Momma’s Boy

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The wind outside howled mournfully as the ice cold sheet of rain beat mercilessly against the windows. It was yet another miserable winter and I lay in bed, staring sightlessly at the ceiling in my room, my mind was faraway in some distant land with plenty of sun, brilliant white sand and gorgeous, bikini clad, dark skinned women. I was bored to tears.

My mom sat in the living room watching some banal soap opera on the tube and it was just the two of us in the house, surrounded by thickly wooded land in the middle of no where. It had always been us two: I was the only issue out of an aborted, troublesome marriage. My dad had taken off when I was ten, telling us he was going out to fetch some groceries and that was the last we ever saw of him. Since then I had been the man of the house.

My Mom was a tall woman, which was a good thing because she was what some people referred to as ‘stacked’. Her breasts and bottom would have made any smaller woman go pink with embarrassment- they were far too big. Her tits were massive melons with thick, hard nipples that were very evident no matter what she was wearing and despite her age- she was nearing fifty- had only the tiniest hint of sag. Her ass was even bigger, two big footballs compressed together to make one helluva bumper package. They stuck out at right angles to the back of her thighs and she had a running problem with finding her size of jeans to wear. She was a plain woman who kept her jet black hair cropped closely to her skull and if not for her obvious physical attributes could easily be mistaken for a man. I wasn’t complaining- she’s my momma after all.

We got on fine together. After my dad left we got closer as the years went by and by the time I was nineteen I was the man of the house. Also as I got older, my mom became more liberal around me. She used to be a very strict woman, not averse to putting me over her knee for a good spanking anytime I got out of line but as I matured, I guess so did she. My mom was someone who rarely showed emotion and I unconsciously found myself trying my best to please her even if it was just to earn a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘good boy’ for my efforts. She rarely showed gratitude but I noticed she didn’t treat me like a kid anymore. In fact if I didn’t know better she seemed to be taking my ‘man of the house’ role more seriously than I thought.

I wasn’t sure at first but I noticed that her conservative mode of dressing was gradually changing. I was a teenager and I was interested in girls but the godforsaken town we were living in had very few chicks to spare. There was a girlfriend I was banging regularly but I had to go across town to meet her and it was becoming a drag. I began to stay more at home since I didn’t want my mom to feel lonely and as I was seeing literally more of her everyday, I stuck around.

She used to wear thick blouses and long skirts that didn’t succeed in concealing her figure bahçelievler escort but now they had been replaced by halters and shorts. Sometimes she would just wear a robe and I could swear there was nothing else underneath. A lot of her cleavage would be exposed and whenever she bent over, which was often, I could almost see all of her huge white breasts. The house isn’t very big and we bumped into each other a lot. I didn’t know whether it was because I was now more sexually aware but I felt that she lingered a little anytime we brushed up against each other. My cock would grind against her hard buttocks and sometimes my elbow would press against her boobs. She didn’t seem to mind.

There had been a time I walked into her room without knocking to pick up something and found her changing, getting ready to take a bath. Her frilly panties were still on but she was completely topless, her big boobs swinging about in full view. That’s when I noticed she had big, dark colored areolas with thick, hard nipples like erasers. I noticed that she was quite hairy down there as a thick, black bush was spilling over the hem of her panties. There was a second of shocked silence before I blurted an apology and bolted from the room. There was a surprised look in my mom’s dark eyes but there wasn’t any hint of anger and I also noticed something else lurking deep within those pools. I expected my mom to give me a dressing down but she acted like nothing happened.

That had been a couple of weeks ago and since then, I desperately desired her. She didn’t show any sign of awkwardness, come to think of it, she was even freer around me. I guess she felt that since I had seen most of her goods, there wasn’t any further point in concealing them. Ever since then it was normal for me to find her walking around the house in just her underwear or for me to bump into her with just a towel round her waist. I can’t say I was complaining. I took advantage of her new liberal ideals by rubbing up against her any chance that I got.

There had been a point I thought I had gone too far. I had walked into the kitchen once and found her bent over the deep freezer with the lid wedged open with the rolling pin. She was a wearing a long t-shirt which stopped at mid-thigh but since she was bending over, it had ridden up to her rump. Most of her ass was showing and I discovered to my consternation that she wasn’t wearing any panties. The thick lips of her pussy were very visible. I couldn’t control myself and I immediately walked up to her. I placed my hands on her wide hips and pressed my crotch against her ample bottom.

“Hi, Mom” I greeted, trying my best to suppress a gasp of pleasure as my stiffening cock poked at her lips. I heard a sharp intake of breath and felt her stiffen. I expected her to jackknife upright but instead she pushed her bottom against me and my dick got wedged in her deep crack.

“Hi, bahçeşehir escort Honey” she drawled in the same flat, emotionless tone she always used, “Could you give me a hand with these bags of meat? I think they’re stuck.”

I said okay but I didn’t immediately release her. I pushed gently against her, savoring the heat of her ass and ran my hands up her body till they brushed against the sides of her breasts. That’s when I knew she wasn’t wearing anything under the t-shirt. At least I did get a reaction from her- she gasped a little. I let her go and she straightened up and stood to one side. I thought she would surely give it to me this time but I noticed her watching me closely. I also felt her eyes on my crotch which naturally was displaying a very prominent arousal. That’s when I decided I was going to fuck my mother.

I got up from bed and stretched a little. I was idle and they say an idle man is the Devil’s workshop. Well right now I was a finished product. I was as horny as hell and I wanted to fuck badly and there was only one person who could satisfy the cravings I had right now. There’s nothing like forbidden lust. No other desire is more intense. I wanted my mom in so many nasty ways. It was time to become the real man of the house.

I left my room and quietly descended the stairs. When I reached the living room, it was submerged in darkness with only the illumination coming from the tube. My mom was sprawled on the couch, her head thrown back, snoring. She had on a robe that was too small for her. The belt had come loose and the V in front of her had deepened so that I could see one full breast clearly even though the nipple was covered. Her big, creamy thighs were also in full view. If that belt came off, that robe would open and I would see everything. I was so turned on that I lost all inhibitions and went to join her.

I sat next to her and reached my left arm under her back to draw her towards me. My mom is a heavy sleeper but I was so horny I was making very little effort to be discreet. She grunted as I pulled her gently towards me until her head lay on my shoulder. Taking one loose end of the belt I tugged gently till it came away. The robe parted and the V changed to II. Immediately her boobs spilled out and sat heavily on her bare chest, the thick nipples stiffening in the open. It was quite warm in the house despite the chill outside so I wasn’t worried about her catching a cold.

I placed my right hand on her right breast, trying to stretch my fingers around it. It wasn’t possible- it was too big, especially as it increased in diameter as it sat on her chest. I left my hand there for a while, enjoying the feel. The nipple jabbed at my palm.

My mom continued to snore. Either she slept like the dead or she was very aware of what I was doing and was making no attempt to stop me. I would soon find out.

I bakırköy anal yapan escort began to massage the breast in slow, gentle strokes. It felt succulent and soft. Her nipple stood stiff and erect and I noticed her breathing had changed. But her eyes were still shut even though she was no longer snoring.

My hand left her breast and traveled down her stomach. It was still incredibly flat due to my mom being a gym freak when she was much younger. After playing with her navel for a while I removed my hand and rested my hot palm against her right inner thigh. I gently stroked it from the knee upwards, inching closer to her crotch. Finally a finger slipped into a deliciously wet crevice in the V of her legs.

This time my mom groaned loudly and her hips lurched. She murmured something unintelligible and kept her eyes shut. My left hand went to fondle her left breast while I gently finger fucked her with my right. Her hips began to move against my hand.

My left hand left her breast and rose up to cup her chin. I turned her face towards mine and bent forward to kiss her. Our lips met but she refused to open them. I nibbled at her lower lip for a while until at last she opened her mouth and my tongue darted in. I took my time kissing her while my finger squished rhythmically inside her. All this while her eyes remained closed.

Finally I had had enough of the foreplay. I released her and she flopped back on the couch with a guttural moan. I got of the couch and turned round to face her, watching her face with interest to see her reaction to what was certainly coming. For the entire world, she could still be asleep, apart from her ragged breathing.

I pulled off my shorts and knelt in front of her, my cock jumping straight to attention. I grabbed her legs and yanked her forward, bringing her crotch closer to me. I pressed up against her, spreading her legs and letting them rest on my shoulders. I took aim with my cock and slowly plugged it into her pussy hole.

She gave a sharp squeal and grabbed at the couch with her outstretched hands. I grunted with pleasure as my sizable tool spread her tight lips and I pushed it all the way to the hilt. This time her eyes flew open with the shock of the penetration. She looked at me for brief second then clamped them shut again. Without further ado I began to fuck her.

I must confess I wasn’t too gentle with her. My girlfriend is used to me being rough but this time around, there was just too much pent up aggression in me. I guess it was all those years of trying to make her happy and my frustration of having her torment my fantasies for so long. When I fuck I like to do a complete job, no half-measures. So I fucked her for three straight hours with short breaks of intense foreplay inbetween. I fucked her hard, fucked her slow, fucked her in the pussy, up her ass and in her mouth. I titty-fucked her and gave her head. By the time I was through with her she was a quivering wreck.

When I came the third time it was all over her boobs and her face. She looked like some kid had splashed yogurt all over her. Despite that I still kissed her long and hard on the lips.

Eventually she lifted her cum laden eyelids and stared at me.

“Good boy” she whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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