Mrs. Archer

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This is a story about a hot mom, Bobby’s hot mom.

I say to you, if you believe anything believe me, she was one smoking hot sexy mama. The summer before college, I gained a whole new respect for the sexuality of older women that to this day I still get off on. That summer our crew of friends were hanging out a lot at Bobby’s house.

Bobby’s mom, Mrs. Archer, was a super nice lady who was always caring and accommodating to house guests. We’d get snacks and drinks. And watch television until whenever. I don’t know why I never paid much attention before but Bobby’s mom was MILF level hotness.

Over the years I had been noticing Mrs. Archer even more. She had worn mostly thin loose dresses. I enjoyed her fashion sense by searching the shape of her body underneath the flowing colors and finding the hidden curves of her very round breasts.

When she made certain movements her dress would pull real tight over her tits and you could really make out their smooth and ample fullness. When she stood sideways you could easily see her perky nips’ pushing out through her dress. I wasn’t the only one noticing? I’d look around at the other dudes around her, some hover way too long, were gawking it up around Mrs. Archer. I get it. But those guys were looking desperate and ruining it for me.

I imagined how the other male parents and teachers in the school were undressing Mrs. Archer all hours of the day. I even imagined how hot it would be if some of the ladies were fantasizing about undressing her too. But every once in a while, a jealous mom would shoot Mrs. Archer a passive aggressive scowl. She didn’t seem to give two shits, either about the sexual attention from men, or the shade she was getting from the dried up prudes. She took it all in stride.

One day at a school-wide picnic, Mrs. Archer was there to help, just like the other parents. She was so jovial it was contagious, laughing and pawing at people. Her food table was never without a swarm of men until she left, and after she sold all her team’s food in record time. I remember her sexy wardrobe must have pissed off those prudes who weren’t selling shit: she wore a classy pink and red bra easily seen through a thin white shirt with low neckline, it looked like that shirt had seen a lot of love before, and was tucked into worn white daisy dukes that left just enough room for her beautiful unblemished ass cheeks to peek out underneath. Her hair was done up into a bow shaped bun, and she wore hot pink lipstick to match her freshly painted nails. I spent most of the day creeping around her too, to catch glimpses of her beautiful under cheeks.

After Bobby’s dad left Mrs. Archer, who I heard he had another family in New York, it was then that I surmised the reason she ditched the loose clothes and started wearing more form fitting attire. She was a cougar on the hunt now.


Bobby, Terrance, Eli, and I just finished a pick up game of b-ball with the local court rats. We’d lost 21-19. Nobody had bet money on the game, just street cred was lost and there was no time to win back the respect. The Sunday game had started on TV and so we booked it back to bobby’s house on our bikes.

“Watch it, ass-munch!” Bobby shot at Terrance who pushed past him through the garage door.

Terrance raced to the fridge and was pounding down the orange juice straight from the bottle by the time Bobby, Eli and I came into the house.

Terrance grab the remote and plopped down on the couch in front of the television. The screen came on, the volume was peaked, the voice of the announcer blared. “…and the free throw attempt doesn’t work again, shame…”

“Fuck dude, my mom is home, turn that shit halkalı ucuz escort down.” Bobby shot again across the room. “I’m gonna take a shit now.”

Bobby disappeared down the hall. He was in a hurry.

Bobby was sort of a junk-yard-dog and he took it upon himself to protect his mother and sister. Not that they needed protection, especially his sister (later that summer she would take Terrance’s virginity, some would say by force, another story). I think he really had anger management issues. Maybe the divorce. Maybe just genes.

Eli nudged me.

“What?” I asked, eyes on the game.

Eli nudged me and nodded to the backyard. I turned and looked to what had to be the hottest fucking sight I’d seen in real life—there was Mrs. Archer. Bobby’s mother was sunbathing on a lounge chair by the pool. Hot as the day, she was totally topless, full round tits pointing to the summer sky. The sun glinting off her tight nipple rings and reflected a radiant glow on her golden skin.

She was completely casual about reaching out to take sips from her tall glass of whatever Maitai it looked like she was drinking; either she was unaware anyone was here watching (which I don’t see how since the TV was still fairly loud) or she was unconcerned about whoever was home, which fucking turned my dick hard.

Fuck me. Please. Fucking fuck me.

I was too young and immature at the time to be an exhibitionist for real, but I salivated at the fact when I saw other people who were sexually unencumbered. This was the first and only time I saw any of my friends’ moms naked. And I am very glad it was Mrs. Archer.

Later I would go home and use this memory to inspire countless hours of masturbation but right now—Mrs. Archer, I’ll just take you all in with my eyes and commit you to memory.

Terrance, oblivious still, was fixated on the game.

“She doesn’t even know where here.” Eli said. “Look at those tits! Look at how hard her nips look.”

Seriously though. I think she does know.

“I want a fucking photo.” Eli whipped out his phone.

Of course.

Bobby turned the corner, took one look at where Eli was pointing his camera and then shoved him into the couch where he toppled over onto Terrance. “Dude what are you doing? That’s my mom douche!”

Terrance and Eli scrambled on the couch. “Hey man. I’m watching the game.” Terrance pushed Eli to the floor without looking from the television.

“Yea I know. Your mom is hot!” Eli burst into laughter his back on the floor, arms extended up grabbing and squeezing invisible breasts in the air.

“Shut the fuck up Eli!” Then Bobby smacked me in the back of the head. “You too dork. Stop looking.”

Sure thing dude. But how will I forget?

“Sorry dude. You know…” I faked sounding sorry. “Got anything to drink?”

Bobby already had the refrigerator open and was opening a couple brown bottles. He handed one to me gave the door a push and walked away like his warnings to us made his mom disappeared from sight.

“Hey what about me. What hospitality!” Eli jokingly complained.

“Get it yourself. Wanker.”

While Eli and Bobby traded insults I pounded back the malty drink in the hopes that my boner would subside. But, I’d gone commando that day and combining the fantasy of Mrs. Archer with the soft rubbing on my cock against my pants was getting me harder, if that was possible.

I watched the game from the kitchen while Bobby and Eli engaged in some immature couch fight, and Terrance kept them at arm’s length, visibly annoyed. But my eyes kept drifting to the backyard.

After the first half of the game, I saw halkalı üniversiteli escort Mrs. Archer sit up rub her hands down her body, around and between her legs and back up from her bubble ass to when she caressed her boobs and nipples in the most sensual way. She took a small towel and patting down her body starting with her neck, then stood and threw on a white sheer robe that did little to hide her body. She sashayed to the master bedroom through the patio doors but I swear she shot me a sideways look. A split second glance. A whole understanding delivered in that glance.

Did you enjoy young man? You like what you see? Wish you could have this don’t you? Naughty boy.

Holy hell. I fucking am naughty.

The pervert in me wanted to go back to the bedroom like I’d seen in the online porn. I would pop in, by mistake, and then we’d just fuck, right? The coward won. I decided to take a piss and relieve my hard on.

Standing over the toilet, looking out the window, I was propped leaning forward one hand on the wall, my hard dick pointing into the toilet since I couldn’t do much aiming in this condition. I was just waiting to piss. But it seemed like ten minutes.

I needed to accelerate this or suffer the immature insults of my friends.

You just rub it out boy!? Bobby’s mommy got you a chubbie? I could hear Eli’s annoying jabs at my ego.

I grabbed my dick, closed my eyes, and started to pump. Dry as shit. After a few strokes I looked around for any lotion. On the counter was a large pump bottle of creamy salvation.

I reached out to grab the bottle.

“A happy surprise in the bathroom.” Mrs. Archer said.

I looked to the door, unlock, opened, with Mrs. Archer standing tits out, moist skin, and a look of hunger in her eyes. I didn’t hear it open, I don’t know how long she was there.

Pants on the ground, my dick pointing up hard, and a look of pure surprise on my face, I froze. I’d just been caught masturbating, and guilt seemed to make more sense to me than the oddity of Mrs. Archer standing like a golden glistening goddess in the doorway nearly naked.

She stepped inside and closed the door. Then with a click she locked it.

Oh shit. Confusion. Anticipation. Excitement

“Umm I’m sorry ma’am.” I stuttered.

“Sorry? Ma’am?” She looked me up and down and took a step closer.

She shushed me with a finger over her lips. I was still frozen. She reached out and cradled my cock in her hand, examining it with what looked like amused wonder. I must have been more than a half-foot taller and the view of her body this close was making me tingle inside my balls.

“You’ve been playing a lot of basketball with my son this summer.” She slowly moved her hand over my penis.

I nodded, speechless.

“You’ve been over here a lot too. Watching my TV, eating my snacks, and drinking.”


“Mm. That’s right young man. I’ve taken good care of my boys.” She moaned with authority.

Pre-cum glossed over Mrs. Archer’s hands as she massaged it into my cock.

“You’re very excited.” She moved in closer, her tits bounced into me and she rocked her body side to side, her nipples grazing my shirt. I could feel their excitedness. My cock was red hot and bursting. I loved her perfect full teardrop tits, like water balloons filled up and hanging down over her nearly flat thin waist. She had a woman’s body, with all the comfort to touch it promises.

I wanted them in my mouth. I grabbed her tit.

“No, no.” She said gently removing my hand. “Not today. Right now, this is just for me.”

Straight in front of me she haramidere escort sat down on her sexy thick legs spreading her ass cheeks out. She took my dick in front of her face and touch the pee hole with a finger and drew out thick pre-cum like a string, then she licked her finger.

“Mm. Salty.” She smiled and cocked her eyebrow.

She puckered her shiny lips, and then slowly pulled my cock into her mouth until it disappeared inside. I felt pure sensual warmth. Mrs. Archer began what I now want to consider my first real blowjob, compared to the ones my school girlfriends had given me which I know now are just the first attempts of young girls experimenting with the respectable art of fellatio. She was more than a dabbler, she was excellent: sliding my cock head between her tongue and cheek, over her teeth, and in a way that sent shivers through my body. She moved it all the way to the back of her throat, gagging on my engorged cock with pleasure.

The head of my cock nestled in the back of her throat and began moving it was on a swivel while electrifying my nethers by massaging my asshole with her saliva drenched finger, even peeking inside a few times. I stood mesmerized at Mrs. Archer, in lust with her freeness and sexuality.

After a while of enjoying wondrous ecstasy, Mrs. Archer drew out the wet shaft stopping at the head to continue sucking on it with her lips, sucking at the nectar hole.

“It’s getting sweet.” She cooed.

She was a beautiful woman with full pink lips on a gorgeous face. Lips too soft to be fake. As they moved over my cock saliva began to drip from the corners of her mouth. She worked her tongue over my dick and I could feel the welling up of tingling in my balls, the sensation of cumming was close. Mrs. Archer seemed to understand this and grew more aggressive on my cock. She brought both hands up, worked the shaft with one and the balls and ass with the other.

“Oh my god.” A spasm pulsed through my body and my cock twitched several times.

“You taste so damn close.” She said muffled, my cock in her mouth sultry eyes connecting up to mine exhilarated me.

My ability to think was diminishing fast. I nodded yes. I couldn’t believe Mrs. Archer was fucking sucking my dick like I’d never been sucked off before.

She started to speed up, and pump more. The sound of her slight gags made me weak in the knees, I reach out to the counter-top. A few gasps and grunts and I was seconds away from coming. And then I spurt a small warning shot into her mouth.

“Yes.” She said, pumping and then slowing to deliberate strokes. The girls at school had much to learn still. Mrs. Archer, I already sensed, had been a professional at this for a long time. Her deep long hard thrusts brought my climax. My dick pulsed as I was about to cum again, she gripped down on it with her hand constricting the mounting pressure. Then her mouth closed around it and she released. My sperm shot out into her mouth and the tremors shot through my body. I feel back a step instinctually bracing myself. Mrs. Archer grabbed my hips with her hands and just kept sucking my dick until it stopped pulsating in her mouth.

The amazing release, and surge of sexual energy through my body was one of my all time climaxes.

I jizzed my entire load in Mrs. Archer’s mouth with such great satisfaction that my knees collapsed and I nearly tumbled to the ground. I held on to my balance just to keep my cock enveloped by her gorgeous mouth. She ran her finger underneath my shaft pushing out any remaining juices. She locked eyes with me the entire time, I was transfixed, then she smiled and swallowed.

Standing on her toes and whispered in my ear, still caressing my dick as it went flacid. “That was a good one, wasn’t it?”

“Umm. Yes. Mrs.Archer.” I nodded, fighting to stay standing.

“Now go and be a good friend. And don’t tell Bobby anything. Okay?”

“Yes. Mrs. Archer.”

“That’s a good boy.” Then she left the bathroom leaving me with a smile and a wink.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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