My Best Friend’s Wife

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Adriana Chechik

Even though I grew up with her, I didn’t really know Jessica until she became attached to one of my good friends. Jess is always a lot of fun – very easy going, loves to party, and is extremely easy to talk to. Well, maybe because it seems that we have a lot in common. All of this, in addition to her long blonde hair, blue eyes, gorgeous smile, and a body that always seemed to be “just right” made me extremely attracted to her, even though I had to hide it. She is not someone that I constantly think about or obsess over, but I do get excited when I will get to see her again. It has been a couple years now that we see each other on special occasions, or whenever our group of good friends get together. Almost every time we get see each other, we get some time to talk and seem to get closer to each other, and I have always felt that there was something between us that could not be acted upon. For example, it seemed that as we got closer, we always made a point to put our hands on one another somehow when we were talking or standing close. We’d jokingly put our arms around each other, or sometimes just graze each others arms or back as we were passing by. In our most recent meetings, things got a lot more flirtatious, even in the presence of her husband and my wife, which was a little weird for me.

Last month, we were in town for a wedding and were out late on both friday and saturday night. Of course, Jess was out with us both nights. Ever since that Friday night, I couldn’t get her out of my head. We were in a late night bar and had been drinking all night long. We kept exchanging glances across the room, made the usual small talk, and just seemed to get closer to each other as the night went on. After the bar started to clear out (our whole group was still around), a few of us started dancing in the middle of the bar, even though there really wasn’t room for dancing. Immediately I felt someone come from behind me and wrap their arm around my chest. I had a feeling it was her, and to no surprise, I turned around to see Jess with a huge smile on her face and a devilish look in her eyes. Without hesitation, I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. My hands were on her hips, just watching her body move before me as I tried to keep up. Even though our spouses were there, I don’t think that either of us cared about that.

For these few minutes, I felt like Jess and I were in a club and didn’t know anyone else around us. She started to pendik escort get more aggressive with me, pushing her leg in between mine, almost like she wanted to wrap her legs around me. I wasn’t going to back down from her – I slid my hands down her back, and then around her hips again, and then spun her around so the front of my body behind her. One of my hands held hers and my other was on her waist, pushing her body closer to me. She was really getting into it, pushing her tight ass up against my cock, pushing up against my waist. We took turns facing each other and then moving to me behind her. As time passed her hands wandered around my body more and more. She was teasing me like crazy. She never actually had her hand on my cock, but I badly wanted to take her into the bathroom and let her have her way with me. But it was getting to be a little too obvious, so when the song stopped, I had to force myself to break us apart so that we wouldn’t draw any more attention to ourselves or raise any questions from friends. I don’t know if anyone was really watching us, but if they were, eyebrows would have been raised I’m sure.

The next night at the wedding was typical of our friends, and Jess and I got to hang out a little, but not as much as we did the night before. We still drank, flirted, and I wished we weren’t tied down so we could go somewhere and fuck. The truth is, I’m not sure it would ever happen, but the thought of being alone with her has crossed my mind a lot during our recent encounters.

Now I am not one that has dreams, or at least one that remembers their dreams, but probably won’t forget this one for a while: We were at a birthday party for her husband, Brett. They had rented out a banquet room in a hotel for the event since they just lived in a small condo in the city and wanted all their friends to be there. It was a pretty nice setup, with dancing and a DJ in the main banquet room. In the hall on the way to the banquet room was where the bar sat. It was also a great setup since everyone could just wander up to their rooms when the party was over.

As usual, throughout the night, Jess and I exchanged glances, had our hands on each other, and spent as much time as possible together without looking suspicious. It was easy for me since my girlfriend could not make it into town for the party. Sometime right around midnight, I was standing at the bar alone, waiting for a drink when Jess came up and wrapped her arm around me maltepe escort in a playful manner. She looked over at me and said “do a shot with me”. Even though I was already quite buzzed, I couldn’t resist. I turned to the bartender and thanked him for my beer, and before I could order us a couple shots, Jess had her arm locked in mine and she was pulling on me away from the bar.

“Hey, I thought we were doing shots!” I said.

Jess looked over at me and smiled. “We are – but my liquor is in my room upstairs, come on!”

We got into the elevator without anyone seeing us. We were both just laughing at each other, staring at one another from across the elevator. Nothing was said, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. When we got to her room, she actually did have plans for shots! She pulled some tequila out of the mini fridge and poured two shots into the typical glasses that most hotels leave in the bathroom. Immediately after pouring them, she threw hers back with no problem. As I went to take mine down, Jess came right up to me, putting her hands around my waist. I put my glass down, and then gave her a surprised look. I glanced over at the door. Without saying anything, she knew that I was worried about Brett coming up looking for her.

“Don’t worry about it” she said, “he’s had way too much to drink and won’t even know I’m gone”.

She leaned forward and did something that I have been waiting for a long time. She slowly pushed her lips against mine and started to kiss me. I was still hesitant, but was extremely turned on by the situation.

I was staring into her eyes, giving her a naughty look. “You’re bad.” She nodded, biting her lip and grinning. “You’re going to get us in trouble!”

As soon as I said that, Jess was all over me. We started making out heavily. She backed me up to the wall and I pulled her closer in to me. I reached down and grabbed her firm ass with both hands and squeezed it tightly. I brushed her hair from her face and pushed her head back and my lips went right for her neck. I pushed back towards her and had her pinned between my body and the desk. She reached down started undo my pants when I picked her up and sat her on the desk. She wrapped her legs around me and we were making out with our hands wandering all over each other’s bodies now. My hands went up her shirt and reached into her bra to her nipples and she let out a soft moan. I knew she wanted more, but wasn’t sure how much kartal escort farther she wanted to take this.

Soon she jumped off the desk up against me again, and almost tackled me to the bed. At this point, I think that we both knew that we were running out of time to be alone. We were laying side by side, kissing and she started taking off her pants before I even got there. She left on her white lace panties that showed the bump of her swollen pussy just underneath, and my cock was now rock hard. She reached for my belt to finish what she had earlier started and I slid my hand up her thigh so slowly, and then grazed past her pussy so softly just to tease her. She threw her head back with delight as I finally slid my fingers into the top of her panties. She was already wet. I started by putting the palm of my hand just under her stomach, with my middle finger working its way down to get inside of her. Even though she was excited and already wet, it was a tight fit for just one finger to slide into her.

My other fingers parted her pussy lips as my middle finger slowly worked its way from just above her ass all the way up to her clit. She put her hand on top of mine, telling me to keep my attention on her clit. I still had the force of my hand on her pelvis with my finger pushing up and down on her pussy, massaging her clit as her body started to squirm. By now, she had my pants down to my knees and my hard cock was right out in front of her, but I pulled it away from her and told her to lie back as I sat up and used my free hand to slide two fingers into her tight pussy as my other hand rubbed her clit. It didn’t take much time after that to make her cum. She was holding back screams that I know she wanted to let out, but knew that she just couldn’t.

She looked up at me after her body stopped trembling and told me that she wanted my dick inside of her. I took my pants off completely and laid down right on top of her. We started kissing again and she reached down and grabbed my cock, guiding it towards her pussy. Even though Jess’s pussy was extremely tight, I slid right into her since she was so wet. I was so turned on. It felt absolutely amazing to be inside of her. She wrapped her legs around me and squeezed my cock with her pussy as I pushed it in and out of her, fucking her fast. And fucking her hard, really hard. You could hear our bodies slamming against each other at the waist. I had one hand under her ass, pulling myself deeper into her body, and the other was against the headboard giving me leverage to make her cum again…

…and thats when I woke up, with the thought of my cock oozing out a load of cum inside of Jess. I was throbbing and couldn’t think of anything but her.

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