Mom’s Inner Mountain

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Writer’s Note: This is a mom/son story. I was inspired by my love of other mom/son camping & family vacation stories I have read on here and elsewhere. I’m excited to offer my take.

Published April 2020. Edited: April 2020. Enjoy!





“Check. That would stink, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah, ha. And spare eyepiece?”


“Woo-hoo…” Miles dully cheered. “Are we all done now?”

“Yep! Thanks for your help, bud. Can you go tell your mom I need her backpack? We need a good start in the morning.”

“Yeah,” Miles nodded. He then tried his luck one last time. “Dad, are you sure that I have to go? It’s just a bunch of your work friends. It’s not even an official party, or a retreat, or anything. I don’t get why I need to be there.”

Ken, the chief engineer at the nearest nuclear plant, recognized his son’s frustrations. But Ken was dealing with his own set of circumstances. “Listen, I know you’re not ‘stoked’ to go, and I get that. I get that spending four days in the mountains with my coworkers and their families is not your ideal holiday weekend. But you have to understand it’s not just my coworkers on an astronomy club field trip. My boss is a member, which does make this a required work retreat,” Ken stated. “And he insisted we make this a family event so that it doesn’t turn into a work outing. I’m not going to be the one whose family decided to ditch him. Besides, you love hiking and astronomy.”

His dad was right. Miles loved studying stars and camping in the mountains. The problem was Miles was a single eighteen-year-old, so he also loved girls. And with summer break on the horizon, Miles was specifically interested in skimpily dressed girls, such as the ones who would be at Tiffany’s pool party – a party which he was now going to miss.

“Is there any way I can come up on Sunday?” the son pleaded.

The gray-haired father sighed. “Again with this? Miles, there will be other parties in your life. And no, you can’t come up on Sunday. First of all, you’d miss the comet. Secondly, call me an overprotective father, but there’s just something I don’t like about letting my son drive three hours to a roadside trailhead and then letting him hike alone for eight hours to the top of an unfamiliar mountain, all so that he can stay home for two extra days and drink at a party.”

“To be fair, with the right phrasing you can make anything sound like a bad idea.”

Ken rolled his eyes. “This weekend is important to me. And my boss has made it abundantly clear it’s important to him. And this is also important for our family – this is our family summer vacation. Just accept that, and try to have a good time. Your mom hadn’t wanted to go to my work events recently, and she wasn’t excited at first, but now she’s looking forward to it. I suggest you come around as well.”

Fuck. Miles knew the case was closed, so he headed back into the house.

Up in his bedroom, the soon-to-be high-school-graduate stared into his full-length mirror. He visualized an alternate reality – one where his dad had said he could stay home. Miles matted his wavy, caramel hair around his ears, imagining how attractive he could have made himself look for Tiffany’s pool party.

Miles’s popularity had skyrocketed in his senior year. It wasn’t because of a concerted effort to be popular, but rather because his body had filled out and he also managed to kick the game-tying forty-seven-yard field goal in the biggest football game of the year. After that, it became easier for him to end up naked in classmates’ bedrooms. For the first three years of high school, Miles had been an AP-course nerd and the back-up kicker. Senior year, he became a hot-bodied nerd who got invited to great parties.

Didn’t need to buy these, I guess. He examined the expensive pair of red swim trunks wrapped around his waist. He had bought them a month ago in hopes of finally seducing one of the “top tier” popular girls. Miles knew it was stupid, but he had the cliche Hollywood dream of ending his high-school experience by having sex with one of the hot, popular girls. Maybe it was because those girls had (understandably) ignored him for years and he wanted proof he could finally land one. Or, maybe he just liked the thought of Tiffany, Becky, or Laurel excitedly sucking his thick cock with their beautiful faces and riding him with their developed bodies. Either way, the pool party had meant a lot to him. And now it was gone.

Sure, his dad was right about there being other parties. But what other parties would comprise him being surrounded by the most attractive girls in school, where all of them were dancing about in wet bikinis, and he was free to strut around in his new trunks and show off the muscles he had been building for years?

Miles had even been jerking off almost every night to the “unintentionally” slutty selfies the popular ataşehir escort girls had posted from back when they were out bikini shopping – the ones in changing-room mirrors where their asses and breasts were spilling out of the skimpy swimwear.

What a time to be alive.

The highschooler studied the faint outline of his package in the mirror. Miles knew the red trunks were flattering when he bought them. He didn’t have a monster cock, but he was above average, and he wanted the girls to notice.

“Hello?” The door swung open.

Miles jolted. “Knock?!”

“Sorry, the door was cracked open, and the light was on,” Hannah explained in her melodic, tinted voice. She then noticed her son’s red cheeks. He was shirtless in front of his mirror. The mother slyly grinned, “Awwww, did I catch you playing America’s Next Top Model?”

“No.” Miles loved his mom’s sense of humor, but not as much right now.

“Are you sure? I think I have some beautiful hats and scarves you can try on. The runway judges might really appreciate this purple scarf I have.”

“No. Thank you, though.” Miles tried his best not to crack a smile.

“No? Oh, that’s right,” Hannah sarcastically gestured, “I didn’t realize this is the swimsuit part of the competition.”

Miles was unable to hold it. He finally burst out laughing and Hannah joined in. They were sharing a laugh, as they often did.

When Miles was able to breathe again, he asked his mom, “So, anyway, did you need anything?”

“Yes, actually. Your father asked me to find out if you were all set to go tomorrow.”

Exasperatedly, Miles groaned, “He literally watched me put my bags in the car.”

“I know, I know,” Hannah raised her hand in an understanding and calming way. “Listen, you know how he gets before trips. And, apparently, this is an important one for him,” Hannah breathed. “There’s the comet, the families bonding together, the getting away from technology part, and all that other good stuff. Just please try to be a good sport – if not for yourself, then for me. He’s going to end up chatting with his friends and boss the whole time. So, if you’re miserable the whole trip, then I’ll have nobody to talk to. And I’ve already met his friends’ wives enough times to know I won’t be talking to them,” Hannah chuckled.

“Okay, okay,” Miles nodded. “Dad said you were looking forward to going, though.”

Without confirming nor denying her son’s statement, Hannah announced, “Ok. Well, I’ll tell him you’re all set.”

As his mom left the room, Miles at least felt a sense of purpose in going. He had always been close to his mom, and he liked knowing that him being there would save her from four days of boredom. The worst-case scenario is that we’re miserable together.

1 *****

“Next stop: Crawford Notch!”

“Alright.” “Yeah, we’re finally doin’ it.” Miles and Hannah tried to match Ken’s enthusiasm, but that was a tough ask at 5 a.m. on a Thursday morning.

It was a three-hour drive to the White Mountain National Forest, and Miles naively counted on being able to sleep the entire car ride. Hannah was up in the passenger seat playing Words with Friends on her smartphone, which was her favorite bored activity.

Miles always smirked from seeing his mom playing the Scrabble-like game. Back when his mom needed his help adjusting an app setting, Miles stumbled onto her friends list. A vast majority of her opponents were male. Naturally, Miles then inspected her profile photo. It was the reason why nearly all of her virtual friends had dicks.

The photo was of Hannah from the waist up. Her straight, caramel hair was brushed behind her ears. She was in a tight, red sweater. Only a couple inches of cleavage her large breasts were revealed. And she was simply smiling with her wide grin which shined next to her tanned skin.

It wasn’t provocative by any measure. But Miles had figured from the countless men who had hit on his mom through the years that she was physically attractive. And he recognized that her humor and liveliness exuded through her eyes.

Miles had secretly read the messages Hannah received from her male opponents. Many of the incoming messages were flirtatious, and his mom often engaged in conversation. Fortunately, none of her sent messages never went beyond harmless repartee.

For example, the “most damning” exchange was when a guy said, “It’s okay, you don’t need to say anything… I know you’re impressed by how big my word was ;),” Hannah responded, “It is impressive, but I’ve seen much bigger ;)”

Those messages didn’t bother Miles. His mom’s flirtatious nature was likely her just going along with what society had dealt her. There were always men at grocery stores gawking at her, men on social media sending her messages, and guys making lustful comments as she walked away. Miles obviously didn’t have the same carnal instinct, but he understood what other men saw in her.


Miles had heard a number avcılar anal yapan escort of men use that word to describe his mom. He assumed it was a reference to her often energetic, enthusiastic, and playful nature.

But he was only partly correct.

Men used “bubbly” because of how perfectly it described Hannah’s entire sex appeal, not merely her personality. Hannah was forty-two, but her well-maintained skin and body made her look thirty-five. She had a bright face with round cheeks. Her almond-shaped green eyes were addictingly expressive. Her lips were full, her nose was soft, and her smile was contagious. Those features reeled men in, but what knocked them out was her athletic, thickset, 5′ 4″ body. Her breasts and butt were enticingly larger than they should have been for her size, so her aesthetic was a main contributor to her being called “bubbly.”

Upon seeing Hannah, men often envisioned her seductively stripping naked for them and sitting down on their laps. They then imagined watching and feeling her round, smooth features bouncing in their hands while she playfully kissed their lips and teased them, moaning slightly from the sensation of her guiding their hard cocks into the folds of her wet, warm pussy lips. She would then stare into their souls with her almond-shaped, green eyes and beg them to pound her as hard as they could before telling them to cum deep inside of her.

But rather than admit their thoughts to friends in a public setting, men would simply remark, “She’s bubbly.”

2 *****


An hour of sleep later, Miles awoke from his dad’s loud voice. He was dazed and stared through the car window. He assumed his dad’s comment was referring to the luscious trees, the running river, or the granite walls of the steep gorge. But his dad was actually just thrilled over the number of available parking spaces at the small trailhead.

The family stepped out of the SUV and into the crisp mountain air. The aroma of pine needles, fallen leaves, fresh earth, and dewy grass filled their nostrils. In spite of their early start, they were all reinvigorated under the bright morning sky.

“Howdy, there! Another Star Gamma!”

Miles instinctively cringed at his dad’s happy-go-lucky coworker, Aiden, as well as at the name of their astronomy club. He then surveyed the parking lot to find that two more of his dad’s coworkers had somehow shown up even earlier than they did.

“Hey, Aiden and Katherine. How are you doing, Rick?” Ken greeted everyone. “You all know Hannah, and this is Miles.” The families finished introductions and engaged in small talk.

One of Ken’s single coworkers then pointed out, “It looks like we’re still missing six Star Gammas, plus Sebastian.”

Miles turned to his mom and muttered, “They aren’t ‘missing.’ We’re an hour early. We’re the ones in the middle of the forest with barely any Internet or cell service. If anything, we’re missing.”

Hannah snorted. She held her hand over her mouth to prevent an outburst. She then playfully hit her son on his chest and held her finger to her lips, telling him to stop.

Soon enough, more cars arrived. Some were just strangers, but others were Ken’s coworkers. At 9 a.m. sharp, all of the employees were accounted for.

Hannah inspected the group. She realized out of the eight employees, seven of them were male, which was to be expected for Ken’s industry. There was one female in the club, who was trying hard to come across as “one of the guys.” You can’t blame her for that. Hannah counted four women in total. She was happy because three other wives had been roped into going with their husbands. Not to seem immodest, but Hannah knew the presence of other wives and women saved her from four days of incessant, light harassment.

When Miles inspected the hiking group, he realized that only two other couples had brought their children. One husband and wife had a cute pair of little ones. And the other couple was carrying a toddler in a specialized baby carrier.

“At least you can hang out with the other kids,” Hannah nudged her son.

Miles then gestured toward the other women, who were using baby talk to address the toddler. “At least you can hang out with the other wives.”

The mom and son looked at each other and grinned.

As Ken’s watch ticked closer to 9:30, the astronomy club was getting antsy. “It’s been half an hour. Where the hell is he?”

“I know. If he isn’t here in five minutes, I say we go without him.”

“I say we go now! He can catch up if he wants.”

“We should’ve never let him join. He doesn’t take it seriously. He just wanted to be in with the ‘cool group’ at the plant.”

As Miles listened in on the employees’ uproar over their boss, he couldn’t help but revel at how a single, overweight, middle-aged man who read gauges for a living, had just insisted he was cool for being in a company astronomy club. Now, Miles had no problem with nerds being avcılar bdsm escort cool. In fact, we would have preferred it. But still…

It was then when a maturing Miles revisited a suspicion. Ever since he had gotten in shape, kicked that field goal, and started going to parties on weekends, his dad had been brisker with him. Miles suspected his dad had no sympathy for him missing the pool party because he resented him. He resented the fact that Miles was getting involved in the popular crowd. Miles knew that Ken had been an outcast in high school and in college. And Ken had raised Miles to have an academic mind. Maybe Miles’s surge into popularity was proof to Ken that he could have had both brains and popularity in high school. Or worse yet, Ken still hated the popular kids for excluding him, and he now saw his son as one of them.

Regardless, Miles turned his attention back to the group of employees. They had reached a consensus. Ken declared, “If he’s not here in five minutes, we’re starting the hike. And no matter what time he gets here, we are kicking him out of the club on Tuesday. It doesn’t matter that he’s our boss – we have to stand up for ourselves.” His coworkers and their spouses proudly nodded in agreement.

Hannah, though, just sighed and walked over to a rock and sat down. She casually applied suntan lotion to her already-tanned thighs, almost as if she planned on sitting there for some time.

Twenty more minutes passed, and the leaders of the employee coup restated how they were serious about leaving their boss behind. Ten more minutes passed, and finally, a black Range Rover pulled into the gravel parking lot.

“How are you doing, everyone! Sorry about the time. I had to take an important work call before I left for the weekend.” The boss removed his black sunglasses. Sebastian was the son of Argentinian immigrants, as was noticeable in his darker complexion and his slight accent. He appeared to be an athletically-capable 40-year-old, and he seemed to appreciate the finer things in life. Stubble wrapped around his defined jaw.

“Hello, Sebastian,” the employees greeted their plant manager.

Miles was amazed at how quickly all of the employees backed down from their puffery, some even literally shuffling backward. The son turned to his mom, who had clearly predicted the outcome. But she, too, was sitting more rigidly.

“Aiden, Thomas, Rick, Ken, Ashley,” the boss continued to rattle off the names of his employees to say hello on a personal level. He then acknowledged the family members. “Miles, your dad tells me you’re becoming quite the space-junky yourself.”

“Yes, sir. I’d like to think so,” Miles charmingly replied. He had never called someone “sir” in his life. But he was intrigued by Sebastian and was interested in building a rapport with him.

“And… Hannah,” he pointed, doubting himself over her name.

Hannah offered a closed-mouth grin and waved her hand.

“It’s nice to see you again. You’re really busy with your charity work now, Ken tells us. You can never make our events anymore, so I’m glad you were able to make it to this one.” The boss held his eyes at Hannah and then turned to the rest of the group. “It’s nice to see all of you here. What could be a better way to bring together our ‘work family’ and our ‘home families’ than escaping the distractions of modern life and exploring space?”

Miles immediately pegged Sebastian as a smooth operator. He wasn’t sure if his speech was scripted, but he delivered it well. Miles also found it ironic that Sebastian had no “home family.”

“Thank god,” Hannah raised her eyebrows at her son, “we can finally get started.”

The adults went to their cars to retrieve their heavy backpacks. Fortunately, everyone had hiked and camped in the mountains before. One inexperienced or incapable person holding up the entire group would have been a nightmare.

The packs were loaded with food, clothes, mini propane stoves, water bottles, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tent components, and various other essentials. The astronomy club members each also had an encased telescope attached to their packs.

As Ken was off with his work friends discussing how to carry telescopes well, Hannah and Miles were left to inspect each other’s zippers and straps. It was already becoming clear that they were going to have to rely on each other for company over the next four days.

“Let’s hit the trail!” Sebastian prompted.

3 *****

The trail was serene. After crossing a wooden bridge over the river gorge, they began their hike on a flat path through tall grass. Aside from their small talk and breathing, there was nothing but the sound of chirping birds.

Miles’s shoulders relaxed. He loved being in the mountains. The weight of his green backpack, which stood tall behind his head, was not difficult to manage. He was in the best shape of his life, and the straps dispersed the burden throughout his strong upper body.

The group hiked at an easy pace, but that was the plan. The itinerary was to hike to a ridge on a new mountain on each of the first two days and then to camp high up on the tallest mountain in order to get an ideal view of the comet on Sunday night. Each evening, they would have plenty of time to establish camp, relax, and then set up their telescopes before dark.

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