My College Adventures with Vince

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I went to a very exclusive small liberal school back east somewhere. It used to be single-sex, but prided itself on a successful transition to co-education. We were known in the nearby town though as a bit of a party school. Well, let’s just say actually it was a huge work hard/play hard kind of school. Lots of drugs on Thursday, lots of hung-over kids in the library discussing Kafka on Sunday. After a really boring first semester though, I personally wondered where all the sex and rock & roll was. See, I was a bit of a nerd there. The town where I grew up was about 100 miles away from the school, but it may as well have been 10 years away because no one I knew really ever went to this college. Everyone I talked to about it when I was deciding to go always said the same thing – “isn’t that a girl’s school?” Um, no, not unless I’ve sprouted breasts in the last five minutes when you weren’t looking, Uncle Mort.

Anyway, I had heard a famous actress was going there, and so despite the fact that I had gone to an all-boys Christian military school for high school, I decided the minute I set foot on college campus that I was going there. Everything about the place exuded “college” in my 18-year-old mind. I applied early decision and got accepted with a good financial aid package, so that was that.

In my first semester freshman year there, I quickly learned that many of my fellow students hadn’t progressed much beyond high school. Maybe it was the small size (we had about 2000 students), or lack of a Greek life, but whatever the reason, the dorms kind of took on that aspect of campus activity. All the dorms save one were now coed as a result of the school accepting men, and the restrooms were all gender neutral – this was years ago mind you, long before that was a “thing.” But it was the one dorm that was all-women that was known for the biggest debauchery. And as I quickly learned, the all-women dorm was where the slut banger sisters lived.

It was a well-known fact that the slut banger sisters were the most notorious clique on campus. They weren’t sisters of course – just 3 of the hottest juniors I’d ever seen, constantly hazing another underclass co-ed who desperately vied to be their fourth. Brittany was blonde, tall, great ass. Cara had long red wavy hair, emerald eyes, a few freckles on her nose. Lisa was the shortest at about 5-5, olive complexion, but I was told by the guy who lived down the hall from me who went to the same high school in a large metropolitan city about 2 hours away from campus by car, that she had D-cups since early high school. I was not especially cool nor rich nor especially popular, and a first-year male student to boot, and thus had not personally never witnessed the antics that gave rise to their reputation. That was about to change.

The one thing I did have going for me as a first-year guy was my looks. Hey, not to brag, but I did go to an all-boys high school, so that meant either get good at sports, or die trying. Secretly I was also a singer in a band with my friend Vince from high school, who decided at the last minute to go to the same college as me. So, that was a break in the social life department. Anyway, football was never my thing but I did play a lot of baseball and did track and field in the winters. I was an all-state pitcher on the baseball göztepe escort team in my last 2 years there, and I supplemented my lifting and fitness regimen in the winter by throwing shotput. All that working out and lifting had the desired effect. Because of how I looked – 6′ 2″, broad shoulders, scruffy cleft chin, dirty blond hair – most people thought I was about 23 going into college instead of a very young 18. But that said, I also had a bit of a stutter since childhood, which made me insecure about talking to people at parties, and so a lot of the girls who initially seemed be happy to talk would quickly lose interest and pass me by, figuring I didn’t have much that was intelligent to say.

Probably I would have stayed at the library all year, but were it not for Vince, and a few sophomore and junior friends he made early. I quickly found out that they were all gay or bisexual, including Vince. Somehow, I missed that detail in high school, though thinking back, I guess it should have been obvious. If I’m being honest, I might have been open to hooking up with him, even if I wasn’t actively pursuing or even aware of it prior to arriving on campus. I mean, Vince was a good-looking guy but in a completely different way than me – Italian, olive complexion, dark hair, think Lenny Kravitz without the dreadlocks. And, the guys he quickly found himself hanging out with were all “straight 10 / gay 7” if you know what I mean. The problem with going to a small school is, news travels fast, so the word on campus about me went something like “Him? Oh yeah, he’s another one of those really chiseled good-looking but sexually confused guys.”

Another of my chief disadvantages was that I also dressed kind of dorky. What can I say? I was at a military high school, and didn’t have a lot of money, so the big wardrobe of clothes someone might have built up through high school to fall back on for Thursday night socializing at the campus bar wasn’t to be found in my closet. Plus I didn’t really talk much anyway, unless I really thought about what I was going to say first, for fear of the stutter. But, I guess I made great eye candy, and they were all really cool to me, fun to talk to, and all that.

Vince really had none of these problems. The previous year, Vince’s dad sold a few of his businesses for a ton of money, bought a huge new place in a great neighborhood a few minutes from my house. I found out later that was how Vince managed to afford the college we were going to, since up to that point, his family and mine were pretty much doing the same money-wise, so the decision seemed very last-minute in terms of life planning. Besides tuition, a new bass and cool clothes, Vince scored a new Mercedes from the deal. Also, he was a genuinely cool and fun guy – bass player, smart, great dancer. Suffice to say, he became popular with both sexes very quickly.

Second semester had just started, and Valentine’s Day was on a Thursday. A full moon hung low in the sky. Through the bi crew Vince was hanging with, he quickly met other people who lived off-campus. One of them was throwing a “Lonely Hearts Costume Ball.” Everyone was going to be there. Vince and our friends took pity on me and helped me with a few wardrobe changes in time for this party, resulting in a pretty hot construction istanbul escort worker outfit, funded by Vince’s credit card. All in all, I was feeling pretty good going into the night.

The party was raging when through the door walked the slut bangers.

Brittany was wearing a candy-stripe nurse costume – her tight top had her boobs nearly popping out. Cara’s slutty schoolgirl costume had a 4″ plaid miniskirt that revealed a thong underneath. Lisa was wearing a bikini top with daisy dukes and a pair of go-go boots – I wasn’t sure what exactly the costume was supposed to be, and once I saw her nipples blaring through the fabric, I didn’t really care.

Their latest pet was an over-developed girl I didn’t know. She wasn’t really my type, but I could definitely see the appeal. Her long blond hair had highlights and lowlights, her brown eyes had a bit too much mascara and she was wearing the reddest lipstick I’d ever seen. She was wearing a loose pair of cutoffs held up with suspenders, 4″ heels, a dog collar, and a leash. Nothing else. From the way she was walking, you could tell she wasn’t wearing panties. The other end of the leash was in Lisa’s hand. Cara put down a fishbowl on the end of a grand piano in the living room. Brittany took out a pad of doctor’s prescription sheets and placed it next to the bowl.

The music cut out as Brittany took center stage. “OK, everyone! Meet Madison – Madison, meet everyone. Madison’s here to open a special clinic for one night only. Anyone who needs some ‘medicine’ should write their name down on a prescription sheet, and put it in the fishbowl. I’ll draw a few lucky winners to join us upstairs for some medical treatment. Now who’s giving me a beer?”

I spit out half of the beer I was drinking as Vince and our friends laughed. Guys surged forward to write down their names as Cara made Madison stand on top of the piano for all to see. Vince’s friends eyed her like a prize horse, then went back to dancing with each other. Vince seemed far more interested in the spectacle though. Her suspenders looked taped into place, but I could see the sides of her areolas easily showing. She looked like she was hypnotized and ready to fuck.

I noticed Vince out of the corner of my eye, and he motioned for me to come with him. “Dude – those chicks are hot! Come with me.” I followed him out to the back yard, where he told me to use the back staircase and wait in the guest room. “The slut bangers are bringing Madison upstairs in a minute – go wait up there.” Before I could ask when or how in the hell did he get in with that crowd, he gave me a shove and said “go!”

Sure enough, a few minutes later Brittany and Cara came in with 4 other guys, blindfolded, including one of Vince’s friends named Steve, which I thought was odd, because Steve was totally into guys from what I could tell. “Oh, so you’re the wildcard Vince was talking about,” said Cara. A second later, Vince came in with Brittany and Madison.

Vince lit a joint, and passed it around. “Don’t give any to Madison,” said Lisa. “She’s already pretty lit off the ecstasy we gave her.”

“Yeah, and I’m totally taking off too,” said Brittany. With that, she popped her top and out fell the nicest pair of tits I’d ever seen.

Lisa was slipping off the kadıköy escort thong and threw it in my face. My dick was quickly hardening. Some of the other guys formed a circle around Madison, who knelt down, and started unzipping a couple guys’ pants. Three guys were getting hard – one’s dick was in Madison’s mouth while she jerked off two others. Another guy was getting sucked by Brittany while Lisa was titty-fucking my friend Vince.

I must have looked dumb-founded, because Cara said “look Jason, if you don’t want to party, you should leave now, because shit’s gonna get pretty freaky in here in about one minute. I don’t know what possessed me to do so, but I pushed Cara to the floor and started licking her pussy like a man possessed. She immediately started moaning, joining the chorus of sounds emanating from everyone else in the room.

Two guys were fucking Madison now, one in her cunt, the other in her ass. Madison herself was licking Lisa’s pussy while she started sucking Vince now. Brittany was getting pounded by Vince while she slurped another guy’s cock. I continued to fuck Cara until I felt my balls start to tense. She must have felt it too because she pushed me off her. I felt a set of hands behind me rubbing my nipples and turned to see Steve, naked, lean, great shape, with a very nice cock. He brushing up behind me, running his hands between my crack, fingering my anus. He reached around and squeezed the base of my cock just as I was about to cum, bringing me back from the brink and whispered in my ear, “you up for some tantra, baby?”

Cara looked up at me and Steve and her eyes grew very wide. “Ooh – I’ve always wanted to watch you two get it on.” With that she began rubbing her clit as I slipped my cock back inside her. I could feel her pulsing as Steve slipped his cock slowly into my ass. We began to work into a groove where he would thrust, then I would thrust. I lost track of time as the tantric pulsing of my cock and ass combined with the cannabis to create a sexual dance for the three of us. Steve tweaked my nipples while nibbling on my ear. All the while I gripped Cara by the ribs just under her breasts and thrust deeply into her pussy, all the while she would rub her clit furiously. As other guys in the room started to unload their balls, it became apparent that the slut bangers had not had their fill, and began to surround Cara, caressing and licking her nipples, kissing her, and touching themselves while watching Steve fucking me while I fucked Cara.

Steve began thrusting harder and I could sense him tightening. I reached around to cup his ass and found a face licking his anus. After a few more thrusts I could feel his semen shooting deep into my ass, which in turn made me start cumming inside Cara. Soon I regained my senses enough to hear the music coming from downstairs.

Word quickly got around school about yet another sexcapade involving the slut bangers but everyone who was in the room that night apparently decided to pretend nothing happened and just kept right on living. Vince and I laughed about it but then decided that it was probably best to play along – it’s a small campus after all. Vince and I became good friends with Steve especially after we learned that he played the drums. We started jamming whenever we could. As for Cara, we made eye contact once while walking past each other on the quad, and I could have swore she smiled before looking away and retreating back into a façade, and that was basically it. I also heard someone told Madison’s parents about it though, and by March she had withdrawn from the college.

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