My Aunt Margie and Mom Ch. 02

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I slept till about 10 o’clock the next morning and when I got up and went into the kitchen Aunt Margie and my mom were sitting at the table working on a jigsaw puzzle. That was one of their favorite pastimes in the morning, before we went out to a museum or shopping or something. Mom smiled and said: “Sleep well? You want me to fix you some breakfast?” I was still a little embarrassed and found it hard to look at her. She walked over and put her arms around me and gave me a tight hug. “Here, let me fix you something.” She then took out the eggs and started fixing scrambled eggs and toast for me. I sat down at the table and started looking over the puzzle. I also noticed that Aunt Margie had on her usual top and as she bent over I could easily see her beautiful breasts. She looked up at me and smiled as she now saw me openly looking. It was about that time that my cousin Mitzie walked into the kitchen and asked mom to fix her some eggs too. Mitzie was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white v- necked blouse. Like Aunt Margie, Mitzie leaned over the table to look at the puzzle and I got a clear look down her blouse at her little titties. They were just cone shaped and the nipples were very puffy and almost as big as her entire breast. Aunt Margie looked up in time to see me staring and then looked at me, raised her eyebrows at me questioningly and smiled. She then said to Mitzie: “Hey sweetie how was your night, I hope you girls didn’t stay up all night talking about boys?”

Mitzie said: ” It was fun , we had a good time. We watched tv and talked it seemed like all night. Lindsay’s little brother Allen kept bugging us though until her mom made him go to bed. He kept running into the room naked and shaking himself at us, gross.”

“Did you tell his mom?” Aunt Margie asked.

Mom and Aunt Margie both started laughing but I didn’t know what to say since I had never heard Mitzie say anything like that and I wasn’t used to girl talk at all.

Mom asked: “How old is he now, 7 or 8?”

Mitzie replied “Yeah, something like that. It was really funny too, he had this little tiny thing and all the girls were just grossed out.”

Aunt Margie then shocked the hell out of me when she said :”Too bad he didn’t have one as big as Johnny here, you might have enjoyed it more.”

Mitzie just stood there looking at me and turned bright red. “Mo-om!” she squealed. “God I can’t believe you said that!”

My mom just kept on cooking like nothing had been said but Aunt Margie started laughing and said “Sorry Baby I didn’t mean to embarrass you. But I know you’ve seen Billy’s a thousand times and I’ve always taught you not to be ashamed of your body.” Billy was my other cousin and Mitzie’s younger brother. He was about six at the time.

Mitzie said:” Yeah, but that’s different.”

Mom then spoke up bağdat caddesi escort and said: “Not really, when you and Johnny were younger we used to put you in the bathtub togther all the time. Don’t you remember? I remember a couple of times when ya’ll had a lot of fun with you playing with his penis in the tub and crying because you didn’t have one of your own to play with.” By now I was as red as Mitzie and ready to crawl under the table. ” You might be surprised how much fun they can be to play with now.” She and Aunt Margie both began laughing at that.

Mitzie said: Aunt Hellen! I can’t believe either of you.”

Mom replied: “Mitzie! Stop it. You shouldn’t be embarrassed. I know your mom has talked to you about sex and don’t act like you don’t know what boys do with their penises. Margie showed me that book she found in your room with all those pictures of naked guys in it. I don’t want you to be surprised later to find out that not all men have penises as big as those. I think you would agree that Johnny has a very nice penis now if you saw it and it is really bigger than most boys his age.”

By now I was beginning to get more aroused than embarrassed and my dick began poking out the front of my pajamas making a little tent in the front that no one could help but notice. I saw Mitzie look over at my crotch and then back at her mom then back at me. She was obviously confused by the events happening and didn’t know what to say.

Mom looked down at my protruding pants and said: “Uh oh, look what we’ve started now.” She then took the eggs off the burner and took me by the hand and led me into the living room where she sat me down on the couch.

Aunt Margie came leading Mitzie in by the hand also, and said ” I don’t think either of you are going to be comfortable until we satisfy your curiosity”.

With that mom reached down and pulled my pajama bottoms down around my ankles and pushed me back on the couch. Aunt Margie led Mitzie over to me and told her stand there on the floor in front of me.

“Okay Sweetheart, I want you to touch it, see how it feels in your hand and play with it all you want to. If there is anything you want to do with it go ahead. I think you are too young to have intercourse yet but its time you learned how to make yourself satisfied and a boy satisfied without having intercourse and taking a chance of getting pregnant.” With that she reached down and pulled Mitzie’s blouse over her head and then pulled her pants down removing them also. Mitzie was really beautiful standing there blushing all over in front of me. My dick really responded by swelling up as large as it ever had. Mitzie’s little breasts weren’t much more than the size of a tennis ball cut in half with a very puffy pink nipple in the center of each. Her pubic bahçelievler escort hair was just the barest trace of blond hair sprouting around the mound of her pussy.

She began to tremble, shivering as she stood there naked before me. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I took my, by now, very hard dick in my hand and began to stroke it up and down as I shook my head yes and invited her with my eyes to touch it. She knelt down in front of me then and began feeling of my balls as I continued to stroke it. Her hand was very soft and her touch sent bolts of electricity through me. With my dick in my right hand I took her hand with my left and led it to the shaft of my very rigid cock. She squeezed it in her little hand and I helped her continue the stroking motion I had started. I then dropped both my hands to my sides and let her continue. She took her other hand then and began feeling of the head of my dick as pre cum began to ooze out of its little hole. She smiled and rubbed the precum around on the head and spread it down the sides. By now Aunt Margie was sitting on one side of her on the floor and mom was sitting on the other. .I saw that they had their hands slowly caressing up and down her back and around her small little fanny as they quietly encouraged her to enjoy it.

Aunt Margie said soothingly: “Its okay honey, just take your time and enjoy it.” She then took her fore finger and wiped some of the precum off the head of my dick. She put it to her lips and tasted it with her tongue. “Ummm, that tastes so good. Here you taste it.”

She wiped a little more and held it out for Mitzie to taste. After a few seconds hesitation Mitzie closed her eyes and stuck her tongue slowly out. Aunt Margie put her precum dripping finger onto Mitzies tongue and Mitzie sucked it into her mouth. Opening her eyes she looked at me again and smiled then turned and smile at her mom.

My mom then whispered “Sweetie, lick it off the head with your tongue.”

Mitzie leaned over and licked it, slowly moving her tongue around and around the head. The feeling of her tongue on my dick was so incredible I could hardly remain still. I reflexively shoved my dick toward her and she opened her mouth and sucked my dick inside. All this time she was still stroking it up and down with her hands. Suddenly I found myself cumming and began to shoot hot spurts of cum into her mouth. She jerked back and the cum shot onto her face and down her chin. She looked startled and pulled back away from it.

Aunt Margie laughed softly and said “We should have warned you ahead of time that was going to happen. Its Okay though, that’s what boys do when they cum. Mom reached over and wiped some of the cum off Mitzie’s chin and stuck her finger in her own mouth. She then wiped more and stuck her finger bahçeşehir escort out for Mitzie to taste it. “See, it really tastes good. Don’t ever be afraid to taste it. You do that and you can have any man you will ever want.”

Mom dropped a big glob of cum onto Mitzie’s outstretched tongue and Mitzie sucked it in and swallowed. Her eyes opened wider and she smiled broadly and spoke for the first time then: “Gosh it really does taste pretty good.” With that Mom and Aunt Margie both hugged her tightly between them as their hands continued to caress her pretty little behind.

Aunt Margie spoke up and said: “I think its your turn to feel good. Lets go lie down on the bed.”

We all got up and moved into the bedroom where Mitzie hopped up onto the bed and scooted over to the middle. Mom and Aunt Margie sat on the bed on either side of her and motioned for me to sit facing her between her legs.

Aunt Margie whispered “Just close your eyes darling and enjoy what we’re doing.”

They began slowly rubbing their hands over her stomach and I watched as Aunt Margie began moving her fingers around her own daughter’s nipples. The puffy nipples began to constrict and the puffiness went away slightly as the nipples got hard. While Aunt Margie was doing this Mom began to rub her fingers through the little hairs on the mound of Mitzie’s pussy. Mitzie began to moan softly and squirm under Mom’s touch. Mom looked at me and motioned for me to join in so I lay down on my stomach between Mitzie’s legs and started feeling the soft skin of the inside of her thighs. I could feel the very fine coating of downy soft blond hair on her legs as I moved my hands up and down from the edges of her pussy lips to her knees. Mom put her finger in her mouth and got it wet then slowly began spreading Mitzie’s pussy apart. As she did so Mitzie suddenly tensed and Mom paused until she relaxed a little. I watched in fascination as that beautiful little pussy slowly spread apart and moisture like dew began to seep out of the pink between the lips.

Mom motioned for me to come closer and whispered softly to me : “Lick it Johnny.”

I couldn’t wait any longer and leaned closer and slowly ran my tongue between those little lips. Mitzie shivered violently and moaned as she arched her hips up toward my face. I slid my tongue as deeply into the pink between the lips as I could and wiggled it around.. Mitzie just lay there and moaned. I had never thought about it happening before but my tongue actually began to grow tired as I stuck it as far out of my mouth as I could.. I relaxed my tongue a little and began to lick up toward the top of her pussy where I found her clit and began to gently suck it. After a few moments of this Mitzie began to spasm violently and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it tightly into her. She came violently and it felt almost like she was peeing as her juices flowed into my mouth and down over my chin. Her listless body relaxed onto the bed as she continued to moan loudly.

“Oh god, Oh God.” she muttered over and over and over. I ran my tongue over my lips and tasted the saltiness of my cousins pussy juice. It was delicious!

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