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Hello, my darling,

I just read your Email. I was wondering when you would get around to writing back. But I know you are busy and that you would write when you could. I long to hear from you.

I am sorry to hear that you are working so hard. It sounds like you could use some of my “TLC” and “physical” therapy.

Do you know what I would love to do for you? I would love to lie next to your tired body and gently caress you. I start at your shoulders. You know how I have always thought your shoulders so sexy. As I lovingly massage the tiredness out of them, I give you little butterfly kisses on your neck. I caress down each arm and massage your fingers. I kiss and lick and suck on each finger while brushing my fingers across your breasts. I enjoy the growing hardness of your nipples as you respond to my touch.

I turn you onto your stomach and caress and massage your back. As my caresses moved konyaaltı escort slowly down your back, I cover it with kisses. Moving to your buttocks, I squeeze each cheek. I know how you always like that so much. I make my way across your cheeks, kissing and licking as I give attention to each. I begin massaging your legs while kissing and licking between your cheeks. Knowing how it arouses you, I press my tongue against your sweet anus. As your muscles relax, I enter you there with my tongue, and with a circular motion, reach as far as I can, I enjoy your moans of pleasure.

Then, my love, I kiss my way down your legs, spending extra time behind your knees while my hands caress your inner thighs. I move on, giving loving attention to your calves, ankles, and feet. I lift each leg, one at a time, so that I may massage, kiss, lick, and suck each toe.

Turning you onto your back, I travel my way kültür escort back up your legs, massaging, caressing, kissing, and licking all the way. Eventually, I reach your womanhood, my ultimate destination. Hesitating a moment to take in take your sensuous aroma, I lovingly kiss and lick around your outer lips. As they swell from your arousal, I caress your inner lips with my tongue. As they part, I probe the inside of you with my tongue. You continue to be aroused, and I find your clitoris and slowly and gently lick it while my hands find and caress your hardened breasts. When I sense you nearing an orgasm, I take your clitoris into my mouth, sucking ang flicking it with my tongue until you explode, covering my face with your cum. You scream at the sensations coursing through your body.

Not letting go, I continue to suck, lick, and caress that little center of your pleasure. All the while, you experience markantalya escort orgasm after orgasm, each more powerful than the last. Your screams of pleasure fill my heart with such love for you. I do not stop until you are totally exhausted. My mind is content, knowing that I have pleasured you.

After you recover, I enter you with my penis. I am home, where I am meant to be, where I would rather be than anywhere else. While you hold me, I push myself deep into you. I pull back slowly until I am almost outside of you and gently push deep into you again. The sensation of your pressing and gripping my penis as I move in and out of you, soon bring me to the point of no return. At the moment my cum spurts into you, my eyes look into yours and I say, “I love you so much!!!”

Afterwards, I thank you for loving me. And I hold you in my arms, gently stroking your shoulders and back again, until you are totally relaxed and fall asleep in my arms.

How does that sound to your tired mind and body?

I am looking forward to being together soon and making my fantasy your reality.

You know my heart and my love for you,


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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