My First Fantasy

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Who is she? Let me tell you a little about her and then tell you about two small fantasies I have.

First of all, she is a Lady (capital ‘L’). She has graced me with her talent, her works, her pictures, her voice, and her company. Believe me! She’s a lady! She, herself, has many names. She has shared with me some of her pictures and she is gorgeous and ‘stacked’.

As I’ve said, she does fit her name. She is beautiful, mature, tanned, intelligent and her face and body are more than just fantastic. Personally, there’s no one else I’d rather hear of, see or talk with… not because I want to read what other people say about her talents, but because I want to know more of her. I’ve always been rewarded by word from her or even more… by photo.

Her breasts are so perfect, like firm ripe peaches surrounded by the most delicate skin… perfect for a warm cheek, and lip. Her nipples are long and perfectly shaded… to take one into my mouth is an ultimate fantasy. And, breasts may be the first high points (pun intended) below her lovely face, but her body goes on, and on, and on…. She has those perfect, soft, flat ‘abs’ that we all want to enjoy. A tummy that is the softest perfection… to rest weary lips and head upon. Proceeding further ‘south’ is the natural tourists’ destination… a soft mound above two of the most sensuous lips that guard the entrance to pussy.

When those lips are opened and that soft hood is raised, a tasty morsel is available to tempt the most serious palate. I dream of warming it further, caressing and ‘spanking’ it softly until it is rigid and swollen… and then surrounding it with my lips and drawing it slowly into my mouth to gently suck, roll with my tongue, slide within my lips and graze so gently with my teeth. My dreams continue as I scrub it with the firm flat of my tongue and then slowly fold back her lips and inner folds to expose the curved delicate bottom where I explore fully with that same flattened tongue.

Slowly I begin a sensuous ‘tongue fuck’ (I apologize for the crudeness but it fits my desires) and bring my fingers up to help. My hand reaches under her to softly fondle her cheeks and then they part them to expose that other soft entry. Slowly I lubricate the fingers of each hand from her moistened pussy… and tease myself. When thoroughly lubricated, I bring one hand to my lips, and waiting tongue, and taste her sweet syrup before returning for more lubricant. I share with her and then descend once pendik escort more…

I begin a soft exploration, one finger at a time, into each of those two waiting entries to passion… my one finger slowly circles and lubricates before entering and exploring in its expedition to the back. My other hand’s fingers slowly tease and then enter her pussy and circle wide to stretch and massage each point around it’s entry and I gently work downward and inward. I feel her hips responding in their urgency and a soft sound echoes from her mouth.

Both hands are busy now as my tongue returns to her clit. My hands and mouth are busy, but my mind is still picturing those full, warm nipple capped breasts that lie only inches above.

My two fantasies? I can provide a simple description of each, but the actual, fantasies are much longer. Perhaps if there is interest, I will write more later.

We’ve all seen those chairs that hair stylists use. They are soft cushioned marvels that swivel and tilt back. They have wide seats (perhaps wide enough for two? Almost!). They have armrests and footrests that make them quite enticing to a prurient mind.

I imagine myself as her hairdresser (not gay by any stretch… lasciviously and strictly hetero) when she enters the shop for her weekly ‘do’. Her perfect dark hair is my favorite and I enjoy every inch, but still not as much as I enjoy her. Today she is wearing that tight, pure white button-front blouse that hugs and deviously caresses her wonderful breasts. Below, she is wearing her black, kid-leather mini skirt, and high, black heels. Her calves, too, are mouth-watering as she walks.

I seat her and my eyes rape her, lingering at every spot. I have always dreamed that she wears nothing under that skirt… how could she? There isn’t a line to mar the perfection of her hips, thighs and sweet-rounded ass. It is hot out and she has unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blouse and I have the most perfect view of the magnificent cleavage between her breasts… touched by tiny glowing beads of perspiration. Her nipples are challenging the white fabric and perfectly observable. My mouth is already salivating as I swallow before welcoming her with my choked voice.

I seat her and take her order… and my groin is already feeling the pressure of a firm demand. I stand over her and inspect her hair prior to the shampoo. I rotate the chair and her body swirls close to mine. Her head is aligned as I slowly maltepe escort tilt her body back above the basin where the warm water is already running. I stand at her side and lift her hair before lowering it into the sink. The water circles in the basin wetting her hair… the way I want to circle and wet her clit.

I take a small bottle of her favorite shampoo from the shelf and pour it into my hand as I reach to massage her scalp. Her head is perfect in my hands and her hair so silky and sexy. The strain in my back forces me to move a bit closer and then I feel the warmth of her arm through my pants directly beneath my hardened manhood. I jump back and apologize, but she merely smiles below softly closed eyes.

I can’t lift her head without again coming in contact and her warmth is so intoxicating that this time I leave my hips in place. Her smile returns and I have trouble concentrating on my job. I massage her scalp, running the suds through my fingers and caressing each strand. Finally, I’m forced to withdraw my fingers and begin the task of rinsing. The water flows so sweetly through her hair as I watch, and as I finish I feel her stir. Her arm moves and I feel an increased pressure on my raging hard-on. She slides her arm back and forth and it takes a moment before I realize that she is enjoying me.

I lean in harder and help the stroking by sliding my hips slightly. She retracts her arm quickly and I’m afraid that I misunderstood, but then I feel her hand around me through the pants and I’m happy. I have the curtain pulled around the chair for her privacy… just as with each client.

I’ve finished the rinsing and pick up a dry towel to wrap her hair before the dryer. As I rotate the chair away from the basin she uses her grip to pull herself close to me and her eyes open. She holds me with one hand as the other unzips me. She reaches within and pulls me out violently and with her head still back and her head tilted sideways, she pulls herself over and kisses my proud member.

Her lips kiss me and her tongue extends for a slight taste. She seems to be pleased as she returns to lavish me with her tongue and my hand has begun unbuttoning her blouse. Her mouth surrounds my eager cock and greedily sucks me in… and my hands have found her bare breasts and they cup each and close on her nipples as they’re caught between thumb and finger.

Now I can hear the soft noises of her mouth on me and I lower my own to take in kartal escort a nipple and my freed hand finds the hem of her skirt. She is ravishing me as I reach under and I moan as I realize that indeed she is wearing nothing under that skirt. Her wetness greets me and her legs open as I pull back the skirt.

I am half leaning over her as her legs come back to rest her feet on the seat of the chair and her thighs spread wide. My mouth is salivating so strongly that it adds to her wetness as I bury my face and feel her strong mouth working on me. My tongue tastes her sweetness and begins a labor of its own as it raises and enters beneath her soft hood to locate her clit. Her scent is overpowering and sensuous and it fills my lungs as I’ve finally found it and plunge my lips around it. Our tongues work in unison as we each strive to satisfy.

I feel her hips rise as her legs tighten thrusting it into me. Her body trembles as I feel the first climax and taste its sweet reward. Again and again I pleasure her and am rewarded in turn. My hips begin a motion of their own as I strive to fill her mouth and throat. I taste her at one end and feel her wetness and soft mouth at the other. My cock is plunging deep and I can feel it enter and leave her throat. With one last lick and one last plunge of my fingers deep within her pussy, I feel myself climaxing.

Immediately her hand comes down to the back of my head, her hips thrust in one last deep push and we explode together. I fill her throat and spill over into her mouth and I retract slightly to allow her a breath as I feel myself tighten again for another surge of seed. She had flushed my face with her sweetness and I work to keep her clean, but her flood is as plentiful as my own.

I can feel her mouth swallowing as I fill her again and again. I can feel her lips and her tongue, and I can hear that soft sustained moan. Her nectar has filled me and spilled over, but I am quick and don’t want to lose a drop of her precious climax. Finally the raging storm in my loins begins to recede and my surging fountain slows to a stop. I can feel her still lingering as I am, too.

Our passion temporarily sated, I straighten and stand. Her naked lips are beautifully wet and scented as she smoothes her skirt and her breasts are still demanding as she closes the blouse. My hand has closed the zipper after forcing my flaccid, happy member back into its recess.

I return with a warm damp cloth, raise her skirt, and gently clean her before lowering it once more and helping her to stand. Both our legs are wobbly as I pull back the curtain and escort her to the setting booth.

I will write of my second fantasy as time permits — by then I may have two more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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