My Cousin Jo and I Pt. 10

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Christy says, “See shows what you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“They told me I’d have to fend for myself tonight. They are meeting friends for supper at a club down town. So they won’t be home till late. But if you want to go home?”

“Oh hell no.”

She giggles, “I thought so.”

We get to her house.


“Sure what do you have?”

“I’ll make something special.”

“OK by me.” She brings me a glass. I take a drink.

Wow it strong with whiskey.

“Dam Christy I can’t drink this. If I go home smelling of alcohol or drunk, dad will kill me.”

“Well drink a little it will loosen you up.”

I take a couple drinks, man it’s strong. Says she needed to get out of her wet suit and clean up. As Christy leaves the room, I’m staring at her ass in that red bikini almost drooling. I’m getting hard thinking of what she looked like in that red bikini. She returns a few minutes later. I’m sitting on the couch. She comes out wearing a long white robe. Comes over sits next to me. I kick my shoes off. She smiles leans over and kisses me. The alcohol is working on me even if it was two small sips. I’m feeling good and horny. I feel her hand on my leg. I’m already semi hard. Her hand just an inch or two from my dick. Rubbing my leg as she kisses me.

I’m getting stiff very quickly. I kiss her neck, her robe parts some and I can see she has no bra on. So I continue to kiss my way to her left nipple. I begin sucking on it. The same time she slides her hand up to my cock. Rubs it through my jeans. Fuck I’m rock hard very shortly. Then she is pulling at my shirt. I stop long enough to pull it off. She is at my waist popping the button of my jeans. Unzips them, I stand long enough to slide them off with my briefs.

Just then there is a knock at the door. I freak out.

“Who is that?”

“Don’t worry I’ll see and get rid of them.”

She gets up looking out the window.

“Dam it’s Susie.”

I grab my clothes.

“Go to my room and close the door.”

I go hide in her room. Leaving a crack so I can hear them. I hear Christy say.

“Hi Susie, what up?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Can’t it wait? I was just getting in the shower.”

“No I really need to now.”

“KO, come in.”

I move out to the hall so I can hear them better.

“What is so important that it won’t wait?”

“Are you and Richard doing it?”

“What! Why would you think that?”

“I saw you two heading this direction. Is he here?”

“No what would give you that idea?”

“Well his shoes for one thing.”

Pointing to my shoes by the couch. Crap I’m thinking.

“OK, What if we are? What’s it to you? You have a boyfriend.”

“Yea, but his dick is about the size of a hot dog hard. I saw the bulge in Richard’s trunks at the pool. Is he really big?”

“I don’t know.” Christy says.

“Oh come on I tell you almost everything Jon and I do. I have never seen a really big cock. Please let me hide and watch.”

“Oh all right, Hide in the kitchen, he’s in my bedroom. Susie walks right by me going to the kitchen. I could have reached out and touched her. I slip back to Christy’s bedroom. She comes in.

“She’s gone, come back to the front room.”

I just drop my clothes.

“Why it much more comfy in here on your bed.”

I lay down patting the bed beside me. My cock is protruding like a flagpole. Christy is trying to figure out a way to get me to go back out where Susie can see us.

“Really we should do it out there.”

“Why you have something against fucking in your own bed?”

“Well no I guess not.”

“Good then come here and give me some of that sweet pussy of yours.”

Giving up she drops her robe, god she so hot. Then starts getting on the bed. She stops suddenly saying.

“I need to pee.”

Then jumps off the bed and rushes down the hall.

I know she not going to the bathroom. So I get up and head down the Hallway. The bathroom door is open, no Christy. So I go to the end. Just before entering the middle room I stop. I can hear Christy quietly talking to Susie.

“He wants to stay in my bedroom. So in a few minutes you sneak to my door and look in.”

Just about then I decide too interrupt. I come around the corner.

“Christy, I need a… What the hell.”

Caught off guard they both freak out. I’m standing there nude my hard cock is straight out. Susie’s eyes almost pop out of their sockets.

“Fuck me!” She spouts.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Jon would kick my ass badly. Christy I though you said she left.”

I try to cover my erection with my hands.

“Well I lied.”

“I can see that. What the fuck is going on?”

“I sort of told her she could hide and watch.”

“What! Why?”

“She saw how big you are at the pool and begged me to let her watch. She has never seen a dick topkapı escort as big as yours. She always tells me everything her and Jon do. So I figured I owed her one.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes.” Susie says.

“What the fuck am I a freak show for you. Maybe I should get dressed and leave.”

“NO, No please forgive me.”

“I suppose you’ll tell every one about this too.” Looking at Susie.

“No never, Christy and I are best friends. We tell each other everything, but no one else.”

I’m looking at Christy.

“I promise I will never say a word to anyone.” She says.

Susie says, “I promise to never say anything. Especially if I get to try it.”

“What! Now it’s blackmail? No, no nothing like that. It’s just Jon is no where as big as you. Hell I had no idea guys dicks got that big.”

Looking at her, “What girls tits are all sizes. I’m sure pussies are too. Christy, You were going to let her watch us fuck?”

Sheepishly she answers. “Yes. I didn’t think it would hurt if you didn’t know.”

“So now what? Is she just going to pull up a chair and watch us? That is fucked up.” Susie looks at Christy.

“If it will make you feel better I can strip and watch nude.”

“That is suppose to make it better?”

“Well I would really would like to get in on it, but I don’t think Christy would like that?”

Christy, says “We pretty much share everything else.”

“You meant you wouldn’t care if I fucked her and you? Christy what the fuck?”

“Richard, your more than I can handle by myself. Susies is more experienced then I am anyway. She has had sex with several boys. Really you’re my first.”

With that I turn and walk away not saying a word.

“Your not leaving are you?” Christy asks.

I go to Christy’s bedroom and lay on the bed. Christy comes in sits next to me.

“Well what’s the plan?” I Say

Christy says, “Please don’t be mad.” Then takes my dick in hand stroking it. Susie pokes her head in around the corner of the door.

“Can I come in?”

“Hell why not just fucking call your friends too.” She comes in stands where she can see Christy playing with my cock. Then Christy leans over kisses the head. Slipping it into her mouth. Susie is watching. I see her slide her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Christy has me hard.

“Am I ready for the show?” I ask

She pulls her mouth off. Looks at me with a half hearted smile. Climbs on my waist mounting me positions my cock with one hand. Supporting her self with the other. She is already wet and dripping juice from her cunt on my dick. She rubs the head in her slit. Then sits on my slicken pole.

“Ugh!” She grunts as the head slips in.

My god she is so tight it is almost bending my cock trying to get anything in her. Christy is letting out a low groan as she works more of my cock into her super tight cunt. I feel the walls gripping my shaft as it is worked into her. Christy is wiggling her ass, as inch by inch my cock disappears into her velvet love tunnel. The sensation is almost unbearable I am so close to cumming. She must have known as she stops for a minute looking at me smiling. Then pushes down hard driving my shaft totally into her.

“UGH!” She grunts as I hit the back of her uterus.

I groan from the pleasure of her tightness. It almost is like someone griping my dick and trying to squeeze all the blood out of it.

Susie is watching in awe. She has slid her hand into her shorts, rubbing her pussy frantically. As Christy starts to fuck me I get a mental image of Susie finger fucking herself. That was short lived as Christy’s starts fucking me that image fades quickly. I have her tits in hand squeezing and pinching her nipples hard.

“Fuck I’m going to cum.” She moans.

I continue to fuck her from the bottom. I’m quite sure she came again. She kind of collapses and rolling off me. My still hard cock slapping my belly as it comes out of her tight hole.

Susie has her shorts and panties at her knees. Fingering the crap out of her pussy.

“Christy can I fuck him too? I really need it badly.”

Christy says “Your asking the wrong person aren’t you?”

“I thought…, I don’t want you mad at me.”

I say, “Well master is it OK with you?”

Christy says, “It’s up to you not me. Fuck I can barely keep you happy by my self.”

“No Christy you make me plenty happy, but if you want I’m willing.” Christy looks at me and just smiles then nods her head.

Susie looks at me with begging eyes. “Please I will not tell a soul.”

“I don’t know Jon’s a big guy if he finds out I’m the one who’s fucked.”

“I would never tell. Christy please say you won’t either.”

“Why would I tell, that would ruin it for me too. Just don’t expect this every time.”

“I’m shocked you will share him at all.”

“Like türbanlı escort I said. I’m just trying to keep him happy.” Christy says.

Christy smiles at me then say, “Susie get to it if you want some of that fat cock.”

Susie takes her shorts and panties off and starts to get on the bed. Christy moves to give Susie room. She sits on the foot of the bed.

“No the top too if we’re going to do this.” I say

Without hesitation, she pulls her top off over her head. She has on a plain white bra. Removing it exposes the biggest breasts I have ever seen, even in magazines. They sag slightly from the sheer size. Her nipples are huge too pink and flat. Covering at least a forth of her breast the actually nipple almost does not protrude at all.

“Dam girl those are huge.”

She smiles taking her hands and wiggling them.

“I’m jealous” Christy says.

“Don’t be. They hurt like hell sometimes. I’d much rather have ones like yours.”

“Oh hell they are all good to me.” I say.

“You and most boys feel the same way.” Susie says.

She takes my dick in hand. “Fuck I can’t get my hand around it.” Stroking me, “Mumm this will be fun.” Straddling me she rubs the head on her slit. Still dripping juice from her finger fucking. The head parts the lips, it feels a little different then Christy or Jo.

I’m shocked when she slips the head in easily. Pushing down she slides almost my whole cock into her, no problem. She is snug but like a soft velvet glove. Her pussy feels so great, I push up till I hit the back of her uterus. I’m all the way in her.

“OH MY! I’ve never felt anything like it before.” she says.

I’m thinking I want on top for this. “Roll over I want on top.”

She leans down her massive tits pressing on my chest. We roll over never pulling out. I get up kneel between her legs, looking at her beneath me. Fuck I’m really going to enjoy this, I’m thinking. I place my hands on each tit. Then start pumping in and out slowly. I’m squeezing her melons, they feel a little like water balloons except where her nipples are. I take each and pinch them. Rolling them between my thumb and fore finger. As I do they become more pronounced.

She moans. “Fuck harder, fuck me harder.”

I begin pounding her cunt hard. Resting my weight on her breasts squeezing hard. Then I lift her legs pressing them to her chest exposing her whole pussy and ass to me. I readjust my self so I can really pound her cunt. As I do she.

Then starts screaming “FUCK ME RICHARD, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!”

I’m slamming my dick into her, my balls slapping her ass. Then feel her cunt spasm. She lets out a scream I think the neighbor’s could hear.

I don’t ask if it’s ok, but I am on the verge of cumming. I just blow my wad in her pussy deep as I can. It must have been the final thing she could bear, because she passes out. I pull my cum drenched cock from her fine pussy. Sitting back on my heels. Letting her legs fall to the bed. I can see cum running from her cunt down the crack of her ass. It is dripping off my cock and the tip.

Christy freaks out “Is she dead?”

“No she still breathing. Susie, Susie!”

A moment later she opened her eyes. After a minute, Saying “Holy fuck! I have never orgasmed like that before. Can we do it again?”

I really wanted to fuck her again but figured I owed Christy some attention.

“Maybe another time right now I owe Christy some attention.” Christy smiles.

“OK, but man I really would love to do it one more time. Would it be OK if I watched you two again?” She sits on the edge of the bed, then lays beside me.

“Sure I guess if you want.”

Christy lays on the other side of me. We kiss, I tenderly fondle her tits. Nibble and suck one each. Then I get between her legs. She reaches for my hardened dick, rubs it on her pussy it’s still slippery from Susie’s pussy and my cum. She lines me up and I push the head in. She groans as I push my way in. She’s wiggling her ass best she can to help. As I hit bottom she grunts.

“Yes, it’s getting easier.” She says smiling at me. Then kisses me.

I fuck her slow. Leaning in kissing her, our tongues mingle. She sucks hard on mine hers following mine into my mouth so I can suck on hers. We fuck for a while.

Then I say “It’s your turn to do the work.”

We roll over and she readjusts and starts riding my dick.

Susie says “Man I wish Jon treated me like that. He just gets his nut off, or makes me suck him off. Then makes me get him a beer and watches TV. I almost never get off with him.”

“Then he’s a dumb ass.” I say.

I’d never put up with that.” Christy says.

“God Christy I love your body. Your so fucking hot.”

She smiles a huge smile at me.

“But I have to say Susie’s is fine too though.”

“Thank you.” she says.

Christy must have liked my comment, she kisses tüyap escort me sliding her tongue into my mouth. Breaking the kiss, she says. “I could make this a permanent thing. I’d love to be your girlfriend.”

“Wow! I really like you a whole lot but I’m not sure about a commitment. I need time to think about that.”

“No problem for me, just give it some thought.” She says then kisses me again.

I shake my head yes. Then she proceeds to grind her pussy on my cock.

I’m enjoying it a whole lot, but hell I just got my first fuck last week. I’m not ready to settle for one girl yet. I want regular pussy but variety is great too.

Christy I can tell is orgasming her pussy is milking my cock. Then it clamps down as she shivers from it. I’m still grinding my dick into her. She starts to roll off me but I stop her.

“Not yet.”

I grab her ass and drill my dick as deep as possible. She groans with pleasure. I feel her shiver as another spasm comes over her. I want to stay locked like this indefinitely it feels so great. I kiss her again then allow her to roll off me. My still hard cock standing like a flag pole. I was close to cumming but managed to hold off.

Susie has been playing and fingering her self the whole time watching us.

“You didn’t cum? “Ask Susie.

“No I don’t know if it’s safe to cum in her right now. I know she not on the pill or anything.”

Susie says “You came in me and I’m not on the pill.”

“I know it happened so fast there was no time to pull out.”

“Good thing I just had my period or you might have gotten me pregnant. But fuck it, I wouldn’t care if you did.”

“Well I do. I’m not ready to be a dad.”

“Can you do me again?” she asks.

“I don’t know you sure you can’t get pregnant?”

“What difference does it make you already unloaded one in me another time won’t matter. If I do get pregnant I’ll blame Jon.”

I’m looking at her then Christy, she just smiles and giggles.

“OK but I’m beat you will have to do all the work.”

“Can I suck it first? Never sucked one this big before.”

I just say, “Whatever you want.”

Christy is still beside me I’m looking into her eyes. I kiss her.

Susie says getting on the bed and grabbing my pole. “Jesus Christy how do you get it in your mouth?”

“That should be easy for you. Big as your mouth is.” Christy laughs.

“Fuck you.”

“Just had one, so no thank you.”

“Ha Ha, Smart ass.”

Susie is sucking the head. I reach for her big tits. She moves to give me better access to them. I begin squeezing them and she moans when I do.

“Christy come here I want to suck on your tits.”

She gets up and places her left tit in my face. Greedily I suck it. Running my tongue around the nipple. Fuck this is great, Susie is a really good cock sucker. Not as good as Jo but better than Christy by far. So good I’m getting close to cumming. I let Christy’s tit go. I tell Susie she better quit or get a mouth full of cum. She pulls off.

“Maybe next time, right now I want this thing inside me.”

She mounts my waist. My cock is between her ass crack and the head rubbing her pussy slit. She rocks back and forth sliding it across her slit then raises enough to slip the head in. She slides the whole thing in rotating her hips grinding it deep as she can get.

“God I wish Jon’s dick was this big. I think your going to spoil me.”

I really like her pussy too. So far it’s the best one I have fucked. She really know how to use it too. Her rocking motion changed to up and down. She’s getting very worked up because she is moaning. I work to match her stroking motion.


Then lets out a pure passionate scream. Leans forward my dick still buries deep in her pussy her huge tits pressed against my chest. Lays there for a minute and asks.

“Fuck you didn’t cum yet?”

“I was really close.”

“Well we can’t leave you that way.”

Sliding my cock out she rolls on her back.

“Here slide it between these.” Squeezing her breasts.

“HUH!” Stupid me. I had never tit fucked a girl before or even thought about it.

“Get on top slide that thing between these. Tit fuck me.”

“OK I guess.”

“You have never tit fucked a girl?”

“Ah no, I’m stupid I guess.”

I straddle her. Susie takes my cock places it between her huge tits. Smashes them together my dick in there. Then slides her tits up and down it. It feels great but a little weird too. Then one time as the head came out the top she licked it. Next time she slipped it into her mouth. Wow what a sensation that is. Very shortly I’m ready to blow. I tell her so and she grabs my ass pulls me into her mouth. Sucking it hard as she can.

“Fuck me!” I cry out. I blow my load in her mouth. She swallows it all no problem.

“Dam Susie what the fuck. Where did you learn that?”

I watched mom and dad one day and then lots of practice.”

“Fuck I could never do that.”

“Believe me it took a while to do it. Now I love getting my tits fucked and swallowing guys cum. It really doesn’t taste bad.”

“If you say so.” Christy says.

Part 11 to follow

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