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I contact you and tell you that I have an interested “friend” who lives in another state and he would LOVE to meet a classy woman. I told him that he’s out of luck if he thinks I could ever introduce him to any single ladies.

He told me quick that he NEVER takes on any single women. Way too risky! Way too risky! He is disease free and wants to stay that way. No, what he’d like is a nice slender American girl who is very happy with her hubby and yet would enjoy having some strange meat in her pussy.

“Well my wife would be out, from this description, but I don’t know, do you think you’d have something there to offer him?” I say with the hopeful expectations you can appreciate.

You quickly tell me “I don’t think so. Who is this guy? Why would you think we would be interested in this?”

“Well for a couple of reasons.” I say. “He is not from these parts, so he can’t return and bug you to death about repeating this. He can’t spread any news about you, he’s a gentleman, educated, and he’s black.”

“Oh.” You say, and wait.

I can tell you’re thinking.

“Damn. I wish we had a little time to think about this.” You say to me.

“You don’t have to do anything. It’s a rare opportunity and nobody needs to know, ever.” I tell you. If you’d rather not… you know that it’s fine with me. But on the other hand… here’s your chance. Just so you know, this guy’s shoes are HUGE! If that ol’ wives tale is true about “bigger the feet…” MAN!

“How far away are you?” You ask. “About 40 minutes.” I answer. “And he can only stay for about an hour and a half. .Just so you know. He doesn’t want to appear rude by leaving quickly but he has a plane to catch tonight.”

“O.K. Bring him by.” You say. “Oh, hey, can you stay here while he’s here?” you ask. “Sure, be glad to.” I assure you.

After just about the elapsed time I spoke of, we’re knocking at your door. You meet us at the door. Handshakes all around and joking is made of the circumstances we all find ourselves in, but assuredness in appreciation of your confidence in this manner. The guy proves to be quite a gentleman. konyaaltı escort His name is “Musa” It means ‘large one’ in his native toungue ” Gosh!” you say: How tall are you?”

“I’m 6’9″ sir” he says with a smile. “Wow!” You come back with; “Well come on in. My wife will be out shortly. On such sudden notice … I hope you understand.”

Well the Black guy is again apologizing at what it must be like to interrupt your own personal time to entertain a stranger whom you’ve no background on.

“Well,” you say:” As long as our mutual friend has made the introductions, I’m very comfortable, as is my wife. And that reminds me would you find it necessary to be alone this whole time?

“Actually if it is O.K. and we could all enjoy each other’s company and just have our own little party here I would feel less worried about everything. Do you understand?

“You want us to be in the same room?” you ask.

“Yes. Well, I have no idea if your wife would find me attractive enough to please her first of all. But to be honest I was looking to have her enjoy more than me by myself.” He says with all honesty.

With that, your wife enters the room wearing a very nice nightgown. How do you do? She says upon entering.

“Oh my goodness you said that she was beautiful but that does not do her justice, good friend.” He says to me.

I then introduce Musa to your wife and he kisses her extended hand. “Oh my!” she says: “A gentleman!”

Then she looks about as if she had mislaid something. “No drinks?” she says in somewhat disappointment.

“Here”, I explain: “Musa has found some top drawer Champaign. We hope it is to your liking.” “I’m sure it will be. She says. “And, I hope you’ll forgive me and my casual attire, but did I understand you have some flight to catch and that our time here is quite limited?

“Yes, I am afraid so, and I also apologize for this lack of time for socializing.” Musa explains: “I was brought up much better than that, I assure you.”

Well, let’s not waste the time in apologizing, she says: “Thank you, it’s nice to hear it but the longer kültür escort we dawdle with such matters… you know?” “Who’s pouring?” she says to you. As you volunteer to do just that.

“Can I take your suit coat Musa?” I ask. “Hell, take your tie off please.” I say. “I’m going to.”

“Hell take your pants off!” your wife says as everyone gets a big laugh and you pour the Champaign into four nice glasses.

“You don’t mind?” Musa asks her.

“No sense in getting them messed up is there?” she says.

“Oh I like her more. Musa says.

We continue at the laughter, cutting the awkwardness of the situation. But take off the pants he does!

“You know, she says: “I don’t want to force you to, but since you are standing, would you feel more comfortable removing your tighty-whities next?”

“I beg your pardon?” He asks. “Your underwear. Would you like some help?” She inquires, not expecting him to enlist her.

“Oh yes! Please that would be just grand!” he comes back with before she can undo what she put out there.

She kneels down in front of him as you bring in the four drinks. “Please gentlemen,” he says as he says thanks you for the drink, “Disrobe. Please!”

‘”Oh yea sure!” we both say to Musa. And both begin to disrobe.

She reaches under the shirt-tales and takes hold of his waste-band and tugs them first over his rather bulbish ass, and then down his thighs. “OHH my GOD!” she expels not thinking before exclaiming. “That is beautiful!” She says quickly. “It’s it’s it’s LARGE isn’t it!”

His dick is at half-mast. Not up, not down, and it hangs about four inches below his shirt-tale.

“Is there a problem?” he asks her.

She doesn’t hear the question. He asks again and you answer for her. “No, no no problem Musa!” You tell him. And then you say to her: “Here babe would you like a little Champaign?”

She downs the entire contents of the glass. “I like it! More please? She asks politely.

“Sure.” You say and head out to get her more.

“Musa”, she says, “May I touch it?” Her eyes are staring at his member.

“I markantalya escort hope so Miss!”

She reaches out and places her thumb behind it and pulls it forward, toward and between his shirt-tales. “It’s heavy!” she says, “My God, she continues, and tries without success to place her hand around it. She has barely got her fingers halfway around this monster cock when he says: “Would you kiss this for me?”

She leans closer and does in fact kiss the head of this now swelling member while it peaks from between the shirt-tales. It’s growing as she stares at it and then kisses it again.

May I take my shirt off please?” he asks of her.

“I don’t care.” She says and then she says “What?” as she snaps back into the present.

He steps back a little and removes both his dress shirt and T-shirt. This guy is built! Flat tummy, large chest. What? height 6″9″, and totally naked as he stands before he kneeling posture. His pubes are also totally shaved off, which she wonders is giving him more of an illusion of size. Nope she thinks, he is just huge!

“May I help you out of this?” he asks.

“Please.” She says, and he takes hold of the thin fabric and gently pulls it over her head. All she has on now are her heels and a small thong of blue.

“Beautiful!” he claims.

“Why thank you!” She says in return.

“Your drink” you whisper to her as you (now also naked) somehow are also in awe and starring at his cock upon returning to the room.

But she doesn’t take the drink from you instead she simply says: “Watch this!” and again takes a hold of his cock and licks the underside. It nearly JUMPS to attention and right before her eyes and yours he is getting a full erection!

She slides her hand up and down its length. “This must be over a foot long!” she says at low breath.

“More please.” Musa says. And you snap to thinking he would like another glass. “No, no! Her please. I was talking to her.”

He looks down at her and asks: “Again?”

He spreads his legs so as not to have her reaching so far up to be comfortable, as she’s kneeling again and she, with all interest attacks this big black cock, Jacking it, kissing it nestling into his scrotum and tugging at his balls, his big balls, with her other hand. “Mmmmmmm!” she says for Musa to hear: “I love it!”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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