Mommy Takes Me to the Doctor Ch. 02

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A quick note: My stories aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like petite women with huge breasts, incest or totally unrealistic scenarios (including the use of the word “Mommy”), they probably aren’t for you. If you like those things, great — vote and leave a comment if you want! If you don’t like them, go elsewhere. Thanks. (All characters are over 18 years old.)


NOTE: This is part 1 of an epilogue to Mommy Takes Me to the Doctor. Enjoy.


Brian Pepper once again sat in his doctor’s waiting room, ready for his appointment. This time, though, he was flanked by two huge-titted fuck-sluts. On his left, his girlfriend, Bethany, an achingly beautiful young woman, with a huge E-cup rack that jutted out obscenely from her tall and lean frame. And she happened to be the daughter (and former nurse) of his doctor. Though actually a few years his senior, at the moment she looked more like a teen, her hair up in girly pigtails and her voluptuous body clad only in a tight T-shirt that read “Please Fuck Me” (the words stretched out by her huge jiggling chest), an extremely short cheerleader-style shirt that flared out, showcasing her toned legs, and, less in tune with the rest of her outfit, a pair of high heels. This sort of outfit was not unusual these days.

On his right was his mother, an unparalleled beauty, with a delicate face framed by long, wavy, dark hair, and bright green eyes that routinely took Brian breath away. Though barely 5 feet in height and light enough that her son could hoist her onto his rock-hard penis by simply grabbing her around her amazingly slim waist (something he regularly did), she was easily the most top-heavy woman Brian had ever seen. Huge, firm globes atop a body better suited to a teenage girl — except for the prominent bubble butt that couldn’t help but to jiggle along with those tits as she walked.

Just that weekend they had gone shopping for some new clothes — which were getting sluttier by the week now — and, having watched her try on obscene outfit after outfit, he knew that that tiny waist was offset by breasts so massive that the girl at the lingerie shop almost fainted at the measurement: 34HH. The voluptuous mother tried on teddies, bustiers and other outfits for her son — and was bursting out of all of them. It was all they could do not to fuck right there in the shop. They had ordered a bunch of custom-made bras, gone home and, as soon as they got through the door, fucked like animals on the shag carpeting of their living room, the side of the couch, her legs hoisted into the air as he rammed into her, making the dishes shake on the dining room table.

At the clinic, Ms. Pepper wore one of those custom bras, with a simple white button-down shirt over it, absolutely bursting at the seams, tit-meat bulging out and threatening to blow the whole thing open. Over that, she wore a black jacket, with no hope of it ever closing over her gigantic bust; below, she wore a tight pencil skirt and her usual 4-inch black heels. As usual, she squirmed in her seat, constantly fidgeting from horniness. As their “treatments” — prescribed by Bethany’s mother — had progressed, she found herself hotter and hotter. Her body seemed constantly swollen — though more at certain times than others. In fact, that was why they were visiting the doctor.

She leaned into her son, her chest pressing into his arm ankara escort and began to massage his groin. “Sweetie? Can I suck on your penis while we wait? I promise to swallow all of your cum,” she whispered in her little-girl voice. “Please fuck Mommy’s mouth, sweetheart.”

Without missing a beat, Bethany, too, pressed her swollen body into him and, stroking his hair gently, said, with the slight whining tone of a teen not getting her way, “No, Brian, fuck *my* mouth. I want to feel your cum shooting down my throat. You can feel up your Mommy’s huge breasts while I suck on you. Please?”

The truth was that nowadays Brian was constantly fucking either his wildly sexy mother or his gorgeous girlfriend. How could he not? After being diagnosed by Bethany’s mother as “hypersexual beings” — people with exaggerated sexual characteristics who were compelled to orgasm many times a day — he and his mother had been engaging in “treatments,” which quickly turned from the simple application of lotions and mutual masturbation to wild, incredibly intense fucking sessions, their engorged bodies rutting in every spot in the house, from the bathroom floor to the kitchen table (and, of course, the bed they now shared). They each were averaging so many orgasms a day, they had become too numerous to count — and that was *before* Bethany entered the picture.

Having met Bethany at her mother’s clinic, Brian had fallen deeply in love with the busty young woman he had lusted after from afar during their high school years. And she, to her surprise, had fallen in love — and lust — with him. Their first “date” wasn’t much of one, seeing as it had culminated with them fucking like bunnies in front of his mother, who had helped to guide his large penis inside of his new girlfriend for the first time. But after a few more “regular” dates, they had gotten to know each other and realized they were made for each other, in every way — including physically. Bethany may not have received the same diagnosis as Brian and his mother, but she had an extremely high sex drive, a wildly erotic body and — perhaps most importantly to Brian’s mother — didn’t mind sharing him with the middle-aged sexpot, who “needed” to be fucked by her son multiple times a day. Soon, Bethany quit her job at her mother’s practice and moved in (to home and bed) with the mother and son.

Back in the clinic’s waiting room, Brian once again couldn’t believe his good fortune. Not one but two stunningly beautiful and cartoonishly busty women — his girlfriend and, more amazingly, his very own mother — were begging to suck him off. He glanced over at the receptionist, the only other person in the room. After a handful of visits, she knew the deal. She looked up, smiled sweetly at Brian, and looked back down at her notes. Brian turned to her mother.

“Mommy, please kneel down in front of me and begin to masturbate yourself,” he said. His mother squealed with delight and immediately began squeezing her giant breasts, as she often did when excited. Bethany groaned in disappointment. He turned to his girlfriend. “Don’t worry, Bethany, you can split the task,” he said, smiling. She looked up and him and, after biting her lip in that little-girl way that made his heart skip a beat, she said, “Ok, Brian. I’m going to take out your big penis for your Mommy to suck on, ok?” He nodded, and she began to undo his pants. escort ankara His mother did as she was instructed: kneeling between his legs, giving him an amazing view of her bulging cleavage, hiking up her tight skirt and putting one hand between her legs.

To think: just weeks before, he was a shy 18-year old virgin and now was brimming with confidence, having spent that time fucking and playing with the two sexiest bodies he had ever seen. And now they were going to take turns sucking on his cock in his doctor’s waiting room.

Bethany pulled his now rock-hard cock out of his pants and angled it toward his mother’s mouth, which was wide open, awaiting its prize. Ms. Pepper began to coo at the large cock, rubbing it on her face and kissing it lovingly, as she pulled aside her panties and started to rub her throbbing clit. “Such a pretty penis,” she whispered. She looked up at her son with those bright green eyes. “I love you so much, sweetie. Will you fuck my mouth now?”

Brian simply nodded. Bethany caressed the petite, busty mother’s luscious dark hair and then pushed her head down onto the pulsing member. “Time to suck your baby’s penis, Mommy,” she said. The mother moaned as she engulfed her son’s cock with her mouth — and only seconds later, as she masturbated her dripping cunt, shuddered in orgasm. As she began to bob her head up and down on her son’s prick, Brian turned to his girlfriend, stared directly at the “Please Fuck Me” message on her distended t-shirt and said, “I want to play with your breasts now, Bethany.” She proudly stuck out her huge rack, plumped her breasts slightly, presenting them for her young boyfriend, and said, “Of course, sweetheart.”

Unlike his mother, Brian’s girlfriend was not wearing a bra — despite their size, her tits were so firm that she didn’t really need one — and he began to tweak her rock-hard nipples, which poked out of the obscene and very tight t-shirt. She moaned with pleasure and pulled his head toward hers. They began to make out, their tongues dancing in each others mouths, just as Brian’s mother’s danced around his throbbing cock.

Groping Bethany’s giant tits while they made out while his even bustier mother mouth-fucked his cock was too much for Brian: he was soon going to blow his wad. “Mommy, stop,” he said firmly. It was tempting to spurt his ropes of cum into his mother’s mouth, but he had another plan.

“Oh, sweetie, I was enjoying that so much,” his panting mother said, as she continued to stroke his penis with one hand, still masturbating herself with the other.

“I know Mommy, but it’s time to switch. Bethany, please kneel, remove your t-shirt and began to suck. Mommy, sit up here and remove your top — bra included.” Like the mother just moments earlier, Bethany squealed in delight, while Ms. Pepper sighed, but following instructions, removed her jacket and began to unbutton her shirt. As she lifted herself onto the seat next to her son, her massive tits bulged out of her strained bra. She reach behind — arching her back and forcing her chest out to jut out even further — and undid the hooks. Her gigantic tits sprung free and though he had seen them naked daily for weeks, Brian gawked at them as if for the first time. Bethany, meanwhile, struggled to get her t-shirt over her own huge tits and, kneeling as if worshiping at his crotch, pulled it off. She took his penis in ankara escort bayan her hand, plunged her mouth over it and began to suck.

The tiny-bodied Ms. Pepper cupped her HH-cup tits for her son, saying “Here are my huge breasts, sweetie. Are they to your liking?” He responded only by grabbing one, raising it to his mouth and began to suckle the nipple. She moaned, but lifted his head up. She kissed him hard on the mouth, then brought her giant teat up to her mouth and began to suckle her own nipple. The teen son groaned with horniness and began to thrust his penis deeper into his willing girlfriend’s mouth.

As the mother continued to suckle herself, her son grabbed hold of his girlfriend’s pigtails and, using them as handles, began to plow even harder into her willing mouth. Her blowjobs had gotten more and more aggressive as the days had gone by and Brian, initially hesitant to hurt his girlfriend, now knew that she could take it. He slammed into her mouth, making her giant tits shake wildly.

Popping her nipple out of her mouth, Ms. Pepper alighted at the sight. “Goodness, sweetie! You’re fucking her mouth so hard!” Addressing the young woman, she added, “Do you like that, Bethany? Do you like how my son fucks your mouth?” Bethany could only moan what the mother assumed was a yes as she began to orgasm simply from the mouth-fucking. Soon her whole body was quivering in pleasure. Brian once again knew he was on the verge of cumming and issued his next command.

Yanking her head back by her pigtails, he pulled Bethany off his throbbing prick; it exited her mouth with a loud popping sound, making both mother and girlfriend giggle. He turned to his now-topless giant-titted mother.

“Kneel down next to Bethany, Mommy. I’m going to cum all over both of you now.”

The two women shrieked in delight. Brian’s semen output had grown and grown with his treatments and they knew what to expect. The gorgeous mother got onto her knees, her massive breasts swaying erotically as she did. She hoisted them up, presenting them for her son’s pleasure; his girlfriend followed suit.

In front of Brian were two stunning women, each plumping and squeezing their huge breasts — the two largest sets of tits he had ever seen — in order to stimulate him to orgasm. He knew that wouldn’t take long. As he began to masturbate his penis, plenty wet from the two blowjobs he had just received, the women began to tempt him in their high-pitched, little-girl voices.

“Please cum on my face, sweetheart,” his mother begged. “I need your cum all over me.”

“Don’t forget to paint my tits with semen, love,” Bethany added. “You know how much I love it when you cum on my big ones.”

That did it. With a roar, Brian began to ejaculate. “I love you so much!” he said to both of them. His cum spurted out in ropes, first hitting his mother squarely in the face, where it dribbled down onto her gigantic tits. He turned slightly and more cum splashed onto his girlfriend. He aimed down and coated both of their chests with yet more cum. Slowly, the deluge subsided.

Panting, the two women immediately began to lick the boy’s cum off each other faces, necks and chests. It was all part of a ritual they had enacted many times over — though usually in their own home. Brian slumped down in his chair, spent.

From behind the two ravenously horny women, a voice: “No time for that, you two.” They turned to see Bethany’s mom, the doctor who had initiated all of this, framed in the doorway to her office. Smiling, she tossed the top-heavy duo a towel and said, “Clean up. It’s time for your appointment.”

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