licked and flicked my tongue until I could tell she needed more. Her pelvis started moving. She was inching herself closer to my face. Her hands gripped my hair, pulling my face into her. I inserted two fingers deep inside her. Fucking her with my fingers while my tongue ravished her clit. Her pussy began pulsating. I heard her moans get louder. I wanted to hear her scream. I pulled my fingers out and took one finger and circled her sweet asshole and entered. Just as I did she cried out and she exploded with a fierceness that I’ve never seen before.

I stand up and watch her as remained perfectly still on the bed, exhausted from the pleasure I just provided. I took off my clothes while she watched. When my pants came off she smiled. Suddenly brought maltepe escort back to life at the sight of my dick, crawled across the bed slowly. Her ass in the air and trouble in her eyes.

“I approve of your technique so far, but now we need to see how you can handle a club.” My dick was already pointed in her direction and she wasted no time bringing her perfect mouth down on it. I closed my eyes and swallowed, wrecked by the feeling of my dick sliding over her tongue, briefly touching the back of her throat. I touch her soft hair with my hands. I thrust my pelvis deeper into her throat. She moans and the humming sensation sends my eyes into the back of my head. I watch her ass moving as she’s moving back and forth sucking my cock.

“Shit, Carlie, I don’t know if I can last long with your mouth on me and seeing your ass in the air like this. Fuck.”

Suddenly, she speeds up. I cry out as I involuntarily start unloading in her mouth. I start to pull away but her grip on me is to strong and she’s milking me for all that I have. She swallows everything. I’m so impressed. I’ve never seen a girl so eagerly swallow that much cum and do it happily. I pull her up so her face is inches from mine. Her hand still stroking my sensitive dick. Normally I’d want a break but I haven’t even fucked her yet I needed to be inside her as soon as possible.

“I didn’t want to do that, but I couldn’t help myself. You clearly know your way around a club. Might be the best I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled and whispered in my ear. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

I need to fuck her NOW.

I grabbed her by the wrist and flipped her over and buried her face in the pillow. I put her ass on full display in front of me. That beautiful ass. Mine. I give it a whack.

“No, I’m in control now and YOU haven’t seen anything yet. It’s time for me to show you what I can do with a club.” I rub my dick up and down her beautiful slit. I slowly enter. I hear her gasp. I try to control my breathing so this will last a little longer than it probably could. I pull her hips into me, entering her fully.

“The view on this hole is breathtaking.” He says. “I could stay here all day.”

I can’t keep my hands off her. Rubbing her hips, her ass, her back, her legs, all while pumping in and out. The whole time I’m keeping my eye on her ass hole that’s staring up at me. I want to feel how tight her ass is. I want to feel the walls tighten around my dick. I lick my finger and begin circling it. “The next hole looks like a good one too.”

Suddenly I want to lick it. I pull out and lower my face between her ass cheeks. I run my tongue in a circle around it. My fingers find her pussy and I begin fucking her hole with my fingers while my tongue penetrates her ass. I stand up and press the head of my cock against her asshole. She stiffens and at first i think she’s going to resist but she pushes back and I enter her tight ass. I know I’m going to cum inside her ass, and very soon. I pull her ass into me. I reach around and find her clit and begin rubbing it hard. Just as I feel her start to contract in orgasm I unload inside her ass.

We both collapse completely exhausted on the bed. All my fantasies finally came true. I roll over to face her. “Golf is so much more exciting than I expected.” She laughs.

I caress her face with my hand and laugh. “It’s not always that good, that’s for sure.”

“I hope you and Grayson don’t golf like that.” She laughs as her hands trail over my body.

Suddenly taken with her beauty I kiss her gently. “I don’t understand why he leaves the house when he’s got you here. I’d never go anywhere ever again.” The feeling of her hands on me has me turned on again and I climb on top of her to start all over again.

Sometime later I hear her phone ring. It’s Grayson. I roll my eyes. I throw the covers over my head and my mouth makes it’s journey south to the 18th hole. I hear her make excuses to get off the phone, something about shooting her best round yet and I smile. She thinks she’s winning this round, but she doesn’t realize I’m the real winner here.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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