Momo San Ch. 06

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Momo San CH. 06

To get a some background on how all this got started and other information about all of us, I would humbly suggest that a new reader go back and start with Momo San CH.01, but it isn’t necessary to do so. This story shouldn’t be read as a standalone story, because it is a spinoff of Momo San CH. 02, CH.03, and CH.04 so it would be best if the reader really started there before reading this chapter. You really need to read Momo CH.05 to understand how Yu was introduced to this story because this story was presented in two parts because of its length. I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to follow Mizuki and her family and their sexual escapades.


As the mother and son left the living room, the daughter moved up and swung herself into the 69 position over me, dropping her very wet pussy down onto my face. She also swallowed my soft cock into her sexy mouth and started sucking on me gently, but eagerly, trying to bring my dick back to life.

I focused on her clit and attacked it immediately, sucking it between my lips and started flicking my tongue back and forth over it, as I sucked on her at the same time. I also reached down our bodies to grab her hard nipples in my fingers, so I could tweak them as I ate her pussy.

“Jesus, I’m cumming already. Keep sucking my clit, it feels amazing how you do that.” Hika purred before returning to take my completely soft member back into her very warm mouth. She continue to suck and lick my cock, while I focused on her exposed clit.

We could clearly hear Mizuki and Yu going at it in the tub room. Mizuki can get vocal and loud when she is really turned on and getting fucked really good, so I figured her son was really banging it to his mother really good. It’s a good thing that there are no houses close enough to be of any concern.

Hika was still sucking and licking my soft cock and playing with my balls in her small hands, as she started grinding her pussy and clit down onto my mouth.

Suddenly, I felt one of Hika’s hands leave my balls and then I noticed it appear next to my head. She was holding her big dildo, waving it, letting me know what she wanted next.

“Fuck my pussy…Ahhhh…I need my pussy filled up with something…Ummmmmm…Please fuck me…Oh God!” Hika groaned as I took her fake cock from her hand and got myself in a better position to drive it in and out of her very tight pussy.

It was easier to now rub the head of the dildo in all the pussy juice covering Hika’s pussy, and she was actually trying to push her cunt backwards to get her toy inside her eager wet vagina. I wasn’t allowing her to do it just yet, I was rubbing the head and shaft of her dildo along her clit and then her wet pussy lips, moving upwards to slide it back and forth over her puckered asshole. I was thinking that I could shove it in her asshole, and there wouldn’t be any resistance. She was so horny, that she’d take any hole filled up at this point, she just wanted to cum and keep cumming all night.

However, before I could fill her asshole or pussy with the dildo, her mother and brother walked into the room with Mizuki pulling Yu along by his renewed hard cock, cleanly shaved of its pubic hair and the hair on his balls.

“Look what’s waiting for us.” Mizuki giggled as she guided her son behind her daughter’s upturned ass. Mizuki then pushed Yu to his knees and positioned his cock’s head about my face and at the entrance to his sister’s waiting asshole, after she had spit into her daughter’s waiting hole.

I was in a perfect position to watch as first the head, and then more and more of Yu’s cock slid slowly into his sister’s tight asshole until he was completely buried.

“OHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK!” Hika screamed as her head left my soft cock and popped up. Mizuki had gotten in the perfect position to attack her daughter’s sexy mouth to stop any further screams of pleasure escaping her daughter.

When Yu had pulled his cock back far enough, I started pushing the dildo into her pussy, stuffing her full again for the second time.

Someone had their fingers wrapped around my slowly growing cock. Watching as Hika took her brother’s cock in and out of her asshole and her dildo in and out of her cunt was so hot to see, it was making my cock grow at a slow steady pace.

“Someone is coming back to life.” Mizuki purred after she had broken the kissing with her daughter.

I then felt a warm sexy mouth engulf my growing member, swallowing half of me into her mouth, before using her tongue to lick around and along my hardening shaft and they moved upwards back to the crown of my penis. I then felt another mouth join the first and start sucking my balls into their mouth, sucking first one then the other. I couldn’t tell which of the girls were sucking what part of my groin, so I just let myself take in all the pleasure they were giving me and helping my cock grow back to its full size.

I returned my focus back to Hika’s pussy asyabahis yeni giriş swallowing her huge dildo, and her ass swallowing her brother’s plunging cock. Yu had moved his hands down around his sister’s hips and was banging in and out of her tight ass quicker and quicker. I was expecting him to explode in her ass again and fill it with his hot cum as he was fucking both his sister and mother bareback, but just as he seemed to reach his peak, he popped his cock out of her and let it spring up again his stomach.

Yu then got up and moved around us to join his mother and sister down by my cock. Mizuki immediately left and moved up to squat her pussy down above my head, behind Hika’s ass cheeks, and started licking her daughter’s puckered asshole, while Hika altered between sucking my cock and then her brother’s cock I guessed.

I was now moving between sucking and licking both Hika and Mizuki’s pussies, while still pumping the dildo in and out of Hika’s cunt.

“Yu kun, come down here with me. I want you to try something. I’m so close to shooting off again…Jesus…I’m going to cum so hard.” Hika moaned as she held my cock in a death grip.

I felt Yu move down next to his sister’s head.

“That’s it, try taking more” I heard Hika say as a mouth sucked my cock deeper. I knew it have to be Yu now sucking on my cock as his sister encouraged him and got him to do more.

Mizuki jumped up and moved to join her son and daughter at my cock again, as I felt Hika’s pussy clamp down on the dildo in her pussy. I quickly yanked it out which let her pussy turn inside out and explode right in front of my face, almost drowning me.

AHHHH…FUCK…OHHHH…JESUS!” Hika screamed as more and more juices shot out of her cunt. She dropped onto my body and then rolled off to land on her back, twitching next to us, while still shooting pussy juice straight up into the air, which immediately fell back all over us.

I looked down my body to watch as Yu sucked up and down my hard cock taking me deeper and deeper into his mouth, while his mother cupped my balls in one hand and used her other hand on the back of her son’s head helping him take me deeper.

I never thought of being gay or even bisexual but watching another man sucking my cock and enjoying it, surprised me greatly because it seemed to turn me on even more and I’m sure my cock grew even harder.

“Fuck Yu kun, that feels so good. Jesus, don’t stop, suck my cock!” I moaned and then he slipped a finger into my asshole and started tapping my prostate gland.

This drove me to the verge of shooting off, and I knew Mizuki recognized the signs of my oncoming orgasm, because she pulled Yu’s mouth off my cock and attacked it herself for a couple of quick deep sucks, then she released me and used her small hands to pump slowly up and down my cock, until I couldn’t hold back any longer and started blasting long string after long string of my hot cum all over myself, Yu, and Mizuki.

My cum was all over Mizuki’s face, in her hair and covered my body from my cock up to my chest. I don’t remember ever cumming that hard in my life, it was amazing. I was now breathing deeply with my eyes closed trying to regain my composure.

“Here my stud, I need my pussy cleaned. You made it so messy.” I heard Hika purr as she swung herself over my face and planted her pussy on my mouth again, and her hands on her huge chest.

“That was so amazing. I’ve always wanted to try sucking a guy’s cock. I saw a couple of guys sucking each other off when I was on the baseball team, but they never knew I was there. I even got to watch them as they fucked each other in the ass a couple of times, maybe that’s why I love anal so much. I don’t think any other of our teammates knew they use to do that after everyone had left. I love eating pussy, and fucking Hika and now mom in the ass, but sucking Jkun’s cock was so cool. It felt kind of natural to do it, maybe I’ll even try taking his cock in my ass in the near future, it’s another of my fantasies. Thank you, Sis for getting me to do it.” Yu confessed.

“I figured Jkun wouldn’t mind and it was a perfect chance for you to fulfill one of your fantasies. I think you did great. Wait until you get a blast of delicious cum shot down your throat, I think it tastes so good, not bitter at all.” Hika moaned as I listened and continued to clean up Hika’s pussy and ass, and she and her mother cleaned up my cum. “Taking his cock in your ass might be a little hard for you at first because of his size, but I’ll help you practice so that you’ll be able to take him soon.

“You two never stop to surprise me and what you are willing to do sexually.” Their mother replied will both amazement and pride. “What did you think, Jkun?”

Hika finally got off my face, freeing me to reply, “I think it felt amazing and I think my cock even got harder watching Yu swallow me deeper into his mouth, and I think I’d be willing to take his virgin ass when we all get together in asyabahis giriş the near future. I think I might even have a try sucking that hard thing sticking up there.” I replied gesturing to Yu’s still hard cock now in his mother’s small hands.

“Really? You want to try sucking a cock, too? Cool!” Mizuki said as she licked her lips and then she seemed to start thinking something over in her active mind.

“Yu kun, you stand up here and put your hands behind you onto the table. Hika, Jkun, and I are going to suck you and try to make you cum. See how long you can last before shooting off, okay?” Mizuki instructed her son.

“Okay, like this?” He asked after getting into the position his mother had instructed.

Hika didn’t even wait to be told what to do. She immediately crawled over in front of her brother and grabbed his hard cock in her hands and swallowed the head of it in between her sexy lips.

Mizuki reached out and took my hand, leading me over to knee next to Hika chan on her right side, then Mizuki knelt on her knees on my right side so that all three of us were in front of her son. I was glad that she had gotten Yu to shave off all of his pubic hair because his cock now looked clean. He was only about 4.5 inches (11cm) long and not as thick as my cock. The head of his cock was big but not huge, and the shaft was straight which looked perfect with the head size. His cock actually looked like a small dildo that I liked to use when getting a lady ready to take my cock in her ass.

Hika was pumping her small hand up and down her brother’s cock very quickly while sucking on just the top of his dick, sometimes stopping to lick the full length of his shaft before swallowing him again.

“How about you share that beautiful thing with us.” Mizuki reached across and took Yu’s hard cock from her and turned him so she could take a turn at swallowing him.

Hika had reached down and took my hand, moving it so my fingers were now buried in her wet pussy lips, playing with her hard clit, so I did the same to her mother with my other hand, as she sucked away on her son’s stiff cock.

Hika reached over and pried her brother’s cock from her mother’s grip and turned him so she could get him back into her mouth. I don’t think either of them would have minded if I just stayed in my position and watched while I continued to rub their clits and spread their juices around their pussies, but I figured if I was going to try this I was going to have to be more assertive.

“Okay you two, I’ll try some of that if you don’t mind.” I said as I turned towards Hika and moved so I could lick my tongue out and start to lick the shaft of Yu’s very hard cock. He tasted of his mother and sister’s spit, but also with a light taste of flowers from the soap their family used in the tub room. I continued to lick up and down his shaft as Hika sucked on the head of his cock, this kind of left Mizuki out in the cold, but enjoying my fingers playing in her pussy. Yu’s shaft was so hard, and I could feel the veins and ridges with my tongue as I licked up and down the length of his cock.

Mizuki suddenly reached across me and Hika and grabbed Yu’s ball sack and started massaging them as her daughter and I continued to use our mouths to pleasure his penis. Hika released Yu’s crown from her mouth allowing me to move up and swallow it back into my mouth, and Mizuki to move to lick around his shaft. Hika moved downwards and somehow, got his balls into her mouth. I used the tip of my tongue to lick in and around the slit in Yu’s cock head, then I moved my tongue down to lick the underside where the crown connects with the shaft. It felt amazing using my soft tongue on his very hard cock, feeling as the head slid over my tongue as I took him deeper.

“Jesus, you guys are making me feel so good. I’m getting closer and closer to letting you have my load.” Yu moaned.

I started sucking the head of Yu’s cock deeper into my mouth going down his shaft, forcing his mother to move downwards, to also suck on his balls with her daughter, this gave me free access to all of his shaft. I found it such a turn-on to be sucking a real guy’s penis for the first time, I had only previously sucked on one of the dildos that I used on my wife and some of the other women I fuck, mostly to clear off their pussy juices. I now also noticed that I could suck all of his shaft into my mouth without any problems and could also take him into my throat and deep-throat him, like his sister always did to him. It wasn’t a problem for me to deep throat because of all the practice I had from doing it with the dildos at home.

“Fuck…That feels great!” Yu continued to groan, as Mizuki reached down and cupped my balls and soft cock in her hand, rolling it around trying to bring life back to my dick.

Yu must have been really enjoying himself and was getting closer to releasing his next load of spunk because he started pumping his hips forward whenever I told his cock head into my throat. asyabahis güvenilirmi I wasn’t ready to swallow a load of cum from a guy, so I let him pop out of my mouth as I pulled back, but his mother immediately replaced me, and started sucking up and down his shaft very fast, using her mouth and her hand to jerk him at the same time, as his sister got out of the way to give her mother free space.

I had been experimenting with tasting my own cum over the past year, and was slowly building up to drinking all of myself, but I was also so turned on now, that tasting some of Yu’s cum did enter my mind. I was going to let his mother take his explosion, and then when she started swamping his cum with her daughter, I would join them in their kissing and sharing of his load.

I didn’t have to wait long because Yu was literally fucking his mother’s mouth as hard as he fucked his sister’s ass, and was on the verge of releasing his jizz any second. His sister was back to sucking and licking his balls, and I noticed that at some point she had slipped some of her fingers up into his ass to help him along on his journey to blasting his mother with his cum.

“AHHHHH…FUCK…UMMMM…HERE IT CUUMMMSSSS!” Yu screamed as his mother pulled her mouth off his cock just as he exploded and sent the first blast of his cum all over her hair and the second shot down over her forehead, before shooting the remainder of his cum all over her nose and mouth, before falling off to one side releasing himself from his sister’s manipulations of his asshole.

Hika immediately attacked her mother’s face, grabbing her mother’s head in both her small hands, before kissing her on the cum covered lips, then moving upwards to lick and suck all of her brother’s warm cum into her mouth. Hika then moved back to her mother’s mouth and they started kissing deeply and passionately swamping Yu’s cum between them. Mizuki had both of Hika’s hard nipples in her fingers and was pulling and twisting them as they kissed.

I moved over to join them and have my first taste of another guy’s cum, Hika turned and tilted her head back so I could get at her cum covered lips, while her mother latched onto her exposed neck. When Hika and my lips touched, the taste of Yu’s cum was very strong, he had a musky, salty and a little bitter taste, much more than mine. Mine tended to taste less salty and not so musky, probably because of my diet. Yu’s taste wasn’t overly bad but I still didn’t know if I would be able to take a full blast from him and swallow it all. Hika and her mother, on the other hand lapped it up and drank it like kittens drinking milk.

My cock was now well on its way to a raging hard again and in need of a warm place to put it, which surprised me greatly, after already shooting off twice. Hika reached her hand back and grabbed my balls in her hand, before moving them up to wrap them around my dick. She then started slowly stroking up and down my shaft from my balls to my cock head, and back again, bringing me back to full hardness.

Mizuki released her daughter’s tits and moved to get down in front of me and at my cock, being played with by her daughter’s small hand.

“Hika, I want that cock in my mouth and then my pussy, maybe even my ass. Let me have it for a little bit.” Mizuki almost pleaded with her daughter, plying my cock out of Hika’s hands, so that she could get her lips around my cock head, before swallowing me as far into her mouth as she could fit me.

Hika moved forward out of her mother’s way, giving Mizuki the space to get on her hands and knees in front of me. Hika moved quickly behind her mother’s upturned ass and dove in to start licking and sucking both her mother’s asshole and wet pussy. Mizuki started moaning around my shaft right away, so I knew Hika was doing a great job of giving pleasure to her mother.

“Put your fingers in me. Put them in my pussy and ass Hika chan, please finger me, Baby.” Mizuki groaned as she released my cock from her mouth for a second before attacking me again, as I watched her daughter push two of her fingers into her mother’s pussy and another into her ass, then slowly started fucking them in and out as she kissed, bit, and licked her mother’s ass cheeks.

Mizuki had returned to sucking my cock back into her mouth and in her current position, I was able to fuck my hips back and forth driving my penis deeper in and out of her sexy lips. With Mizuki moaning around my cock, from the pleasure she was receiving from Hika chan sucking and licking her ass and pussy, while also driving her fingers in and out of her mother’s wet, tight holes, the pleasure was building in us again.

I then noticed as Hika reached out and grabbed her big dildo, bringing it closer and then rubbing it up and down outside her mother’s wet cunt getting it all lubed up, and ready to insert it inside one of her mother’s holes. Hika pulled her fingers out of her mother’s pussy and asshole, then started rubbing the head of the dildo at the entrance to Mizuki’s pussy opening, before slowly starting to push it forward and watching as it got swallowed up by her mother’s wet box. Hika then leaned forward and started licking her tongue around and into her mother’s asshole, while slowly pumping the dildo in and out of Mizuki’s pussy.

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