Mumbai to London

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There’s always something extra erotic about a sexual encounter on board an airplane. Discreetly tucked away in the bathroom or in your seat in the darkness, trying not to get caught is always something I had wanted to experience. One day, about 10 years ago, my fantasy became a reality.

I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India, and went to the U.S. to study. I used to travel back home twice a year, and became fairly regular on British Airways. I would usually bump into the same flight attendants on the Mumbai-London-Mumbai flights, and got to know some of them fairly well. Amongst all of them, there were always these 2 gorgeous, dusky and beautifully curvaceous Indian flight attendants, Pooja and Amisha, whom I enjoyed chatting with the most, for obvious reasons. Dressed in saris that clung to their firm bodies, their silky hair slicked back and tied in a tight bun made them even more exotically attractive. Pooja was tall, about 5’7, lean and fit, with amazingly firm and round breasts that always seemed like they are going to burst out of her blouse. Amisha was slightly shorter at 5’3, beautifully smooth skin, gorgeous face and eyes, and also had a pair of stunning breasts, especially for her frame.

They were always friendly, and seemed to enjoy hanging out with me in the back and chatting about everyday things; my college, their travels and experiences, etc. Casual conversations always led to a little flirting, especially after having a couple of drinks.

On one of my trips back to the U.S., call it fate, call it co-incidence, the flight was mostly empty, and Pooja and Amisha were both on-board together. We were really excited to see each other, and I told them to let me know when they were done with their duties, so we could spend some time over a few drinks and chat. Eager to hang out with them, I passed my time reading a book and watching some movies. Finally, the lights dimmed and the few people on-board seemed to fall asleep. Soon, Amisha came by and told me to come up front to first class as it was completely empty and we could chat and have a few drinks without disturbing anyone.

I had never been in first class before, but the seats were like single beds and extremely comfortable. We sat around and chatted for a while. I told them about my summer holidays back in Mumbai, and my internship, and the usual small talk. Flight attendants were never allowed to drink, but Amisha and Pooja didn’t seem to care, and accompanied me for a few drinks. Soon we all were a little buzzed, and as usual the conversation became a little flirtatious. Amisha came and sat on the same seat as I was, and leaned her head on to my shoulder. She smelled so wonderful and I could feel a shudder down my spine. My heart started to beat faster, and I felt my cock twitch slightly. Pooja then came and sat closer to us, and the intoxicating perfume she was wearing drove me even crazier. I knew something had to happen and I now knew something will happen. I just never in my wildest imagination knew something would ever happened with both of them together.

I put my arm around Amisha and brought her even closer. I could feel the heat emanating from her. They both must have sensed my passion as Pooja came even closer, and all three of us were sitting on the same seat. I started rubbing my hand on Amisha’s firm back while Pooja came and sat on my lap. She opened the top 2 buttons of my shirt and ran her hands all over my chest, brushing my nipples and my neck. My head fell backwards and a light moan escaped my lips. At that point Amisha joined Pooja in caressing me ataşehir escort bayan all over. Slowly, they removed my shirt and started to gently massage my chest and back, and started kissing me all over. Their soft and plump lips rubbed against my now extremely sensitive skin, and every time their tongues would lick me, a shiver went down my back.

My hands started roaming all over their sublime bodies. While they so intensely pleasured me, I had to return the favor simultaneously. My right hand started exploring and discovering the most gorgeous parts of Amisha’s tight and petite frame, brushing her back and moving to the front to caress her breasts through her clothes. My other hand did the same to Pooja, spending more time on her magnificent breasts. Together, I started unraveling their saris ever so slowly. Once they were off, Amisha came and straddled me, and locked her lips on to mine, and sucked every so erotically. Our tongues wrestled together, sucking each others lips gently, but slowly getting more and more intense. In the meantime, I caught a glimpse of Pooja undressing completely, and stopped kissing Amisha for a moment. I saw this sultry north Indian beauty standing tall, with the most stunning body I had seen. She had 36D breasts, firm on her chest, with perfect hard pointy nipples. She had washboard abs, a completely shaved pussy with puffy lips that I couldn’t wait to suck on. She turned around to show me the rest of her. Her ass was round, probably with 36 hips.

She came closer to us, and planted her luscious lips on mine and sucked them with immense passion. She took Amisha’s place, and I could feel the intense heat of her body, burning with passion. Amisha began to undress and exposed an equally gorgeous body. Her breasts were probably a 34C, firm and large for her frame and I couldn’t wait to suck on her nipples and massage her breasts. She came closer, while unraveling her bun and letting her gorgeous silky hair fall down to the middle of her back. She swayed her head back and forth to let her hair fall free and in doing that he breasts jiggled, making my cock rock hard. Just then, Pooja got up, let her beautiful hair loose as well, and walked over to Amisha. To my surprise, she pulled Amisha close to her, took her face in her hands, and gave her the most passionate kiss. Both the girls held each other’s bodies close and kissed each other for what felt like hours. Tongues thrashing around their mouths, their breasts squeezing against each other, their hands running through each others hair, and driving me wild. All this time, knowing that we could be caught any time, made this experience even more exciting.

After a few minutes, both girls came to my seat and kneeled between my legs. Pooja started to unbutton my pants and pulled them off, while Amisha nearly ripped off my boxers, letting my throbbing cock loose. She wrapped her small hands around my thick shaft and started caressing and stroking it. Pooja pushed me back and made me lie down. She came and sat on my chest and I could feel her hot and completely wet pussy. She started to passionately kiss me again, and I ran my hands through her hair. My hands wandered all over her sexy back, through her hair, over her smooth skin. She then moved further up and positioned her pussy over my lips. She smelled so sweet and I couldn’t wait to get a taste. She lowered herself and I grabbed on to her ass and pushed her pussy on to my lips. My tongue started licking and sucking her clit and entering her fiery pussy.

Amisha was busy stroking my cock, and suddenly, escort kadıöy I felt her warm and wet mouth over my cock head. She took it in and started to suck, while continuing to stroke my shaft. Slowly, she started taking more and more of my cock in, as far as she could go. Her head started bobbing up and down, while her tongue ran across my shaft. She was amazing, and I knew I wouldn’t last too long if she continued like this.

Meanwhile, Pooja started to moan and grind her pussy on my face, while my tongue went deeper and deeper. I started sucking her clit harder, and used my fingers to rub her pussy from outside. I went faster and faster and Pooja moaned…. “Ohhhhhh yaaaa baby…. Deeper…. Faster…. Deeper….. I need to cum so bad!!!” That made me flick my tongue in and out as fast as I could, and started rubbing her clit until she lost control… “Okk baby…. Im going to cum all over your face… ohhhh yaa” and with that she started to cum and her entire body started to shudder and grind on my face even harder. Her orgasm lasted forever, and her juices flowed all over. After a minute she climbed off and laid next to me, breathing heavily, while Amisha was still expertly sucking my cock. I sat up and ran my hands through her hair, and knew I can’t last much longer. She went up and down on my shaft a few more times, flicking her tongue on the tip. She sucked on my head a little while longer and I told her I am about to cum. She took my cock almost all the way in and I started to spurt… “Oooohhh Amisha… baby… I’m cumming…. Aaahhhhh!” And I squirted load after load of cum into her mouth. It felt like my first orgasm in a decade. After squeezing out all the juices, she took my cock out and swallowed the entire load.

I then made her lay next to Pooja, and kneeled in between her legs. I had to return the favor she so passionately was giving me. I spread her legs and ran my hand over her pussy lips. I gently spread them and inserted my finger into her hot pussy. I started going in and out while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She instantly started moaning, her head flew back and was in complete ecstasy. While continuing to rub her clit, I went down and started licking her sweet pussy. My tongue went in and out, and all over her pussy, while I started rubbing her faster. She was going crazy…. “Faster… Faster….Rub it harder baby, I want to cum on your face as well” I continued to suck her and rub her harder and faster, and I knew she was on the verge. I looked up and saw Pooja had started to caress Amisha’s breasts and started to lick her nipples. She held her large breasts and gently massaged them while taking turns sucking each nipple. My hand wandered up and started to play with Pooja’s gorgeous boobs. I gently squeezed them and playing with each nipple. Pooja then positioned herself so I could lick her pussy again. I took turns sucking each girls’ pussy, rubbing their clit and playing with their amazing boobs. Amisha was on the verge and a final rub of her clit pushed her over the edge. Her juices were gushing all over the seat… “Oohhhh yaaaaa…. Im cumming so hard…. Ohhhhhh babyyyy…. Yaaaa!” Amisha and Pooja both lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes recovering some energy, while I sipped on my drink. I knew there was a lot more of fun to be had on this flight.

After a few minutes, Pooja laid me down on the seat and said that now these two girls are going to return the favour like Ive never had before. With that, Pooja straddled me, positioned her wet pussy over my hard cock, and lowered herself all the maltepe escort way. My thick cock penetrated her tight and hot pussy. I had never felt a pussy so tight before. Once all the way in, she stayed down and started kissing me. Slowly raising herself, and then back down, she started to pick up pace. Amisha in the meantime, straddle me and wanted her hot pussy to be licked again. Pooja started to go up and down faster and faster, and started grinding her pussy on my cock. Her boobs bouncing up and down, her hands squeezing her own nipples. Amisha then turned around to face Pooja, while still straddling my face. While I stuck my tongue in her, she started to squeeze Pooja’s boobs and began kissing her. Both the girls explored each others bodies while Pooja rode me hard. Every time she moved up, she came back down hard, and her clit banged against my abs, sending shivers down her spine. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and hotter, and knew she was going to cum soon. She came down on my shaft hard and stayed all the way in, and started to grind her clit on me. A few more seconds and I could feel her pussy muscles spasm and grip my cock really hard as a raging orgasm went through her body. She was shaking and grabbing on to Amisha, my cock deep in her, and my tongue deep in Amisha’s hot pussy. Her orgasm went on and on, and when she was done, she made Amisha take her place. Pooja laid next to me, and helped Amisha straddle me. She guided my cock into Amisha’s juicy pussy, and it went all the way in one stroke. Her pussy too was so tight and hot. I grabbed on to Amisha’s ass, and started pounding my cock into her. Amisha closed her eyes, threw her head back, he beautiful hair cascading, and her boobs heaving. My cock went in and out, sending Amisha into a trance.

I wanted to change positions and made Amisha bend over the seat. I entered her from behind, and started to pump my cock in and out. Bending over, I held her bouncing boobs, massaged them, and continued to pound her. Amisha was on the verge of cumming and told me to rub her clit. My one hand started to rub her clit and one continued to massage her boobs and nipples. And a few more thrusts and Amisha’s head swung back, her pussy muscles gripped my cock tight, and her entire body shook with a massive orgasm. Her pussy muscles held on to my cock for a few minutes until the orgasm passed through her body. She fell forward and my cock fell out of her pussy.

In the meantime, Pooja had recovered some energy and wanted more. She lay on her back, spread her legs and asked me to fuck her hard. I entered her still wet pussy with one long stroke and stayed in. I bent forward to start sucking her nipples and slowly started to go in and out. Building speed and force with my cock, I started massaging her breasts and nipples. Amisha started kissing Pooja and sucking her nipples as well. I pounded Pooja for a few more minutes and just had to come once again. Pooja wanted me to come deep in her, and after a few more strokes, I fell forward, pushed my cock deep into Pooja’s gripping pussy and we both cummed together. Her tight pussy squeezed out every drop of semen from my cock, and I stayed in her for a few minutes.

All three of us were completely spent, and lay next to each other, caressing each other’s bodies. I was amazed at the energy we all had to fuck each other for so long and each have so many orgasms. And the best part of it was that there were still several hours left in the flight. Both the girls went and got dressed up again, and returned to their services. They let me rest in first class, to recover my energy for yet another wild session later on in the flight.

Once we landed in London, we exchanged phone numbers, and met up the next time I was in Mumbai. Over the next several years we spent many such hot and wild nights together, but never on a flight again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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