Mom’s Special Wedding Ch. 4

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Don strolled casually over to the public phones to call for a taxi and notify the inter-island launch to stand by to ferry them to his home. He was in his element now. And even though he had been outwardly calm and self-confident all during his time in Sherri’s home town, in reality he had been rather nervous and unsure of himself…Especially when it came to meeting and trying to develop a relationship with Sherri’s handsome son.

He had been pleasantly surprised when Sherri had shyly told him that she had the hots for Robbie and hoped to seduce him at least once before they were married. He couldn’t believe his good fortune in falling in love with a woman who was open to the thought (and, hopefully, the practice) on intra-family sex. Since his adored sister had died at a very young age several years ago, he was the sole surviving member of his decidedly incestuous family. Now, it seemed, that through Sherri, and possibly Robbie, that heritage may not be at an end after all.

And he had been equally as surprised and excited when she had insisted that if she was going to fuck her own son immediately after the ceremony, it was only fitting that he pay equal attention to her bridesmaid, the beautiful and sensuous Darla. He felt the stirring of an emerging hard on as he relived THAT experience in his mind.

Darla, of course, had known all about Sherri’s plans for the wedding. In fact, as he was soon to discover, Darla knew a great deal about Sherri…Far more than he, himself, had known at that point. And she had left no doubt in his mind that she was a whole hearted conspirator in Sherri’s nefarious schemes. (“Especially,” she confided, “after seeing the impressive bulge in his tight tennis shorts at their first meeting!”)

Don hadn’t known for sure that Darla was in on the plan…At least to the extent that he was to make love to this dark skinned beauty, while the bride was seducing her young Marine son. But his doubts evaporated immediately when she had slipped her arm through his and whispered in his ear, “I’ve found a lovely little dressing room, hidden away in the back of the hall. It’ll be perfect for what I’ve got planned for us, Sugar!”

As they had entered the tiny room and locked the door behind them, Darla had pulled down the top of her low cut, bridesmaid gown, exposing her twin ebony mounds with saucy red nipples already getting hard and swollen. “Suck on these, Sweetie! They’ve been aching to get out and play all afternoon, and I think you’re just the guy who can make them dance.”

As Don willing obliged the young woman’s demand, she had run her slim fingered hands down the front of his trousers and began to gently massage and knead his throbbing cock before sliding down his zipper and pulling his large tool out of it’s confinement. His prick seemed to be as eager to be freed from the constricting avcılar elit escort clothing as her tits had been. He had been semi-hard all day as he had thought about fucking this beautiful and lusty girl, while his new wife was busy fucking her only son. “God!” he had thought, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

But, of course, it was only going to get better and better as Darla had quickly stripped him out of his tux and pushed him back onto the small settee in the room. Her beautiful gown soon followed and she stood before him in all her chocolate glory, clad only in sheer and crotch less pantyhose that perfectly matched those that Sherri wore. (They had shopped for their wedding ensembles together, of course). Don could see the dark lips of her pussy protruding tantalizingly through the slit in her pantyhose and his mouth began to water and his tongue longed to taste the “honey” he could see beginning to dampen the sheer fabric.

He did not have to wait long for a taste, though, as Darla spread the opening in her pantyhose even further and seductively ran her fingers through her pussy slit, gathering glistening gobs of pussy juice and bringing them to his lips to lick off before repeating the process. “That’s wonderful!” he breathed between licks, “But I prefer getting my honey from the cone, so to speak.”

“Ask and ye shall receive, Lover,” replied Darla as she lay back on the chaise and spread her lovely black legs to accommodate his questing tongue. Dan wasted no time settling in on her delicious cunt, probing her soft pink inner lips with his nose, tongue and chin, and slipping lower to encircle her dark red and puckered anus. Her “back door” smelled and tasted as musky and sweet as her pussy, and he vowed to give that region his undivided attention in a little while. But right now he wanted more of that pussy juice and he focused all his concentration and energy into exploring the depths of Darla’s love tunnel, alternating with an intense, humming vibration on her clit, sucking, licking and biting it gently until she began to squirm and scream with pleasure.

“Jesus!” she sighed after cumming down a little from the first of many orgasms to cum. “Honey, you’re just as good a pussy eater as that pretty, young wife of yours. She said you was GOOD, but, Baby, I had NO idea. I want some MORE of that! Especially that ass lickin’ part…Damn! That felt good!”

Don had been more than happy to oblige and turned the young black beauty around so that her knees were on the couch and her elbows rested on the arm of the settee, and began to give her asshole his full attention, first running his tongue around the rim and flicking the puckered hole with the tip of his tongue. He sucked the puckered ring into his lips and gently chewed on the edges with his teeth, then forced avcılar escort his rigid tongue deep into her anus, again and again, holding her surging hips tightly against his face as she came with an orgasm that ripped through her body, over and over, until she thought she would faint as she slowly collapsed onto the couch with her lovely ass in the air.

Don had never been one to pass up an opportunity like this and he slowly ran, first his fingers and thumb up and down through her pussy slit, then did the same with his cock head to gather the slippery cum juice now flowing out of Darla’s still pulsating cunt. When he felt that he was sufficiently lubricated, he pressed his cock head against her cunt opening and slid effortlessly into her tightly constricting love tunnel, thrusting deeply into her until his balls slapped against her clit and sent her into another spasm. As he was sinking his cock into her pussy, he slid his thumb and first one, then two fingers into her asshole and began to stroke the soft inner linings of her rectum with the same gentle rhythm that his cock was bestowing on her cunt. As Darla cried out in yet another orgasm, Don increased the tempo of his fucking and finger assault on her asshole, until the ravished girl nearly squirmed out from under him. To steady herself, she slipped a hand between her legs and began to squeeze his balls and roll them around gently with her long fingers. It was all he could do to keep from exploding as he pounded harder and faster into her cum slicked cunt…But that wasn’t what he wanted with this luscious black pussy…At least not yet…What he wanted right now was some black ass, so he quickly drew his slippery, rock hard cock out of the lovely woman’s cunt and, without pausing between strokes, sank his big dick to the hilt into her rectum, banging his balls again, and again against her sweet pussy lips.

This proved to be more than either of them could withstand and he erupted with a mind blowing orgasm, gushing stream after stream of cum deep into the young woman’s ass as she screamed and twisted and bucked back against him, meeting every thrust with an equal one of her own. Their cumming seemed to go on forever, as they both reached heights they had seldom reached before. Don’s creamy spunk oozed out of Darla’s asshole and mingled with her own cum juice before dribbling down the front of her cunt and soaking her pantyhose and forming a moist puddle on the couch. They lay there, panting and gasping for several seconds, before Don slowly withdrew his still jerking cock out of the tight shaft it had taken so much pleasure in. Darla moaned slightly as her sphincter squeezed and grasped the head of his dick one last time before surrendering to the emptiness she was left with.

“Honey,” Darla whispered huskily, “you may not know it, but you avcılar eve gelen escort just got yourself some ‘virgin’ country with that big old thang. I never thought I could take it up the ass like that before. The most I ever had up there was a little ole finger or two. But, I got to say, anytime you want to try MY back door, all you got to do is knock.”

Don turned away from the bank of phones, guiltily trying to adjust the raging hard on he now had from remembering the virgin ass fucking he had given Sherri’s lovely, black bridesmaid and sauntered back to where Robbie and his mother were waiting with the luggage. He was glad that there were so few other people in the terminal at that time of night, although he didn’t think anyone would notice the large bulge, or the slightly damp spot on the front of his trousers.

As he walked back to his lovely bride and his new step-son, he suddenly remembered what Darla had said about his wife being as good a “pussy eater” as he was. So his darling bride was getting it on with women as well as men! Bi-sexual and incestuous…How lucky could one man get? But as he looked at the handsome, young Marine, still decked out in his gaudy dress uniform, he wondered if his luck had peaked yet or was there more to come. He wasn’t sure, but you couldn’t blame a guy for dreaming. Right?

Looking at his newly acquired family, Don noticed the adoring glances his wife was bestowing on her son and wasn’t too surprised to see the renewed lust in her eyes as well. He felt no jealousy at all…Only a rising excitement at the thought of actually watching her being fucked silly by the young stud standing next to her with his arm around her waist and his hand resting lightly on the cheek of her ass. It had always been one of his favorite fantasies…watching someone he loved being righteously fucked by another man. And when that other man also happened to be a close relative and enjoyed man to man sex as well…What more could a guy ask for?

Don didn’t even try to hide his raging hard on as he came up to them and put his arms around both of them. Instead, he pressed his throbbing prick against Sherri’s groin and slowly began “dry fucking” her, right there in the middle of the terminal, with God and all the people getting an eyeful if they chose to look.

“Don, stop it, you nasty man.” giggled Sherri. “What will people think! Besides, you’re getting me all horny again, and we certainly can’t just fall down on the floor and start fucking right here. We’re sure to get arrested.”

“No we won’t,” Don laughed. “The police chief’s a cousin of mine. Chances are he’d just ask politely if he could join us. Everyone knows we’re newlyweds anyway, so the worst we might expect is a few raised eyebrows.”

“Well,” Sherri sighed, “I’m sure the floor’s hard and this terminal is drafty, so what say we catch that boat and find a big ole bed we can all curl up in. I want my first time with my two guys to be in the most luxurious surrounding possible…Not in some dumb old airport terminal.” With that she slipped her arms around Don on one side and Robbie on the other and urged them toward the exit.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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