My Birthday Gift

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My friends bought me a 30 minute massage for my 23rd birthday. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and was in a depressed mood. My boyfriend hadn’t done anything wrong, neither had I. We had just grown apart. I needed some cheering up and my friends thought the massage would help me relieve some stress.

I called ahead and booked an appointment for a relaxation massage. It had been years since I had last had a massage. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate massages, I just am not the kind of girl that spends money on things like that. In college, money is tight so food, clothes and personal items take priority in my life.

I jumped in my car and headed across town. I pulled into the parking lot of the “Posh Salon and Masseuse”. The letters above the door were large and painted gold. Gold light bulbs surrounded the entrance door. The door itself was tinted so that you could not see inside.

Stepping inside, four girls were next to their chairs cutting hair. There was a lot of chatter; the kind of chatter that happens in a salon between women. I stepped up to the front counter and waited to be helped. The counter was painted a dark purple color with matching colored wall behind it. To my left, their were a row of leather chairs for those who were waiting to be helped. I contemplated taking a seat when a tall, well build man walked through a door from the back room. He smiled and looked at me with his deep blue eyes. I felt my knees get weak as I looked at him. His light brown hair had blond highlights.

“How can I help you?” the man said in a deep voice.

It had been a few weeks since I last had any pleasure. Touching myself just simply did not do anything after having a man for over two years, so to say I was a little horny would be an understatement. I could feel myself getting moist between my legs just staring at this gorgeous man.

“How can I help you?” the man repeated.

I was so caught up in my own world that I had momentarily forgotten to respond to his question. I felt myself starting to blush in response to my own blond moment. “Oh sorry.” I replied. “Hello. I am here for a 30 minute massage.”

The man smiled at me and asked, “What is your name sweetie?”

Sweetie, he called me sweetie! Wow! I felt my knees get weak one more time. I placed my arms on the counter to keep myself from falling down. I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled to try and calm myself down before answering him.

“My name is Tess.”

“Welcome Tess. Let me check the schedule.” the man said.

I wondered, what is this gorgeous creature’s name? Having been with my boyfriend the last two years, I didn’t pay much attention to other men. Now, I was realizing what I had been missing. It wasn’t that my boyfriend was unattractive. He was good looking, but he wasn’t gorgeous like this man.

“You are up next. Have a seat and I will be with you in a minute.” the man said to me.

I took a seat and watched him disappear through the door to the back. His dreamy blue eyes and handsome face filled my thoughts as I waited impatiently for my massage. I fidgeted in my seat like a little child and opened a hair styles magazine. I flipped through the pages, not really looking at them until the man reappeared behind the counter.

I looked up and smiled in a flirting manner at him. He smiled back at me and melted my insides. I stood up and walked up to the counter and realized he had not even called me up to the counter. My laughter started filling the establishment. I wasn’t pendik escort even sure why I was laughing, but I couldn’t stop.

“I am ready for you.” the man said, extending his right hand. “My name is Francois.”

He surrounded my tiny hand with his large fingers and shook my hand softly. “Francois?” I heard myself mumble. Why did he have to have such a seductive name? I stopped laughing. My heart was beating so hard inside my chest, I felt like it was going to burst through my chest. It was like I was a junior high girl crushing on a highschooler.

“Follow me.” Francois said, smiling and turning away from me, heading for the back door. I quickly moved around the counter and rushed to catch up with him. My eyes watched his ass as he led me into the back room. I secretly wished he was going to push me down onto the massage table and take me with all this might.

“Undress and then lay down on the table. You can put your clothes on this chair. When you are done, lie on your stomach and put this sheet over you. I will be back in a few minutes.”

I smiled coyly at him and waited until he left the room. My hands were shaking as I started undressing myself. I placed my shoes under the seat and tucked my socks inside them. My jeans slid down my legs, followed by my panties. I tucked my panties inside my front pocket and neatly folded the jeans twice, placing them on the seat of the chair. Next, I slid my shirt and bra over my head, tucked my bra inside my shirt and placed them neatly on top of my jeans.

The room was warm, but I could feel my nipples poking out. In the left corner of the room sat rocks on a warming table. Next to the rocks were two towels with steam rolling off of them. Beside the towels was a counter full of oils.

I positioned myself on the massage table and pulled the sheet over my butt, leaving my back exposed. My hands rested on my sides; my head between two soft cushion. I could feel my pussy aching with anticipation as I took several deep breaths and slowly exhaled in an attempt to calm myself.

Francois returned to the room and walked around to the towels near my head. I kept my face buried in the cushions as Francois moved over by my side. He placed one of the steaming towels on the back of my neck, then pushed the sheet down a few inches and placed the second towel on the small of my back. The towels felt so good and helped my muscles start to relax, that was until I felt his hands against my skin.

The tip of his fingers softly moved up and down the middle of my back, tracing my spine. I took a deep breath and held it in as long as I could. His hands were teasing my senses, making me wet all over again. They slowly moved up and down my skin and slowly worked their way toward my sides.

“Does that feel relaxing?” He asked.

“Mhm.” was all I could say.

His fingers moved to my sides and continued moving softly up and down my skin. I felt a little self-conscious when his fingers moved over my love handles. I am not fat, but I do have some love handles. My love handles have been there for as long as I can remember.

I wish I could adequately describe the way his hands were making me feel. Wonderful? Magical? Delirious? Perhaps delirious would describe it best. My nerve endings were firing on all cylinders. Each inch of skin he touched responded with sensations of burning fire. I could feel my body starting to sweat.

The combination of the warm room, my excitement and his large, warm hands on my skin maltepe escort all contributed to my sweating body. His hands left my body and I felt like screaming in displeasure. I listened intently, hearing his move toward my head. The sound of metal softly clanging against glass rang in my ears. My eyes were closed and I was imagining what he was doing. I could see him opening a small bottle of oil and rubbing the oil in his hands.

Francois returned to my side and ran his warm hands all over my back. I was happy to feel his hands return to my body. Cool sensations trailed his hands as they moved along my skin. It was apparent he was now using oils as he massaged my back and the coolness was the air hitting my wet skin. His fingers began massaging my lower shoulders and moved slowly upwards. I could feel the tension in my upper body quickly dissipating. His hands were magical on my body. I felt a twinge inside my pussy. It continued to build and move toward my clit as his hands expertly massaged my shoulders.

His hands moved to my neck and caused me to moan softly. I felt embarrassed by my response even though my moan was more a moan of relaxation then of pleasure. My hips started to softly grind against the table as his fingers slid up and down the muscles of my neck. I felt as if I were melting through the table.

“You are pretty tense in your neck.” Francois said, his sexy voice breaking through the silence.

I did not respond, afraid I would moan again if I tried to speak. My silence betrayed me when his fingers moved from behind my ears and slid down the side of my neck causing another moan to escape my lips. This time, it was a little louder.

My body was on fire. This massage was going totally different then I imagined it would go. In my mind I imagined this massage would be relaxing, instead, it was relaxing yet exhilarating. I was turned on beyond my wildest dreams. Francois was making me so wet and we weren’t even doing anything sexual.

Francois moved the towel on my lower back down until it rested on the middle of my ass cheeks. He poured more oil on his hands then started massaging my lower back and the top of my ass. Without thinking about it, my hips ground into the massage table. My clit was now on fire and demanding pressure. My hips rocked forward twice before I heard him say in a soft voice, “Relax.”

Oh my God! He could tell what I was doing. I felt my face go flush with embarrassment and did my best to relax my lower body. I felt wetness start to drip down my inner thighs as he massaged my ass cheeks. I could feel the sheet resting at the top of my thighs and prayed to God that he could not see my pussy. If he could, he would know how truly aroused he was making my body.

His hands were kneading both of my cheeks and I was growing wetter by the second. No matter how much I tried to control my hips, the slowly rocked back and forth with the rhythm of his hands. Each time my hips rolled forward, my clit pressed against the table. I could feel my orgasm starting to build.

I was so horny that I did not care when he slid the sheet down until only my ankles were covered. Ten minutes ago, I would have been shy and self-conscious but I was too horny to care. The touch of his hands were all that I desired. His hands moved down to the bottom of my ass cheeks and started massaging the outside of my thighs.

I moaned loudly the instant his fingers touched my sensitive thighs; they are an erogenous zone on my body. My moan filled kartal escort the room; I realize my moan was loud. My brain screamed “Nooooo” when his hands pulled away from my body. He was simply pouring more lotion onto his hands but I didn’t care, I needed his touch.

I had no doubt he could see my arousal when he separated my legs a little and started massaging my inner thighs. My mind wondered if seeing a woman excited and wet was a common occurrence for him. Surely, it had to be. He was a gorgeous man with wonderful hands that worked magic.

My legs slid open wider as his hands massaged my inner thighs. I wanted him to go in further and further, inside my thighs until his fingers were on my sopping wet pussy. I was imagining his finger sliding in and out of me and pushing me to an orgasm then taking me from behind. Despite my wishes, his fingers continued to tease me with soft touches.

His fingers were mere inches from my lips, they touched just the right area and I moaned long and hard. I was no longer embarrassed by my moans. I wanted him to know that he was pleasing me and hoped it would entice him to go further. To my dismay, he stayed professional and did not cross the line. My inner walls started to twitch as my climax moved at a painfully slow pace.

A bead of sweat ran from the top of my ass cheek in between my legs and sent chills down my body. My body shuddered, causing the tip of his finger to press against my pussy lips. I moaned again then groaned in displeasure when he immediately pulled his hand back. I was on the edge of an orgasm. My hips were pressing against the table as hard as I could in an effort to appease the burning itch from my clit.

His fingers returned to my inner thighs and caused me to moan again. My moans seemed to be coming faster and more frequent. My body was dripping with sweat and screaming for more pressure. I was on the edge and needed just a little push. If only he would help me out, I would be grateful to him.

His hands pulled away. I groaned. “Don’t stop! DON’T STOP!!”

I could have pounced on him like a tiger. How could he quit just when I needed his touch the most? Was this his evil plan? I whined and pleaded him to continue. My body was screaming louder than my voice.

“Your 30 minutes is up.” Francois said with a matter of fact tone. “I would offer you another 30 minutes, but I am afraid I have another client scheduled.”

Francois put the hot stones along my spine and told me he would give me a minute to finish relaxing before I had to dress. He lit two fragrances and left the room. Tears dripped down my eyes as my body started to pull away from the edge of a climax. The scent of the fragrance was intoxicating; I felt as if I were drunk. The hot stones relaxed my back and felt wonderful.

It seemed like just a few seconds when Francois returned to the room. He slid the sheet up to the top of my ass cheeks and slowly removed the hot rocks. I didn’t know why, but tears were still pouring from my eyes.

“I hope you enjoyed your massage.” Francois said in a soft, sweet, deep voice. “I hope you come back to see me again. Perhaps the next time, you will get an hour massage.”

I turned my head and smiled at him. I wondered why my body was in a dream like state. My eyes, arms and legs felt very heavy. Francois put out the fragrances and said, “You can get dress and pay the lady at the front counter. Thank you for your business.”

He left the room and I lay motionless for a little while longer, trying to build enough strength to move. I finally slid one leg off the side of the table and scooted off the table. I stood up and froze a moment until my equilibrium stabilized. I dressed, paid the lady at the front counter and left horny as hell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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