Mom Opens Up

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“John, if your mother knew I was calling you she’d kill me; but I hate to see her this way. We’ve spent days talking and time after time she tells me how much she misses you and how empty she feels. Couldn’t you at least spend some time over there or at least call her a few times a week? It’s been a month since you left and her heart is broken.”

“Aunt Dee, if this was anyone but you I’d tell them to ‘jump in the lake’ but you know I love you and you were always there when I had my problems with mom. I wish I could explain the situation but believe me, I call her almost every day but I had to move out or go crazy.”

“Since when can’t you talk to me? Johnny, maybe I can help; I’ve been around the block”

“Not this block…Oh Dee I don’t want you to think badly about mom.”

“Is it sex John?”

“Well… yeah…how did you know?”

Dee had had known John’s mother Karen for almost all her life and Karen had told Dee of the dilemma she now wrestled with. Dee was a bit older, a bit wiser having been through the mill.

Karen told Dee that she didn’t start out with any intention of saying all those things to her son but the night was clear, the moon was yellow and the sky was a starry dome. She hadn’t seen him in three months and it was the longest she’d been apart from her son since he was born. They had just come back from dinner and too much wine and she said, ” John, it’s too beautiful a night to go in; lets sit on the swing in the backyard for a while.”

“Sure mom. After all those sweltering days you don’t know how good this feels.” He was an engineer and his first job had taken him out of the country to work on a bridge building project.

“And you don’t know how much your mother missed you.”

“Well I have some idea,” he laughed, “you called almost every night. It must have cost a fortune; but I’m glad you did because I missed you too. And I’m glad I’ve gotten my first paychecks so I can start helping out a little around here.”

“I feel so good tonight, like a girl again, out with her young man.” She closed her eyes and inhaled the fragrant air as they gently swung. “I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since…well anyway I’m glad you’re home.”

“Mom, tell me what you were like when you were a girl.”

“Well I wasn’t a girl for long, your father was only the second young man I ever went out with and I only knew him for three months before…everything happened.”

“Mom, you never talk about it; it would probably be better for you if you did.”

“What is there to say honey? One day he didn’t come home and it took the police three years to find out he was killed…he couldn’t have had more than fifty dollars on him…I waited so long…so long…but I had you and that’s all I needed.” Her warm lips on his cheek made him smile. “If insurance didn’t pay for this house, I don’t know what I would have done.”

“How come you didn’t go out more? You’re pretty; you could have had a lot of boyfriends.”

“Thank you sweetie. I guess I always thought your father would come back even after years had passed. Then I had work and you and everything. I guess I was shy too; we were only married for a month and he was my first…oh you don’t want to hear all this.”

“No, I do. I want to know what it was like for you.”

“Well, all I’d ever done was kiss, your father said I was the best kisser he ever knew because…” She laughed out loud, “…of my tongue.” She turned to her son, stuck her tongue out and then continued laughing.

He was so surprised; mostly because he couldn’t believe he had lived with her all his life and never realized her tongue was extraordinarily long. He laughed with her, “Let me see that again.”

She showed him and he said, “Wow, I guess that would make you a good kisser mom. I can’t imagine…”

She laughed, “You know you look so much like him; especially with that expression on your face. I remember the first time we really kissed…”

They were sitting with their arms and legs touching when he turned to his mother, and bringing his lips close to hers he said, “show me mom.”

Their lips met and opened. Her tongue found its way to every part of his mouth before she pulled back. She took a deep breath; “Whew, I must be getting a little crazy tonight, making out with my own son.” As he sat back she realized he had been hard against her thigh.

“I just wanted to see what it would be like – you are a good kisser mom. You really should have a young man.”

“The bahis firmaları days for young men are over for this old lady.” Her sad smile moved him.

“Mom you’re not forty yet and you’ve got a nice figure and…”

“Oh stop, everything’s falling down; I’m just an…”

“No mom you stop, you’re terrific. Most men like busty women and anyone can see you’ve got what it takes.”

She leaned back, closed her eyes and said with a wistful smile, “I used to love when he would touch me there for hours.”

Her son reached across and gently fondled his mother’s breast. She sighed as he unbuttoned the light cotton blouse and put his hand in over her soft satiny bra. He hardened even more as his hand crossed from the bare top of her breast to the nipple that now protruded through the material. He put his hand into the bra and the material rolled under her full breast. As his fingers traced over the nipple, he realized that his mother’s tongue wasn’t the only thing that was unusually long. He touched her and she lost track of time until he attached his mouth over the end of her breast. She moved for the first time to stroke his hair as he sucked his mother’s tit again after so many years.

“Oh my baby, it’s been forever since anyone touched me…I thought no one ever would again…” He sucked harder almost chewing the big nipple as his mother gave a little squeal of pleasure.

“Mom, I want you… I want to be your young man.”

” Oh Johnny…I…”

He turned to his mother and his kiss made her ache for him. Her tongue pushed its way in and out of his mouth in anticipation of what she wanted between her legs. Her skirt rose easily to her waist as she raised herself and he pulled it up. They stood and he rested his hand on the wet panties that covered his mother’s pussy. She held his cock for the first time. She traced its length down his leg and he throbbed at his mother’s touch. She kissed him and said, “Come inside my beautiful young man.”

She took her son’s hand and led him to her bedroom. He undressed her and a soft languid smile played on her lips as her son once again caressed her breasts and kissed her long and slow. When his straining manhood was released she was inflamed by its size and tentatively stroked the velvety skin as it sprang to her touch.

She bent to kiss it and he was surprised when she told him, “I’ve never done this before.” As she took him into her mouth he realized that she had only been married for a few weeks and was probably virginal in most things sexual. It struck him that though she was as close to forty as he was to twenty, he was the experienced one. He gently encouraged his mother as she sucked on him.

Her primal urges took hold and she caressed her son with her mouth and tongue. She tasted cum for the first time as some leaked from his tip and was pleased to taste the proof of his desire for her. She loved the hardness that told her she was attractive to him. She was filled when his words washed over her as she sucked him, “I love you mom…I love you mom…”

His first explosion took her by surprise and she wasn’t sure what to do as his ejaculate started filling her mouth. She heard her son’s ecstatic exhortations, “Don’t stop mom… don’t stop, don’t stop…”

She didn’t stop. She swallowed the love juice he shot into her mouth and continued sucking on her son until his final twitches and last exhalation. He collapsed on the bed and she curled into him as all he could say was, “Oh mom…oh mom…oh mom.”

He didn’t finish because his mother started kissing him. Even though he had come only moments before her tongue began to excite him again. He reached between his mother’s legs and as he held her mound his hands and fingers gently manipulated her. Her legs opened to his touch and she felt free in her vulnerability to his desires. She spread as wide as she could knowing it was more than just her legs that she was opening for her son. “I’d forgotten what it feels like, to be touched by someone who loves you.”

She began musing as he fondled and fingered her center. “How could it be that it’s my son who’s making me feel like this, making me wet, making love to me. How could I want it to be my son who’s doing all these things to me?” Then the thoughts hit as more wine wore off, “I’m about to let my son fuck me…fuck his own mother…what’s that going to do to him…to us?”

She stopped the kiss and his hands, “Honey I can’t…I’m so sorry I did this to you…I shouldn’t have…” She started kaçak iddaa to leave the bedroom and he grabbed her.

“Mom wait…”

She pulled herself away and started crying as she ran from the room and locked herself in the bathroom. He tried all night to get her out until they were both exhausted and asleep on opposite sides of the door. In the morning she came out quiet and withdrawn. All his entreaties met with one-word replies. He left the house feeling confused and upset. She stayed feeling cold and empty.

Over the next weeks things got worse and John moved out. So when Dee called him, John was surprised she knew anything about his mother and her intimacy with him. “Dee I just don’t think you know how deep this goes…look she doesn’t want me around…I did something really bad and…you wouldn’t understand.”

“John I told you I’ve been around the block. The reason your mom spoke to me is…I had an affair with my son and it didn’t turn out well but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same for you two.”

“What happened Dee?”

It was years ago and my marriage was not doing well. My husband was a powerful man who smothered me and screwed around besides. I’m ashamed to say I used my son to get back at him. I never thought he would use it against me because of how it would reflect on him but I was wrong. He ruined me in court and in the community; I had nobody. The worst part was that he turned my son against me. That’s what’s scaring your mom; she’s afraid she’ll lose you. John, do you love her as a woman?”

“Of course I love her Dee, I’ve wanted her that way ever since I can remember. She’s the one I want Dee, I haven’t been interested in anyone else since I was sixteen.”

“John I know she loves you and I’ve been talking to her. I think she just needs you let her know that this isn’t only about the sex for you. I probably shouldn’t have even called you but I know you two have a chance to get it right.”

“Thanks Dee, I love you.”

John called his mother and told her he would come by that evening. When he got there she was all made up; when she saw him, her smile made her seem years younger. John noticed that his mother wasn’t wearing a bra because of the sway of her heavy breasts as she moved. He tried to concentrate on what he wanted to say to her but it was difficult. “Oh Johnny I’m so glad you’re here. You just don’t know how your momma misses having you around. I didn’t know how much I needed you. Baby, are you going to come home at least for a little while? We can go back to the way we were before all this…”

“No mom, we can’t go back; you know that, but we can go on. I love you mom and I need you but I need you as a woman also. I’ve been in love with you for so long I can’t be here and see you and not love you anymore. Couldn’t a mother love her son enough to love him in all the ways?”

“I…yes love…a mother could.”

Couldn’t a mother love her son enough to take a chance that he would be the one for her forever?”

“Yes love…she could.”

John was breathing hard as he approached his mother and opened her dress to expose her tits. He lifted her heavy breast to his lips and sucked the nipple hard enough to draw a moan from her. The tit was so full he almost expected to taste the milk he’d once sucked out of them. He asked her, “Would she let her son do this?”

“Yes John.”

He put his hand under the dress and slid it between her stockinged thighs. His mother’s sopping pussy was in his hand when he asked her. “Would she give her pussy to him…whenever he needed her?”

“Yes John, yes…she would be so good to him…take care of him.” He put his finger up into her.

“And he would take care of her, wouldn’t he?”

“Oh yes John. He would take care of his mother every night…he would love her…and make her feel like you’re making your mother feel…Oh please John …now please…in your mother’s pussy.”

“Yes mother…now.”

His entrance released a torrent of emotions and physical desires. His width spread her channel as his length plunged into her depths. His stroked his mother in a way that told her he loved her. They both felt more than the feelings of their bodies on and in each other. They held each other and became a lover’s knot neither wanted to ever untie.

“Oh honey, you’re in me and you’re filling me all up,” she said as she raised her hips to meet the thrusts that pleasured her. “My sweet son is in me, loving me…fucking me.”

It was the first time kaçak bahis he had ever heard that word from her and it pushed him higher into his mother’s belly. She moaned with the gratification of having her son find the end of her and drawing her up to the edge of orgasm. Now she wanted him to be the one who didn’t stop, the one who pushed deeper and deeper into his mother’s pussy, the one that did it to her forever.

He went behind her and lifted her dress to her waist. After finally getting his hard cock out of his pants he pushed his swollen meat into his mother’s cunt. They were suited in height for this position and he fucked into her as she leaned over slightly and held the edge of the table. He couldn’t resist fondling her heavy breasts as they hung and swayed to his attentions. ” Ohhh you’re in me…you’re in me …so many nights I wanted to come into your room and just get in bed with you and put you in me…but I promised myself I would never touch you that way until you touched me…and now you’re in me love…you’re finally in me.”

“Yes mom, it feels good…you’re good for me…” He kissed her back as he slowly drew the long cock in and out of his mother’s pussy.

After pleasuring her for a while he removed her dress. She stood with her eyes closed as he examined the sculpted legs in hose and heels. He reached to her rounded ass and felt a slight tremor as his hand described the full, extended curve. He rested a finger on his mother’s asshole and circled it. He kissed the back of her neck as his finger slipped in and said, “you belong to me now, all of you.”

“Oh John…I didn’t want you to hate me or…John are you ashamed to have a mother who wants you like this and does all these things?”

“No mom, I’m proud to have a mother as beautiful and sexy as you to want me. These tits always made me hard and thinking about this ass has made me come for months now.” He pushed two fingers up as far as they would go and said, “I want to be in you here mom.”

“Yes baby…I’ll do it for you…for you.”

He went and came back with the lubricant and saw his mother on her stomach spreading her ass for him. He turned her over and said, “I want to see your pretty face.” He pushed her legs up towards her breasts and she held them behind her knees as her ass spread for her son. He could see the moisture on her pussy. As he lubricated his cock and then his mother’s ass, she closed her eyes and began a long soft sigh.

He was steel hard now and he put the tip against the small pucker. A quick thrust took him past the ring and after a sharp “OH” from his mother; he slid deeper into the hot grasping channel. He began long deep hard thrusts into his mother’s ass and he asked her if she was all right. “Yes love…oh…it’s good baby…I thought it would hurt but I just feel filled with you…it’s like a hot pressure…oh…your cock feels hot…it feels good…good to have my son’s cock in me…fucking me…loving me…yes baby…do that to your momma…oh love…love…love…”

He pumped harder, encouraged by his mother’s sounds and let her rest her legs on his shoulders. The feel of her nylons excited him and as he lifted himself to fuck her deeper, she opened wider for him. He felt himself approach orgasm and put a thumb to his mother’s clit. “I’m gonna come in you mom” he said as he thrust past any chance to extend the pleasure they were both feeling.

“Yes baby come with your momma …come with your momma…come with your momma.”

As he filled his mother’s ass with his cum her noises got louder and louder. His final thrusts into her were timed with her coming as she called, “Baby…baby…baby…”

It was electrifying. He kissed her as she began to come. The multiplied sensations almost overwhelmed her. She felt like she was coming with her whole body. It was nothing like the few orgasms she had experienced. She trembled and shook and finally subsided into short intense spasms. All she could manage were moans. He pushed one last time as deep as he could go until he was against both globes of his mother’s ass and she let out a long “OHHhhhh…”

As his mother calmed, he stayed in her whispering endearments. He sat her up so they faced each other still connected. He took her sensitized breast into his hand. She felt the tug on her elongated nipples down to her pussy. He looked at her and said, “You’re my beautiful woman, my beautiful mother.”

“My sweet son, you’re what I’ve always wanted.” She ground her hips on the shaft that impaled her and before they kissed a kiss that would last through both of their second orgasms, she smiled and said, “And you’re my beautiful young man.”

Karen and John moved to another state and have been living as lovers for the past twelve years.

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