My Friend Lisa

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I have an on /off sexual relationship with a wonderful lady, Lisa. She knows of my fetish for panties. She knows I like to wear them and sniff them and ultimately masturbate with them and in them. I had told her how sexy it was for me to find panties in a hamper and how I looked for that “crusty yellow” stain of what I liked to think of as “pussy juice”. In fact, I had masturbated with panties while she watched me. She liked to watch me do this as it was a turn on for her also. I liked her to stand over my head while I lie on the floor looking up her skirt, seeing her panties and masturbate.

I liked to be teased and “caught” by her and humiliated a bit while being forced to masturbate with her panties. I once confessed to her that I would like a CFNM scene with two or three women watching and humiliating me while I was forced to sniff their panties and wear them and jack-off in front of “the ladies”.

One day Lisa called me to come over to her place as we had some business details to work out. I went and we began taking care of business. At some point I had to pee and went to the bathroom. When I got in I noticed three pair of panties in various locations all spread out with the crotch facing up and showing that telltale yellow crusty mark of worn panties. I got an immediate hard on and naturally couldn’t pee. Within a few moments of my getting in the bathroom Lisa called and asked if everything was all right. With that she opened the door and, seeing my situation, said maybe everything wasn’t ok. “Do you need any help?”

I was a bit embarrassed as we had not had any “play time” for quit a while. karabağlar escort bayan She boldly waked over and wrapped her hand around my engorged penis and squeezed it a bit for emphasis.

Just then the doorbell rang and Lisa took her hand away, and told me to zip up people were coming over. She scooped up the panties and put them in the hamper then grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom.

She opened the door and there were two of her friends, women I had never met, coming in the house. They both, in unison, said we have to use the bathroom right away and the first one, Jane, scurried right in. We moved in to the living room and just stared general chatting when Jane came out and Doris went in. My urge to pee was returning and I was now just waiting for Doris to get out so I could go.

She came out and we traded the usual how and who are you hellos. I must admit these two were rather sexy looking and well put together. There had just been shopping and had bags from a couple of local women’s stores.

As I was going in the bathroom Lisa called “be quick, we need your opinion on some things and Jane and Doris have to hurry. Well, that meant I wouldn’t have time to go through the hamper. I did hurry and returned to the living room.

As I sat on the sofa Jane was talking about all the fabulous things they had seen and some of the purchases they had made. They wanted a mans opinion as to what a man might like about their purchases. Lisa had commented that I liked women’s underwear and had an appreciation of the finer points of such things.

With escort karabağlar that Jane pulled out a pretty pink bra and held it to her chest asking “what do you think of this?” Well, I liked it, of course, a bit surprised, but delighted that they would be displaying their intimates so quickly. Doris pulled out a black bra and did the same as Jane. I answered the same. Then two more bras and a panty girdle. All the while Lisa is making comments about how each might look on me. I am getting a bit embarrassed but don’t know what to say. I am also beginning to get a hard on. Jane looks at me and says these bras may be too small, but I bet the panties would fit.

Lisa asks me to go get some water from the kitchen and I take that as a chance to regroup.

I am returning from the kitchen and I am stopped , stunned, because there on the coffee table are five pair of panties spread out all crotch up showing the “yellow” juice of pussy.

“Well, what do you think” asked Jane. Which pair do you like best?”

I am speechless and my penis is growing stiff and hard.

All three are now setting with their legs spread and their panty covered pussies showing a little wet spot. They are pink, white and ecru, my favorites, as Lisa knows.

With that Jane stands up and tells me to pick a pair of the panties on the table and put them on. NOW!

They are all size 6 and 7 and will fit me, she says. She then picks a white pair and sniffs them and holds them up to my nose. “So good for the penis”, she says.

I say I’ll go in the bedroom and change karabağlar escort and come out.

NO!, says Jane with a back up chorus from Doris and Lisa. “Change here, we want to watch.”

I take off my shirt, undershirt, shoes and socks. All the while being taunted by the three ladies as to what a little pervert I am for wanting to sniff panties. How I am a pervert for going through hampers for my thrills. How I will wear the panties for the ladies and satisfy their desire to humiliate me as I pull down my briefs and expose my turgid but not fully erect cock.

Doris puts a pair of panties in my face as Lisa tells me to lift one leg then the other as she slides the panties on me. Then Doris puts the panties over my head so the crotch and yellow stain are covering my nose.

I now have an erection and it is tenting the panties. The women are standing around me caressing my pantied ass and penis and balls.

“Like that pervert?” they say in unison. “Good”, they chime and sit back down.

“Now show us how you play with panties. Sniff, lick and don’t cum till we say it’s ok. Jane takes off her bra and tells me to suck her tits. Doris pulls her panties aside and tells me to lick her pussy. Lisa is masturbating.

Doris is getting very close and tells me to continue eating her until she cums. I do and the smell of sex is so pervasive I am about to cum from the friction in the panties alone.

I am told to stand up facing the women.

Now, just stand there and jack off. Make the cum fly while we watch, you little pervert.

I do, stroking fast and holding a pair of panties against my balls.

I cum, drained.

The women get up, thank Lisa for the show, tell me I get to keep all the panties and then they just leave.

I sit with Lisa and she asks me if I enjoyed the afternoon.

I could only reply that Yes, indeed I did.

So, eat me she commands.

I do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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